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Waiting for Patrick Architect Elliot Graham Has Bought And Restored Dozens Of Historic Homes To Their Original Splendor As In His Personal Life, He Loves Them And Leaves Them, Selling Them Off Without Looking Back But There S Something About The Old Plantation House He Finds In South Carolina A Connection He Can T Explain He Feels As Though He Recognizes The House, As If Within Its Crumbling Walls He Might Find Something He Doesn T Even Realize He S LostBen Myers Had Promised His Lover And Soul Mate, Patrick, That He Would Wait For His Return Ben Has Kept His Word Ever Since Patrick Left Him To Wait At The Plantation House During The Civil War For The First Time In Many Long Years, Ben Is No Longer Alone, And He Reaches Out To Elliot In Dreams Elliot Tries To Convince Ben That Patrick Isn T Coming Back, And Ben S Devotion Is About To Change Not Only His Lonely Existence, But Elliot S Life As WellWord Count ,

Brynn Stein has always loved to write Fan fiction, original fiction, whatever While Brynn wrote in numerous genres everything from mystery, to contemporary, to supernatural she had always tended toward strong male characters And then she discovered slash, male male romance, and all those strong male characters were finally allowed to express their love for one another It seems that there are

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  • 280 pages
  • Waiting for Patrick
  • Brynn Stein
  • English
  • 03 August 2018
  • 9781634773980

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    Conceptually, I was into this book, but the actual execution wasn t there for me I have a real fascination with love stories between a person in real time and a spirit ghost In fact, some of my favorite reads involve this sort of dynamic The Ghost on My Couch, The Yearning, He Speaks Dead, Rock N Soul Parts of this book gave me a strong Winter Oranges vibe, which is what I was hoping for I LOVE an unlikely romance, a romance that defies the odds and prevails regardless But this book wasn t quite like what I had expected For one, the MC of the book has sex with another character for about half the story I m not one to insist on the MC having no other lovers before he meets gets into a relationship with the other MC, but Elliot had already met and hooked up with Ben in his dreams, but that s beside the point I found it to be a little odd, and though it didn t overly bother me, I wasn t into it either Interestingly enough, the hook up partner was probably my favorite character I also had issues with how Elliot and Ben finally got together No spoilers, but once I sensed where the book was going, I was NOT excited It was a sort of downer plotline, and it just felt like the story was spinning towards the inevitable without many surprises I found it to be very predictable Finally, much of the story is told through flashback and through memories, and though I get why a lot of that had to happen, I m not really a fan of stories told that way While I had many issues with the story, I did enjoy parts of it I liked the side characters a great deal, and I found the book to be easy reading, overall It wasn t a bad book, but it wasn t above the level of okay for me Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Even knowing what was going to happen, the story still got to me I really did enjoy this, and I m so glad I happened across it

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    Brynn Stein has left me a blubbering mess at 9 30 a.m Any book that leaves me a mess with ball out ugly cry, deserves to hit my list of must read again.With several thousand homes under his belt in flip flop, architect Elliott finally finds the one that gets his heart beating The Civil War home in South Carolina has to offer than he thought Find, fix, sell, forget That was until the dreams started When Elliott realizes that the one haunting his home is waiting for his lover soul mate, despite his failing medical health, Elliott goes all out to bring a HEA for the both of them I won t lie I chose this book for the paranormal aspect, and got it in spades And I have this affinity for past lives and soul mates reuniting This was a delightful book for me to read There are parts that others would question, but as I read, I understood the author s need to add secondary characters, even a love interest for Elliott I felt for Daniel, who only wanted love and wanted things to work out for him, but I knew within my hearts of hearts, Ben and Elliott clicked The opposite parts of a whole Discovering Elliot s part in Ben s life was wonderful Both were destined for one another for over one hundred years, it was just getting to the right stage to make it happen There was plenty to discover, and remember A well written book.If you love romance, ghosts or even a HEA, then try this book It may not for everyone, but it will open your hearts and your mind I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from Dreamspinner PressReviewed by Cee from Alpha Book Club

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    I just absolutely adored Waiting for Patrick I think one of the things I love about ghost stories of any sub genre is that you get a blend of contemporary and historical along with the paranormal Waiting is no different For the contemporary you have Elliot who buys run down properties, restores them, and resells them With his latest purchase he finds a home that speaks to him, in a way quite literally He begins to dream but are these only dreams You ll have to discover that for yourself.As for the historical side, you have Ben, the resident ghost who is waiting for his lost love and has been doing so for over 150 years Of course, Ben is stuck in the home so his travel is limited but then Elliot shows up and maybe his waiting is over Again, for that you ll have to read the story yourself.Waiting for Patrick is not only a great blend of contemporary, historical, and paranormal but it also has a small but very eclectic cast of characters that on the surface probably shouldn t work but the author makes them not only work but makes them family I really hated to see the last page turn but as the saying goes all good things must end and whether it ends how you expected or not doesn t really matter because the feelings Waiting gave me will linger and gives one a bit of hope for love everlasting I ve never read Brynn Stein before but I can unequivocally say that Waiting is not the only one I will read, definitely an author that I ll be keeping my eye on.

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    Waiting for Patrick is an unusual love story and an excellent supernatural mystery in one Ben, one of the main characters, is a ghost, and he has been waiting for Patrick ever since the Civil War ended over 150 years earlier Elliot, the second main character, feels a strange attraction to a historic plantation home, discovers a ghost who seems to have a plan, and has dreams that are as real as memories despite the fact that Elliot has never lived through the events he witnesses Or has he Elliot likes buying historic homes and restoring them to their former glory He is somewhat introverted, but his best friend won t let him withdraw and drags him into the local social life when Elliot tells her about his latest project a plantation house not too far from where she lives But the one night stand he picks up at the club leaves, telling Elliot there is a ghost Elliot thinks it s all nonsense He is interested in history, but not a real specialist, so when strange dreams begin to occur, he needs the help of a friend to get to the bottom of the historical facts What they discover defies rational explanation, and confronts Elliot with a real mystery.There are a lot of pieces to move into place for the tale to make sense, and it takes about two thirds of this fascinating novel for all the parts of the puzzle to become visible The dreams Ben uses to communicate with Elliot, to try to make him remember the love they once shared, are a slow build, but once the full picture becomes visible, the last third of the book moves quite quickly The ending is one of the most unusual happy endings I have ever come across, and while it was inevitable under the circumstances, the way the author wrote the final resolution had me turning the pages.If you like a supernatural mystery where ghosts play an active role, if lovers separated by fate, yet willing to work on finding each other again are your thing, and if you re looking for a read that is unusual, has a few twists, and comes with a creative ending, then you will probably like this novel.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

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    I thought this was a very enjoyable read I liked the paranormal aspects of it and the fact that all of Elliot s friends could interact with Ben so they didn t assume Elliot was mentally ill as would be the case in most stories like this I even liked how it ended It felt just right.

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    Originally posted at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue WordsElliot is a rolling stone He s spent his entire life moving from place to place, never stays anywhere than a few months, doesn t believe in relationships, has no family, and very few friends He s a loner, and as the story progresses, you see why Elliot can be a self centered asshole He lives for his work, enjoys casual hookups, and overall is perfectly satisfied with his life He s built a business of flipping houses into a thriving architectural design corporation and is now able to spend time doing the type of renovations he enjoys as well as those that are profitable.All of this changed when he acquired a civil war era plantation home in South Carolina From the beginning, Elliot was drawn to this property in a way he d never experienced before, and felt a sense of peace there that was also alien to him He decided to live in the house and do some of the work himself as the renovation proceeded, rather than contracting everything out like he usually did And he surprised himself by sticking around long enough to become attached to the house as well as a few local people who became friends Over the following weeks, he found out that not only was the house haunted, but the ghost, Ben, was able to communicate with Elliot in increasingly specific ways, until Elliot knew not only Ben s history of enlisting in the Union army with his lover Patrick, but also of Ben s death in the house, and of his promise to wait for Patrick to return for him Ben and Patrick were true soul mates, so that was of an eternal vow than a simple promise, and Ben is faithful to it Elliot s friends were amused that he was becoming close to a ghost certainly closer than he d ever gotten to a living person but they were surprisingly supportive of him After all, how do you carry on a romance with a ghost Especially a romance doomed to end because Ben insists that Patrick will come back The rest of the book was not exactly predictable at least not from the beginning , but before each new event or revelation occurred, there was so much foreshadowing that I knew exactly what was coming and wanted the author to hurry it up Elliot s not dumb, so his inability to get a clue about so many things was not only irritating, but didn t really match his personality That disconnect kept taking me out of the story The pace of the book is slow, because of all the build up There were occasional meanderings into side plots that went nowhere and seemed pointless The secondary characters were not as well fleshed out as I feel they should have been given the length of the book, as a lot of the conversations and interactions were repetitive Elliot was the only character who grew and changed The others were pretty static, which made them increasingly irrelevant I think that may have been intentional, a way for the author to emphasize the growing connection between Elliot and Ben and Elliot s gradual withdrawal from the real world, but if so, it was not entirely successful And finally, the paranormal aspects communicating with a ghost, retrieving memories, finding a lost soul mate, and even the entire concept of a soul mate were over explained I think an author should let magical realism happen, or not, but trying to explain the magic by mundane physical rules just ruins it.

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    Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars This story was wonderful I loved how Elliot and Ben find each other and they fall in love despite the odds against them I adored the way Ms Stein wrote the flashbacks and memories The technical aspect of how she wrote it helped let you know which soul was driving the scene The emotions between Patrick and Ben from the past are so clear You can tell they love each other deeply and completely But you can also feel their trepidation due to the time they live in Elliot s feelings for Daniel, yet the even stronger ones for Ben are so clear in the story You feel them with Elliot.Elliot was someone I connected with immediately You could tell he had already lived a full life despite being in his early forties He was happy and he enjoyed his job But you could see him blossom as he worked in the plantation house He gained a level of confidence and contentment that was missing I did think he was a bit thick when figuring out Patrick But I also probably wouldn t jump there either given the evidence I felt bad for him and his medical problems However things worked out the way they were supposed to in the end.Ben was so sweet He had such a sense of humor and distinct personality you couldn t help but adore him His love for Patrick came shining through the story I adored how he reacted to others His interactions with Elliot s friends added some levity as things got intense in the story I liked how Ben was able to show himself in Elliot s dreams Having those times the two could truly connected really made me see their romance clearly.I want to caution those readers that don t like when one of the characters has sex with someone that isn t part of the end couple That happens in this story though the circumstances make sense for how it happens It s most definitely not cheating as it happens before Elliot and Ben get together and figure out how their relationship will work But if that s a hard no for you, then this book isn t for you.I adored the ending It made me a little sad how it all went down But it s exactly how things are supposed to happen for these two I love knowing they re going to be together for eternity though I would love to see Daniel get his own story so he can get his happy ending He deserves to find love and happiness too While part of me wants there to be a way to include a catch up with Ben and Elliot in it too, I know that s not possible and that s ok Their happily ever after here is truly full and complete.

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    I m sort of on the fence about this book.On the one hand, I ll let you know now, that it has a very happy ending but It takes a long time for Elliot to come to a conclusion that I came to while reading the blurb so that was a bit frustrating While I d figured out what the deal was, I was left wondering just what he was going to do about the situation which is definitively dealt with by the end.I really didn t care for Daniel s part in this story and wasn t sure why there was so much on page sex with him and Elliot when he s not the other MC Call me a sap, but I like my sex between the two MCs or three only and it wasn t really necessary to read.I also didn t really understand the situation and how Patrick, Elliot and Ben ended up in the situation to begin with even by the end so that was a little frustrating.I liked the supernatural paranormal aspect of the story, the history, the way the dreams and reality all sort of blurred together I thought that was well done and an interesting way to have our MCs interact I guess if you re a fan of ghost stories and like your angst but on the light side and have an open mind this might be a good fit for you.As for me, I was a bit frustrated by this story and though I was grateful for the happy ever after I kind of didn t like the ending either so

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    Elliot Graham is an architect who specializes in restoring old houses and flipping them for a profit But when he purchases an old plantation home in South Carolina, there s something about the place that makes him wonder if he ll be able to part with it He s found something that he didn t even know he was searching for even if he can t exactly articulate what it is.Ben Myers promised Patrick that he would wait for him to come back And he s someone who is true to his word Even though that promise was made during the Civil War, Ben is still waiting in the same plantation house where they parted than a century ago A bit restless, Ben reaches out to Elliot and tells him his story Elliot does his best to try to convince Ben that Patrick is gone and isn t coming back, but Ben is devoted And it turns out there may be a bit to this love story than either of them realizesAre you someone who believes in fate Even just a little Well, even if you aren t, I have a feeling you ll still enjoy this well written and engaging story of love that spans than a lifetime In life there are very few second chances and sometimes even few first chances and it s imperative that we take the chances that we are given Who knows, sometimes they may surprise us and we might even surprise ourselves And that s exactly what you ll find here

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