Christmas at Eden Manor (Eden Manor, #4)

Christmas at Eden Manor (Eden Manor, #4) Favorite Quotes People tend to accept what s easy, without considering whether it s real or true Thus they take in so many half truths and lies because they make them fell what they want to feel.I sometimes feel exactly the same way As if everyone else has found life, and I m just treading water, watching other people s ships go by.You re my blessing, my strength, my solace, a gift I ll never deserve.My Review Noelle Adams is a recent find for me and I have enjoyed her engaging and tender stories The characters in this story were intriguing, smart, and immediately likable They were good for each other and I reveled in a couple who were enjoying being together as a refreshing change from storylines of constant conflict and angst The writing was sweet and insightful, as well as deliciously steamy Both characters were individually taking unplanned month long breaks for themselves, and had decided to spend that time doing only as they pleased Which led me to ponder what would I do if I had a month of doing just as I pleased 4.5 Stars This is my first time reading this author and I will tell you that I loved it If you are a fan of the author then you already know that Cyrus is the uncle of the guys in the Heirs of Damon series and he has begun to realize the mistakes he made with his family int he past These mistakes are one of the reasons he feels as though he couldn t be loved or ever love someone else at all Then he meets Brie while he on a forced vacation and he begins to change They agree on a week long affair then each goes their own ways only to carry the sweet memories of their time together After all Cyrus is older than Brie by a number of years and things are better this way Neither was ready to fall in love or counted that into the equation Brie, for her part, is much mature for her age and she sees Cyrus differently than most see him With the exception of Gordon who kept pushing them together I loved that Gordon was so great Brie is the perfect opposite to Cyrus and his stiff upper lip, so to speak She is fun and flirty and just a breath of fresh air that he so needed As I said I truly enjoyed this story and now that I have read this book I think I need to go back and read some of the other books by Noelle Adams Especially those about Cyrus nephews This review is the copyrighted property of Blushing Reads To read the full review, click this linkA copy of the book was provided in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are 100% my own. A really sweet story Brie is 30 years old and very dissatisfied with her life Her job prospects dry up, and then she has to move out of her beautiful apartment and bunk with her brother and his wife And then she finally dumps her selfish boyfriend Brie is way overdue for a Christmas miracle And then she meets Cyrus, an older, handsome stranger Cyrus is very attracted to Brie but feels he s wrong for holding on to Brie when she could be with a younger man who could give her children But Brie doesn t care She loves Cyrus But will that all change when she discovers who he really is Cyrus is a by the book kind of guy He spends his days working hard, making money and playing by the rules Brie is like a feather in the wind, no set direction but determined to enjoy the ride Cyrus is about to learn that coloring outside the line has it s own rewards Christmas at Eden Manor blends maturity with simplicity to create a romantic and deeply moving read Noelle Adams takes the complexity out and brings the heart in. Christmas at Eden Manor is a lovely romance that fittingly ends three different series by Noelle Adams Heirs of Damon, Beaufort Brides and Eden Manor While there are some cameo appearances from some of the characters of those series throughout the story, most show up in the finale scene making this one easy to read as a standalone It s a May to December romance, meaning the hero is a good twenty years older than the heroine But true love knows no bounds once you re over 25 and the result is a heartwarming story of two people finding a connection when they least expect it.Brie Graves is in Savannah, Georgia, currently unemployed after finishing her latest restoration project She s staying with her brother Michael and determined to enjoy a few weeks of holidays right before Christmas, even while scoping out possible new jobs At a caf , she discovers a handsome middle aged gentleman expressing interest in the same painting that has caught her attention Determined to be a little bold and daring than in the past, she starts a conversation with him And the next day, when both are at the caf at the same time, they connect once again Soon, they are spending their free time together, as Cyrus Damon is also on an extended holiday break, though for opposite reasons as he is a workaholic on an enforced vacation But they ve set a time limit which when ended, will see Cyrus return to his life in England and their relationship a memory to cherish Falling in love was never part of the plan but will they admit to their true feelings for each other before it s too late It s no secret that I m a fan of this author s writing, and I ve read every book in the three series mentioned above When I heard that Cyrus Damon, the gruff and sometimes taciturn uncle to the Damon nephews who star in the Heirs of Damon series was going to get a story, I was excited to read it And tying off all three series in one novella sounded like quite the feat to achieve but I am very pleased with the result and have already picked out some of the stories to put on my comfort re read list In this novella, we see a different side to Cyrus, the intelligent and hardworking man showing a much emotional character Raising two of his nephews after the untimely death of their parents his brothers and their wives was a challenge, one he fears he didn t cope with well, as evidenced by their sometimes fractious relationships and the errors he made in their upbringing But in the last few years, as they ve found partners, he s become aware of his mistakes and made much greater efforts to be a part of their lives and to express his true affection for all four of his nephews In this story, he comes across as a changed man indeed, with the core of his genteel character still in place, but one willing to take a few risks, this time with his heart.Though Brie is a good number of years younger than Cyrus almost 30 to his undefined but likely early fifties age , she finds him quite attractive both in his physical appearance as well as his focus on her when they are together He really listens to her and is so different from her last boyfriend that she has to caution herself to no avail not to read anything into their friendship But soon they find that their equal attraction leads to some steamy lovemaking that neither regrets even though they ve decided on an end date for their time together Brie s character in contrast to Cyrus is a little bohemian, fun and flirty and open hearted It s no wonder he falls for her, but the reality of their age difference makes him believe that she d never be satisfied with an older man like himself in the long run It s this that keeps him guarding his heart until it s almost too late In the end, though, he comes to his senses and we get a delightful ending matched with the warm feelings evoked from the Christmas season It s a holiday romance but a timeless story 5 stars.Note this review appears as a blog post at Straight Shootin Book Reviews copy of this story was provided by the author for review. Finally FINALLY CYRUS GETS HIS BOOKI have been waiting for this one.Brie is SO sweet And Cyrus, you can tell he is just so refreshed by her He s a different man A softer man Kind Tender, even I LOVED IT May September Romances don t bother me Their age difference worked she was mature, looking for a man who knew who he was and what he wanted, and she didn t want to end up with a piece of crap like her ex.Cyrus has been castigating himself, feeling that he doesn t deserve good, or sweet he doesn t deserve her He has to come to the realization that he made mistakes, but there is time to heal them and he has been trying to do that for a long time His family is healing, but he hasn t forgiven himself yet He doesn t think he can.Brie helps change that Their romance is a slow burn, both very carefully entering into it I savored every moment.What a great story for Cyrus Brie I enjoyed it immensely.Thank you TeamNoelleAdams for the ARC I loved this story I loved that the hero was older and that he found his perfect mate in a woman so much younger than him And it wasn t because of some midlife crisis either Cyrus Damon had always thrown himself into his work, building his empire, being the leader of his family So when said family or less forces him to take a break, an entire month off, he agrees but not altogether willingly When he meets a woman several years younger than him and they strike up a conversation, he s than a little taken with her Brie Graves was getting over a bad break up To make matters worse, she was currently out of work and living with her brother and sister in law When she goes to an art exhibit and finds a simple painting she loves, she goes back the next day to look upon it a little longer This time, however, there s a stranger standing in front of the painting They begin to talk and find they really enjoy each other s company Brie goes back the next day, hoping the man shows up again Silly, really She doesn t even know his name She lingers awhile and when he fails to make an appearance, she decides to finally leave She s beginning to walk away when suddenly he s there This time Brie does the unthinkable, she invites him to have dinner with her Thus their relationship begins.I loved the characters Cyrus was, of course, worried about the age difference between him and Brie but, than that, he felt he didn t deserve the happiness Brie brought to his life For years he d acted like a dictator to his family, never allowing himself to get too emotionally involved And he blamed himself for the death of one of his nephews As such, Cyrus has resigned himself to living his life alone He certainly wasn t planning on meeting someone like Brie Even though she was what he d always wanted, he knew a serious relationship would never work out Not if she knew what he d really been like in the past Although he s changed, finally connecting with his family, he still didn t think someone like Brie would want him.The truth of the matter was, Brie was perfect for him She made him start to live again, start to actually enjoy life for once She brought out the best in him She was easy going and viewed life differently than other women he d met Most were after his money, but Brie didn t even know his last name so he knew she was being genuine with him I thought it was great that his family involved themselves in the romance They had no qualms at all about Cyrus being with a younger woman as long as she made Cyrus happy Even the butler played a part in their happily ever after This was a wonderfully sweet romance, very enjoyable to read I m already thinking of reading it over As a big fan of Noelle Adams s work, I can honestly say she s got herself another winner I was eager to start this book because the description just drew me in I was not disappointed I really could not stop reading it The story of Brie and Cyrus was so sweet and fulfilling They admired one another from afar and then Brie decided to introduce herself to him because she was taking some time for herself and that was what she wanted to do They agreed to spend their time together for a week because they had enjoyed one another s company so much However, they agreed it could not go any farther than that Cyrus is much older than Brie, but that did not stop her I can t say enough of how much I enjoyed both characters Cyrus felt that he could never be loved or love anyone else And Brie was willing to teach him that he could She stood by him during a very difficult time and did not leave when he wanted her to That was such a profound part of the story It was eye opening for him I enjoyed how Gordon was pushing for both of them from the start He saw a side of Cyrus that he never saw before, happiness I did not want this story to end, but was thoroughly happy with the way it did I think Brie and Cyrus have to be 2 of my favorite characters in Noelle s books I was given an advanced copy All opinions expressed are my own. Romance in Eden ManorI was so pleased and totally thrilled to read and enjoy this most wonderful romantic Christmas tale, Christmas at Eden Manor Written beautifully by Noelle Adams One that I ll be able to reread even Christmastime Poor Brie Graves, confused with herself and why this world can just seemed so bored Only fourteen days ago she needed a change She wanted to be happy now She d been too focused on her work restoring old buildings, she thought she d move back with her other half, her bro Mitchell Then she could focus to find a better job When Brie meets another older man who adores the same art work at an art showing, they feel totally connected in this beautiful painting She felt content with this man, Cyrus Damon, who was a very wealthy man indeed Although Brie never knew who he was.I thoroughly enjoyed this most beautiful book I adored all this most wonderful and loving characters Such an entertaining book this was I really loved its beauty, which was written by a favourite author of mine, Noelle Adams I recommend this book to everyone Brie Graves Might Be Jobless, Living With Her Brother, And Recovering From A Painful Break Up, But She S Determined To Enjoy The Holidays Until The End Of The Year, She S Going To Do Anything She Wants To Do, No Matter How Crazy It Might Be Soon, She Discovers Exactly What She Wants To Spend A Week With A Fascinating, Sophisticated Stranger It Doesn T Matter That She Only Knows His First Name Or That He S Than Twenty Years Older Than Her After This One Week, She Ll Never See Him Again Cyrus Damon Has Spent His Life Making Money And Holding Himself To Impossibly High Standards Pressured Into Taking A Vacation In Savannah, He S Alone And At Loose Ends, So He Lets Himself Do Something He Never Would Have Considered Otherwise He Gives In To His Attraction To A Beautiful, Free Spirited, And Much Too Young Woman But, After The Week Is Over, He Ll Once Be The Man He S Always Been, Left With Nothing But The Memory Of A Woman Who Made Him Happier Than He S Ever Been He Has No Idea That When He Visits His Nephew In A Charming Bed And Breakfast Called Eden Manor, He Ll Find The Woman He Thought He D Left For Good Christmas At Eden Manor Is A Short Holiday Romance With An Old Fashioned Hero In His Fifties And A Lot Of Swoony Romance It Concludes A Sequence Of Three Series Heirs Of Damon, Beaufort Brides, And Eden Manor , But It Can Easily Be Read As A Standalone

Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral bound notebook when she was twelve, and she hasn t stopped writing since She has lived in eight different states and currently resides in Virginia, where she teaches English, reads any book she can get her hands on, and offers tribute to a very spoiled cocker spaniel.She loves travel, art, history, and ice cream After spending far too many

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