Shadow of Doubt

Shadow of Doubt Author and CBC reporter Bobbi Jean MacKinnon states in the PrefaceAs a reporter for CBC News, I covered this case from the day Richard Oland s body was discovered I attended press conferences, jury selection, numerous court proceedings, and the entire trial Such involvement translates into a consummate account of every aspect of the case, especially the trial process I m giving this book 5 well deserved stars While I wasn t exactly keen to read another book about the Oland trial, I must say that Shadow of Doubt was very impressive to read and wasn t simply a rehashing of already published information.Full review here An objectively written account of the trial of a man whose guilt or innocence is disagreed upon by many casual observers A good way to understand our judicial system and recommended for those with an interest in legal proceedings beyond the TV screen. Richard Oland was a very popular member of St John society He contributed significantly to many initiatives and was very poplar around town In 2011 he was found bludgeoned to death in his downtown office The scene was so horrific that it was immediately considered to be a crime of passion Richard s son Dennis quickly became a suspect and he was eventually tried in a very public forum Bobbi Jean MacKinnon does an excellent job of following the trial from its initiation to its completion As a New Brunswicker, I know that everyone in the province has decided whether or not Dennis is guilty regardless of the trial s outcome This book should be read by everyone who thinks they know what happened because it places the whole incident under a Shadow of Doubt It s a book that will make you think about, discuss, and possibly reconsider everything you have decided based on multiple snippets of media attention This book is a comprehensive and interesting account of the trial and should not be missed by anyone who cares about the judicial process in Canada And in real life, the story isn t even finished. Great in depth account of the entire trial and subsequent events For anyone who was wondering about some of the items covered by news during the trial, and also many of the items not covered by media and some not revealed during the trial, this book provides some answers Without assigning a determination by the author of her personal belief, the author provides both sides and backstories for much of the information Worth a read. The story of Richard Oland s brutal murder and the conviction of his son Dennis is far from over.Dennis was recently granted bail as he waits for a retrial When I started the book, the question I wanted answered was did he do it I just finished reading, and I have no idea I m glad I wasn t a juror who had to make that decision.As you re reading Shadow of Doubt, you ll feel like you re sitting in that courtroom in 2015 as a jury hears weeks of testimony and is shown dozens of exhibits When you get to the part when the verdict is read out, you can feel the tension and emotions spilling out of the page.There are still so many questions surrounding the evidence, the police investigation, and information the jury was never given.I ll be waiting for the retrial to follow along what happens next. An absorbing, comprehensive, and compulsively readable account Even those who followed every twist and turn from the moment of discovery through to the verdict and beyond will find something new in this elegantly written and carefully crafted narrative. An absolutely fantastic read MacKinnon did extensive research into the Oland case, which is evident in her incredibly detailed and engaging novel She delivered a full and clear account of both the investigation and trial without forcing her own opinions into the narrative As a Paralegal student, I was most interested in the trial process and legal jargon MacKinnon explained complex legal terms and concepts correctly, and importantly, she explained them clearly to the reader I would highly recommend this novel to those who have heard of the Oland family, and those who know nothing about them A very engrossing and fast paced novel that I could not stop reading. Not a happy book, any way you look at it What happened that night in an upstairs office in downtown Saint John will likely never be known for sure But, Bobbi Jean MacKinnon gives us a quick paced narrative that lays out the facts, foibles, and half truths of this sad story in my hometown Her writing is spare and yet evocative of place, and her treatment is balanced and non judgmental. On July Richard Oland, Scion Of The Moosehead Brewing Family, Was Murdered In His Office The Brutal Killing Stunned The City Of Saint John, And News Of The Crime Reverberated Across The Country In A Shocking Turn And After A Two And Half Year Police Investigation, Oland S Only Son, Dennis, Was Arrested For Second Degree MurderCBC Reporter Bobbi Jean MacKinnon Covered The Oland Case From The Beginning In Shadow Of Doubt, She Examines The Controversial Investigation From The Day Richard Oland S Battered Body Was Discovered To The Conclusion Of Dennis Oland S Trial, Including The Hotly Debated Verdict And Its Aftermath Meticulously Examining The Evidence, MacKinnon Vividly Reconstructs The Cases For Both The Prosecution And The Defence She Delves Into Oland Family History, Exploring The Strained Relationships, Infidelities, And Financial Problems That, According To The Crown, Provided Motives For Murder Shadow Of Doubt Is A Revealing Look At A Sensational Crime, The Tribulations Of A Prominent Family, And The Inner Workings Of The Justice System That Led To Dennis Oland S Contentious Conviction Local story Know some of the principal people in the novel Interesting insofar as the police missteps Knew most of the story by newspaper accounts of the murder and the subsequent trialthis was or less a rehash of that.

BOBBI JEAN MacKINNON is a reporter and web editor for CBC Radio and Television She has worked at the Telegraph Journal, the Toronto Star, and the Ottawa Citizen She has been a finalist for two National Newspaper Awards and three Atlantic Journalism Awards, including one for her early reporting on the Richard Oland murder She lives in Saint John.

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