The Dead and the Gone

The Dead and the GoneThe Dead and the Goneis a strange move for an author and likely a disappointment for readers of Pfeffer s Life as We Knew It Described as a companion novel to Life as We Knew It, The Dead and the Gone provides no extension of the earlier novel instead, we see again the crises of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, famine, and epidemic disease caused by the moon being knocked out of its orbit This book covers roughly the same span of time and addresses many of the same issues both end of the world problem solving and the ethical compromises and personal growth required to stay alive Even the rare high points of the protag s difficult existence and the near brush with a flu death are similar.The book is reasonably well written, but I can t help thinking that Pfeffer has simply written the same book twice instead of taking on new territory Replication aside, the portrayal of a Puerto Rican family emphasizes certain stereotypes of the Hispanic family rigid gender roles, intense Catholicism, etc ad nauseum Six months into the crisis, the male protagonist can t figure out how macaroni is prepared You use a pot for that, right This is supposed to show how much he depends on his sisters, how their work in the home is just as valuable to their survival But really I can t seem to understand why I torture myself with apocalyptic novels such as The Dead and the Gone, because I m always left with a sense of gloom and despair long after turning the final pages I read the companion novel Life As We Knew It, and swore I d stay away from this book because it scared the beejeezuz out of me Well I saw it on my library shelf just glaring me in the face and daring to be read, so I picked it up like a dummy and now I want to go to the store and stock up on food, medicine and water in case the world comes to an end sometime soon Ugh This book is so scary and surreal, and I really regret reading it To think this could happen is a real downer.In this novel, the moon is hit by an asteroid causing it to shift from its axis and position itself closer to the earth This causes disastrous effects such as tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc and all because the gravitational pull from the moon to the earth has been altered The story is told from Alex s perspective and through his eyes we read about the suffering people endure because of the cold, hunger and grief that result from this event Nothing uplifting or fulfilling about this book Just one big disappointment and loss after another.Overall, I couldn t enjoy this book It was depressing and the religious themes wrapped around the storyline really irked me In addition, there were aspects that l felt were left unresolved including the fate of three repeating characters And in the end, I felt like the book just abruptly ended Maybe that was the purpose of this novel to challenge my religious beliefs and faith and leave me with a sense of foreboding Grrr Not something I feel comfortable recommending, and if you do, make sure you have a healthy dose of pick me up at the ready. Susan Beth Pfeffer S Life As We Knew It Enthralled And Devastated Readers With Its Brutal But Hopeful Look At An Apocalyptic Event An Asteroid Hitting The Moon, Setting Off A Tailspin Of Horrific Climate Changes Now This Harrowing Companion Novel Examines The Same Events As They Unfold In New York City, Revealed Through The Eyes Of Seventeen Year Old Puerto Rican Alex Morales When Alex S Parents Disappear In The Aftermath Of Tidal Waves, He Must Care For His Two Younger Sisters, Even As Manhattan Becomes A Deadly Wasteland, And Food And Aid DwindleWith Haunting Themes Of Family, Faith, Personal Change, And Courage, This Powerful New Novel Explores How A Young Man Takes On Unimaginable Responsibilities I didn t like the characters as much as the first book this is a companion novel following a new family of survivors , but I did appreciate that the author showed us this same event from such a different perspective and setting I enjoyed seeing how a huge city like New York would be affected by these natural disasters.The main character, Alex, hits or thinks about hitting his younger sister sometimes, which was difficult to reconcile with my wish to root for him There was a lot of sexism and an emphasis on traditional gender roles Like, Alex didn t know how to make PASTA because cooking is a girl s job It s the end of the world Learn how to open a can of spinach yourself, dude Though less angsty and mature than Miranda from the first book, his and his sisters actions were irritating.Rep Main character and his family are Puerto death, floods, illness, a brother hits his sister, starvation, sexism. It was really hard work to finish this book I have loved the first volume but in this it felt like even the author couldn t really get into character Naturally, it didn t help that the characters had medieval worldviews including their opinion about what was women s work and what was the definition and job of a man Moreover, the religious fanaticism I have no other word for it was excrutiatingly painful I ve read books about religious people before and although I myself am an atheist, it was fine But this especially Bri was too much, almost unbearable and slowed me down a lot Adding to that, I struggled with the quite unrealistic character of Alex a seventeen year old teenager from a poor Puerto Rican family who is an excellent student, goes to an all boys catholic school and wants to become the president of the United Stated but has almost no knowledge of volcanoes, earthquakes, the moon and such because prayers are important I didn t mind all that much that he was out of his depth often since I think even adults would be if we re honest realistic.I almost feared the book would be this bad after being warned by some people, but I wanted to see for myself and I wanted to know about Alex background since he seems to become important in the next book of the series which actually is volume 2, this was sort of an intermediary story Well, unfortunately it was almost an entire waste of time. Opening LineAt the moment when life as he had known it changed forever, Alex Morales was behind the counter at Joey s Pizza, slicing a spinach pesto pie into roughly eight equal pieces Oh this was good, probably just as good as Life As We Knew It but the shock factor from that 1st book kind of knocks this one down a notch This is a companion book to LAWKI, that s right the same exact events from a different perspective Here instead of reading from the diary of a girl in rural Pennsylvania we get the POV of a 17 year old boy in New York City as he also deals with the aftermath of an asteroid hitting the moon and knocking it out of its orbit The same apocalyptic events follow Tsunamis claim the coasts, volcanoes erupt, ash fills the sky, arctic winter sets in followed by food shortages, killer flues and starvation.THE DEAD THE GONE is equally as realistic and bone chilling as the first book, maybe even so and also just as fascinating and unlookawayable Even knowing the turn of events I was going to face this book still managed to shock me and mess with my head Yup, the OCD is back too, stockpiling food and supplies just in case.Family again plays a key role within this story as does religion, courage and personal sacrifice and there are couple of scenes in that regard that are going to stick with me for a long time Like when Alex enters Yankee Stadium in the hopes of identifying the body of his missing mother This scene is terrifying right from the militant aspect of him boarding the bus to get to the stadium through to the sounds Susan Beth Pfeffer describes inside I can still hear the wailing, the buzz And then there s body shopping with his friend Kevin amazing what becomes normal in an apocalyptic world I can t honestly say I was pleased with the ending, it just sort of well, ends without any resolutions or even a feeling of this is a good place to stop for a cliff hanger I kept turning the page looking for Huh did I miss something Other than that a fantastic, absorbing read.17 year old Alex Morales is a junior in high school when cataclysmic events alter his life forever Within hours of the asteroid hitting the moon his home of New York becomes an unfamiliar city Panic sets in as the power and phones go out and Alex quickly realizes that with his father in Puerto Rico attending a funeral and his mother unreachable at her job at a hospital in Queens he is in charge of the care and safety of his two younger sisters With news of subway floodings and worldwide tsunamis he also has no way of knowing if his parents are dead or alive Waiting to hear of their fate just added another level of suspense to this story.As summer turns to arctic winter the rich and influential abandon the city, leaving the poor to fend for themselves Disease and starvation threatens those left behind, food becomes scarce, money no longer has any value and the barter system takes over, what can he trade to feed his sisters for another week How many tins of food can he get for this watch, this coat, these shoes, this bottle of vodka How much is this 10,000 dollar winning lottery ticket worth A tin of pineapple as it turns out When his pretty and spirited 12 year old sister becomes something of value Alex has to find a way to get them out of New York at any cost 318jb4.5 I seriously love reading this series I get so enthralled with books that are set in a post apocalyptic world well, at least one where natural disasters are going crazy I m not sure which one I enjoyed , this one or the companion Life As We Knew It Both had their highs and lowsbut this one KILLED me for two major plot points Alex s dad was the super of the building He would ve had keys to every apartment And, even if he didn t have the keys, view spoiler EVERYONE IS FREAKING GONE OR DEAD LIKE THE TITLE SAYS, BREAK DOWN THE WALLS OF THE DOZENS OF APARTMENTS AND STEAL THEIR SHT Alex and his sisters are starving to death literally and there was probably tons of food and supplies in the other apartments People in the convoys could only take a bag of stuff there would be lots left over.The world is going to sh t There would be major looting and shooting I know this a young adult book but Pfeffer isn t afraid to bring in harsh subjects selling a young girl into basically sex slavery, anyone so it surprised me that she left out such an element I think it would be human nature to rip buildings apart and strip them of everything It is basic survival hide spoiler I m so confused by these books All the way through I complained and whined, the characters painfully unbelievable and about as dimensional as pancakes, but that said I could not stop reading If I was making a single copy I brought the book to the copy machine If I was in the elevator going up one floor, I threw my faces into these pages I casually snuck paragraphs in between work e mails, one eye on the ink one on the boss door Pfeffer is an amazing concept writer, and the concept is what pulls you through this book The characters are bland, and I m somewhat amazed and disturbed at how emotionally unaffected it left me How could so many people die in a book and I didn t even consider shedding a tear I cry at car commercials This sequel felt like a checklist of things Pfeffer left out of the first book a glowingly positive representation of religion b a city setting c a male main character with sisters Check, Check, Check felt way too premeditated Still, an interesting read and a wonderful conversation starter and a promoter of the power of pineapple. If I thought Life As We Knew It made me want to create the world s greatest emergency preparedness kit, it was nothing compared to The Dead and the Gone This book scared the living daylights out of me After begging a friend for the ARC, I had to put it down instead of reading it straight through in order to avoid nightmares Premise of both books meteor hits moon, natural disaster apocalypse ensues in the form of a collapsed infrastructure, food shortages, epidemics, etc Life As We Knew It took place in a suburban Pennsylvania town much like the one I grew up in TDTG took place in New York City, a city much like the one I live in now I don t know if it was the urban setting feeling a little too familiar, but this book freaked me out even than the first one Let s just establish this right now if I were ever to have to experience an apocalypse, I probably wouldn t make it Luckily, Susan Beth Pfeffer focuses on characters much tougher and resourceful than I am Alex is a smart, hardworking, low income, high achieving junior in high school whose dad has just flown to Puerto Rico for his grandmother s funeral Disaster hits, and when the power goes out and the city starts to panic, Alex is at home with full responsibility for his two younger sisters I was most interested and impressed by the elements of this story that weren t mentioned in the first one Alex s story is shaped by his cultural surroundings, especially power and privilege or lack thereof and religion The gritty details of how he has to survive keep the plot moving, but never overshadow his moral and emotional struggle I think LAWKI set the stage and told an engrossing, nail biting story TDTG couldn t surprise readers with the premise s twists and turns, but used that to its advantage by offering a deeper and complex web of responses and relationships I m investing in a hand crank radio RIGHT NOW. The Last Survivors series continues with Book 2 The Dead and The Gone An asteroid strikes the moon, knocking it closer to Earth Devastating climate changes and natural disasters immediately strike, ending modern society and starting humanity s downward spiral towards possible extinction Alex Morales lives in New York City with his family One day they are a happy, large Puerto Rican family.and the next Alex finds himself trying to survive with his two younger sisters Alone In a city filled with death and chaos Can they survive, or will they join millions of others in death While the actual disaster scenario is pretty much scientifically impossible, this series does realistically portray the impact of a large scale extinction level disaster Alex and his sisters have to grow up quickly when they find themselves without parents in a city almost completely shut down in an instant Alex has to learn to scavenge from dead bodies and vacant apartments in order to have food, medicine and basic necessities Thousands of people are searching for missing loved ones, even searching through unidentified corpses laid out in Yankee Stadium Dead bodies pile up, leading to illness Starvation causes acts of violence The city rapidly disintegrates into a very dangerous place Alex and his sisters lean on their Catholic faith and the last remnants of hope, as the world falls apart around them The Last Survivors series is written for YA readers, so there is no graphic violence, sex or bad language The subject matter, however, is very dark and I wouldn t recommend the series for kids under 13 It might be a bit too much for younger children As an adult, the series is very thought provoking, making me wonder how my town and my own family would react to a similar large scale disaster In modern society, we rely heavily on technology for communication, basic necessities and safety.what if all that was removed in an instant What if life as as we know it was suddenly, and permanently, very different Where would I turn for hope when things seem hopeless Just like book 1, this book is in diary form The story is very well written and interesting, yet disturbing Excellent series so far Susan Beth Pfeffer is the author of several YA books Check out her blog

Susan Beth Pfeffer was born in New York City in 1948 She grew up in the city and its nearby suburbs and spent summers in the Catskill Mountains When she was six her father wrote and published a book on constitutional law, and Pfeffer decided that she, too, wanted to be a writer That year she wrote her first story, about the love between an Oreo cookie and a pair of scissors However, it wasn t

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