The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet

The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet A Spirited, Witty And Fresh Reimagining Of Jane Austen S Pride And Prejudice Lydia Is The Youngest Bennet Sister And She S Sick Of Country Life Instead Of Sewing And Reading, She Longs For Adventure When A Red Coated Garrison Arrives In Merryton, Lydia S Life Turns Upside Down As She Falls For Dashing Wickham, She S Swept Into A Whirlwind Social Circle And Deposited In A Seaside Town, Brighton Sea Bathing, Promenades And Scandal Await And A Pair Of Intriguing Twins Can Lydia Find Out What She Really Wants And Can She Get It

Natasha Farrant grew up in the heart of London s French community, and currently combines writing with her career as a Literary Scout She is the author of two successful novels for adults, Diving Into Light and Some Other Eden, both published by Transworld She lives in West London with her husband, two daughters and a large tortoiseshell cat.

[Reading] ➿ The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet By Natasha Farrant –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 304 pages
  • The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet
  • Natasha Farrant
  • English
  • 19 June 2019

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    Oh Lydia, why must you be so clueless Lydia is one of those characters who you cannot fully love but neither can you fully hate She is so very flawed but so very young and human also, and because of that, we can t exactly blame her for everything In The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet, we get a behind the scenes of what happens to Lydia when she leaves for Brighton Since it s written in journal entries, we get every one of Lydia s thoughts and adventurers like misadventures I definitely took pleasure in the writing style and narration Lydia is a vivid character, therefore it is impossible for her to bore us BUT, since she isn t the most attentive of people and quite single minded, she can get extremely annoying The problem is the only things she thinks about are boys and marriage and becoming rich Those are shallow thoughts, in my opinion, and it didn t make the romance romantic In the contrary, since money is so important to her and the idea of marrying up keeps flooding her mind, it took away from the romanticism I m a diehard fan of novels written in journal entries, which is why I was entertained and interested from the very beginning The letters also contributed to that BUT, I wouldn t be so sure someone who is not a fan of those will enjoy this very much Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    5 Words Love, family, adventure, disappointment, learning.So, here s the thingI don t like Pride and Prejudice.I did like this story immensely.I loved how Lydia s passion and impulsiveness came across in the pages of this story she was very different from the character we see a little of in PP, but still so faithful to Austen s creation.Full review to come.

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    4.5 stars I loved this Lydia becomes a three dimensional character with thoughts and feelings and I loved the twist to her story The writing perfectly represents her without becoming annoying.

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    3.75 starsA unique take on Lydia s version of Pride and Prejudice and the motives behind her actions.This is written in diary form from Lydia Bennet s perspective, the youngest Bennet sister in Pride and Prejudice and the author takes it for granted that the reader will have a good working knowledge of the plot of Pride and Prejudice The diary format allows the reader to see Lydia s surprisingly sympathetic feelings about the things that are happening to both her family and herself and still manages to tie them into her sometimes morally dubious actions.There was no attempt to put a Jane Austen spin on the writing style of this diary which has both its positive and negative aspects It s positive because had the author attempted Jan Austen s style she would have inevitably failed as authors before her have done However the fact that there was no attempt at all of Lydia writing things as a women in the 1800s would have done was occasionally jarring, such as describing Jane s age as twenty three instead of three and twenty That kind of thing is just too modern a style of writing.Lydia was portrayed in a very sympathetic way She displays sisterly feelings than is evident in Pride and Prejudice and she has an awareness that some of her actions aren t really the correct thing to do even though she normally does it anyway Well the author was constricted by Lydia s actual actions in PP so I supposed her hands were tied.Lydia definitely gave the impression of being a girl born in the wrong era It would be easy to imagine her as a young women in the 1960s where her radical thoughts on women rights would have made her fit right in and maybe would have made her feel less isolated.This is only the second PP variation I have read from Lydia s perspective and the first that shows her doing the things she does for logical and less selfish reasons And even though those actions are often immature and misguided it is a lot easier to like her.The thing that surprised me most was Lydia and Wickham s relationship Despite what you know about both characters in PP, it could almost be described as a love story almost.Despite it being aimed at a young adult audience, the plot is so unique I would recommend it for any Pride and Prejudice fan When I re read Pride and Prejudice I think this is going to be canon for me in regards to Lydia s role in the novel.

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    Mature is not a word one would usually apply to Lydia Bennet, but this was a surprisingly mature and imaginative take on Lydia s part of Pride and Prejudice That Farrant manages to accomplish this while staying true to the original story and creating her own lively, engaging narrative voice is truly impressive I picked this up while ordering, intending to do my due diligence by reading a few pages, and found I couldn t stop Farrant finds depth in Lydia while still acknowledging her childishness and silliness It helps to be a modern reader, aware that Lydia is a teenage girl who s likely extremely bored, but I don t think Farrant hammers in that point, or any other, too harshly This book doesn t exactly provide Lydia with the happy ending one might want, nor does it view spoiler fully redeem Wickham, much to my relief I m not sure there would be a way to do that without going deeply OOC or soppy hide spoiler

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    This was a book I didn t know that I needed until I read it Very clever and fresh and funny, Natasha isn t trying to be Jane at all she s just telling a great story from her world I loved this 12 because you probably should have read Pride and Prejudice first Please note this review is meant as a recommendation only Please do not use it in any marketing material, online or in print, without asking permission from me first Thank you

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    Es hat soo viel Spa gemacht D Es war spannend und interessant, romantisch und abenteuerlich Nur das Ende hat mich ein klitzekleines Bisschen gest rt Es ging mir dann einfach zu schnell Alles in allem ein tolles Buch f r jeden, der die Welt von Stolz und Vorurteil noch einmal besuchen m chte

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    of a 3.5

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    Well, if you ve read any of my reviews about other PP retellings, then in order to catch my interest they must be high quality, believable and unique, but still keep that infinite feel of PP This hooked me from the very beginning This was not the Lydia I thought I knew, but rather a twist on a character that oddly enough worked well for the book Coming from someone who drinks her tea from a I d rather be at Pemberley mug, you know how dear I hold the original book This is a worthy homage.There is a new story here, as well as faithfully following the events of PP I think it was a lovely surprise, things not happening the way I thought It even as if that s a thing redeemed Wickham for me a little Shocker I really hope this author writes , even if she did a wrap on Kitty and Mary after PP She really has a writing style that appeals to me, especially since this was all letters and diary entries something I normally hate For fans of PP looking for some light fun, without taking it too seriously Five stars for me

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    Review to follow soon

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