Luca (Ruin & Revenge, #2)

Luca (Ruin & Revenge, #2) Strong, passionate and deeply focused both Luca and Gabrielle had goals that seemed inflexible UNTIL they both ended up on the wrong end of a gun.LUCA was an engrossing mafia based romance with heart I found the characters well developed and extremely likable The romance was smoldering from the start and exploded into a blazing inferno.Solid 4.5 starsMy Rating 4.5 starsWritten by Sarah CastilleSeries Ruin Revenge Book 2 Mass Market Paperback 384 pagesPublisher St Martin s Paperbacks Ends June 27, 2017ISBN 10 125010405XISBN 13 978 1250104052Genre Contemporary Romantic SuspenseItunes Noble received this ARC copy of Luca from St Martin s Press This is my honest and voluntary review Luca is set for publication June 27, 2017. It s been awhile since I read the first book but it started to come back to me who Luca was He s quite the playboy charmer and I ll admit, I wasn t sure I was going to like him He goes through woman like candy, but when Gabrielle snagged his attention I liked what I saw Luca was still too much of the charmer at first but the he was around Gabrielle the possessive he became and there was no other woman As independent as I am, I couldn t help but love his view on how to care for his girl Gabrielle is a tough as nails detective I like a strong heroine but sometimes those strong ones won t allow a man to care for them She had a few stubborn moments but the into the story as they got to know each other better, the fun I had with their banter.The first book seemed a bit darker and grittier, this one felt safe and I liked them both for what they were I m curious who will be the next couple and if the author changes it up once I m hoping for Frankie s story I m a sucker for the cold hearted ARC provided by NetGalley. Luca Rizzoli Was Nearly Destroyed By A Brutal Betrayal That Cost Him His Family Now A Ruthless Crime Boss In The City Of Sin, He Lets Nothing Touch His Frozen Heart Until A Smoldering Encounter With A Beautiful Stranger Ignites His Passion One Night Isn T Enough For A Man Who Takes What He Wants, But His Mysterious Temptress Has Slipped AwayFor Two Years Police Detective Gabrielle Fawkes Has Lived For Revenge But A Night Of Indulgence With A Sexy Stranger Changes Everything Powerful, Charming, And Deliciously Dangerous Luca, Has His Own Private Reasons For Offering To Help Her Pursue The Drug Lord Who Killed Her Husband There S A Lot Luca Isn T Telling Her And The She Finds Out The Less She Wants To KnowWhen Gabrielle Becomes The Target Of The Drug Lord She Has Vowed To Hunt Down, She Must Do The Unimaginable Place Her Life In A Mobster S Hands To Save Her, Luca Must Break His Mafia Ties Or Risk Losing Gabrielle Forever 3.5 Having loved the previous book Nico I was looking forward to starting this.Luca I loved along with Matteo and Max yes he was a man whore at the beginning but that changed when he met his Angel Gabrielle and he was prepared to give up everything for her I always love that in a H.Gabrielle however I could take or leave, at times I liked her at others she annoyed me.My main issue and this was my only issue with the previous book as well was how obvious it was early on who the villain was This spoilt the book for me, personally I would have preferred to at least have a couple of options or to be left guessing for a little while.It also felt slow in places which might explain why Paolo featured so much it appeared he was used as filler.I couldn t believe it when Gabrielle told Luca she was a police detective and he didn t know Apart from the fact that he would have checked I mean seriously he s instantly attracted to her or at the very least asked nurse Rachel why she got shot she gave it away or at least I felt she did in hospital when she saidHow about you she asked, to deflect any further questions Are you in law enforcement Maybe not But I felt she gave it away or at least gave him enough to arose his suspicions.This book was just missing something, I know it s not helpful to say I m not exactly sure what but it didn t grab and hold me like Nico did.I m really hoping the next book belongs to Frankie and not Paolo, I really really hope it s not Paolo s I had too much of him in this book, I don t want any view spoiler How on earth had Luca not done his own DNA test I mean seriously hide spoiler Oh I just loved this This book was so much than what I expected I loved the story and all of the twists the author put in to it I adored Luca He is just perfect So swoon worthy And the ending is fabulous too Sarah Castile has a winner on her hands with this story Plenty of off the charts steam and deliciousness to go around If you love mafia style hot reads, this one is the one to grab copy rec d for review consideration ARC received for reviewGreat second book It just seemed to take a really long time to get any where except for them hooking up Lots of drama, wise guy action, and hot sex Very sweet epilogue. Re read 5 15 2018 Still loved itYou don t get guys like that out of your system They ruin you for all other men. OMG Still on a book high after reading LUCA Sarah Castille did it again Another sexy mobster romance with humor, heat and heart Gabrielle has thought of nothing but revenge for the last two years The only goal she has in life is to bring down Jose Gomez Garcia, one of the biggest drug lords on the West Coast When a drug bust goes wrong and she s ambushed, Gabrielle ends up in the hospital with a shot to the chest and sharing a room with Luca RizzoliA man who aroused her for the same reason he scared her A man she couldn t controlLuca takes one look at Gabrielle and is sucker punched A made man and one of Nico s most trusted capos, Luca lives and breathes the life of the Cosa Nostra But Gabrielle lays claim to his hardened heart irrevocably and not even punishment from the family can keep him awayI would endure any hardship for you I will welcome the pain because it gives us time to be together Every extra day I get to spend with you is worth a dozen bruisesThis was action packed, gritty, and fueled with equal parts danger, romance and burning hot passion I loved the fast paced plot, the surprising twists and turns of the story and the glimpses into the secondary characters that hopefully fingers crossed we ll see of in future books I really, really enjoyed reading this and am obsessed this series What I loved about it I was hooked from start to finish I love starting a book and letting it grab ahold of you and not let go until the last page LUCA did that for me and I loved that it surprised me I went in a bit cautiously because of both Luca and Gabrielle s past I thought it might be too angsty and or sad with two characters so stuck in the past like both MCs were in the beginning but SC managed to write a story about two people who experiences a lot of loss in life but didn t let that consume them Both MCs were strong, capable characters and their love for each other was just as strong and irresistible Their connection was both physical and emotional and the author really makes you feel it all through the writing It was gripping and real and I know hands down I m going to be re reading this again soon Just like Gabrielle, I was 100% seduced by Luca Favorite LineYou sure this is what you want, mio angelo Cause I like it dirty So dirty you ll never get back to heavenMemorable Moments The kitchen scene was one of the best and most laugh out loud funny scenes between Luca and Gabby It was sweet and humorous and showed a softer side to their relationshipI know how your mind works And just in case you get any ideas, nothing is going into my vagina that is meant to be consumed Sorry This right here is a no vegetable zoneThis had me lmao The second scene that sticks in my memory is when Luca punches Jeff and then realizes he fought a cop, in front of other cops, over a cop His possessiveness towards Gabrielle was endearing and I turned to mush over it Final Thoughts I m still madly in love with Nico but Luca is worthy competition for book boyfriend LUCA picks up right after NICO Book 1 but can be read as a standalone and I highly recommend it.The Ruin Revenge Series 1 Nico 2 LUCA 3 Rocco COMING JANUARY 2018ARC provided for an honest reviewSAFETY view spoiler AgesAges aren t disclosed but from what I can put together, I d put Gaby at 25 26 years old and Luca between 28 30 Neither are virgin Cheating None OM OW drama None This doesn t have one but two dead spouses Both MCs were married and both lost their spouses Normally I stay away from stories with dead spouses but this one really pulled me in and I m glad I gave it a chance because it was done really well Luca had a cold marriage of convenience and wasn t in love with Gina and Gabrielle did love her husband, David, but I didn t feel like Luca got second place in her heart or anything like that There was no OW OM jealously or drama over their past relationships Both were understanding about it and I felt like they were both different people, open to a different kind of love after everything that happened.Something that felt really random and I felt could have been left out is the restaurant scene with Marta and the bj nurse at the hospital I didnt like reading about that bit but it helped that Gabrielle wasn t bothered by them and once the MCs meet, there is no OW for Luca For being such a man hoe before Gabrielle, he becomes 100% faithful smitten completely fallen for his h Separation None Push PullInternally, Luca does struggle with the fact that his lifestyle puts him and Gabrielle in danger but he never gave up on them He never acted on his half hearted ideas to break things off with her He was always steadfast and true to Gabrielle since first laying eyes on herMain Pursuer of relationshipalthough Gabrielle is the one to make the first move by going to the restaurant, I d still say Luca is the main pursuer He comes after her time and again and fights to keep her by his side TriggersGraphic violence, F bombs galore, dead spouses, death murder on and off page , death of a sibling off page drug addiction on and off page HEA HFN Ends with a HFN but we get a super sweet epilogue a few months down the road that put the cherry on top of this sexy sundae with a planned proposal and a bun in the oven It brought the story full circle hide spoiler 3.5 starsLuca is a great possessive alpha hero and Gabrielle is a strong, independent heroine.Secondary characters really added to this story, especially Paulo s and Luca s mom couldn t get enough of her and my heart just broke for him Tons of steamy sex Plenty of internal dialogue if that s your thing it s not for me.Slow, steady pace.An unsurprising twist.Told in dual POV along with Paulo sSafe in that Luca doesn t sleep with anyone else after meeting Gabby Other than violence, no apparent triggers in my opinion.ARC provided for an honest review Born to seduce Raised to seduce Live to seduce Luca is the second book in the Ruin Revenge series The Italian Mob family is back and with Nico Toscani as the boss, Luca has taken his rightful place in the kingdom by his side Men like him didn t give heated looks to women like her Luca is a senior mafia capo under Nico After pledging his loyalty to his best friend and boss, Luca has suffered a bullet injury and is currently laid up in the hospital healing from his wounds While in the hospital, Luca meets another patient named Gabrielle Although Luca is quite taken with the blonde angel, they go their separate ways and both return to their lives You are my angel Gabrielle, a cop, cannot get Luca the Italian god she met in the hospital out of her head When she finally gathers the courage to meet him at his restaurant, she is instantly overtaken by a tsunami of lust Luca and Gabrielle don t waste any time rekindling the connection they had shared in the hospital and a relationship begins Luca is unaware that Gabrielle is a cop and Gabrielle, although she suspects, is surprised to find that she in bed with the mob With an obvious conflict of interest in place, Gabrielle and Luca have much to overcome With the addition of a rogue drug lord on the loose, the pressures from the police and the mob, Luca and Gabrielle must walk through fire literally to stay together I choose you Told in dual POV, Luca offers an action packed mafia romance with smoking hot passion and an intriguing plot In comparison to the first book in this series, I would say that Luca is quite different from Nico Although both books in the series center around a forbidden romance theme , the characters are vastly different and in regarding the tactics in which they use to attack their adversaries The relationship between Gabrielle and Luca develops like a slow burn and although the passionate connection between the two was instantaneous and over the top, it takes a while for these two to acknowledge what is building between them I found the plot to be incredibly creative with all of the twists and turns and although individual elements seemed over the top, I was swept away by Luca, the Italian Mobster god, and his smoking hot COP girlfriend I was additionally drawn to the relationship between Luca and his son The additional element of the mafia family culture truly enhanced this installment of the series The complex relationship between Gabrielle and Luca was beautifully crafted and together they are perfectly matched Overall, LUCA will appeal to Castille fans and Mafia Romance fans alike Although this forbidden romance can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend reading NICO first This is one crime family you do not want to mess with I look forward to the next installment in this series as I am certain action and intrigue is on the horizon for this Italian mafia family Ruin and Revenge Series ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review For reviews reveals giveaways visit I actually LOVE this cover It s hot and a very good representation of the hero LUCA It has good composition and eye catching title work After reading and LOVING book one in this series NICO , I was super excited to get my hands on this one Unfortunately, it failed to live up to the greatness of its predecessor I found this one to be just SO slow and long winded It felt like the book that never ends Every chapter devoted to Paola could have been dropped without it affecting the storyline and would have helped speed up with the pace That aside I did enjoy the characters for the most part Luca was SMOKIN HOT and very alpha I did not like the way he treated his son for the first half of the book Nor did I find it believable that he wouldn t have at least had his own view spoiler DNA test done hide spoiler

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Sarah Castille, writes contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense featuring blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them A recovering lawyer and caffeine addict, she worked and traveled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies.

✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Luca (Ruin & Revenge, #2)  By Sarah Castille ✸ –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 362 pages
  • Luca (Ruin & Revenge, #2)
  • Sarah Castille
  • English
  • 06 August 2018
  • 9781250104052

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