The shark caller

The shark callerWhat an exciting read What an adventure Nothing better that learning about a culture that I know little about The Shark Caller is a story packed with sharks, danger and courage Not being a diver, I found some of the story chilling Great introduction to some of the world of Papua New Guinea I even enjoyed using the TOK PISIN Glossary The language add a richness to the story. ARC kindly provided by Random House Australia in exchange for an honest reviewReviewThe Shark Caller left me sad and a little confused Definitely a little shaken yet also connected and a bit horrified This is one of those novels that literally transport you into a different world where you have such a surreal yet complete experience that it s a bit hard coming back to reality I m honestly still not quite sure what to think of all this What enchanted me from the beginning was how well designed and aesthetically pleasing reading this novel was I loved the colours used on the cover which I have absolute cover lust for and the contents page People, I have an absolute LOVE for novels that publish with a contents page They make reading the novel so enriching and sophisticated It s like an old tradition has come back to life And it had all these small illustrations on the inside So cute I loved the fonts used throughout the book There were these curlicued chapter titles and little quotes underneath that absolutely captured my heart They were like little windows into the chapter s content And every now and then there were these poems that fit in so well with the world Dianne Wolfer created Seriously, everything about this novel was gorgeous But what left me slightly reeling and deeply touched was the fact that Izzy had a twin, Ray, who passed away.As a twin, I know the bond that exists in such a close relationship I understand the depth of emotion and connection that Izzy and Ray experienced on a daily basis and how unimaginable it would be to lose your other half would be I for one would never wish it upon any twin and to read about such a loss was almost like experiencing the loss myself This definitely ended up being a hard read for me emotionally not just because of my understanding of such a relationship, but because of the beautiful and simple way Dianne Wolfer put those emotions down onto paper and managed to tattoo them onto the heart of her reader The Shark Caller also did not lack in world building This imaginary island that the author wrote of seemed to utterly real to me I ve never been outside of Australia or anywhere remotely close to Papua New Guinea, but I could imagine the forests and the underwater world which left Izzy so captivated.I could understand her attachment to such a place, but what boggled my mind was how closely and believably fact and fantasy were woven together As I got deeper and deeper into the story, thebizarre the events Being able to talk underwater webbed feet alright I can understand this but still otherworldly to me talking sharks shapeshifting creatures evil sea creatures There was so much but so well done This all seemed to stem naturally from the culture, traditions and beliefs of Izzy s people They left me astounded yet very much captivated.A very flowing and poetic style to the writing And I loved the new and unique language which Izzy s people spoke in It seemed hard to understand at first, but I got the hang of it and loved its sound on my tongue Congratulations to Dianne Wolfer on publishing a richly fantastical novel for young adults I can t wait forRating Plan1 star Strongly did not like the book, writing and plot was bad Idea of the book was against my liking.2 star Didn t like it, didn t find it interesting or gripping Seemed to drag on to me.3 star An average book Wasn t bad or good Everything else was well done Original idea.4 star Like a 3 star but has potential to it as a series or the book grew on me as it progressed and certain scenes captured me I Enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.5 star I LOVED IT I stayed up late until 3 am Author is a genius, characters, plot, idea, development, EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT Nothing else can possibly be said except that its 5 STAR The cover made this one hard for me to miss I found it to be an enjoyable MG read as it has an interesting setting, an engaging plot and likable characters. Just wow What an amazing read I love the story ideas, the writing style was very calming and good personalities in the characters This book is well research especially about sharks I gained new knowledges about them, I learned new things here in this book Overall, this book is recommended It s very relaxing The beautiful cover drew me in, although this was put in the YA section of my local bookstore and it definitely wasMG the girl is 14 years old, but it reads very young for me Not that that is a bad thing, it simply was a mislabel on my part I kind of thought the grief aspect of losing a twin siblings might be amplified, as it is in many YA, but the the full grief of it seemed lessened to me due to lessened maturity I guess that doesn t fully explain it either, but I struggled with this book and I can t entirely decide why.I loved all the cultural references, and the family ties This isn t your average story and has a real myth feel to it I liked the Mako poems and verse, they added a new dimension to the book I also liked the famous book quotes at the start of each chapter Little things probably drove it down to three stars for me, but I can still see this as being highly enjoyable to most readers Give it a go Learn a little about PNG as a result I found this on the bookshop shelf because I was looking for books about shark attacks for a discontented lad I guess this book didn t quite cut it for him no gory stuff, no actual attacks There s plenty of tension and a very real possibility of attack, and there are other sea creatures down in the depths that you wouldn t want to get on the wrong side of, so I personally found it an exciting read.The gist of the story is that Izzy and her Mum go back to Papua New Guinea with Izzy s twin brother s ashes, and Izzy finds herself being drawn into the previous male only domain of shark calling The community s life is being endangered, a nearby island has been sold off for logging, greed is rearing its ugly head And legend has it that only a twin can go into the deep sea cave and bring back the piece of obsidian necessary to start making things right Izzy s not sure she believes what all the island folk believe, but she does know that she has to do what she can.This is a great children s book with old legends and contemporary themes A very good read. More than a pastime, turns out shark calling is a way of life, a cultural necessity and rite of passage for those from PNG and the surrounding islands etcheddeeply within their ancestral history than a pacific ocean trench At least this is what recently bereaved twin, Izzy discovers as she heads back to her birthplace This is an interesting practice and one this erstwhile fearer of sharks found intriguing It is also a skill that is fast becoming a thing of the past.Wolfer writes a compelling tale gripping enough to sustain incredulous attention as 12 year old Izzy learns to dive and endure one of the most strenuous rituals of her clan She is spurned to succeed for the survival of her mother s people and their lands but also by a desperate need to reunite with her beloved twin brother.Young readers will be entranced by Wolfer s straightforward narrative that enlightens and mystifies, convincing enough to allow them to be drawn along the frightening lava vents and deep water caves with Izzy as she attempts her bizarre and dangerous quest Izzy is left with wisps of failure after her return and whilst the plight of the sharks and those who sub exist with them is never fully resolved, there is a strong sense of resoluteness in the end The quotes from various notable historic figures that pre empted each new chapter were particularly well received and complemented both aspects of fantasy and reality that were then revealed. A lovely story weaving themes of family and grief through a story about the ancient Papua New Guinean belief in shark calling, a tradition I d never heard of before Some parts of Isabel s underwater adventure are fantastical, quite spooky and, at times, a little tricky to follow, but provided vivid imagery of the underwater world A really enjoyable read by one of my favourite Australian authors. Initally the title intrigued I d never heard of the shark calling before Then comes the beautifully choreographed story blending the local islander languages and traditions with a modern girl Izzy in a family drawing on dual cultures, equally Izzy is a hero on a symbolic journey, who is tested She s even carrying her dead twin brother s ashes back to the island to complete the ceremony 10 12 year olds will be hooked by the diving action and the island adventures.I liked the detail and felt I was there Poetic blending of fact and fantasy in the mixed formats and the content An unusual book but I highly recommend it The author Dianne Wolfer is an excellent researcher who respects her subjects Wolfer s sister lived in PNG and it shows in the way the local words are slipped in, but explained in context within the story Characterisation is compassionate and I especially liked how the mother daughter relationship was portrayed, including extended family support from aunties for the grieving mother who had lost her twin son in the freak diving accident Wolfer s earlier Lighthouse Girl gets my five stars too.The story sounded authentic, especially the setting , food and diving action although Wolfer has invented a fictional New Ireland island Enough drama to keep young readers involved I intend recommending The Shark Caller to family friends working in the Solomon Islands, as there is little easily accessible children s literature with local islander settings with which their children can identify The need for diversity in literature is real, not just jargon The Shark Caller could fit under several curriculum requirements and it should A significant book, worth studying.Wolfer s understated explanation of the mother and dad s marriage between cultures and subsequent separation , is written from a child s viewpoint, a child who inherits from both worlds Wolfer sustains the viewpoint well.This is the best book for the 10 12 ish age group that I have read this year Highly commended for adults too.And it s a pleasure to savour the language. Isabel Is On A Plane Heading Back To Her Island Birthplace In Papua New Guinea Izzy Is Looking Forward To Seeing Her Family Again, But There S Another Tragic Reason For The Trip Izzy S Twin Brother, Ray, Died In A Freak Diving Accident, And Izzy And Her Mum Are Taking His Ashes Home For Traditional Death Ceremonies After They Arrive, Izzy Realises Things Have Changed Since Their Last Visit Logging Threatens The Community S Way Of Life And Sharks No Longer Answer The Song Of The Shark CallersIzzy S Cousin Noah Explains That The Clan Needs Someone To Undertake A Traditional Diving Ritual The Person Must Be A Twin From The Shark Calling Lineage The Dive Will Be Perilous And Izzy Is The Last Twin Will She Have The Courage To Attempt The Dive And What Deep, Dark Secrets Will The Ocean Reveal If She Does

Dianne Wolfer is author of 19 books for teenagers and younger readers In 2018 she published two new titles, The Dog with Seven Names shortlisted for the NSW Premiers Literary Awards and In the Lamplight the final title in her Light Series , both historical fiction and her picture book Nanna s Button Tin was published in the US by Candlewick In the Lamplight published by Fremantle Press is

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