The Monet Murders (The Art of Murder #2)

The Monet Murders (The Art of Murder #2) 4.5 4,5 starsThe waiting was worth it The second installment didn t disappoint a great mystery, charismatic characters and a lot of FEELINGS I m a BIG fan of Art Crime novels, unfortunately I haven t come across them too often in the LGBT genre With The Art of Murder series Josh Lanyon killed two birds with one stone for me, I don t literally mean the number of deaths in this book, it is slightly My mystery soul is extremely happy and my romance soul is completely satisfied Let s talk about the mystery Ve ry complex, ve ry creepy, with a brilliantly created spooky environment and thrilling atmosphere Wow.James West, FBI Special Agent of the Art Crime Team, investigates a fraud in Fletcher Durrand Gallery Legendary FBI profiler Sam Kennedy who since their last case together in Massachusetts has promoted to chief of the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit hunts a serial killer, who leaves a Monet painting at the crime scenes And Christopher Shipka, a reporter for the Valley Voice on his private mission to find out what happened to the German art student Paris Havemeyer almost 20 years ago But hold on tight there are much The fact that all these cases are connected hasn t come totally unexpected Key word ART.What took me and not just me by surprise, was a cold and very reserved appearance of Sam at the crime scene and how he purposely ignored his almost boy friend At least it was what we all truly believed, didn t we As if there were no Massachusetts and passion PURE, as if there were no those eight months of sensual phone calls What the hell is going on Sam tries to stay aloofly official James tries to hide his hurt, confusion and embarrassment Sam pretends they are just good friends, James needs an explanation.And then this case they have to work together on A COMPLICATED mayhem of feelings The best prerequisites for an emotional romance with a lot of sexual tension With Sam James interaction, Josh Lanyon fulfilled all the most high expectations of the most critical readers of romance novels.Highly enjoyable and beautiful MM Romance Mystery, that left you craving forARC provided by the author to GBR in exchange for an honest review The Last Thing Jason West, Ambitious FBI Special Agent With The Art Crimes Team Wants Or Needs Is His Uncertain And Unacknowledged Romantic Relationship With Legendary Behavioral Analysis Unit Chief Sam KennedyAnd It Seems Like Sam Is Unsold On The Idea As WellBut Personal Feelings Must Be Put Aside When Sam Requests Jason S Help In Order To Catch A Deranged Killer Targeting Wealthy, Upscale Art Collectors I ve been trying to write a coherent review for a while but I m in danger of going into stupid fangirl mode, so this is me trying to keep it simple and concise.I started this book, this whole series really, with the expectation that I d end up disappointed and, in a weird way, that may have been a good thing, because so far it didn t happen.The best thing of this book for me was the relationship development, the mystery was interesting but also kind of confusing and fragmented, with too many cases intersecting By the time Jason figured out who the unsub was, I d almost forgotten that character even existed What really worked for me was Jason and Sam s dynamic This is only the second of five books and it shows, it s clear that they re only just beginning to make some progress after they connected in the first book, but I love how they interact When I don t want to smack him upside the head for it, it amuses me to no end how Sam, who s so competent on human psychology when it comes to his job, can be so obtuse and make such a mess of his personal life Not that Jason doesn t have his moments view spoiler sleeping with a reporter who a idolized him and clearly wanted than sex and b was involved in his investigation only because he was depressed after Sam dumped him was stupid on so many levels I don t even know where to start hide spoiler 4.5 stars Okay, so after reading the real final, I m gonna give this one a 5er Wooooop So I guess I m waiting on an updated version of the book because there was some kinda problem Whoops I m still waiting on it, sooooo yep Will change my review accordingly, haha Original review Wait, what Okay So close to 5 stars But like Okay Where to start I love the romance in this book I adore it It s not easy and it s not all hearts and rainbows Not to say it s filled with angst, but these are messy relationships between people who, okay, don t always put love first Which is realistic That s the case for a lot of people I can relate I can appreciate that It makes the happiest of the happy moments better.I really enjoyed the time spent between Sam and Jason in this edition Except their lack of communication could be frustrating but I kind of enjoyed that.The mystery was incredibly interesting I loved it, just as I did in the first book Really interesting side characters, a really sweet ass island which reminded me of the one from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Artwork, money, privilege, questions Awesome.Things I didn t love.Uh, Jason seemed a little whiny in this I think he was a tiny bit whiny in this book And insecure And his constant monologues about how he feels about Sam were getting a little overdone.Annnnd the big thing I didn t love This is a big one and I imagine most, if not all, reviews are going to at least mention it view spoiler We don t find out who the killer was Or killers There were layers and layers of mystery, but no resolution of the mystery and definitely no resolution of the romance hide spoiler 3.25 starsHmmm I am not entirely loving this one It s because of preference of the mystery I guess When Jason is being called into crime scene of a murdered art buyer with a fake Monet painting on site, and how Sam says that the painting is the calling card of a serial killer , I was ecstatic I love serial killer in my mystery It s my favorite theme, probably.Unfortunately afterwards, Jason isn t exactly involved with the serial killer case That is Sam s case And Sam is pretty much missing in this book because he is juggling many cases including apparently, Adam Darling s case that is written previously in Winter Kill, since this book and that one sort of overlapped Instead Jason s main case is investigating the fraud and grand larceny against Durrand brothers who operate an art gallery Sure, it IS Jason s expertise, he is the Art Crime Team agent after all but to me it was slightly BORING I m not that into white collar cases, where they only victims are pretty much rich people and nobody is dead Maybe I m a little blood thirsty when it comes to my mystery but I definitely prefer corpses than paintings.In short I wasn t invested with Jason s case, and because he is the MAIN narrator of this book, I was having a rather difficult time to keep my attention In addition, I was slightly annoyed with Jason s insecurities in this book He keeps thinking about the relationship problem with Sam At times I thought it made him lost his focus on the case Lanyon s brand of angst didn t completely work for me this time around because to me, Jason became a little too immature and whiny Even if I realize that there is thirteen years age gap between him and Sam, and a totally different life experience and or the way they are dealing with relationship.I WAS really interested with the other part of the mystery though the one that the reporter, Chris Shipka, pretty much introduces to Jason A case of missing teenager possibility being raped and murdered and how it might be even the key to everything.I guess for me, this one is slightly than okay but I can t say that I really like it. I was looking forward to catching up with Jason and Sam, having read listen to the audio of The Mermaid Murders not too long ago.It s been about eight months since the plot case of the first books, where also Sam and Jason finally gave into temptation and fell into bed with each other Sam held back, though, but was frank about it, telling Jason he wasn t a man to be involved with But Sam couldn t keep away from Jason, and they tentatively agreed on a future dinner date when their paths crossed again.Since then, they haven t met, but they have kept in touch There has been numerous late night casual talk that they both appreciated When Jason gets called in to a scene by Sam in the city Jason lives, Jason gets a cold shoulder from Sam It s like they haven t met or haven t had all those phone conversations Jason doesn t get it, but he doesn t push It seems like Sam s case and Jason s case is connected Jason is tracking down a person of interest, who has been reluctant to meet him, cancelling several appointments to talk To sort of force the guy to talk, Jason follows him to his family home, which is situated on an island in the middle of nowhere, in upstate New York It s remote and only accessible by boat Jason has also got a journalist dogging his steps.The island was so eerie and creepy It had a feeling of you just know something bad is going to happen It was such a great atmosphere to read Most of the plot takes place on the island.Sam was the frustratingly standoffish love interest, but he finally loosened up a little and revealed something about himself Jason is a sweetheart I felt he pined a bit too much for Sam, I would have loved for him to tell Sam off since he was being a jerk But that s how Josh Lanoyn s character works And I love the dynamic, even though it can frustrate me to death sometime.This was a typical, solid Josh Lanyon murder mystery with suspense and romance I m looking forward to the audio coming out hopefully this fall, and a third book with Jason and Sam sometime next year Recommended if you like Josh Lanyon s murder mysteries Note that this is not a standalone book, read The Murmaid Murders first. BEAUTIFUL OMG, I loved this book Granted, I didn t like the first half It felt like a rehash of what we had to suffer through with Adrien and Jake at their lowest Not to mention that Sam and Jason are separated by location for most of the book AND SIMPLY DIDN T COMMUNICATE BUT once Sam and Jason are together on the same page no kidding , things hit off so beautifully that I was literally drooling 3 3 3Their sex is one of the hottest moments in any Lanyon novel, I think.I also LOVE how revealing bits and pieces about Sam who AGAIN didn t get his own POV a true mystery guy resulted in establishing Sam and Jason as a perfectly independent couple I hope with no Adrien Jake vibes The plot was well done again I absolutely loved the atmosphere Misty Camden Island with its many graveyards The ruined clock tower Breathtaking.Once again, a real masterpiece, even though I kind of suffered through the first half alongside Jason A truly great book 2 in that awesome Art of Murder series I cannot wait for book 3 And I LOVE the connection to Winter Kill I want to see of Agent Darling 5 stars and a favorite Review written November 30, 20174.8 Stars Simply fabulous Lanyon stuffBook 2 in The Art of Murder Yay, back to these two The last thing Jason West, ambitious FBI special agent with the Art Crimes Team wants or needs is his uncertain and unacknowledged romantic relationship with legendary Behavioral Analysis Unit Chief Sam Kennedy We remember them from The Mermaid Murders The Monet Murders was so very good in every way It hooked me completely and I enjoyed every second of this audiobook listening most of it in my free day today Heartbreaking love story, sexy moody feelings, huge understandable attraction and a very good, and in the end thrilling, crime case Josh Lanyon really knows how to do it Her his longer crime romance novels are always top quality Looking forward to stories with these two FBI agents I read the 9 hours audiobook well enough narrated by Kale Williams.Recommended series I LIKE awesome great JL M M romances as this one

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