Island Life (Five Star First Edition Mystery)

Island Life (Five Star First Edition Mystery) How Do You Live Without Someone Who S Been Part Of Your Life For Twenty Years Jack Holm Begins To Find Out When His Wife Doesn T Return To Their Suburban Seattle Home After Shopping One Day Her Absence Is Not Unusual Given Her Flight Attendant S Job, And It S A Respite From Recent Marital Discord, So Jack Feels Relief Not Worry But When A Day Goes By With No Word, Then Another, Jack, His Teenage Daughter And Ten Year Old Son Do Worry After Three Days, Jack Reports Her Missing Suddenly, Jack Is Swept Up In A Terrifying Conflagration Of Events That Threaten To Tear His World Apart The Police Suspect Him Of Foul Play Children And Family Services Suspects Him Of Abuse And Someone Is Spying On His Kids Now A Single Dad, Jack Tries To Help His Kids Deal With Their Mother S Disappearance, But When He S Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder, He Stands To Lose It All The State And His Mother In Law Want To Take Away His Kids The Police Want Him In Jail Abandoned By Friends And Family, Jack Has Nowhere To Turn, And The Mounting Evidence Begins To Make Him Think He Might Actually Be A Killer But Mysterious Phone Calls And A CD Containing Child Pornography That Turns Up In His Wife S Belongings Convince Him Otherwise He Quickly Realizes The Only Way To Stay Ahead Of The Law And Prevent His Children From Being Put In Foster Care Is To Find Out What Happened To His Wife With New Found Courage From A Woman Who Believes In His Innocence And The Help Of Another Outcast, Jack Pursues A Shadowy Japanese Yakuza Crime Boss From Seattle To Las Vegas And Back, Putting Himself And All The People He Loves In Mortal Danger or you can find him on Facebook at

❮Reading❯ ➸ Island Life (Five Star First Edition Mystery) ➰ Author Michael W. Sherer –
  • Hardcover
  • 385 pages
  • Island Life (Five Star First Edition Mystery)
  • Michael W. Sherer
  • English
  • 04 February 2017
  • 9781594146336

10 thoughts on “Island Life (Five Star First Edition Mystery)

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    I could not put the book down A man, Jack Holm, wishes his wife was gone dead Be careful what you wish for, right Now he finds that he is alone raising two children and the fact that he is the only suspect for her murder Now, being a single dad, he finds himself trying to keep his family together at all costs This book had me turning every page wanting to know With strong characters, solid plot and slight humor, I would recommend this book I really enjoy a great mystery and this one fit the bill.

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    This book had an interesting premise and showed a high level of promise, but the further into the book I got, the worse it became It became harder and harder to maintain a suspension of disbelief and the characters just started acting ridiculously At the same time, this was a book where I felt as though if I DNF d it, which I considered several times, I would be annoyed because I did not find out what happened I finished it, and was not impressed, but I was still glad that I knew what happened If you want to annoy someone, give them this book.

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    BEWARE OF SPOILERS I DON T HIDE OR PROMOTE MY REVIEWS.For me, the most interesting aspect of this book was the author s choice to make his main character the prime suspect in a crime of which he is innocent.Authorities think that Jack Holm, freshly widowed, killed his wife Before solving the crime, Jack joins a support group of single parents, who turn out to be mostly divorced or dumped woman who are mad at all males.Perhaps the Go On TV comedy starring the actor who played Chandler in Friends was inspires by this book, as Jack makes two key friends out of the man hater group.He also goes on to solve his wife s murder.It was implausible to me that Jack, just months after the wife s death, could already end up in love in a new relationship.Being a Las Vegas resident, I enjoyed the portion of the book set in a seamy section of town, Industrial Road, which parallels the fabled Las Vegas Strip, but is known for strip joints.

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    Slow paced thriller Not quite as interesting as you may think some books may be with the same material At first I thought the author merely was borrowing from other books that it seemed so unoriginal It takes a slow 250 pages before anything makes sense or becomes bearable to read I m almost certain as a reader I was to feel sympathy or something but the story dragged for too long in the first two hundred pages to have gotten close to the idea of what to think about the character s lives But a masterful suspenseful climatic point and we see a lot of development meant to entertain readers upon the end.

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    I liked the book and would recommend it to anyone who likes suspense A husband is accused of killing his wife and is arrested for her murder In the process he loses his friends and seems to be all alone dealing with raising his two children and getting them to all their after school activities and daily life He attends a singles support group and becomes friends with the only other man that attends With his help they do some investigating and find some interesting evidence that could change everything.

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    I think this had the potential to be better than it wasit was a bit slow at times and predictable as well But there was enough story line to keep me reading and suspend my doubts over the sometimes implausible events This would not be a book that I would highly recommend if you are looking for deep reading or something to keep you on the edge of your seat But, if you want a fast, easy, no thought type book, this was ok.

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    This book takes place on the island of Seattle.When a man s wife of 20 years fails to return home after a trip to the mall, her husband isn t worried, at first, since she is a flight attendant and sometimes has unscheduled flights When he finally reports her missing, he is suspected of foul play.A hard to put down book

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    Pretty good murder mystery After 3 days a husband and father notices that his wife is missing That is what drew me to this book I know we can all get caught up in our everyday life, but to not notice that a spouse has been gone for 3 days is pretty sad.

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    Interesting book It was different from others that I have recently read, in that it took the man s point of view in a difficult situation It showed how the dad handled a family tragedy and how he loved his kids and tried to be there for them I really liked it.

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    This book is similar to Gone Girl, but not nearly so psychotic A decent thriller, but one of the most interesting aspects is that it s set on Mercer Island I would have rated it higher if the author hadn t thrown in a sappy romance towards the end.

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