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The Complete RobuchonAn Incomparable Culinary Treasury The Definitive Guide To French Cooking For The Way We Live Now, From The Man The Gault Millau Guide Has Proclaimed Chef Of The Century Jo L Robuchon S Restaurant Empire Stretches From Paris To New York, Las Vegas To Tokyo, London To Hong Kong He Holds Michelin Stars Than Any Other Chef Now This Great Master Gives Us His Supremely Authoritative Renditions Of Virtually The Entire French Culinary Repertoire, Adapted For The Home Cook And The Contemporary PalateHere Are Than Precise, Easy To Follow, Step By Step Recipes, Including Robuchon S Updated Versions Of Great Classics Pot Au Feu, Sole Meuni Re, Cherry Custard Tart As Well As Dozens Of Less Well Known But Equally Scrumptious Salads, Roasts, Gratins, And Stews Here, Too, Are A Surprising Variety Of Regional Specialties Star Turns Like Aristide Couteaux S Variation On Hare Royale And Such Essential Favorites As Scrambled Eggs Emphasizing Quality Ingredients And The Brilliant But Simple Marriage Of Candid Flavors The Genius For Which He Is Rightly Celebrated Robuchon Encourages The Beginner With Jargon Free, Impeccable Instructions In Technique, While Offering The Practiced Cook Exciting Paths For Experimentation The Complete Robuchon Is A Book To Be Consulted Again And Again, A Magnificent Resource No Kitchen Should Be Without I picked this book out because my chef boyfriend loves French food and I wanted to learn to make some for us Every recipe we ve tried has turned out beautifully and he loves to use it for ideas when he has an oddball ingredient The only thing that might turn some people away from the book is the lack of illustrations or photos of ingredients and completed dishes I didn t find it a problem as the instructions are clearly written and easy to follow. This is a wonderful, contemporary revision of French cuisine I would recommend this book probably even over Julia Child to anyone looking to learn some classic techniques and recipes. It is not for nothing that Robuchon is considered by many to be the greatest chef of the 20th Century The Complete Robuchon lacks many of the helpful illustrations that make Jacques Pepin s Complete Techniques so useful however, it does than make up for this shortcoming in its encyclopedic, yet idiosyncratic breadth.This is a cookbook for the home cook willing to embrace Robuchon s meticulous attention to detail, and as such, should not be consulted by the inexperienced cook That it still rates 5 stars is indicative of its usefulness to the intermediate to advanced home cook the informative chapter food technique blurbs are a nice touch as well. P Oof Dense, chewy, very French of course Lots of great recipes, but not the style that appeals to me If you re looking for a book with pictures of pretty food porn, this is not the book you re looking for waves hand dramatically This is a veritable tome, a culinary completeness Sometimes, perhaps, you can have a little too much of a good thing Here acclaimed three Michelin starred chef Jo l Robuchon shows his obsessive, perfectionist self in the shape of this m a s s i v e book that does still look like it has been pared down to the bone What was the draft like Scary Over 800 recipes are crammed into its pages, a marvel of conservative book design which still allows the book to breath and not resemble a telephone directory with its attendant closely written text.THe book feels, in a positive way, as if Robuchon has had a gun held to his head and told to tell all, every single last recipe Split into sections after a great introduction and overview of cooking techniques and kitchen equipment In order you get steaks and sauces soups, broths and portages crudit s and hors d oeuvres salads and starters eggs fish and seafood offal and stuffing meats split into further chapters for lamb, beef, kid goat , veal, pork and charcuterie poultry and rabbit game vegetables pasta, rice, grains and gratins one dish meals and regional specialities and the several chapters for desserts of different types and ending up with james and preserves A honking great glossary and index round the book off.It might be easier to look and try and think what recipes could you expect to find here that you don t It is that complete One great thing with different cookery books irrespective of their size is that you can often compare how different chefs and cooks make their own version of a dish Some make it overly complex, some make a fair attempt and some just make it stand out for itself despite it appearing deceptively simple The reader should make their own determination but this reviewer has formed a clear opinion towards Robuchon s style.By God the publishers have got this right One of the usual complaints by YUM is that an approximation for preparation and cooking time is missing Not here This really does have the lot Each recipe is titled in English and French You get a typical serving estimation, ingredients list and a concise yet comprehensive set of instructions As you might imagine with a book of this size, no full colour photographs of each dish now that WOULD have been a nice thing as a companion volume if not for inspiration and drooling purposes on its own.It might be fair to suggest that this book will not appeal as much to the casual browsing cook, if not due to its size and lack of photographs Different things for different people even though it may be the non buyer s loss Clearly this is a workable reference work Whilst the relatively inexperienced home cook can get good results from this book, perhaps the experienced home cook who wants to broaden their horizon and create perhaps their own styles might find this to be a good overall inspiration Take a couple of books of this kind with perhaps a educationally focussed book from McGee and a slightly off base but wow book from Blumenthal and you really could have the nucleus of your own little kitchen powerhouse No matter what some may say, all top chefs have mixed both inspiration, thought and a little own determination together Why reinvent the wheel from scratch when you can just make a better wheel based on the original model For the uninitiated, Robuchon s own cooking style might be complex to describe, he led the movement away from nouvelle cuisine and a move back towards an authentic, bourgeois French cuisine, where each ingredient must play its own part and taste Many great modern day top chefs have also studied at the feet of Robuchon.Quality speaks Here you get quality and quantity Rarely can they go together without one end of the equation getting compromised Not so hereThe Complete Robuchon, written by Jo l Robuchon and published by Grub Street ISBN 9781906502225, 610 pages Typical price GBP18 YYYYY This review appeared in and is reproduced here in full with permission of celebrates the worldwide diversity of food and drink, as presented through the humble book Whether you call it a cookery book, cook book, recipe book or something else in the language of your choice YUM will provide you with news and reviews of the latest books on the marketplace.

Jo l Robuchon was an influential French chef and restaurateur.

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