The Authority of the Old Testament

The Authority of the Old Testament I sympathize with Bright s struggle to answer the questions that surround the authority of the Old Testament He does a fantastic job of spelling out the questions and all of the implications that follow, but he stops short of really answering the big one for me that of the command for the Canaanite extermination,Bright s argument is that throughout our studies of the OldTestament, we should hold pretty strictly to a grammatico historical hermeneutic Afterwords, we should attempt to understand not just the bare bones of what the passage is saying, but what the theology is that underlines the passage All fine and good Then he attempts to apply this to difficult passsages He does well until he reaches Joshua The passages obviously state that God commanded Canaanite Extermination When he attempts to explain the theology underlying Joshua, he has no choice in explanation but to draw allegorical parallels between the martial activities of the Israelites and Christians today Basically, that the holy wars of the Israelites are an example of the spiritual battles that the church is undergoing In my understanding, this is a pretty severe departure from the shallow moralizing that he condemns throughtout while it also avoids the moral implications of the activities of God as the Israelites recorded them. As Its Title Page Indicates, The Substance Of This Book Was Delivered As The James A Gray Lectures At The Divinity School Of Duke University That Was In November Of But The Book Actually Had Its Genesis Much Earlier, For The Problem Which It Treats Is One That Had Plagued Me For Many Years Prior To That Time I Suppose That It Is Inevitable That Is Should Have It Is A Problem That No Teacher Of Old Testament Studies Can Forever Evade Certainly I Was Unable To Do So I Had Long Found Myself Troubled By The Fact That So Few Preachers Myself Included, I Fear Really Seemed To Know How To Proceed With The Old Testament, Or Were Guided In Their Preaching From It, If They Preached From It At All, By Any Conscious Hermeneutical PrinciplesIt Early Became Clear To Me That The Place Of Old Testament Studies In The Theological Curriculum Was Not Something That Could Be Taken For Granted I Was Driven To The Realization That If I Could Not Present My Students With Some Positive Position With Regard To The Place Of The Old Testament In The Bible, And Provide Them With Some Guidance In Their Use Of It In The Pulpit, They Might Justifiablyregard All That I Was Trying To Teach Them, However Interesting It Might Be Historically, As Of Questionable Theological And Practical Importance From The Preface, By John Bright

John Bright was an American biblical scholar, the author of several important books including the influential A History of Israel, currently in its fourth edition He was closely associated with the American school of Biblical criticism pioneered by William F Albright, which sought to marry archaeology to a defence of the reliability of the Bible, especially the earlier books of the Old Testament

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