The Teaching Company - Questions of Value, Complete Set/DVD (The Great Courses)

The Teaching Company - Questions of Value, Complete Set/DVD (The Great Courses) This Course Offers A Philosophical Examination Of A Wide Range Of Questions In Ethics And Value Theory, With An Accent On Individual Choices Emphasis Throughout The Course Is On Contrasting Positions Areas Of Controversy Regarding Fundamental Questions Of Value And How Life Should Be Lived

Dr Patrick Grim is Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.He graduated with highest honors in anthropology and philosophy from the University of California, Santa Cruz He was named a Fulbright Fellow to the University of St Andrews, Scotland, from which he earned his B.Phil He earned his Ph.D from Boston University.Professor Grim is t

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  • The Teaching Company - Questions of Value, Complete Set/DVD (The Great Courses)
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  • 02 November 2019
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10 thoughts on “The Teaching Company - Questions of Value, Complete Set/DVD (The Great Courses)

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    The first 11 chapters are frustratingly simplistic The 12th lecture on the evolutionary foundations of ethics is not just simplistic, but aggressively stupid

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    Philosophy usually does not answer questions Instead, it provides many possible so called solutions and consequences, and let the individuals decide it also brings up the thoughts of previous philosophers to make their points in each topic, and these are what this course is about.I usually have a habit of forgetting new concepts that I learn Unless I face them at least a few times, my understanding would drop significantly after I finished learning.This course brings me to what I have come across before, showing me once again the unfamiliar concepts of philosophy and the questions of value, which I am not good at It was an enjoyable experience throughout this course, and I hope it could add a bit water to my limited pool of knowledge.

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    Useful, clear, interesting and enlightening, this course is both thought provoking, accessible and on a philosophical high level I am impressed and challenged.There is some critique of some kinds of religion here, but is fair and unprejudiced, so even for me, who keep my faith, the perspectives on this are useful The course s main perspective is asking fundamental questions about how we live, and answering them philosophically This is fascinating and teaches both important content and brilliant method, drawing on a variety of sources Complicated questions are presented clearly, without losing depth or nuance In fact, this is a rare course that may actually change the way you think about some aspects of life, in an interesting way that might benefit both yourself and others.

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    Patrick Grim is one of my favorite philosophical lecturers, and he doesn t disappoint in this series Once again, Teaching Company courses are a great overview and refresher on topics, and as I work on deeper and deeper views of values, this was a great journey through the terrain.There are a few places I disagree with Grim particularly on his ideas around determinism and relativism He claims that determined doesn t mean coerced and I don t accept his reasoning here On relativism, I think he presented his counters to relativism strongly than I think they merit.Still, highly recommended, and if I could spend a week in discussion with Grim I d be very happy to have such an interlocutor.

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    First, I must say that I will listen to this again The amount of material covered certainly warrants that additional time.I think that Prof Grim did an outstanding job with covering a vast field in the amount of time He gave multiple, often contradictory views of most topics but the point was not to tell someone what to thing, but to give topics to thing about and show some of the thought processes that can be applied to these questions He said up front that he did not expect people to agree with what he said on all topics such agreement would be disappointing well he was certainly right on that As to another s comment about pedantic use of literature well, literature represents and questions values In fact, if one purpose of art is to assess ourselves and our societies, then bringing this forward is important I believe that the references were far from snobbish, but were examples of where to look for peoples thoughts on topics at different points in time.

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    Not very deep, and a little pedanticI think philosophers should have a deep understanding of mathematics, this guy didn t seem so.Pisses me off when people instead of passionate independent quest for the truth or at least an alternate reality, sell off their literary historical philosophical training as a sex appeal Plato says this, Kant says that Like philosophy is just another one of hierarchical games we play in our social life I recently began going to work and it all seems to me as I m playing World of Warcraft or something D

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    Overall I am very satisfied with the course I feel that I was able to really deepen my curiosity and interest about questions of value, and I feel I gained a sophisticated understanding and appreciation of philosophy in general I also enjoyed the overview of many different important and influential figures and their contribution to philosophy I appreciated the exercise in better figuring out my own values As well, I feel that now I have a much better understanding and appreciation of ethics.

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    This is one of my all time Teaching Company lectures If you want to learn a lot of interesting stuff about philosophy quickly, this is it It is entertaining, thought provoking and everything is explained with concrete and interesting examples.

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