The Song of the Dead (Recoletta, #3)

The Song of the Dead (Recoletta, #3) Finally, The Lost Histories Of The Catastrophe Will Be Revealed And With Them The Ultimate Fate Of The Buried City Of Recoletta In Thedramatic Conclusion To Carrie Patel S Trilogy With Ruthers Dead And The Library Accord Signed By Recoletta, Its Neighbours, And Its Farming Communes, Inspector Malone And Her Partner Laundress Jane Lin Are In Limbo As The City Leaders Around Them Vie For PowerA Desperate Attempt To Save Arnault From Execution Leads To Malone S Arrest And Jane S Escape They Must Pursue Each Other Across The Sea To Discover A Civilization That Has Held Together Over The Centuries There They Will Finally Learn The Truths About The Catastrophe That Drove Their Own Civilization Underground

Carrie Patel was born and raised in Houston, Texas An avid traveller, she studied abroad in Granada, Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina She completed her bachelor s and master s degrees at Texas AM University and worked in transfer pricing at Ernst Young for two years She now works as a narrative designer at Obsidian Entertainment in Irvine, California, where the only season is Always

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  • The Song of the Dead (Recoletta, #3)
  • Carrie Patel
  • 27 April 2019
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    copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review The Song of the Dead is the third and final novel in Carrie Patel s Recoletta sequence The first two have been great explorations of an enclosed society and its surroundings Murders have been investigated and governments overthrown In a series which has also looked to explore choices and, particularly, their consequences, the conclusion was always going to have a lot of potential promise to fulfil Happily, it manages to do so This time around, although we do get some time in the city of Recoletta, it s not the only focus Still, it s great to go back to the underground city again This is a claustrophobic space, one where history has been captured and maintained by the government, and where stasis has been an effective way of life for generations Broken apart by successive coups, Recoletta is now on a knife edge between savagery and civility The old order has been cast aside, but nobody is quite sure what will replace it But if we saw Recoletta in the first volume of the series, and the immediate environs in its sequel well, this is the book that takes the characters and the reader into the wider world There s several new social constructions here a cosmopolitan, close knit nation of travellers, their eyes turned inward is one, its acceptance of the wider world a stark contrast to the Recolettan paranoia, its lack of integration with other social groups depressingly familiar Across the sea though, lurks something very different here is a vast civilisation, one with a high degree of technical prowess, and a relatively open society But it s also a society defined with a fear of the Other, replacing the enforced isolation of Recoletta with something ideological Both of are internally consistent, sharply, vividly drawn social spaces a pleasure, of sorts, to explore.The characters well, there s some familiar faces returning Liesl Malone returns, and she still has her dour, pragmatic charm She s still an investigator at heart, a woman comfortable on the streets, in action, and with a blunt personal honesty which can pass as charisma in the right light If she s changing, it s in becoming aware of the larger consequences of her actions, in a stronger will, and in a growing distaste for authority in both assuming it and being controlled by it This latter trait she shares with Jane, once a laundress, and now a survivor of the turmoil of Recoletta s recent months Jane is quick, persuasive, and perfectly willing to lie through her teeth in order to achieve her goals Where Malone works within the frameworks of society, driven to fix the problems she discovers, Jane is determined to change that society, or, at least, to escape from it She s a fiery counterpart to Malone s stolid focus and when they re both on the page at once, it s an absolute delight The bickering, the low level distrust, the simmering dislike all comes together to make an unlikely duo, whose exploits are both fantastic and ring true Though these two are the focus of the text, there s a swathe of supporting characters here Some are familiar from the previous books, others are new The villains are sympathetic, their motivations somewhere between grey and genuinely good If the reader finds their methods monstrous, it can be difficult to argue with the problems they identify, and the issues they re struggling against It s nice to see this sort of ambiguity, our heroes not avatars, our villains not slavering fools both instead sitting in the broad spectrum This makes distinguishing villains rather difficult, which I think is something of a benefit In any case, the antagonists our protagonists run across are certainly complex, convincing characters.The plot as ever, no spoilers But it s got something for everyone There s the great secret of the Catastrophe, which shattered the land above Recoletta There s air battles, train robberies, betrayals A whiff of the romantic as well as of romance runs through the pages, and if Malone and Jane seem to plunge from the frying pan into the fire quite often well, it certainly kept me turning pages There s some great character moments here, as well as some smartly written dialogue and the plot runs along nicely It kept me guessing and kept me reading late into the night If you re looking to start a new series, then it s worth going back to The Buried Life and working your way through the series If you re looking for a conclusion to the story of Recoletta, then I can recommend this wholeheartedly.

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    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 3.0 of 5The Song of the Dead is another adventure in Carrie Patel s Recoletta series.With the signing of an accord, Inspector Malone and her unofficial partner, the laundress Jane, find that they are in a bit of a no man s land as a variety of officials fight for power and control Arnault is seized and his life is threatened, which motivates Malone into action But her attempt to rescue Arnault fails and Malone is arrested Malone and Jane race across the country to protect their world, though they have a difference of opinion on how best to go about it.Patel continues to do a really nice job of world building as we learn about why the civilization moved underground and we travel by airship and seaship with Malone and Jane to farther reaches of the world.For me, this is one of those unusual cases where I was not as interested in the story that was going on, but I was interested in reading the story in order to learn about the world The history and technology here really drove my desire to keep reading The story itself is fine I ve enjoyed my time with Inspector Malone and Laundress Jane in each of the books These haven t been a waste of my time, but at the same time, I haven t been wondering when the next one would come out In that sense, these and this in particular tend to be just above average fare.Looking for a good book If you enjoy urban science fiction with a delicious twist of mystery, then you will enjoy Carrie Patel s The Song of the Dead.

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    The first two books in this series were interesting entertaining but still had a lighter feel to them so that I wasn t expecting the complex, multi action of the final book in the series Much longer, this book mainly follows the diverging converging paths of two strong females as they race to avert global disaster There s an interesting dichotomy as both women believe they have equally valid rational reasons to achieve the same result via totally different actions The reader experiences travel by ship and air and meets a great mix of post catastrophe people The conclusion felt a bit rushed, and a thrown in relationship that didn t appear to have been apparent before, after the breathless buildup but overall a satisfying read.

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    Not quite what I was expecting But good nonetheless Both Liesl and Jane came across as very different characters than they had in the previous books Much of that could be down to growth born of evolving circumstances and broadening perspectives, but the reasons for some of their changes eluded me By the end of the book, I didn t like either of them in the same way I had in Buried and Cities, but I wasn t unsatisfied with who each had become And I loved the expansions of their worlds.

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    This was a very satisfying ending to the series I loved view spoiler Jane and Liesl finally getting to work together hide spoiler

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    The Recoletta Trilogy is the finest and subtlest portrayal of a world without sexism that I have ever read It s hidden in the background, but once you notice it you can t unsee it Clever, clever writing

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    Exciting and satisfying end to the trilogy Such an interesting world the author created and such interesting characters to inhabit it.

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    A good story, rounds up the trilogy well I did have a hard time jumping back into the the intricate story line It should be required that books in a series to a recap.

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