A Harvest of Stars (A Harvest of Stars Series, #1)

A Harvest of Stars (A Harvest of Stars Series, #1) Wolfe has carefully crafted a poignant, timeless classic Her descriptive settings, ambiance and female characters conjured images of Grisham s The Painted House and Hagar in Laurence s The Stone Angel I say timeless because, outside of a few static references, this story could ve taken place in the 1940 s or the 1990 s in any small town from America s rust belt to the deep south, such was the focus on emotion over material substance The tale tracks Locklyn s life as an abused teenager, struggling to connect the dots between her life and the lives of her mother and grandmother Questions of how Locklyn wound up on the wrong side of the tracks are the searing coals burning in her mind If you re looking for an empathetic page turner of a read, your search is officially over Profound fiction that will linger in mind.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a new author to me, and I will certainly be looking out for her work in the future This is an emotional and intense story, which covers friendship, child abuse, and neglect This is a well written story, which contains violence, mystery and intrigue, which had me hooked and intrigued throughout I look forward to reading of this authors work If You Enjoy Jodi Picoult, You Ll Love This Book Locklyn Gaines Isn T Her Mother, But The Residents Of Her Small Southeastern Kentucky Town Don T Care Her Mother S Secrets Are Lock S Shame, And Every Time Her Drunk Stepfather Uses Her As A Punching Bag, Lock Wonders How Much Her Dying Mother Knows About What Goes On In The Crumbling Old House Her Mother S Family Has Lived In For Generations Isaiah Parker Hardly Remembers Life Before The First Day Of Kindergarten, Before He Became Obsessed With The Serious, Dark Haired Girl In Sunglasses Who Lives Just Beyond The Field Behind His House And Rides The School Bus With Him Every Day Protecting Lock Had Been A Fantasy For The Child He Was, But Isaiah And Lock Are Nearly Finished With High School, And Isaiah Knows That Now Is The Time For Him To Save Her Her Stepfather Has Other Plans, However, And One Night May Be All They Have To Do Whatever It Takes To Escape And Start Over Again, Together This is an edgy ya romance with deep and emotional issues Life has made Lock, hard to the world of abuse Though she still has the room to love another Her stepfather Bobby is a nasty bit of work so its nice that Lock has a good friend as support though her life Good read. Cecily Wolf s book, A Harvest of Stars is an emotionally intense book Locklyn, or Lock, is trapped in a home with a weakening mother and an abusive stepfather The town in which she lives is woefully ignorant of her troubles, except for one person Isaiah Isaiah is the only one who seems to want to do anything significant for Lock, and while I d like to say , I don t want to give too much away.The characters didn t feel as fleshed out to me as they could have been, and as a result, I didn t feel as strong a connection to them as I would have liked Also, while people can often be ignorant to the problems of others, I found it a bit unrealistic that no one, NO ONE aside from Isaiah knew or seemed to care for so very long that there were serious problems going on in Locklyn s household when the signs were there Also, there was some repetitiveness in the story that I think could have been trimmed out without taking away from the meat of the story itself.Overall, however, this was a story that was emotionally powerful, and I think that readers who like stories with a lot of angst in them, and teens who face terrible obstacles and come out stronger in the end, will enjoy this story. I absolutely loved this book, even when I had to stop reading for a few moments to dab the tears from my eyes so I could see the print A Harvest of Stars is a book about ongoing child abuse and neglect, but even , it s a love story and a story of friendship It begins with the abused girl, Locklyn, as a child hiding from her stepfather, followed by her meeting Isaiah on the school bus on their first day of kindergarten The two become inseparable, and the story follows them throughout their school years, as their childhood friendship grows into much Their story is interspersed with the tale of Locklyn s mother, Lucy, a beautiful and envied rich kid raised by an unloving and strict grandmother Lucy gets pregnant with Locklyn by a boy who disappears the reader never knows for sure why in a time when out of wedlock pregnancies were a reason to ostracize the woman and child I m guessing the fifties or early sixties Lucy is fragile, unlike her daughter, Locklyn, who develops a hard shell to cope with her stepfather, the townspeople, and her crappy life in general.Locklyn s abuse by her stepfather is both physical and sexual, but while the author does show us some of the physical abuse while not overdoing it , she only gives hints as to the sexual abuse As the book gets closer to the end, the reader s suspicions of the sexual abuse are confirmed, but none of it is described in graphic detail The technique is effective than laying it all out for us to see in all its ugliness.I agree with some of the other reviewers that the classification of this book as a children s book seems off Young adult, sure, as well as adult and literary fiction would be accurate But the classification is the only complaint I have about A Harvest of Stars The characters are well drawn with layers to them even the stepfather and the story of those characters lives will have you rooting for Locklyn and Isaiah and holding your breath that everything works out for them. A Harvest of Stars, by Cecily Wolfe is a story about love at first sight between two kindergarten children growing up The characters are well developed and the meat of the story happens during their high school graduation time It seems to end fine, but the abuse and weird inter relations make for a sure family drama which is hard to imagine if you have grown up in a normal family But normal families don t make interesting stories So, listen to this that speed freak drunk stepfather had been punching her in the face her whole life, and why hadn t anyone done anything about it, Jesus Christ, what sort of people were they Sentences are long, like the dress wasn t in the bedroom closet, and for all the times she had both feared and sought the basement, the dark dampness that could sometimes hide her from Bobby s fast hands and boozy breath, often a bit long This quote is only part of the sentence But again, it tells you a good story of which the tension builds up nicely and character development is strong I do recommend the book particularly for a younger audience. In A Harvest of Stars we meet Locklyn an abused young woman from a broken home and her only friend, Isaiah Locklyn lives in a small town where her mother is not well liked, a shut in who is shunned by the townsfolk for, among other things, being an unwed teenage mother.Locklyn takes the brunt of this abuse inside and outside of the home though she is a fighter in spite of it all, handling her problems without any of the painful emotions that would be expected from a young woman her age in a similar situation Isaiah on the other hand is full of emotion an intense young man who is obsessively overprotective where Locklyn is concerned In fact, being vested even than Locklyn in her escape from a volatile home.This story was just that a story that was told It wasn t a bad story I didn t understand why Lucy was ostracized for the reasons she was when there existed an underlying tragedy involving her that no one ever spoke of.The story ended well The step father finally got what he deserved which was satisfying for me All in all, I ll give it 4 stars. I don t know where to begin with this book as it ripped my heart out in so many ways Abuse is a tough subject, even tougher to write about It s dark and disturbing and leaves a tarnish on the soul A Harvest of Stars is Locklyn s story about her life, her suffering, and her ultimate escape from a life that never should have been so hard and cruel Her love interest, Isaiah, is a true hero He s been there for Lock her whole life since they were kids I love his steadfast heart and love which are exactly what she needs In fact, It s Isaiah who has saved her, even from herself.This book is well written and while covering sensitive material, it does so with taste You know what s going on, and as Lock gets older is revealed I hated her mother Lucy and her weakness, as a mother I can t imagine letting anyone else abuse my kids but I also understand her frailty There s a lot going on in this novel and it s worth a read I m glad it ended the way it did and gave closure 5 Stars Highly recommended but definitely an emotional roller coaster. I simply barreled through this read in a matter of a few hours, just could not put it down Something that is unusual for me as I always have way too many things on the go I just kept coming back to it because I was so intrigued I m not exactly sure what the draw was though The characters, or the content, or the guy I really wanted to see get his just desserts Having said that, almost from the first introduction of the character I am speaking I kinda knew where this was headed In this particular novel, almost novella as Ms Wolfe herself has described it around 200 pages it did not make a difference having some fore knowledge of the events For me that is the mark of a good writer To give some important clues away yet still have that ability to craft a story as such to keep the reader fully engaged.Unique and engrossing throughout I completely enjoyed this book 41 2 stars

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