Death of an Outsider

Death of an OutsiderDreary Cnothan S Most Hated Man Is Dumped Into A Tank Filled With Lobsters Then Eaten In Britain S Best Restaurants Exiled There With His Dog Towser, Hamish Macbeth Misses His Beloved Highland Village Lochdubh, Priscilla, And Easy Lazy Days His Superiors Want The Business Hushed Up, A Dark Haired Lass Wants His Body, And A Killer Is Out For Blood On TV Show

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[Epub] ➝ Death of an Outsider Author M.C. Beaton –
  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • Death of an Outsider
  • M.C. Beaton
  • English
  • 07 February 2017
  • 9781845296681

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    Another enjoyable cozy mystery set it the Scottish highlands, a nice breezy read along with a great mystery for Macbeth to solve.Temporary in charge of Cnothan, Hamish Macbeth soon realises that the locals are sceptical about outsiders, especially William Mainwaring who has ruffled a few feathers.Having been written during the late 80 s there was a few mentions of poofter and aids, which seemed slightly jarring I found myself cringing through them placesBut overall found it to be an easy read, I liked that Scotland itself feels so important to this series.I m still really enjoying these

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    Nothing ever seems to go right for Hamish MacBeth He s sent away from his usual post at Lochdubh to Cnothen while the local constable is away on an extended vacation MacBeth arrives with his faithful dog Towser to discover the little village really doesn t like outsiders Then there s William Englishman who seems to enjoy angering everyone he comes across with his snide know it all comments MacBeth can t be his usual lazy, slow going self with all the strange goings on.witches jumping out scaring people, disappearing locals and, of course, the dead body eaten by lobsters at a local fishery With a sigh and resignation to responsibility, MacBeth is on the case to find out who turned a local character into fish food.I enjoyed this book There is some good character development for Hamish He does in this book than just pine for his dream woman, Priscilla Halburton Smythe He branches out a bit Maybe being away from Lochdubh for a bit is good for him Drama and murder follow him though.and the murder is definitely.distinctive Tipping a body into a vat with lobsters is an interesting way to get rid of evidence Eww Another great book in this series Always a good mystery.and a lot of chuckles at the quirky village characters and Hamish s antics The character reminds me of a Scottish version of Columbo He seems to be bumbling.but he s actually very, very clever I listened to the audio book Blackstone Publishing version of this story Narrated by Shaun Grindell, the audio is just under 5 hours long Grindell reads at a nice pace and gives a great performance Very enjoyable listening experience Death of an Outsider is the third book in the Hamish MacBeth series There are 33 books in the series, so I have a lot of reading to do Moving on to book 4 Death of a Perfect Wife What trouble will Hamish get himself into next

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    I have nothing but effusive, gushing and rapturous praise for M.C Beaton Will she keep that form all the way to her latest books Who cares For now I m in heaven Wonderful book Brilliant I ll be lucky if I get a better one to read this year I ve never, ever read about the a acerbic version of equivalent of Lestrade Japp try to imitate the hero of the book and try to grill the suspects till one of them confessed So original Took my breath away And then with perfect timing, Hamish comes in and says All of you can go away Except for x He s the murderer I mean, I have never seen such ideas in my entire life before The Agatha Raisin books are quite nice, but Hamish eclipsing them is a small tour de force I m delighted to have found another super writer I can t discount being disappointed That may happen But I ll be eternally grateful to the author for what I read today.

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    I am really liking this series this is my third read of the Hamish series and each book surprises me with how much I enjoy the Scottish Highlands setting, the small town cast of characters, and the honorable, down to earth, and loyal copper Hamish Macbeth, who seems to march to a different drummer I love the way he interacts with local people and deducts the murderous intents of all the suspects what a great guy to have a conversation with Looking forward to the next book of Hamish

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    Death of an Outsider is my second foray into M.C Beaton s series about Scottish policeman Hamish Macbeth I had only a small curiosity to begin with but then enjoyed my first read so much I quickly moved to a second.This is a series which, for me, proves what pleasure a series can give when it works Individually the books are enjoyable, but the pleasure of the second was far greater because I had read another Hamish Macbeth is not an overwhelmingly charming or intelligent or clever detective or person He swell, pleasant Sort of And the town is also, well, pleasant And, again, sort of The plot was good but it was the characters I wanted to be with although I m not quite sure why Perhaps because they were not demanding Because they were, in fact, pleasant Sort of.I am rapidly becoming to this series I have bought 3 already look forward to settling in with these really only sort of pleasant folk in their pretty, undemanding although rather surprisingly violent town of Lochdoubh It s a rather subtle attraction to be sure but powerful nevertheless.Recommended to fans of the cozy mystery, mysteries of the Agatha Christie variety.

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    Another good read Just love the way how every situation is different and absorbing.

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    This was a gentle read to me the likes of sunday night TV ironic really considering that several of the books were the basis of a TV series with Robert Carlisle in it The books already have set their own formula with a good natured but intimately rascal of police officer who only really wants a quite life, secluded stretch of river to go poaching on and time with the love of his life Pricilla, however things never really work out so easily and with constant moving around the various beats, superiors who are at best suspicious of him and at worst out to have him dismissed he is always finding ways of having his peace interrupted.

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    Hamish is back and on the hunt for a murderer again Sadly this one was a bit less engaging than the two before it Hamish started to annoy me I m not a fan of his attitude to women He is a bit condescending and frankly, just a bit irritating I ll have a rest from him for a bit.

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    In Death of an Outsider, Hamish Macbeth is exiled to chilly Cnothan with only his loyal mutt Towser after his nemesis Inspector Blair yet again takes credit for Macbeth s murder solving skills Cnothan s normal policeman is off on vacation and given the idyllic calm of Lochdubh, Hamish is sent along to keep an eye on Cnothan in the other s absence Unlike Lochdubh, the residents of Cnothan are rude, suspicious individuals who welcome outsiders about as much as cats welcome a particularly yappy dog In this dreary atmosphere, Hamish s temporary stay is interrupted by the murder of the most unpopular resident, an Englishman who had recently moved into the village The circumstances of the murder wouldn t reflect kindly on Cnothan s most established businessman and Hamish s supervisors including the ever lovely Inspector Blair desperately want the crime to be hushed up and solved as quickly as possible It ll be up to Hamish to find the guilty party in a village full of people who had plenty of motive While the previous two books in the series made Hamish out to be a lazy, relaxed sort of policeman, Death of an Outsider puts Hamish out of his element Away from his beloved Lochdubh and the villagers who know him well, Hamish is miserable among the standoffish strangers of Cnothan Despite this, he can t help getting involved with the murder and the continual underestimation of his abilities again leads to an enjoyable, cozy mystery.

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    It took a while to actually get to the murder in this book Hamish is banished to another village as holiday cover It s a village that doesn t like outsiders even if you ve lived there for years, you re still an outsider One outsider Mr Mainwearing just loves to irritate people, just because he can In fact pretty much everyone in the village would like to see him dead.Eventually that s just how he ends up as food for a tank full of lobsters Of course Hamish solves the mystery after a second murder is discovered, of the man who fished the corpse out of the tank.It was all a bit twee and I had trouble getting into it to be honest The idea that Hamish was willing to propose to the local artist after spending a few days with her mainly to try and break his obsession with Priscilla , was troubling.Blair really got on my nerves trying to cover the murder up so it didn t get out that the lobsters had eaten the victim What made it worse was when he tried to get Hamish fired but at least it showed that lots of fellow officers knew Hamish had solved the previous murders.The solution to the murders came out of no where, with Hamish disappearing for a few days and returning with all the answers and arresting someone straightaway I wasn t particularly happy.Let s see what happens with the next one.

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