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Best Kept Secrets AVAILABLE AS AN EBOOK FOR THE FIRST TIME Alexandra Gaither Is A Savvy, Beautiful Attorney Who Finally Has The Power To Get What She Has Always Wanted Justice Twenty Five Years Before, Her Mother Died A Scandalous Death Now As She Investigates Her Mother S Former Lover, His Best Friend, And The Father Figure To Them Both, She Will Risk Everything To Uncover Their Best Kept Secrets

See this thread for information Sandra Brown is the author of than sixty New York Times bestsellers, including STING 2016 , FRICTION 2015 , MEAN STREAK 2014 , DEADLINE 2013 , LOW PRESSURE 2012 , LETHAL 2011.Brown began her writing career in 1981 and since then has published over seventy novels, bringing the number of copies of her books in print worldwide to upwards of eighty million Her work has been translated into over thirty languages.In 2009 Brown detoured from romantic suspense to write, Rainwater, a much acclaimed, powerfully moving historical fiction story about honor and sacrifice during the Great Depression.Brown was given an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Texas Christian University She was named Thriller Master for 2008, the top award given by the International Thriller Writer s Association Other awards and commendations include the 2007 Texas Medal of Arts Award for Literature and the Romance Writers of America s Lifetime Achievement Award.

[Ebook] ➤ Best Kept Secrets ➪ Sandra Brown –
  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • Best Kept Secrets
  • Sandra Brown
  • English
  • 25 October 2019
  • 9780446533287

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    Twenty five years before, her mother had died a scandalous death Alex believed one of three powerful men had murdered her Each was charming each was a suspect And each tried to shield her from his sins and secrets But only one of them could ignite a desire as passionate as her need for the truth You re in a surly mood this morning Rough night Yeah I got laid, but it wasn t very good This guy is a bit of a pig, an alpha male, but, who cares Not me I am comfortable enough with myself to distinguish truth from fiction The books was written 25 years ago Things were different then She craved to feel his hard lips on hers again, the rough, powerful mastery of his tongue inside her mouth This is the usual SB suspense We are left guessing until the end I had two suspects pegged and it was one of them but until she told us, I really did not know He d never wanted to touch a woman so badly in his life His erection bulged, pushing painfully against his fly Sure, he was a bit of sexist ass She could hold her own though Yeah, the age difference was a bit too much and he had known her mother before she was born Just go with it I just love to see a guy like this brought to his knees by a good woman there s a country song in there somewhere Christ, he groaned, Oh, Christ Was waiting FOREVER for any sex scene but so worth it SB can build up the sexual tension like no one I know But what disturbed her most was that she d seen into the man behind the good ole boy demeanour

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    Rese a completa referencia a la capacidad de engancharme a la historia, le dar a 4 Pero me ha faltado conocer un poco m s a los protagonistas y algunos cabos, aunque no sueltos, me ha faltado matizarlos, as que se queda en 3 o 3.5 Pero le dejo las 4 porque creo que es una lectura muy recomendable.Eso s , es una muy buena novela de suspense ten engancha desde la p gina unoMuy completa a nivel de secundarios y la ambientaci n, genial Me he pasado unos d as en un pueblo lejano del Texas profundoNo dir nombre del protagonista porque la historia se repite y hay dos maromos luchando por la protagonista Es algo a lo que me ha costado acostumbrarme, sobre todo al principio, me ha costado esa gran diferencia de edad Aqu lo dejo Que el romance no me ha gustado eso s , pasi n a raudales aunque no abundan las escenas hot, pero la tensi n se puede cortar que l no me ha gustado, t pico gallito americano vaquero un poco machista aunque algunas frases las acierta de pleno pero le falta toda la ternura que ella tampoco me ha gustado, no he terminado de conocerla del todoPero es una lectura MUY recomendable si busc is un buen suspense americanizadoLo cierto es que me ha enganchado much simo y hay que tener tambi n en cuenta que no es una novela de las de ahora, y eso se nota, sobre todo en cierto tema

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    There was so much wrong with this book, that I hardly know where to start The only reason that I continued reading it was I wanted to know who the killer was, I had 2 potential people in mind, and the killer wasn t revealed until almost the end of the book.Now on to what was so wrong Some of it is due to the age of the book, written in the late 1980 s, so there were things that probably were all the rage then, but don t translate to modern days, one of those being the whole Yuppie, hard working, ball busting career woman This is the way Alex was supposed to come out as, but there were too many times that she was so wishy washy that it was hard to like her.Then there were the 3 men, all of them in love with Selena, Alex s dead mother So it was than slightly disturbing during the book when all of them at some time or another put the move on Alex The boys, Reid and Junior were 18 years older, Angus much so as he was Junior s father For some reason when Alex did hook up with one of these men it seemed slightly incestuous I also find it hard to believe that while she was investigating all of the men, not knowing which one killed her mother, she became friends with them, and found something to admire in them I found it also interesting that all of these men were man whores, made no bones about it and even bragged about it and threw it in Alex s face, so again why would she want to hook up with one of them This book was like a train wreck for me, but I couldn t stop listening to it, I just had to know how bad it really was.

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    Sandra Brown does it again Yay For once I immediately guessed who done it as soon as the character was introduced I was inwardly high fiving myself Lol You gotta love the fashion, mentality and technology of the 80 s Insert sigh MEMORIES

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    Written in tbe 80 s, allowed for that but still struggled with it a bit Didn t really like Reid very much Didn t feel connection between H h Bit creepy that he grew up with and was childhood sweethearts with her mother Ok he never slept with her mother but it still felt wrong Reid saw her mother through pregnancy mother was only 18 and knew Alex as a baby which adds even creepy feelings He never took her side and constantly threw things in her face, things that she never should have been told For a strong woman she broke down far too often and quite often I felt like slapping her in the face and ask her where her backbone had disappeared to He continued to sleep with and took his sexual frustration out with other women and then threw that up in her face.real classy Their first time together wasn t great for her and he showed her no consideration at all Pegged the killer almost straight from the start It s a Sandra Brown, of course it was well written and despite so many flaws was still gripping.

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    This book is twisted in than one way 1 The protagonist, Alex, gets involved in sexual relationship with a man who 18 years older, dated her mother, and was almost her step father It gave the story an incestuous vibe 2 If you pay attention to the who was where of the book you can solve it right away.3 I know this book was written in the 80 s but the ball busting career woman vs house wife theme was ridiculous.

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    Realmente una historia interesante, pero que de alguna manera no termin de atraparme, creo que por los protagonistas, no logr conectar con ellos, no se sent a la qu mica, y hasta cierto punto un poco de mal gusto.

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    From the blurb Alexandra Gaither was a savvy, beautiful attorney who finally had the power to get what she wanted justice Note to myself Alexandra is also the most overrated, phoniest, self serving attorney I have read Twenty five years before, her mother had died a scandalous death Alex believed one of three powerful men had murdered her Each was charming each was a suspect And each tried to shield her from his sins and secrets But only one of them could ignite a desire as passionate as her need for the truth Note to myself This book is 25 years old, loaded with sexisim.The romance is operated in forbidden territory making me uneasy, eyes roll, shake my head,Despite the novel contains many elements I dislike, Brown delivers an absolute page turner.

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    Sandra Brown is the quenn of contemporary mystery romance books In Best Kept Secrets, Brown explores what a daughter will do for a mother that she has never known.Raised by her grandmother it has been ingrained into Assistant DA Alex Gaither that her mother s murder was never caught and the wrong man was convicted of her murder Alex is determined to win her dying grandmother s love by heading back to the small Texas town to unearth the true murder However, some of Alex s most likely suspects are within the most powerful family, who will stop at nothing to protect their business, money, family and the promise of a brand new horse racing track Alex needs to watch her back, as she has no friends in this town, and some people would like nothing better than for her to go the way of her mother.I normally like Brown s books, they are usually a nice contemporary mystery novel, usually with some romance thrown in, however, this book is not a favorite of mine The book started off interesting and got right into the premise and I thought this is going to be interesting how this plays out however, there were some many elements that did not add up and that I did not enjoy within this book that I would not recommend it.I think that the story or premise had promise Girl who is ophaned by a murdered mother and raised by a grandmother who essentially pushed Alex into going into law school to figure out who actually murdered her mother I think that this had promise and I think exicuted a different way it would have been great.I did not like Alex as a character Whiny, selfish, irrational, grasping at straws, she was everything that the other characters within the book, only looking out for herself Plus she is supposed to be this up and coming star prosecutor but she was not concerned about looking for tangible facts, it was about interrogating the main male characters and hoping that they would slip up, but then also hanging out with them socially because she was attracted to them Throughout the whole book it was pointed out than one time that she did not have a shred of evidence, only her own beliefs based upon conversations that she had had Alex as a character was just a disaster for me.I did not like that Alex who is 17 years younger than the men in the story, many of whom considered being her daddy wanted to have a sexual relationship with her I just kept getting this is just wrong feeling any time this occurred This aspect was not a good focus for the book I wish that maybe there was someone outside of the group of suspects that was helpful to her and that would have been her romantic interest, not some guy that could have been her daddy I don t know about others who have read the book, but i definitely had thoughts that one of the main male characters could have been her father and to have that attraction between them, just felt wrong I really wish Brown would have taken this in a different direction.I have liked Brown s books in the past, this was just way off basis as to what she normally has, that I was thrown off I found the characters and story both lacking Will this stop me from reading Brown s books No, it was of a disappointment than anything else.Cheers

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    It deserves either one star or five It was so awesomely bad I tried three times this week to describe the plot to other lawyers Each attempt was met with horror So Alex goes to law school to become a prosecutor to investigate her mother s murder She begins the investigation in THE MOST DRAMATIC 10 PAGES OF MY LIFE In a world without common sense, a Texas Bar, any kind of code of conduct or healthy relationships Alex pisses off everyone in a small town while accusing three men of the murder and humping one of the three To make this shit show even perfect there are infinite underlying daddy issues bc all of these dudes were in love with her mom could be her dad At several points I thought we d hit our low Each time I was wrong The abortion convo turned make out sesh made me gag I LOLed a few times the book isn t technically funny, but neither is GOT and I giggle at that train wreck too I was angry enough to shed actual tears twice I tip my hat to this bastion of badness Goddamn that was fun.

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