Overtime Game On This Three Book Bundle Of Steamy, Secret Baby And Bad Boy Sports Romance Contains OFFSIDE, RHINO, And ROOSTER That S Over , Words Of Secret Baby, Sports Romance, Six Packs, Happy Ever Afters And Superbowl And Stanley Cup Steaminess These Books Are All Standalone, Full Length, Bad Boy Sports Romance Novels With Secret Babies, Absolutely No Cheating, And A Guaranteed Happy Ever After They Are Heavy On The Steam, And Have Just Enough Sports Action To Be Enjoyed By Fans Of Both Genres ROOSTER A Secret Baby Sports Romance Real Men Stick Around Izzy Guys Like That Are Not Meant To Happen To Girls Like Me At All Not Once, And Certainly Not Twice So, When I See That Rory O Connor, Ireland S Most Talked About Bad Boy Sports Star Has Been Given A Contract For The New York Rangers A Full Year After The Last Time I Saw Him, I Feel Like Life Is About To Repeat Itself Banned From His Own Sport For A Lifetime And Just Out Of Prison For Assault, He S Clearly Going To Be Than A Handful But I Already Know That, Even If I Don T Really Know Him I Know What He S Capable Of Because I Get Reminded Of It Every Day Our Baby, Oscar, Is Already Three Months Old I Wonder What He Ll Say When He Finds Out I Wonder If I Ll Even Have The Guts To Tell Him What I Do Know For Certain Is That I Won T Be Able To Keep Myself Away From Him For Long That S The Thing I Do Know About Rory If There S Something He Wants, He Won T Let Anything Get In His Way Rory I Can T Believe I Ve Been Given A Second Chance My Country Has Turned Its Back On Me, But I M Not Going To Let That Get Me Down When I Get The Contract To Come Over To The States, I Can T Help But Think Someone S Looking Out For Me It Doesn T Take Her Long To Find Me Either, But I Knew She Wouldn T Be Able To Resist Even If I Hadn T Thought About Her Every Day For A Year, I D Still Never Forget Her Face, And Now That I M Back, I M Not Going To Let Anything Keep Us Apart If There S One Thing I Know How To Do Better Than Anyone Else It S Fight And Win For What I Believe In She May Not Realize It Yet, But Izzy S Definitely The Only Girl For Me RHINO A Bad Boy Sports Romance Wild, Huge, And Very Horny Lucy Alex Vann Haden Is An Arrogant Prick Four Years At The Same College And He Didn T Even Look At Me Six Years Later And He Wants Me To Interview Him One Week On His Private Island Out In The Middle Of Nowhere Me And The Man They Now Call The Rhino And, Apparently, It S Not Because He S Got A Small Brain Either A Full On, No Holds Barred, Anything Goes, Expos Alex Vann Haden Stripped Bare Yeah, Right I Hate Him So Much I Could Scream I Wonder If This Time He Ll Have The Balls To Make Me Alex Lucy And I Haven T Seen Each Other For Over Six Years, But That Doesn T Matter I Know I Can Have Absolutely Anything I Want, And Right Now It S Time For Me To Prove It It S Not Going To Take Me A Week Either, I Ll Bet My Career On That One Day Maybe Two Soon Enough She Ll Be Struggling To Resist Me

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Overtime book, this is one of the most wanted Abbey Foxx author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 585 pages
  • Overtime
  • Abbey Foxx
  • English
  • 13 November 2017

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    ROOSTERRory is a top athlete in the sport of hurling in Ireland During the off season, he travels to New York for a bit of vacation before his court case comes to trial in a week On his last night, he happens to meet Izzy at a bar and they take their attraction to the back alley for an incredible few minutes that rocks Izzy s world Rory returns home to face his trial and ends up in prison for a year Now with a criminal record and banned from hurling, he has no choice but to accept an offer to play ice hockey in New York Seeing him trying to learn a sport similar to hurling but played on ice is very exciting and entertaining The romance angle with Izzy and her big secret is also fascinating Loved this story and recommend it to all romance sports lovers I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review Five stars.RHINO Enthralling story of Lucy, the book nerd and Alex, the star quarterback They were at college at the same time and although they noticed each other and had secret feelings for each other, they never got together After a tumultuous few years pass, Alex begins to grow up, changes his image and turns over a new leaf by reaching out to his favorite journalist, Lucy The story of their relationship with its challenges, misunderstandings, lying ex girlfriends, a storm at sea and a storm of physical passions will keep one attached to the pages, unable to set it aside Well crafted and fascinating storyline will make your reading adventure pleasurable I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review Five Stars OFFSIDE The story of Penny Jasper is a well written example of how the perceptions of the mind can change when one experiences the reality of the subject Penny had this preconceived idea of what Jasper was like a bad boy Brit, cocky, arrogant, a drunk hell raiser and skirt chaser off the field, constantly in trouble but a beast on the field, a star athlete Her team needed a beast on the field so she invited him to come to Arkansas to join the Tigers for a year Jasper is a Rugby Star that has been suspended one year for bad behavior Now he is challenged to learn American football Watching how he learns a different way of handling a ball, dealing with prejudices and jealousies among the teammates is interesting Jasper goes through mental changes as well as he rethinks his behavior, his treatment of women and his views on life Penny was an inspiration for a better version of himself Depictions of important football games was so well executed, even this non baller reader felt the tension, determination and excitement of the game Final scenes were dramatic and sweetly tied up all the loose ends This read was totally satisfying Five stars.

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    This is one of the better box sets you ll ever read Offside I had a lot of fun reading Offside I was smiling so much when I finally reached the end, too Unlike most sport romances I ve read, it had a good balance between actual sport references situations and romance I m not familiar with American football as it s not played in my region, but I felt the excitement of the game as I read.In the beginning, Jasper Penny don t seem like they could possibly have anything in common, much less have anything resembling a decent relationship Ms Foxx weaves a story so convincing, that I found myself cheering hard for them to work everything out The dual POVs were a good way to get in the character s heads, and I liked that while there were overlaps, there was no heavy repetition.Rooster Rory and Izzy share an unforgettable moment one night that leads to consequences that are just as unforgettable I liked the banter between the main characters, and found a lot of the internal dialogue to be funny, as well The book also was inspiring, showing how unbeatable the human will can be, even with the highest odds stacked against it.Rhino Ever started a book with an idea of how it s going to go and what the ending would be like, only to have that idea turned inside out Rhino was like that for me The story was the type that made me keep sneaking in reads through the day I mean, who doesn t want their own sexy hero, who whisks you away to a private island just to tell you he s been crazy about you for the better part of a decade At first, I will admit Alex annoyed me in the beginning Then, as the plot unfolded, he grew on me By the end of the book, I totally liked him Lucy, as a heroine, was quite likeable from the beginning, and she was relateable Even when she was doubting Alex s love for her, I couldn t dislike her I was glad to see that they got through their problems and got their own happy ending.The book is sexy, but still manages to be sweet, as well as witty.At.99 cents, this is pretty decent deal You won t regret it

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    OffsideAbbey is a new author to me and right from the first page I knew I was going to really like this book I loved the idea of the prologue and how it gave a little insight to what happened to Jasper and how he became one of the players in America to begin with right from the start After reading the blurb I was excited to start the book, sport romances are one of my favourites at the moment It was a fun and entertaining read, I loved the author s writing and how each character connected with others I really liked it, it wasn t an absolutely loved book but I did enjoy it and can t wait to see what else Abbey comes up with ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewRoosterI liked how the story went straight into the night Izzy and Rory first met I loved getting to know the backgrounds of them right away and everything that had happened to get the story going There were times throughout the book where I really disliked Izzy a bit, not sure what it was but she did annoy me some so I was kind of put off with the read a tiny bit Loved how intense Rory is, such a great character I liked the interactions between them two.As the story progressed it did get a little better and I found myself enjoying it a bit Overall an okay read.ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewRhinoJust like previous stories by Abbey, I thoroughly enjoyed Rhino I love the easy and fun conversations between Alex and Lucy, some comebacks were so funny and entertaining I could not stop laughing I thought it was well written and flowed so nicely although there were a couple minor times where things did get a little confusing for me and it was a tiny bit hard to keep up But still a really good readARC received in exchange for an honest review

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