Marauder Ramses (Mating Wars, #4)

Marauder Ramses (Mating Wars, #4) An Alien Warrior Breaks All The Rules To Protect His Human Mate Ramses Ivanov Never Thought He D Find His Mate, But When This Alien Warrior Meets His New Partner A Human Cop On Earth Everything Changes He Can T Resist Her Soft, Sweet Voice Or Her Almond Brown Eyes And Killer Curves Dating Your Partner Is Strictly Forbidden, But When It Comes To His Mate, All Rules Are Meant To Be Broken Elise Never Really Wanted To Be A Cop, And She Certainly Never Wanted An Insufferable, Frustrating Asshole Like Ramses As Her Partner The Sexy, Pink Skinned Alien Swaggers Onto Earth Like He Owns The Whole Planet, And He Looks At Elise With A Cocky Grin, Like He Owns Her When A Terrorist Attack Exposes Elise To A Mysterious Gas, The Supercomputer That Runs Earth Tries To Kill Her Ramses Knows Of Only One Place That He Can Keep Her Safe A Planet No One Is Supposed To Land OnAtlantis He D Go To Hell And Back To Protect Elise, And It Turns Out That Atlantis Is The Closest Thing There Is To Hell Ramses And Elise Will Have To Become Much Than Partners If They Want To Survive This Ice Cold Abyss Freeze To Death, Or Find Warmth In Each Other Marauder Ramses Is The Fourth Book In The Mating Wars Series, It Features Steamy Sex, Thrilling Battles, And Plenty Of Romance All Books In This Rock Hard Science Fiction Series Can Be Read As Standalones, There Are No Cliffhangers, And Happily Ever Afters Are Guaranteed

Aya Morningstar lives in Denver, where she toils her days away in a drab office By night, Aya brings to life sizzling characters who will make you squirm.She writes with a hot cup of Earl Grey and her loyal werecorgi by her side.

[Reading] ➼ Marauder Ramses (Mating Wars, #4)  By Aya Morningstar –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 180 pages
  • Marauder Ramses (Mating Wars, #4)
  • Aya Morningstar
  • 12 September 2018

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    It was just too short This one it s the 4th installation of the Mating Wars A War between humans, alien Marauder, machine and Seph We jumped forward, 25 years, where the babies are all grow ups There we learnt a few things, such as rules and regulations, match and not match, battle process, lost and found There were a lot of things that I would like to read It was just too short for my taste, I wanted to know , just but it was enough for the love story It wasn t funny like the first one, the alien side, but there was quite humor in the human side I really can t wait for And I really really hope the 2nd female generation of the Maraude Human Seraph got her book.

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    Marauder Ramses is the fourth book in the Mating Wars series by Aya Morningstar Even though it s a series that I would suggest you read in order, you can definitely read Ramses story as a stand alone I ll not even lie, I was terrified to read this book I loved the Marauder, the original three alien hunks stole my heart, big time Knowing that this book skipped ahead years and moved into the Seraphim, the children of Marauder and human mates, worried me I m so thrilled that I worried for no reason In fact, I think this book is my favorite of the series.There is a lot of action and adventure with a beautifully crafted mate insta love bond between Ramses and Elise They had great chemistry not only as a romantic couple, but as partners in the fight against the Darkstar Marauder The author puts a ton of story into these novellas, even though this is a quick read, it is completely satisfying I can t wait for the next book, I m half in love with Kain already Five Stars and Four Wet Panties A must read for anyone who likes sci fi romance ARC Review by Miranda at Mommy s a Book Whore.

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    Better then the first These books just lack any chemistry

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    This story started off slow and then went all out as far as excitement and characters go Ramses is the son of Aegis and Anya, is a Seraph half human half Marauder Unlike the Marauders, their skin isn t purple It s pink He s also what is now called a Peacekeeper The Empire no longer exists but in its place is a super intelligent A.I called Harmony on Earth and Harmony is most definitely a trip Harmony is scary The inhabitants of Mars and Venus want no parts of her control and the Marauders don t trust Harmony so they try and keep much of what they are doing away from her scope of influence I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can t wait for the next one featuring a reluctant hero I didn t start out being into these types of stories but I surely understand how one becomes a fan

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    I have to say I really enjoy this series It s got great banter, humorous egotistical characters I can t get enough of and steamy love scenes I can t wait for the next installment with Kain

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    Title Marauder RamsesSeries Marauder Wars SeriesNote Book 4 of 4 so far on the way, at least a 4th and does NOT have a cliff hanger ending and has a HEAAuthor Aya MorningstarThis is my review of Marauder Ramses, book 4 in The Marauder Wars Series I got this third book in the series free in exchange for an honest review This is the continuation of a great series and it can be read as a standalone Each of the 4 books connect to each other but all 4 can be read as a standalone because each has its ending Be warned though you will not want to stop with just this one book and I have been waiting on this book for a while This is the continuation of the story the marauders Book 1 and 2 have both Cygnus and Fenrir finding their mates and coming to trust in Aegus and his true knowledge that Marauder Human pairings will create what is known as the true Seraphin form In book 3 you find out that Aegus finds his mate and the Marauder Fleet has arrived in the area Marauders are constantly on the run because of the fact that once they mate with a particular species the children from that pairing are unable to mate with any of the original marauders or from the species that the marauders mated with As a result they are constantly on the move from planet to planet taking it over, taking mates, reproducing, and then moving on to the next planet to keep their species alive Aegus knew back in book 1 that Humans were the key to stopping this but did not want it to happen by invasion but instead wanted his race to join with humans and co mingle without war and deaths Well Aegus managed to complete his goal and between his own efforts, and his fellow Mauraders, the fleet managed to get rid of the Marauders who just wanted to conquer What was left was Marauders willing to join the Humans, mate, and make a life together without having to stay on the run Ramses Ivanov is the son of Aegus and he is a peacekeeper who is assigned a female human partner names Elise Problem is she is his mate and it is forbidden for him to date her Elise was basically forced to be a cop and the fact that she has to work with Ramses irks her, especially when she finds out that she is his mate Ramses and Elise are trying to track down and stop a terrorist attack and in the process Elise is exposed and as a result the super powerful computer that runs Earth determines to terminate her to risk exposure Ramses defies this and runs with Elise to an off limits planet named Atlantis Will she live Will they be able to complete the mate bond Will they be caught You must read the book because anything else that I add to this review would spoil the book.

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    I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review MARAUDER RAMSES Mating Wars 4 by Aya MorningstarRamses Ivanov is a Peacekeeper and goes to Earth to offer his help to the human cops On his first day his warned about an impending terrorist attack and he intervenes, but his new partner is less thsn happy with his attitude and calls him an asshole But the last thing he ever expects to find on Earth, is his mate.Elise has a new partner and she isn t thrilled about it Ramses is insufferable and frustrating, and he thinks he can tell her what to do But Elise isn t going to let the Seraphim boss her about, she has a job to do and she s going to do it So the last thing she expects is to find herself running from the law.When Elise is exposed by a mysterious gas, that was released during the terrorist attack, she becomes a threat and is almost killed, Ramses does everything to keep her alive, and that means leaving the planet But the threat is not that easy to away from and they are followed He knows the only place he can keep her safe, is the one place his not supposed to goAtlantis But Ramses would go anywhere to protect Elise, even hell itself What he doesn t realise is, is that they may have found it Another fantastic book in this amazing series I loved the storyline, it was intriguing and exciting The author creates a picture of Atlantis, but not as we would expect it but as a crazy and dangerous place where most of the story takes place Ramses and Elise are awesome, both strong characters and are well suited This book is filled with suspense, action, and some human alien romance A very entertaining read that I thoroughly enjoyed

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    MARAUDER RAMSES MATING WARS BOOK 4 SUSPENSE AND STEAMY ROMANCEWHAT YOU LL FIND IN THIS SCI FI ROMANTIC STORY cast of remarkable and engaging characters, an unlikely friendship occurs, a bit of drama, spine chilling suspense, horrific danger, life threatening incidents, sky rocketing heart pounding sensual romance, and a heart warming conclusion leaving you wanting .HOW THEY MEET Ramses is a peacekeeper, strikingly handsome and son of Marauder Aegus He has been sent to Earth to stop the Marauder s from the lost ships from wreaking havoc or worse Elise a cop has been assigned to Ramses as a partner for his stay on earth Elise s beauty and sass captivate him and when she is targeted by Harmony the intelligent supercomputer that controls earth he is catapulted into keeping her safe Taking her to Atlantis seemed like a great plan until horrific danger threatens them and protecting her from the onslaught becomes paramount ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC This is an action packed story and keeps you glued till the end with the intriguing plot, quick witted dialogue, powerful vivid scene descriptions and thrilling moments I adored the relationship between Ramses and Elise Ramses is bossy and extremely protective but so is Elise a perfect match as they were totally devoted to each other and their romance is filled with sizzling passion The author does a fabulous job showing the action and Harmony has her own brazen persona This was a most entertaining read and I loved it If you treasure alien romance this is certainly a terrific book for your library I was gifted this book and this is my honest review In the world of fantasy romance, the possibilities are endless, but always fascinating Without reservations, I recommend this book.

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    Aya Morningstar is a very good author writer of Alien Romance I have not been reading her books very long, but I have to tell you that I love her Mating Wars series Ramses knocked my socks off I thought that Maraurder Aegus was my favorite book, but his son Ramses beats him bad Aya outdid herself on this book The standard has been set high now Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed by reading this book You can t but falling in love Ramses and Elise This book is recommended for mature readers 18 years of age or older On his first day on Earth as a peacekeeper, Ramses Ivanov finds his mate Elise is a cop on Earth which is run by Harmony Elise never wanted to be a cop She actually wanted to be a doctor, but Harmony convinced her she would better qualified at being a cop So here she was partnered with a peacekeeper from Venus that is arrogant and insufferable Then next thing she knows she inhales some green fumes from what was thought to be a bomb After Ramses takes the bracelet off of her wrist Ramses and her are now wanted by Harmony So the go on the run and wind up in Atlantis Atlantis is now frozen over and extremely cold Will Ramses and Elise get off the planet Will being stranded help them to become closer No Spoilers ARC free book given in exchange for an honest review.

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    It wasn t all ego Everything I said I d do, I did This is such a fun series to read, and this newest installment certainly gave me everything I d been looking for With a larger than life hero, this book picks up the story with Ramses, Aegis son, who has grown into formidable warrior in his own right and is sent to work as a peacekeeper on Earth Partnered with a feisty human who keeps him on his toes, the chemistry between Ramses and Elise kept me riveted, and I found myself frequently snickering at the banter between them A lot has changed on Earth, now under the guidance of an AI ruler named Harmony who may not be as benevolent as the population was led to believe, and the pair are forced to flee, seeking sanctuary on a virtually uninhabitable planet populated by creatures I d prefer not to think about The story progresses quickly as they struggle to save themselves and divert a terrorist plot, and I found myself than a little agitated by the vast amount of power Harmony wields We also get introduced to Kain in this installment, and his and Ramses bickering has me anxiously awaiting his story so I can get another Marauder fix.Please note that I received a complimentary advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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