A Matchless Man

A Matchless Man None Of The Matches Caught His Eye As Much As The Matchmaker HimselfGrowing Up Poorer Than Poor Didn T Leave Navashen Bhattathiri Many Options For Life Outside Of School All Of His Concentration Was On Keeping His Scholarships Sixteen Years Later, He S Fulfilled His Dream And Become A Doctor Now He S Returning Home To Lexington And Is Ready To Prove Himself To The World In Doing So, He Reconnects With Brent Carpenter High School Classmate, Real Estate Agent, All Around Great Guy And Closet MatchmakerBrent Makes It His Mission To Help Navashen Develop A Social Life And Meet Available, Interesting Men Unfortunately Navashen S Schedule Is Unpredictable, And Few Of Those Available, Interesting Men Value His Dedication Like Brent Does Brent S Unfailing Friendship And Support Convince Navashen He S The One, But Can He Capture Brent S Heart When The Matchmaker Is Focused On Finding Navashen Another Man

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  • ebook
  • 224 pages
  • A Matchless Man
  • Ariel Tachna
  • English
  • 26 April 2019
  • 9781634773706

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    I usually connect with Ariel, but I don t believe this time I can connect with the story or even the writing style.I have no idea why But I felt like I read Nav s diary instead of a story I got bored easily reading about his activity finding a house, arrange furniture, dinner and during the mealsyou know, daily stuff And not to mention Nav s mother, she s so annoying I d say, this one was too much telling The romance between Nav and Brent only at the near ending, around 20 percent mark to the end and I m not quite satisfied.This book tells even about Nav brother s relationship with Brent.This is a decent story, but not memorable I need feeling and chemistry between the two MCs, I didn t have it ARC provided by publisher for a fair and unbiased review No high rating required

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    A Matchless Man is the latest part of Dreamspun Desires collection, as well as Ariel Tachna s Lexington Lovers series However, this book can be read as a stand alone because the only thing that it shared with Unstable Stud released in April is the location Lexington, Kentucky.I kind of having similar issue with this book just as I did with Unstable Stud in terms of the romance between Navashen and Brent being quite underwhelming I couldn t even really think of their story as being a slow burn relationship despite them not starting to date until around 70% of the book because most of the time, the story was about other things instead For example, Navashen setting up his house, or Brent trying to introduce Navashen to his friends and to make Navashen have a social life, or even the progress of Navashen s younger brother, Akshat, of becoming independent.In addition, the story is told solely from Navashen s point of view With romance that has a matchmaker theme attached to it, usually we also get perspective from the matchmaker Therefore, we know how the feeling starts to change, when they want to become the match instead.Here, I never really knew about or was convinced that Brent had the same romantic feeling towards Navashen I couldn t feel his jealousy when one of his friends showed interest in Navashen I couldn t feel him wanting out of his relationship with Navashen than just friendship.Heck, I got conviction about the sibling relationship between Navashen and Akshat than Navashen and Brent I did adore Akshat though I thought he was a great secondary character He was also great in championing Brent as Navashen s boyfriend, which helped when their mother became quite annoyingly less open minded.It was a nice story, nothing too dramatic or angsty, with low steam level, but also rather lacking in the romance department.A Guest Review for The Blogger Girls The ARC is provided by the publisher for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is required for any ARC received.

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    A Matchless Man by Ariel Tachna is a part of a series but it can be read as a standalone.This story cannot be categorized as a romance The MCs are friends for almost 85% of the story They get together pretty late but the angst and falling out part takes out of the together part in a big way.Navashen is a doctor who is relocating near his family to take care of his brother and putting down his roots He never had the time to actually pursue a relationship before His career comes first and there is a very small amount of people who are ready to accept his demanding career Navashen enlists the help of his high school rival, Brent Carpenter to help him find a home Brent is fun and outgoing and always makes friends wherever he goes Brent is determined to bring Navashen out of his shell and make him enjoy life He hooks Navashen up with his friends but none of them pans out After few failed attempts of dating, Navashen realizes that he is comfortable with Brent than he could be with any other guy With Brent s total understanding and acceptance of his job and love and care for Navashen s mentally young and immature brother, Akshat, he is the perfect guy for Navashen They just have to admit to each other that they want to be than friends.I did not have any problem with the MCs They were a real contrast in character and behavior but they meshed well together I just didn t find any spark or romance between them The entire Love part was very clinical The entire story is from Navashen s POV and his feelings towards Brent were born out of convenience than passion Navashen was too bland a character There was no excitement as such for a new budding romance.Brent s POV would have added a little depth to his character His feelings towards Navashen were quite out of the blue A few chapters in his POV would have given a better understanding of his feelings for Navashen The angst part at the end was awkward and not necessary.The only thing that I really enjoyed in this story was the character of Akshat He is a total sweetheart and the sweetest matchmaker Akshat s relationship with his brother was very endearing Navashen s efforts in taking care of Akshat and also encouraging him to become independent and make friends were beautiful and inspiring.I did not enjoy this book I would not recommend it.

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    2.5 stars, rounded up.While I liked the writing in this book, and the characters the authors created, especially Akshat, Navashen s younger brother, the romance part didn t work as well for me.Navashen returns to Lexington, where he grew up with his parents and younger brother in rather poor circumstances, after sixteen years of college and medical school and becoming a fine doctor and having secured a great position in a local hospital Upon his return, he seeks out an old schoolmate rival to help him find a home big enough to accommodate not only Akshat, whom he wants to move in with him, but possibly also their elderly parents.Brent, the old schoolmate, is now a realtor and only too happy to help Navashen find his first house, as well as play matchmaker to find the guy a, well, guy I liked the story arc, and as I said before, the characters were all well done, and I enjoyed reading this book The only thing that left me somewhat cold was the romance between Navashen and Brent It just didn t feel organic enough for me, and didn t actually come about until than 80% of the book was already done I appreciated the cultural differences of Navashen s family and thought that they were well done here the author clearly knows her stuff Navashen s mother clucking around Akshat, and using his disability as a reason to keep him tied to her, not letting him grow into his own person, was as frustrating for me as it was for Navashen and Akshat And I really like that Akshat really grew under Navashen s guidance, and found a niche for himself, found something that he enjoyed doing, and became so much stronger for it This really wasn t so much a romance as it was a story of family ties and how specific change affected them The relationship between Navashen and his brother really carried this book for me It was sweet and supportive, and Akshat became Navashen s greatest supporter when things with his mother s plans to find a nice Indian girl come to a head The entire book is told from Navashen s POV, and while the differences between him and Brent are very clear, they also meshed well in their personalities Though I think this book would have worked better for me if we had been given a view into Brent s mind When the two men begin dating, it felt too passionless for me from Navashen s POV only, as if he was settling for Brent after trying out other options, instead of seeing this man as being his perfect match I expected a passionate and grand romance between these men, but that s not what I got, sadly Well, can t win them all, I guess Of course, YMMV I received a free copy of this book from its publisher A positive review was not promised in return.

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    It s rare to see ethnic diversity in m m books This was my first time reading one with an Indian protagonist, and I was pleasantly surprised.Indian society is a tricky thing, but Navashen having been born and raised in the US, wasn t as shackled by its restrictions as most are He s out, he won t back down from how his mother wants him to be and he s still a responsible, and dutiful son taking care of his family.Family is a big thing for Indians, and Ariel Tachna has shown that she understands that by the care she s put in writing about Akshad and Navashen s relationship About how meddling parents can be, although that s not just with Indians.Akshad ended up becoming my favourite character Seeing him flourish after having been granted the trust that he was capable to do so, was wonderful.Next to the cultural aspects of this story, there isn t a lot I can say This was just a simple story about Navashen finding someone who ll accept him as he is, someone who might not have the time to wine and dine whenever the mood strikes, who will be ruled by a pager if duty calls, and someone who will always have his family to worry about and in his life Not a lot of people can deal with that, but in Brent he found someone who can They had their cute moments, and altogether added up to a decent story.Overall, this was a cute story It didn t feel like a lot was happening, though that might be due to minimal drama Although there were some arguments, it was pretty tame in that regard It avoided being dramatic, and although it s a pleasant surprise, I felt the conflict was too easily solved.Honestly, I didn t care much for Brent He was doing all the right things, being perfect boyfriend material His actions were all there, but maybe it s because of the way the narrator voiced him, or maybe it s because it was difficult to see what he looked like when he was doing the things he was doing, but he felt insincere There seem to be many revelations by the end of this book, but I just had trouble understanding Brent Perhaps a double point of view in this case would have been a good addition, so that the reader listener could better come to relate to the other half of Navashen.The Matchless man concept was also a bit underplayed It felt as though it was barely there, which could in part be due to there being so much else going on that the other things may overshadow it It s fine if this was originally only meant to be a small part of the whole story, but if it s 1 the title and 2 the blurb that gets readers hooked, it should play a bigger part.The last sentence of the book was confusing because it made a play on the title and it didn t really make sense, or fit the context.The narrator was good overall, and he was able to take me into the story It s just that I only really liked his voice when he was voicing Navashen His Brent felt insincere, which wasn t very good since it was hard to picture him already as having than just this extroverted friend persona that entered Navashen s life His amma was also strange, kind of didn t feel like listening when that voice was on Though, if that was the intention, great job.So, there were some aspects that bothered me, but overall I quite liked this audiobook and would recommend it I received a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.Review has been crossposted on ABC

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    Nav and Brent are life long friends and when Nav moves back to Lexington after being gone for a long time, he asks Brent, who s also a real estate agent, to help him Nav has his brother living with him Askhat, Nav s brother, who was born a preemie, requires some help He has asthma and due to his early birth his brain functions differently He acts younger than he is Nav is trying to help his brother find his independence.Brent feels with all Nav does with his brother and work that he needs some fun in his life, and a special someone.I have to say, I really loved Nav s relationship with his brother It was written wonderfully and really is the highlight of this book.I will say I felt disconnected when it came to Brent and Nav and because that really is supposed to be the focal point to this romance, it presented a problem.Now, this is a friends to lovers story but, for me, it felt like a friendship only and when we only get but a glimpse of Brent and Nav together romantically it really didn t really show the evolution of their relationship I wish the author had expanded on them .Nav and his brother really made this book and because of them I am happy I read this Because this was really supposed to be about Brent and Nav and their story into love was written as of an afterthought made this a bit of a miss for me.

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    A Matchless Man is one of the most understated slow burn romances I have ever read Based on what I found out about Navashen, the doctor of Indian descent who returns to his hometown after sixteen years of grueling studies and qualification, this is the only kind of romances that could have happened to him Discovering the reason behind his thinking and behavior was fascinating, and while I can t emotionally relate to his position, this book gave me great insight into his thinking, his feelings, and the way his mixed cultural heritage Indian and American shaped his beliefs Everything he does is logical as seen from his point of view, and Ariel Tachna helped me understand why that is the case.Please find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    Hmmm, okay So, I came into this series having read the last one first I really just wanted to back and read Thane and Blake s story, because they intrigued me so much in Derek and Owen s story I enjoyed the first one, having come back to catch up, but I wasn t so much a fan of this one Maybe it s me I m not sure The format isn t any different, which is hard for me without any breaks between paragraphs, it all just seems so jumbled together and it kind of gave me a headache, trying to read it all clumped together I know that sounds really picky of me, but I have bad eyes and it just bugged me I also had a problem with not being able to pronounce some of these people s names In my head, it pulled me out of the story because I m like How in the heck do you pronounce that I know, I m uncultured and again, probably my fault, but it was just one thing that bothered me So on to the story We come into this one from the POV of Navasheen spelling he s spent every second of his time studying and ultimately becoming a doctor He hasn t had time for relationships or anything like that, which I guess is understandable to an extent While back in the town he grew up in, he hooks up with an old rival of sorts, Brent I will say right now, I did not feel anything at all between them, even their friendship was almost just there because it was convenient Brent tries to hook him up because he s supposedly this closeted matchmaker, but it was all dull and boring Then, Brent no connection there at all, just, hey, you re here and I feel somewhat comfortable with you, so why not And not getting Brent s POV or any of his process was a problem, because I was hoping for at least a little bit of feeling or spark from someone They were just friends for the majority of the story I just didn t feel it, and I hate when that happens All s well that ends well though I guess, and I m excited to read Thane and Blake s story This one just unfortunately missed the mark for me 2 stars from me

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    Ich muss gestehen, dass ich etwas anderes erwartet hatte Mehr schiefgegangene Dates mit mal lustigen und mal ernsten Gr nden, warum es nicht geklappt hat Verkupplungsversuche, die es n tig machen, dass Navashen Brent um Hilfe bittet, um ihn aus der Situation zu retten, weil es peinlich oder unangenehm ist Bekommen habe ich davon so gut wie nichts Ja, Brent versucht Navashen zu verkuppeln, aber eigentlich passiert das nur am Rand Ebenso wie Brents Kuppeleigenschaften bei seinen Freunden, die im Klappentext ja extra erw hnt werden, nur eine kleine Randnotiz in der Story sind.Der Fokus der Story liegt auf Navashen und seinem Leben Er zieht zur ck in seine Heimatstadt und muss seinen neuen Job, seine Familie und sein nicht vorhandenes Sozialleben unter einen Hut bekommen Die sich nach und nach entwickelnde Freundschaft zwischen Navashen und Brent ist sch n zu lesen, doch der Umschwung zum Verliebtsein kommt f r mich etwas pl tzlich Mir fehlte etwas die Leidenschaft Gerade als ich schon dachte, es wird alles gut, wird es f r meinen Geschmack etwas bertrieben Aufgrund eines einzigen Gespr ches wird die ganze Beziehung der beiden in Frage gestellt, obwohl es vorher f r mich keine Anzeichen gab, an Navashen und seinen Absichten bzw seinem Durchsetzungsverm gen zu zweifeln.Das Buch hat mich leider berhaupt nicht berzeugt.

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    Another sweet romance from the Dreamspun line Ariel never fails to construct a satisfying tale with the perfect happy ending Even though you know where these books are going, I appreciate the easy read and the fun if predictable plot lines In this one, I really liked the little brother he made the story special.

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