Torn Apart: The Heartbreaking Story of a Childhood Lost

Torn Apart: The Heartbreaking Story of a Childhood Lost Cory Friedman Was An Ordinary Fun Loving Little Boy, Until One Day, He Started To Feel Very Different It Started With An Irresistible Urge To Shake His Head, And Before Long, His Body Became A Volatile, Explosive And Unpredictable Force Overtaken By Physical Urges, Tics And Compulsions, The Bright Young Boy Started To Feel And Look Like A Puppet On A String Cory Had Developed A Rare Combination Of Tourette Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder And Other Neurological Conditions His Desperate Family Embarked On A Fifteen Year Search For Help Which Took Them Beyond Breaking Point Cory Was Seen By Thirteen Doctors Who In Total Prescribed Sixty Potent Medicines He Was Mistakenly Sent To A Psychiatric Ward And, On The Brink Of Utter Despair, He And His Family Decided On A Form Of Intervention That Had Never Been Tried In Cases Like Cory S He Was Sent To A Wilderness Survival Camp In A Bitter, Unforgiving Snowy Utah Winter This Felt Like Their Final Chance Throughout It All, Cory Battled Against The Extraordinary Events That Were Unfolding, And Would Take Him On One Of The Most Terrifying Personal Journeys Ever Recorded

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  • Hardcover
  • 289 pages
  • Torn Apart: The Heartbreaking Story of a Childhood Lost
  • James Patterson
  • English
  • 09 March 2018
  • 9781846054020

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    Corey Friedman was only five years old when he began to show signs of a rare condition of Tourette s syndrome As his condition worsened over the years, Corey develops other disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety disorder Reading about Corey and his family s day to day struggles will break your heart What an amazing and really inspiring read Torn Apart was an incredibly moving and heart wrenching story and one in which I HIGHLY recommend.

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    WOW Gobsmacked, blown away Just MOVED.This is a non fiction work from the effortlessly readable James Patterson The story is of his friends son who had diabiltating sydrome.Its 00.29 here in the Uk but i HAD to get this out now while it was fresh in my mind.I am so moved and inspired by Cory and hia hardship..

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    Torn Apart is written by Hal Friedman in collaboration with his friend James Patterson, telling the story of Hal s son Cory This is the emotional true story told through Cory s eyes of his battle with one of the most complex cases of Tourette s syndrome, anxiety disorder OCD that doctors have seen Cory was an ordinary boy until shortly before his fifth birthday, when motor tics, vocal tics, compulsions and obsessions turned his body into a puppet on a string Sophia and Hal take a gut wrenching journey with their son to find answers and treatment for their son s debilitating condition Anyone who has experienced a medical condition that has medical practitioners baffled knows how heartbreaking and soul destroying this journey can be, but his parents heartache pales in comparison to Cory s living hell My body is always betraying me, always, always, always No one can imagine how horrible this is Every single day, something bad happens to me These are not the words of a child ranting in a tantrum Cory s mental and physical suffering is shocking, he is hospitalised with torn muscles in his back from the sheer force of his physical tics, he requires dental work for broken teeth from unrelenting jaw spasms After 13 Doctors, 60 potent medications varying combinations of medications failed to bring Cory any relief is it any wonder that in early high school Cory turned to alcohol to gain some much needed peace The horrendous side effects suffered give credence to the old adage the cure is worse than the disease and Cory gives us an insight into this in Torn Apart I never know if it s the medicine itself, the combination of medicines, the doses, or the usual ups and downs that happen with Tourettes This family s courage in sharing their story in the hope of inspiring others like Cory, raising awareness of neurological conditions and engaging support for Tourette s rather than ridicule, is nothing short of extraordinary As a parent of a son with ADHD and anxiety disorder, diagnosed with Tourette s in Year 7 as a result of medication overload I shed tears over Cory s poignant story and tears of heartfelt gratitude that my son s bird noises and throat clearing was short lived in comparison.This is than a story of a boy with Tourette s, it s a story of triumph over adversity, of a family s unconditional love, a story of strength, determination and the most unbelievable courage This story touched me profoundly, it moved me to tears, tears of sadness and joy Please note the novels Torn Apart and Against Medical Advice are one and the same.

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    This is an extremely moving story of a family s fight for their son This young boy over the years has to endure extreme hardship just to make it through the days and nights of his life from age 5 onwards Very moving.

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    Beautiful, heartbreaking story.

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    This, at times, harrowing true life account is of one family s continual struggle through their daily lives Soon after infancy, Cory develops the symptoms of tourettes syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder simultaneously The suffering and ridicule he endures because of this bring him to the depths of despair many times over during his growing years Ultimately it is the love, compassion and understanding of his parents that carry him through the dark times of continual misdiagnosis and having numerous experts use Cory as a guinea pig trialling of medicinal remedies for his desperate condition Thankfully this biographical account does conclude on an upbeat future for Cory and his family A truly inspirational read.

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    This piece of nonfiction really made me feel how difficult it must have been for this kid from the time he was six all the way up to high school It also showed how at a loss his doctors were at treating his disorders I found it interesting that he only started to really undergo a change when he was in the wilderness not taking all the medicine he had grown so accustomed to I use to work at a wilderness camp similar to the one mentioned in this book so I found it enlightening that the camp was the first time he actually started really living I recommend this book as a realistic account of one boy s struggles with controlling his body and trying his best to have a normal childhood.

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    Like everyone else s reviews say, this was an incredibly moving, heartwrenching story to read, all the so because it s real It was absolutely a page turner I couldn t put it down Sometimes I found the writing too dramatic the plain bare facts were incredible enough alone and the pace of the writing was almost too fast and episodic at times, zipping past important events with the bare minimum of detail and jumping here and there with loose ends and sudden shifts all over the place But by the time I got to the end, I was so caught up in it all that I didn t really mind any of that.

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    This book was very eye opening Cory s struggle to live a life that he had no choice to live, his gut wrenching challenges, his remarkable obstacles he tackled I just wanted to reach through the book and give him a big hug several times I also wanted to hug his mom Being a mom is the toughest and best job ever, especially when you have a child that requires extra love and attention They are all worth it though

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    I don t read a lot of Non Fiction, but I would recommend this book to anyone It is a heartbreaking, however inspiring story of a young boy who develops a rare combination of Tourette Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and other neurological conditions True discounts of the pain he experiences and how he triumphs in the end.

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