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Vampire : The Masquerade revised They Stalk In The Shadows, Moving Gracefully And Unseen Among Their Prey They Are The Blood Drinking Fiends Of Whispered Legends Kindred, Cainites, The Damned Above All, They Are Vampires Their Eternal Struggle, Waged Since The Nights Of Jericho And Babylon, Plays Itself Out Among The Skyscrapers And Nightclubs Of The Modern World But The Vampires Grand Masquerade Is Imperilled, And The Night Of Gehenna Draws Ever CloserUntil The End Of All ThingsThe New Edition Of Vampire The Masquerade Is An Updated, Revised Version Of The Popular Classic In This Mammoth Volume Can Be Found All Clans, All Major Disciplines, And A Host Of Brand New Information On Both The Kindred And The Things That Hunt Them This Book Compiles Everything That A Vampire Player And Storyteller Needs To Know About The Kindred And The World Of Darkness For The New Millennium Plus, The New Edition Provides All New Information On The Changes That Afflict The Clans, And On The Beginning Of The End Of The Camarilla Finally, The First Of The Storyteller Rulebooks Is The Best Again

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Vampire : The Masquerade revised book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Rein-Hagen author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages
  • Vampire : The Masquerade revised
  • Mark Rein-Hagen
  • English
  • 05 July 2019
  • 9781565042490

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    Such a beautiful tome that even if you are not into the RP aspect which I am not and ironically, who it was wrote for , the drawings are so amazing, the presentation so slick and the explanations of modern vamps so gritty and realistic that it DEMANDS purchase And I am only half way through Just no roll the dice please Just kidding This is an incredible and fascinating book So much so, it makes you WANT to delve deep into this world and game structure.

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    The World of Darkness system is, for my money, the quintessential Role Playing Game I still enjoy DD far , but when a group of adult, experienced role players want to delve into the dark side of telling a story, there is no better system available.However, this is not a dice roller type of game The rules, abilities and scope are ENTIRELY decided by the GM there are incredibly few hard and fast sets of rules It is the main complaint I have received from my players over the years, but I do believe that with a correctly constructed campaign, there is a huge benefit to having very little for the rules lawyers to bog the session down with.But don t expect to flip to page whatever for a ruling on whether or not four ranks in an ability would allow, or disallow a certain application of said ability It is up to the GM, and in the hands of a good one it allows for a far greater immersion into the story At its core, that really is what this system was designed for telling stories If that s your thing, then this should be some fun.

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    i read this in high school, hoping i d find someone to play this game with me, but never did someone play with me

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    I can quote it by heart I can t say much about VtM It s my favorite RPG book, for starters, and I have used it and read it whole and in pieces for almost eight years now Vampire has developed a personality of it s own in my eyes and it has helped me shape many of my aesthetical preferences, for example I wouldn t recommend it lightly, though Vampire is a game for adults and requires maturity and time to digest and work until you learn to see it in the Punk Gothic setting it was meant to be played with.If you have a perchant for horror stories and gloomy settings, jump in and play one of The Damned You may just find, while roleplaying, that a few of those inner devils you character drags around are not entirelly made up Or not entirelly his.

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    A political roleplaying game of Gothic horror5 September 2013 This was one really, really, good setting However it is a shame that it brought a lot of Goths out of the woodwork which ended up polluting the roleplaying community Sometimes I wonder if Mark Rein Hagen was a Goth himself, because this setting is very dark and gloomy that has strong political overtones Hagen had pretty much set the roleplaying world in a new direction with this creation, and in turn, had opened the roleplaying community up to a lot of newcomers I used to play LARP a while back, which is live action roleplaying Vampire is actually a really good setting for a LARP as it does not involve adventure like normal roleplaying games but political machinations People don t go on adventures, but rather they work to move themselves up the social ladder by whatever means necessary The only problem with LARPs is that there tend to be a lot of posers involved, and as it is with many roleplaying games, people used it to flee the real world and create an imaginary world around them that nobody is allowed to pierce It was good for social interaction, but there was just too much backstabbing and resentment to make it an enjoyable experience at least in my experience The setting involve vampires, and in a way they are traditional vampires, but in another way they are not The first vampire was Caine that was his curse and the entire race was created from him A vampire s power is determined by their generation, that is second generation vampires were turned by Caine, and the third generation were turned by Caine s children These vampires are known as the antediluvians, so called because they lived before Noah s flood The third generation vampires all became the fathers of the clans that many of the lesser vampires are gathered into There are two main factions, the Sabbat and the Camarilla though I suspect that later editions pretty much destroyed the Camarilla The Camarilla, while being vampires, try to keep themselves hidden and try to retain as much of their humanity as possible The Sabbat are the opposite they believe that they are powerful than humans, and as such should be humanity s masters Much of the setting involves the war between these two factions, though there are other powers and entities out there that are just as bad As it turns out, vampires are the weakest of all of the supernatural monsters in the World of Darkness This is one really good game in one really good setting However the catch is that it can be difficult running it like a normal tabletop roleplaying game It is about politics than it is about adventure Further, it has set such a high standard with regards to vampires that pretty much anything to do with vampires that I have seen since and in many cases beforehand just simply does not compare.

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    Not really sure how do to a review of an RPG book This was my first one Truthfully, I am loving this book I use it during almost every game Very thorough and helpful for a first time roleplayer The world of Vampire the Masquerade is fascinating, well developed and thought out If you get the chance to roleplay in this world and enjoy things that go bump in the night DO IT

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    Used to have an awesome time with this RPG while i lived in Scotland The LARP once a month was an excellent way to unwind and play act and is something that wouldn t have been have as fun if it wasn t for the well devised universe within which the Masquerade is set I liked the dot system and creating characters and deciding what kind of vampire to pretend to be Was actually very helpful for my writing in developing characters with depth.

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    Okay, I read this cover to cover when I was a young adult Feels strange to return to it now The illustrations are Quaint But it s also clear how much this game influenced my writing.

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    Vampire the Masquerade is one of the early RPGs that defined my later preferences It was the second RPG that I really started buying a lot of after DD, the first being the D6 Star Wars RPG, and the one that I bought most into It s probably not the reason why I spent years dressing all in black and have seen Rasputina, Paralysed Age, Thou Shalt Not, VNV Nation, KMFDM, and Seraphim Shock in concert, but it s certainly a contributing factor.As with all of classic World of Darkness s game lines, the setting is the main draw The PCs are set up as new vampires, new members in a power structure that has existed for centuries It s a lot like a Wall Street banking corporation, but where all the employees are immortal, no one ever gets fired, and the only way to get promoted is to assassinate your superiors The gentle exhortations to start with a Camarilla game are pretty sensible, because it sets up the basic you can t tell me what to do, dad conflict and sticks toward the vampire Clans that have mythic resonance It s easy for a new player to understand that the Brujah are the Lost Boys and the Toreader are Lestat, but probably a bit less common to recognize that the Tzimisce are the wamphyri from Necroscope and the Followers of Set are the Stygian priesthood from Conan except as vampires Even in those cases, the Clans all have strong hooks that provide an immediate entry point for new players Though some of those hooks are pretty cringe inducing here Mafia necromancers, thieving gypsies, and Muslim assassins as Clans are a bit limiting than vampires as secret manipulators Ventrue or vampires as animalistic predators Gangrel , not to mention being pretty racist The Clan breakdown gives the European Clans a general presentation while the Clans traditionally from outside Europe like the Ravnos or the Assamites are locked into ethnic stereotypes And the history section later on reinforces this it mentions Caine of Biblical fame, the first vampire, and the cities he founded, and once history can move to Europe it does so and never really leaves it What about steppe vampires in central Asia, or any vampires at all in Africa Vampires in the Americas pre colonization Who knows All of this gets corrected to a greater or lesser extent later on in the line there s a later corebook for African vampires but none of that later effect is in effect here.The Jyhad, the conspiracies waged by vampires manipulating their progeny and their progeny s progeny and so on, and the manipulation of vampires throughout the ages provides a really evocative aesthetic, though The blood gods slumber beneath the earth, and someday, they will wake and bring about an apocalypse called Gehenna Very 90s millenialism, and actually kind of refreshing now that we re all in 21st century everything was, is, and will always be terrible steady state ennui The major problem is that the book constantly hammers themes that have no mechnical support at all Vampires are predators, creatures of the night who require the blood of the living to survive As predators, the ideal number of vampires in any given geographical region is one, but as former communal hominids, they seek out others who can understand them The game should be focused on power struggles among vampires, jockeying for status, skullduggery, trading favors, and hunting Instead, the resolution systems for most of those come down to roll some dice and make it up Hunting receives slightly detail, and there s examples of when to use the various Attribute Ability combos which puts it one up on Mage the Ascension 2e and appropriate difficulties and number of successes required, but no social system at all Nothing for favors, nothing for convincing another character of anything, nothing for what a character cares about and how to exploit it, nothing Of course, there s pages of combat maneuvers No wonder that superheroes with fangs was such a common game type Vampire asks its players to focus on damnation, the gradual loss of humanity, and being a pawn of supernatural forces until you either knuckle under or claw your way up to a high enough point that you can manipulate others yourself, but all of that is external to the game I can t fault it for failing to provide a strong authorial voice on the themes and purpose of the game like so many 90s games do, because it s actually very good about that, but I can fault it for failing to back that up in any meaningful way other than the Humanity mechanics Those are actually pretty good, and when combined with frenzy, social penalties interacting with mortals, and virtue rolls, can portray the descent into callous monstrosity pretty well It s not White Wolf s fault that a lot of people ignored them.Their success shows that I m in the minority, though I know a lot of Vampire the Masquerade players who love the setting and don t care about the system, to the point where they treat even engaging with it as distasteful and seek to minimize it And honestly, that s a valid method of play Even knowing the problems now, re reading the book for the first time in years made game ideas leap into my head, and I d definitely run a game of it if I didn t already have too many other ideas.

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    I ve always been a huge fan of the WoD role playing games, and even so when you consider that they re all modular and you can mix and match elements from each system and make a storytelling experience something really grand Vampire pretty much started my love of the series of games, and I ve had the pleasure to start a group once again The constraints and the wonderful power struggles, not to mention the possibility that a character can become very beast, makes the system very awesome Note This is the older system, not the recent re creation of the same The amount of sourcebooks to enrich the storytelling makes this system preferable, in my opinion.

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