Dead Man's Footsteps

Dead Man's Footsteps Abby Stepped In The Lift And The Doors Closed With A Sound Like A Shovel Smoothing Gravel She Breathed In The Smell Of Someone Else S Perfum, And Lemon Scented Cleaning Fluid The Lift Jerked Upwards A Few Inches And Now, Too Late To Change Her Mind And Get Out, With The Metal Walls Pressing In Around Her, They Lunged Sharply Downwards Abby Was About To Realize She Had Just Made The Worst Mistake Of Her Life Amid The Tragic Unfolding Mayhem Of The Morning Of , Failed Brighton Businessman And Ne Er Do Well Ronnie Wilson Sees The Chance Of A Lifetime, To Shed His Debts, Disappear And Reinvent Himself In Another Country Six Years Later, The Discovery Of The Skeletal Remains Of A Woman S Body In A Storm Drain In Brighton, Leads Detective Superintendent Roy Grace On An Enquiry Spanning The Globe, And Into A Desperate Race Against Time To Save The Life Of A Woman Being Hunted Down Like An Animal In The Streets And Alleys Of Brighton One Of The Most Fiendishly Clever Crime Fiction Plotters Daily Mail

Peter James is a UK No 1 bestselling author, best known for writing crime and thriller novels, and the creator of the much loved Detective Superintendent Roy Grace With a total of 13 Sunday Times No 1s under his belt, he has achieved global book sales of over 19 million copies to date, and has been translated into 37 languages.Synonymous with plot twisting page turners, Peter has garnered an ar

[KINDLE] ❅ Dead Man's Footsteps Author Peter James –
  • Hardcover
  • 466 pages
  • Dead Man's Footsteps
  • Peter James
  • English
  • 26 November 2019
  • 9781405092043

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    Gotta say, I ve enjoyed this series up until now but I m not so sure any There are things going on with the writing in this book that I don t think I can get past Pros and Cons below Pros1 Fairly solid in terms of mystery and the pacing, although slightly predictable than previous books 2 A very thoughtful and what I can only assume to be accurate I was not in NYC that day description of September 11th and the absolute horror and tragedy of the day Respectful portrayal of victims, NYPD and FDNY.Cons are you ready 1 For the love of god Mr James, stop using entire paragraphs to describe women s looks When a woman is terrified because her sick mother has been kidnapped for ransom, I can assure you that WE DO NOT CARE that despite her face being drained and all scrunched up in misery, she was an extremely good looking young woman This, followed by four sentences to describe those looks in detail, followed by another paragraph describing her clothing And yes, her sick, elderly mother has just been taken by a crazy dude who is threatening to murder her I can assure you, this is not the only example nearly every female character is treated to this assessment Oh, and the 80s called They want the term leggy back 2 Fuck sake, when a woman smiles at you it doesn t mean she wants to have sex with you Nor is she using her special female sexy power to try to manipulate you Specific examples of this include but are not limited to Detective Branson with a female witness And she had real come to bed eyes Which he caught twice in fast succession and then did his best to ignore Oof Tough sitch Trying to ignore those come to bed eyes I get it.Detective Pewe in his female boss s office Then she looked at him and smiled A long, almost come on smile Instantly, he melted Aw Feels Like I m gonna throw up Are you sensing a theme here Kay, one .3 General skeeviness On two separate occasions, the same said female boss has male detectives who are direct reports in her office and they BOTH fantasize about getting it on with her On the desk, in one case Cue the bow chicka wakka chicka music, it s that bad Clearly she has used her come on smile too effectively Detective Pewe even had trouble taming his erection, poor guy Although after this review it may seem like it, I m not usually a stickler on this subject In fact I m pretty sure it was in the earlier books too, just to a lesser degree But this one it was so laden with out dated, crudely sexist terminology that I don t even know why I read to the end Even the cliffhanger won t be enough to bring me back

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    I somehow got this book out of order in my series reading list But no problem, I loved it anyway In fact I think it is the best of the series so far It is one of those books that I stayed up all night to read Highly recommended.

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    Dead Man s Footsteps Roy Grace 4 9780330545983 December gift from Carey thanks, you wonderful woman, you.Dedication To Dave GaylorSome of this story takes place on the dayssurrounding the terrible events of 9 11.With deepest respect to the victimsand all who lost loved ones.Opening If Ronnie Wilson had known, as he woke up, that in just a couple of hours he would be dead, he would have planned his day somewhat differently What s with the name Cassian Pewe strange choice, yet one feels the author is taking liberties with an actual person The Sandy storyline is dragging taking of a grip of Grace s thoughts and can only be justified if a closure is in the pipeline.4 Dead Simple Roy Grace 1 4 Looking Good Dead Roy Grace 2 4 Not Dead Enough Roy Grace 3 4 Dead Man s Footsteps Roy Grace 4 TR Dead Tomorrow Roy Grace 5

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    A woman in hiding, a body in a storm drain, a man believed to have died in the 9 11 disaster and a body found in a submerged car in Australia Peter James weaves all these stories together to create a fantastic read The Roy Grace series just gets better and better, Looking forward to reading the next one.

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    Book 4, in the Roy Grace seriesIt has been a long time between books and I had forgotten how a master Mr James is at juggling plot threads, this time he treats us with four different events.This blend of fiction and myth skilfully uses the chaos and tragedy of 9 11 is its early set up and recounts how Ronnie Wilson took the opportunity to fake his own death and leave all his trouble behind to rebuild a new life On the other side of the pond, the body of a young woman is found in a storm drain in Brighton and Roy is called to investigate The third tale is of Abby, a very careful young lady scared of making any sort of move and last we cross to the other side of the world to Australia where a grim discovery if found in the boot of a car.These four events crisscross each other in alternate chapters while we have a protagonist dealing with the politic of his day to day life These brilliantly complex plots tend to pussyfoot here and there but eventually everything meshes beautifully into a tightly woven police procedural Seasoned buffs can easily see how things develop but will be a treat for the novice Keeping everything respectful while providing a realistic and exciting storyline is definitely not a problem with Mr James, he does that in a skillful and expert manner We have good dialogue, great characterization, climatic scenes and enough suspense to keep going and very well entertained.

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    Such a good start to this book Murders in Australia and Brighton, a man caught up in the Twin Towers and a girl relentlessly hunted by a psycho through the streets Grace has his work cut out and has a rouge officer trying to bring him down Rather falls away at the end by being predictable and a bit shallow Could have been a five star but fizzled out Shame.

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    I just love this guy, and am a bit in love with Roy Grace as well.There is not too much about Roy and Cleo s affair in this book, though maybe the seeds of trouble ahead have been sown, which is a bit sad Hope I am reading too much into a throw away line.This is a long, multi layered story starting with a scared girl caught in a lift, then jumping back to 9 11 and an Englishman caught in the very hub of the disaster Jumping back to the present day when a skeleton is found in a tunnel and the turmoil of Graces thoughts that it might be his long lost wife.The storyline does jump back and forth between the two time frames, but you don t get confused as I have been in other books as the chapter starts off with the era you are reading about.Into the mix we have a new DI an evil bastard called Cassian Pugh coming into help Grace with his cold case load starting with a new investigation into the disappearance of Graces wife Sandy but with bad intentions towards Grace himself.Then we get another murder in Australia and some thieving of rare, expensive stamps.It is a bit too nicely tied up in the end, BUT with a huge surprise in the last line of the last page HAVE to go onto the next book immediately

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    For full review The Limit of Books Does Not ExistThere was so much happening during this book it was hard to keep track of all of the story lines at the beginning.1 In present day, Roy Grace is investigating a body found in a storm drain The body resembles Roy s wife that disappeared years ago.2 Also in present day, Abby is trapped in an elevator Abby is not who she seems to be and looks to be hiding something.3 A couple in Australia stumble upon a car at the bottom of a lake.4 On September 11, 2001, Ronnie Wilson is getting ready for a business meeting in one of the twin towers.For the majority of the novel, I had no idea how these storylines were going to come together I loved in the end how they were woven together and the connection between the characters.I really like the main character in the series, Roy Grace, but I m a bit tired of the disappearance of his wife, Sandy With every book, there is a big debate if she is dead or alive that never seems to go anywhere.

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    A complicated and exciting tale taking in Brighton, New York and Melbourne, Australia along the way.I really enjoy this series and this was another good instalment but OMG that ending

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