Wilder (The Renegades #1)

Wilder (The Renegades #1) When I first started reading this series I skipped this book I went straight to book 2 Nova , and after loving the shit out of that one, I read book 3 Rebel , which was also pretty awesome Now why would I do that, you ask Well because I could PWhat can I sayI am known for my out of order reading PSo when I started this one, I already knew who Wilder and Leah were They play big parts in the other books as well What I didn t know, was how exactly they came to be together Especially, since there were times I really hated Wilder in Nova and didn t understand, how Leah could pick him over her best friendor so it seemed.Reading this book with his POV helped me understand him a bit and his relationship with Leah Rachel and Landon from Nova are still my fav couple thoughI don t think anything could have changed that And Wilder well I like him , but I still don t love him.Paxton Wilder is one of the 4 Original Renegades These 4 members, Pax, Nova, Rebel and Nitro have been friends since they were very little They have also been involved in extreme sports, since they were very young They are hardcore adrenaline junkies, chasing the high of pulling off impossible stunts Think motorcross and snowboarding, paragliding etc etc.Now for the next 9 months, they along with other UCLA students and Renegades , are on a Study at Sea cruise, which was organised by Paxton Wilder himself They are also shooting a documentary of their life at sea and the stunts they do, in honor of their team member Nitro, who got paralized while doing a stunt.This documentary is being produced by Paxton s dad, who also own the ship There is a catch thoughhe needs to pass all classes or the whole thing is off This is were Leah comes in She has been lured onto the ship with a full ridefor her and her best friend, as long as she is willing to tutor Paxton Wilder What she doesn t know is that there is another rason for her being on board the ship..I really love this series, but I am sticking with my previous opinion Even though Wilder and Leah s story was very goodI just loved Nova and Rebel just a bit.I highly recommend this series 4.5 Red Flag StarsReview Vanilla Spice Books Leah has been accepted as a tutor for Paxton Wilder in the study abroad program The location A cruising ship that will take the students to fascinating destinations like Madagascar, Morrocco and, the one Leah is looking forward to most, Mykonos in Greece The catch She has to tutor an X Games gold medalist, Wilder And nomen est omen, right He does the wildest and most dangerous stunts on bikes, parachutes, jumps from cliffs You name it, he does itAre you ready for an adventureLeah doesn t do heights A traumatic experience has cured her from everything that sounds remotely like danger Unfortunately Wilder promises exactly that On top of it, her success at school is tied to his and he doesn t seem to take it seriously Too bad he is deliciously hot and almost makes her forget about studying But with Wilder come a lot of groupies and he is not known to say no to them The setting of this story is as unusual as it is intriguing I have never heard of a sports romance taking place on a cruising ship Rebecca Yarros takes us to places we dream about seeing and describes them with wonderful colors The attraction between the two main characters is instant but it takes a while for them to find common ground Then there is the not so minor secret Wilder is holding back from the girl he is falling in love with The author hints at it pretty much from the beginning and towards the middle of the story I got a pretty clear picture what it exactly was that Paxton wanted to keep hidden away It s like everytime Rebecca Yarros dropped a hint that a layer of the secret was peeled away And of course it is supposed to blow up in his faceTell her Kiss her Pray to God you can make it through the storm you re headed for, then marry her and make pretty little Wilder babiesYet, the angst is pretty low, which I enjoyed immensely Woven in between is a mystery that is not as obvious and I loved how the solution totally took me by surprise The main and secondary cast are extremely likeable characters The camarderie between the members of the Renegades is fabulous and you just want to be part of their group.Leah is very responsible, she isn t a spoil sport though, she has her own streak of wildness in her and she is far away from being a push over I was happy to see that she had a backbone With somebody like Paxton Wilder you really have to be strongEverything about you scares the shit out of me When are you going to understand that s where life begins Right at the edge of that fearPax is super sweet I know I thought he d be a jerk with all the money, success and women he had in his life But that was another surprise, he is a friendly, even thoughtful guy with the best intentions at heart And he is utterly delicious and swoonworthy One thing I was wondering about and whether it would inflluence my rating was how Pax kept pushing Leah to do things she wasn t ready for, repeatedly, even after he knew why she was scared of heights But I got it, I understood that he would do everything to keep her safe One quibble I wanted to mention The beach on Zakynthos where the shipwreck is located and Pax and his Renegades base jump doesn t have a sandy beach It s all rocks, small and white, and those hurt like a bitch I know because I was there In a nutshell this was an enjoyable fast read and I loved every second of it It was thrilling, exciting, breathtaking at times and incredibly sexy The writing was flawless and I loved the almost poetic description this author used to adorn the proseHis weight was exquisite, holding my body to the earth while he gave my soul the freedom to flyI can t wait to get my hands on Landon s book I am wondering how many stories we will get Either way, I ll be making sure to read all of them I M Paxton WilderMotocross Phenom Adrenaline JunkieI Have Tattoos Than ScarsAnd I Ve Never Seen A Stunt I Couldn T Pull Off Or A Girl I Can T Get OffUntil She Walks InMy New Tutor Is Sexy, Smart, Stubborn Than I Am, And One Hundred Percent Off LimitsThat S Right The Only Rule This Semester Is Don T Touch The TutorFor The First Time In My Life, I Want Someone I Can T HaveShe S The Girl Who Obeys Every RuleI M The Guy Who Breaks ThemOur Biggest Risk Is Falling For Each Other,but I Live For RiskEach Book In The Renegades Series Is A Standalone, Full Length Story That Can Be Enjoyed Out Of Order Series Order Book WilderBook Nova Title WilderSeries Renegades 1Author Rebecca Yarros Release date September 19, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler This book was one wild ride From the first moment Paxton enters the story you re taken on an unpredictable journey that includes death defying stunts, romantic mini vacations, and some very hot moments I really liked Leah s character and how brave she was She wasn t crazy like Paxton was and didn t do all these stunts that he did, but she faced her fears and didn t back down She had the help from Paxton, of course, but the courage it took to go out of her comfort zone was all hers and really admirable Paxton was, obviously, a very nice character and made this book lickable His craziness was addicting and I loved reading about the things he would do without even a second thought But even amazing was how dedicated he was to his sports and friends He was just overall an amazing character, Bottom line, this book was a winner I already can t wait to see what else the author will bring to this series, but I just know it s going to be great. 5 You had me from the first moment Stars Rebecca Yarros starts her new The Renegades series in outstanding form I couldn t put this book down, and I pretty much fell in love with every character that you are introduced to, Renegades specifically.There is a little amount of set up going on in Wilder you are introduced to the Renegades team and their hangers on as a whole, and their particular brand of crazy that comes in the form of adrenaline fueled stunts, tricks and high jinx Each member of the team has their own particular skill set, as well as their own set of personal demons that they are battling with I ve never been a relationship guy but I m ready to take that risk Paxton Wilder, will have your thong elastic twanging from the first page, and it doesn t take Leah Baxter long to realize that her panties are edging in the same direction as many, many women before her Difference being, she s not ready willing and able initially, and as such proves to be a bit of a challenge to the front man of the Renegades. The sweet and sexy relationship that develops between them as he tries to prove to her he isn t just looking to add her as another notch to his bedpost was wholly engrossing especially as the story being told is set against such a new and unusual backdrop, and that they are also dealing with their own personal relationship demons they they are both initially reluctant to talk about It was time to step out of the comfort zone I d walled myself into the last two years. Study at Sea allows the Renegades to travel around Europe, whilst performing their most daring stunts in various capital cities, and Leah is tasked with keeping Wilder s grades up as his tutor, and interested in his education otherwise her place on the ship is forfeit, as well as fighting off her attraction to him, and dealing with the possibility that there may be someone in their midst who is trying to cause potentially life threatening accidents by tampering with equipment.There is a massive amount going on in this book that plays out around Wilder and Leah s developing relationship, and I am amazed at how the author pulled everything together cohesively to be honest with you, this is a story you need to pay attention to as I think that a lot of what was revealed in relation to the other team members will bear importance in the future books, but a lot of what happens in the first half of Wilder then has even relevance in the latter stages of this story I was literally on the edge of my seat as the author threw each new piece of the puzzle at me, and pretty much all of them came out of left field because I was so engrossed in the reading of it, to sit back and try to figure out the relevance of things as they cropped up Are you ready for an adventure Buckle up your Kindles, because I think the Renegades series is going to be a bumpy ride, but in such a good, good way The world is literally Rebecca s oyster with this series, seeing as the team travel around by cruise ship I am dying to see who gets their story next and where we travel to in the telling of it I m not just anyone Don t you know who I am ARC generously provided by the author via Sassy Savvy Fabulous PR, and it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review. It had been a long time since I ve read a Rebecca Yarros book and Wilder has been on my to read list for a long time This book was fabulous I loved everything about it Wilder was sexy, emotional, adventurous and unique There were many things I never expected to happen or to be revealed Wilder will be one of my top favorite books of 2019.I loved Paxton and Leah Paxton is wild, talented, ambitious, famous and loyal He always wants to do something big and crazy for his show, but he s amazing at it He loves what he does Leah is smart, hardworking, kind hearted and a little lonely She studies and works hard to get the job she always wanted Leah has fears and she isn t as wild as Paxton, but he makes her do things she never expected to do.I adored Paxton and Leah as a couple They are different, but they are so good together They are fascinated by each other from the start Paxton and Leah learn surprising things about each other and love spending time together They slowly fall in love Paxton is protective over Leah Leah is no longer lonely because of Paxton and his friends Paxton s friends are amazing I can t wait to read the other books in this series. 3.75 I did it for Nova StarsNot gonna lie I wasn t very excited to read this one, but a little birdie told me that this book had to be read in order to get background info, prior to starting book 2 Nova I m talking bout you, TheresaDK And since I really, really want to read book 2, I took her advice, and endured this 630 page journey, to clutch at any snippets of info that would allow me to understand book 2 better I m glad I did read this story, as it was so much better than I anticipated Yes, there were some niggles in the storyline that I wasn t keen on, but it has only served to fuel my need to read book 2 even and I am now dying for answers Told in dual POV, this ends with a HFN straight after conflict resolution, bridging us straight into book 2, and is the first book in a continuing series I would agree with TheresaDK, that this story should be read before jumping into book 2, because even though we get ZERO together time with the MC s of book 2 I m still shaking my head in frustration about that TheresaDK , we are still given an engaging build up and background history that will help further understanding of the connection between the MC s in Nova Ok, enough rambly reviewing It s now time for me to drop everything and enjoy the grovel fest that is NOVA Jewelsy out 3.75 STARSAre you ready for an adventureRebecca Yarros starts her new series centered around EXTREME sports, with this new group of characters called The Renegades The story starts with our heroine, Leah Baxter, boarding a ship to tutor Paxton Wilder in a study at sea school This totally reminded me of Sweet life on Deck yet these characters are in their twenties They perform death defying stunts, and well the Sprouse brothers only wished they were written sex scenes like these image error 5 You re my everything starsOMG I LOVED THIS BOOK IT WAS SOOOO AWESOME Steamy, adventurous, sexy, emotional, unique, full of suspense You can pick one word from above and you will find it in this book I think that this series will be my new obsession And I need the next book ASAPThe best part isn t the end It s what happens in betweenTo be honest, i was flirting for very long time with Rebecca Yarros s seriesFlight and Glory, but i haven t take the time to read them yet So when i saw her name on NetGalley with a brand new series, i jumped in the opportunity And yep, it was worth it I fell in love with the story and the characters from the first chapter and i just couldn t put down my kindle Even i felt sadness when i arrived at the last page I wanted and and The story was setting on college, but the difference in here was that the college wasn t what we use to know It was a ship that was sailing around the world, but don t fool yourselves,they still had to study and to go to classes The wonderful thing was that in every port, there was a new adventure for our heroes and with them, we were travelling too And my biggest joy was when they land on my country and to two wonderful islands Mykonos and Zakynthos But except from my country, they travelled in too many wonderful placesAre you ready for an adventureThe second awesome thing that we witnessed in this book were The Renegades Who were they Well, there was a team of athletes that they were in all kind of extreme sports and all the damn time, they were pulling new stunts that left you breathless and in awe Renegades were very popular and famous and in this 9months trip at the sea, they were about to film a documentary for what they were doing But enough with that I have to tell you some things about Paxton and Leah They all want to be just like the Renegades Well, until they realize what it costsLeah Baxter had hard times before a couple of years and from that moment she was struggling to get over what happened back then and she was staying isolated from the rest of the worldIt was time to step out of the comfort zone I d walled myself into the last two yearsThis 9months trip withAthenawill be an opportunity for her to get out of her shell and to start living again but she wasn t expecting that Paxton Wilder will come into her life and turn everything upside down She had to be his tutor for the next 9months and her scholarship was depending on him, but he wasn t was she was expecting for and she didn t expect to be attracted to him almost instantlyWhy did he have to have such different sides to him Wilder I could shut out He was a pompous, reckless ass who would no doubt get me hurt in ways than one.But Paxton Yeah I was defenseless against him, and that was even dangerousPaxton Wilder doesn t care for much things in his life, except the Renegades and the next stunt that he will pull School and women doesn t mean anything for him, but in order to complete his project, he had to have good grades and that means that he needs a tutorEverything were going great, until Leah Baxter stepped into his life and everything changedI was always in control, it was how I survived, how I thrived and excelled, but this girl this woman had the power to shred that control if I wasn t carefulEven though that he had to stay away from her, he just couldn tBut there are many things that are hidden in the background So there will be a hope for those two, when they are so opposite personalities Feel us Feel what we can be like together I do, and it s nothing like I ve ever known You re right I ve never been a relationship guy, but I m ready to take that riskWell, Paxton and Leah were polar oppositesLeah didn t let go easily and she was responsible and serious about everything in her life She had some big fears that was keeping her behind But damn, if that girl wasn t a fighter Paxton scared her as anything in her life, but she couldn t saty away from himI knew he was a shooting star too hot, too intense, too reckless for me.He d burn me alive, then consume the ashesBut it didn t stop me from wanting him.And that was the scariest part of being around him Not what he did to me, or how he made me feel, but the way I abandoned all sense of the caution that had kept me functioning these last couple of years.He made me think there was a possibility I could live again outside the carefully constructed walls I d built.I just wasn t sure I could survive when he inevitably leftPaxton was reckless and fearless His stunts were dangerous but nothing was stopping him He was living his life to the fullest, but he had some issues with love He had also many skeletons in his closet Leah was everything that he wasn t expecting in his lifeLiking her was one thing Wanting her was a base, sexual need that I fully understood But this feeling I didn t know what the hell to do with thisLeah and Paxton had a huge attraction toward each other from the first moment, but they were having a long road to walk for reaching the point to be togetherThey were many things that were standing in their wayThere s the difference between us I saw you and I wanted you I talked to you and I liked you I felt this connection between us and I jumped You re the one on the fucking fence, as usual Everything about you scares the shit out of me, I said honestly When are you going to understand that s where life begins Right at the edge of that fearLeah made Paxton to realize that there are things in life beyond the Renegades and the next stunt Things that means much And Paxton made Leah get out of her shell and live With him, she could do even the craziest things and i loved them so much for that When those two were together, everything was shining, nothing else has matter But reality sucks most of the timeWhat scares you the most He looked into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity You You scare the shit out of me My heart lurched, instinctively reaching for his I m not scary No, you re terrifying On paper you re everything I shouldn t mesh with, but I look at you, touch you, or get my mouth on you, and you re the only thing I see, the only one I want, and that s by far the scariest thought I ve ever hadI think that i already told you too much and i would like for you to have your own opinion about this storyThe only thing that i will add is that i loved everything inside this bookI loved the crazy stunts, the secondary characters, the suspense that was surrounding the storyI adored Paxton and Leah I even liked the hidden secrets which at the end, made me lose my shit Even though that i had understand some things Rebecca Yaros knows how to built a wonderful story that will suck you inThe draw I felt toward her was incredible, indescribable Stronger than magnets, than chemistry, it was a primal, clawing need in me not necessarily for her to be mine, but for me to be hers To be worthy of being hers after all the shit I d done, the fuckups of epic proportions that never went away.And once she realized what I d done why I d really chosen her I was so fuckedFinally, i want to add that i loved all the Original Renegades and i can t wait for their own stories God, I m so curious about Landon and his girlNope, i won t reveal her name They will have also a hell of a story Please February come earlier Wanting what I couldn t have was a bitch ARC generously provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

Rebecca Yarros is a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things coffee, chocolate, and Paleo She is the author of the Flight Glory series, including Full Measures, the award winning Eyes Turned Skyward, Beyond What is Given, and Hallowed Ground Her new Renegade Series features Wilder and the upcoming Nova, and is sure to keep your heart pounding She loves military heroes, and has been bli

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