The Shoes of the Fisherman

The Shoes of the Fisherman The Pope Has Died, And The Corridors Of The Vatican Hum With Intrigue As Cardinals From All Over The World Gather To Choose His Successor Suddenly, The Election Is Concluded With A Surprise Result The New Pope Is The Youngest Cardinal Of All And A Russian Shoes Of The Fisherman Slowly Unravels The Heartwarming And Profound Story Of Kiril Lakota, A Cardinal Who Reluctantly Steps Out From Behind The Iron Curtain To Lead The Catholic Church And To Grapple With The Many Issues Facing The Contemporary World

Morris Langlo West was born in St Kilda, Melbourne in 1916 At the age of fourteen, he entered the Christian Brothers seminary as a kind of refuge from a difficult childhood He attended the University of Melbourne and worked as a teacher In 1941 he left the Christian Brothers without taking final vows In World War II he worked as a code breaker, and for a time he was private secretary to

[BOOKS] ✭ The Shoes of the Fisherman By Morris L. West –
  • Hardcover
  • 374 pages
  • The Shoes of the Fisherman
  • Morris L. West
  • English
  • 09 July 2019
  • 9780312044602

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    Profound on many levels, this book is amazing Although written in 1963, it predicts a Ukrainian Pope named Kiril Lakota who suffered much under the Communist system, envisions a worldwide, peace making role for the papacy, anticipates traveling to Marian apparition sites, and is deeply spiritual Does this remind you of anyone Even the name Karol Wojtyla and the Eastern block location are eerily close I wonder what Morris West thought when Pope John Paul II Karol Wojty a became pope I wonder if JPII ever read this book and how it might have affected him and impacted his decisions And then there is the return of the exiled Jean T l mond who is recalled to Rome by the Father General of the Society of Jesus and can only be a literary depiction of the real life Pierre Teilhard de Chardin De Chardin was already dead eight years by the time The Shoes of the Fisherman was published, yet the parallels between him and his fictional counterpart are unmistakable and bittersweet.I want to go back and reread, The Shoes of the Fisherman, so that I can highlight the many incredible quotes in it It s one of those rich books where the characters utter these phrases of TRUTH which leave the reader stunned well this reader anyway I found myself putting the book down content to just contemplate one phrase sentence for a time, then torn between leaving that thought behind and reaching for the next delicious and or nourishing bit of wisdom.A must read Can t wait for the next book in the Vatican trilogy by West, The Clowns of God, which my parish deacon says is even better.

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    Almost every year from 1940 to 1963, there has been at least one Christian novel on the Top 10 Bestseller list The Shoes of the Fisherman took the 1 spot in 1963 It is the story of a Pope, how he was chosen, and what he faced in trying to keep the Catholic Church relevant in the postwar, communist influenced Cold War era Kiril Lakota, Ukrainian Russian, victim of torture in the gulags, becomes Pope Kiril I.According to the Author s Note in the front of the book, This is a book set in a fictional time, peopled with fictional characters He wrote the novel in 1962 Pope John XXIII reigned from 1958 to 1963 He was known as The Good Pope, and influenced both Kennedy and Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis He was succeeded in 1963 by Pope Paul VI, known for his reforming of the Catholic Church to be open to the world, to engage in dialogue with people of other religions, and to champion social justice.Morris West s Pope Kiril I is a fictional combination of the two and I had to marvel at the author s prescience I remember bits of all this, especially what we called the Ecumenical movement, but what I remember most is the Time Magazine cover in 1966 black with a red border and taking up three fourths of it in bold red letters was the question Is God Dead As novels go, The Shoes of the Fisherman is not great but not awful My religious upbringing, rejected and revised by me years ago, left me with almost a gag reflex when anyone starts pontificating pun intended on how if everyone could just be brought to believe in the one Christian God, we would have peace and justice in the world My sincere apologies to anyone who believes this way As I gagged my way through the story, also full of examples of people who behave most uncharitably, I was struck once again by the fairy tale of religion Just believe, try to do the right thing, and though you will suffer, you will live forever in Paradise after you die.For me, the novel was good for a look at the inner workings of the Vatican, though I have read better ones, particularly The Fifth Gospel by Ian Caldwell Over the years, West completed what is called his Vatican Trilogy with The Clowns of God in 1981 and Lazarus in 1990 Should I read them

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    Read and enjoyed this years ago before the movie Current readers may have a little trouble understanding why a Russian pope would have had such impact prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and election of John Paul II.

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    The Shoes of the Fisherman had only been available for two years when my advanced literature class was obliged to read it in 1965 I was a senior, attending a Roman Catholic seminary, so it came as no great surprise that this book would be required reading.Reluctantly, I started to read fully expecting it to be a pious propaganda piece for the Catholic Church and quite boring as well I was wrong on both counts.This story of a young Russian Cardinal being elected Pope turned out to be inspirational, shocking, and, best of all totally believable.The methods used by this fictional Pope to try to prevent hostile countries from engaging in a war in which there could be no winners is a lesson real life religious leaders should heed.By the way, I have been an athiest for the past thirty four years but still found this novel to be just as inspirational when I read it again five years ago.

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    I really enjoyed this book The combination of philosophical internal discussions from the highest seat in the Catholic church and the everyday worries of a middle aged man set in the midst of the cold war was brilliant When you think that this was written just a few years before the Cuban crisis, it shows a clear insight to the tension at the time In light of the resent appointment of Pope Francis, it is particularly interesting to read about the Jesuits and the development of the role of the Pope, including travelling to other countries and similar.

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    I read this book for college English 50 years ago I revisted it in anticipation of the upcoming conclave Amazing how things haven t change to a great degree from when this was published Still trying to get the church to connect with the common man and divorce itself from pomp and circumstance Still a worthwhile read fifty years later.

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    Reading it was a chore Only did so because I had an 11 hour flight and no other book How about a plot

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    West is without a doubt a superb writer, however I found The Shoes of The Fisherman to be a great dissapointment In spite of the fact that most of the reviews I have read higly praise the book, it never really got to me The concept seems quite interesting at first an unknown russian, cardinal Kiril Lakota is elected pope After being held prisioner for quite a few years, he steps up to lead millions of people around the globe in a new world which he basically has knowledge of only from his years in captivity At the same time, Kamanev, the man who had been Lakota s prision guard in Russia, and who tortured him beyond belief, has become the head of the russian government The fact that both men now need each other provides for a very interesting plot, which in my opinion is never fully developed The main issue I have with the novel is that it is plotlessnothing really happens A large portion of the book consists of a series of endless, and a bit boring, thoughts from Lakota On the other hand, the reader is exposed to the way the catholic church funtions and thinks, which is an interesting way to humanize religion in he eyes of the reader There are also a series of sub plots dealing with what Lakota has to face as a pope, regading human cruelty, poverty, and most of all politics, which could have proven to be enough for a good novel Unfortunatelly, the narration goes astray in many parts, which lessens one s interest in the book Quite frankly, I had to make a great effort to finish the book, hoping that at some time it would pick up, which it never did As I mentioned before, West is a very good writer, but this book is in my opinion, highly overrated I can honestly say it never got my full atention.

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    The book I just read was a paper back, published in May of 1964 There was a movie made of this story that I saw in the late 60 s.When I first started reading the book I fully expected it to track somewhat closely to the movie Not so.The book story line begins with a new pope from behind the iron curtain This brings with it some special challenges as you can imagine The development of the new pope Lakota has to face the daunting job of being a pope during the height of the cold war The story deals with internal political issues at the Vatican, as well as the external challenges faced by the church at that time Many of the same challenges are present today The new pope is a mere mortal man trying to carry out the charges of the church and God Tough assignment At the end of the book, he risks a lot and takes the initiative in committing to to far travel in a way replicating the original disciples to go forth The movie on the other hand as I recall it ran along similar lines, but emphasis was on the threat of nuclear war and the pressure created by a famine sweeping China In the movie the new pope offers to sell all the assets of the church which created a storm within the church to feed the hungry I found the movie compelling than the book, though the book was well written I liked the movement away from the material world the church has been focused on to the non material values preached by Jesus Christ himself.

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    Moments of crisis in spirit, in thought, in love, in action populate this book and Morris West does not shirk from giving his characters hard things to think about, and hard things to do, as well as the hard consequences of their actions Ostensibly this is about the first few months of a new pope, but his dealings with his torturer who is now Russian premier, a woman who is wandering aimlessly until she finds herself, a puppet politician controlled by his aunt and his love affairs with the sons of powerful men, and his vivacious trophy wife who is having an affair with an embittered American journalist these dealings interweave and give the moments of crisis flesh and flavour The book is unresolved, leaving Ruth and George in the brink of a new relationship, Calitri and Chiara free to pursue separate lives, and a world war beginning to be averted by diplomatic talks Interesting book, written intelligently, with real people inhabiting a space.

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