La increíble y triste historia de la cándida Eréndira y de su abuela desalmada

La increíble y triste historia de la cándida Eréndira y de su abuela desalmadaIf you want adult fairy tales lore, then this one s for you Garcia Marquez has his own genre to contend with and it s works such as these that make him a recognizable figure in your literary consciousness His short stories are fables and allegories they contend with time and death and love the images are pulled out of dreams and Latin American culture what wasn t there before is invented NOW all with wicked mastery all the while a dreamscape becomes well established in the reader s inspired noggin This is like reading artwork. En el fondo del mar dijo Tob as hay un pueblo de casitas blancas con millones de flores en las terrazas Mi mam dice que los que se mueren en el desierto no van al cielo sino al mar dijo Ulises. El ngel anciano y sus milagros de consolaci n Fragancias de rosa que abren las puertas del mar Esteban, el n ufrago muerto y descomunal, hu rfano y adoptado por el pueblo que acoge sus restos Las paradojas de un destino que se escurre en las cercan as de la muerte El trasatl ntico resucitado que emerge de los sue os y navega en las noches caribe as de marzo Los artistas temibles y refinados del hechizo y la sanaci n Y Ulises, el contrabandista de naranjas Y Er ndira su deuda cruel, su viento de desgracia.Magia convertida en realidad, deletreada con voz de suceso ver dico y a la vez inveros mil As es el universo literario de Gabriel Garc a M rquez la ilusi n palpable, la realidad sepultada y renacida con sortilegios propios de prestidigitador. La incre ble y triste historia de la c ndida Er ndira y de su abuela desalmada The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Er ndira and Her Heartless Grandmother, Gabriel Garc a M rquezThe Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Er ndira and her Heartless Grandmother, is a 1972 novella by Colombian writer Gabriel Garc a M rquez Fourteen year old Er ndira is living, basically as a slave, with her grandmother when she accidentally sets fire to their mansion The grandmother forces Er ndira to repay the debt by becoming a prostitute as they travel the road as vagrants 1977 1356 123 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 This collection of earlier work features stories abound with love affairs, ruined beauty, magical women, and perspectives on death Are all similar in style but only about half are really good, with Innocent Erendira the one stand out You feel like most of these are rough idea s that would later show up in his full on novels and novellas You also know right from the off this is Marquez, that is of course, if you have already read him For anyone that hasn t, this isn t a bad place to start before venturing off into his recognizable work I have always been enthralled with his style, not so much with some of his themes He drags his heels through the dust at times with whimsical insights into the human condition, whilst playing around with your thoughts This book is an odd assortment that the publisher mushed together Night of the Curlews is one that should have been dropped, I skipped most of it Also Eyes of the Blue Dog , was pretty weak Apart from that all stories are either three or four star standard His trademark magical realism undergoes an acid trio in places, worthy or unworthy depending how you see it, similar to a William Burroughs or Hunter S Thompson, which is hit and miss, whilst death is something that plays heavy on most of the stories, he seems morbidly conscious of the deteriorating human body for some strange reason Other things that show up, a doppelganger, surrealistic painters, and a bartender who falls for a whore But it s the title novella that showcases his genius, about a ruthless grandmother pimping her granddaughter to obtain reparations for the house that was burned down due to the carelessness of the granddaughter There is sexual titillation and underlying themes of religion here, done in way much richly textured and refined that the rest of the pack.There are flourishes of things still to come in these offerings, but by and large the early M rquez had greater words and ideas still inside waiting to come out By the time he writes Innocent Er ndira we see a shift in capability start to unfold, and there is greater engagement and understanding in his writing He skilfully reveals the story and the characters, so much so that we forget Innocent Er ndira is actually a darker story, encompassing some sordid form of child abuse As a whole this collection is down the pecking order compared to his most famous work, showing flashes here and there of what was to follow in later years, laying a marker down and confounding a Kafkaesque introspection perhaps best documented as experiments along the way I probably would have scored this a three overall had it not been for the title story.Put simply, this is a writer in the process of honing his skills. . Er ndira y Ulises, los Romeo y Julieta colombianos Mentira, nada que ver, jaja.A n recuerdo la primera vez que con doce a os de edad, le este relato, y el impacto que tuvo en mi Hoy, lo vuelve a hacer de la misma manera 5 Estrellas Toda una joya. the theme common in most of these short stories is death..besides the story of Innocent Erendira ,these four stories was interesting to meThe third resignation.i think this one is extraordinary,describes the fear of death,burial,solid ate and abandonment.he has gone furthest in dramatizing the terror of burial..The woman who came at six o clockit portrays the conflict between good and evil,the innocence of Jose a restaurant owner,and Reina a prostitute who used to come at the restaurant at 6 o clock,she murdered one of her clients,and wanted Jose to cover it,and lie about the time she arrived ,and say it was five thirty,the naive Jose agree to her request,after she succeeded in extracting from him a declaration of her love, and his promise to defend her,at the end Riena decided to make a big transformation in her life and leave prostitution,and seek a better life were she cant be victim any.Death constant beyond loveabout obsessiveness, political corruption and love that has no chance.Eyes of a blue dogdescribes the feeling of loneliness and fearthe two lovers in this story,a man who suffers instant amnesia upon awakening,and a woman who is madly chasing this man whom she meets in the dream she wanders through the city muttering, eyes of a blue dog.marking her passage, hoping that one day that man will see her marks and remember her. Un libro maravilloso, por la fuerza de sus personajes, por la belleza de su narrativa, por ese realismo m gico que uno descubre en cada cuento Me han fascinado alguno de ellos, como Un se or muy viejo con unas alas enormes Ese cuento me mantuvo atado a sus l neas de principio a final y su belleza es nica, hermosa Lo mismo me sucedi con El ltimo viaje del buque fantasma , por la forma en la que est escrito es una oraci n de principio a final, sin puntos seguidos y aparte, s lo comas, que me recuerda a las ltimas 40 p ginas del Ulises de Joyce y que nos da una muestra de la maestr a y genialidad de la que Gabo era due o Blacam n el bueno, vendedor de milagros es otro hermoso cuento, perfectamente desarrollado y po ticamente elevado como el resto con una l nea final perfecta y el cuento que le da el nombre al libro es el broche de oro para una maravilla de la literatura latinoamericana y universal que es este libro, que nada tiene que envidiarle a los t tulos m s famosos de su obra. Er Ndira Estaba Ba Ando A La Abuela Cuando Empez El Viento De Su Desgracia Como Este Cuento Hay Otros Un Se Or Muy Viejo Con Unas Alas Enormes, El Mar Del Tiempo Perdido, El Ahogado M S Hermoso Del Mundo, El Ltimo Viaje Del Buque Fantasma Y Blacam N El Bueno, Vendedor De Milagros Merhum Gabriel Ustam z n romanc l kadar yk c l de ba ar l ym Y zy ll k Yaln zl k gibi bir eser y z y lda bir gelir, bu y zden de hi bir ey ile k yaslayamam ama bu yk kitab ndan da benzer tatlar al yor insan Okuru yine ekiyor masals , b y leyici ger ek ilikle dolu d nyas n n i ine.Kitap , evlerinin n ne f rt nal bir g nde d en ihtiyar bir erkek melek, g l kokular yayan ve dibinde sakl bir k y bulunun deniz, bo ulup k yaya vurmu heybetli ve ok yak kl bir adam , lece i g nden haberdar oldu u d nemde hayat n n a k n bulan bir senat r, varl kan tlanmam hayalet bir gemi ve insanlara umut da tan mucizeler sat c s bir adam konu alan alt k sa yk n n yan s ra , bir de kitaba ad n veren ve uzun bir yk olan, s zde u ratm oldu u zarar kar l nda b y k annesi taraf ndan pazarlanan Erendira n n ac dolu hikayesinden olu uyor Kitaptaki t m yk leri tek tek ele al p, her biri hakk nda sayfalarca analiz yap labilir ama buna ne benim edebiyat terminolojim yeter, ne de zaman m Okunmal.


➧ [Ebook] ➢ La increíble y triste historia de la cándida Eréndira y de su abuela desalmada By Gabriel García Márquez ➲ –
  • Hardcover
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  • La increíble y triste historia de la cándida Eréndira y de su abuela desalmada
  • Gabriel García Márquez
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  • 21 January 2019
  • 9789681317089

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