Those Dreadful Eltdown Shards

Those Dreadful Eltdown Shards All The Classic Cthulhu Mythos Pulp Stories Where Those Dreadful Eltdown Shards Appear The Collection Also Includes New Stories Written By Franklyn Searight, Son Of Richard F Searight, The Inventor Of The Eltdown Shards Who Corresponded With The Horror Master Himself, H P Lovecraft Despite Their Connection To The Great Race, Some Have Suggested That The Shards Could Have Been Inscribed By The Elder Things And Buried In England At A Time When It Was Part Of The Great Super Continent Known As Pangaea From The Introduction Table Of Contents Those Dreadful Eltdown Shards The Sealed Casket The Warder Of Knowledge The Challenge From Beyond The Diary Of Alonzo Typer The Shadow Out Of Time The Coming Of Ouran Atun The Horror From The Shards The Mists Of Death Seized By The Warder Admonition From The Past Cover Art By Allen Koszowski

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Those Dreadful Eltdown Shards book, this is one of the most wanted Franklyn Searight author readers around the world.

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  • Those Dreadful Eltdown Shards
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    Some of the hallmarks of the fiction of H.P Lovecraft the grandfather of modern cosmic horror are the ancient tomes of forbidden and madness inducing knowledge that infest his tales like pallid fungi His most famous fictional text is the Necronomicon, but he also mentions other works like the Pnakotic Fragments and the Book of Azathoth He also mention eldritch grimoires invented by his fellow Weird pulp writers such as Robert Bloch s Book of EIbon, Robert E Howard s Nameless Cults And, of course, the artifacts that this anthology focuses on the Eltdown Shards of author Richard Searight Searight himself only wrote two stories featuring the Shards The majority of tales in this anthology are actually posthumous collaborations with his son, Franklyn Searight Rounding out the book are Lovecraft s tales which mention the Shards, including the novella The Shadow Out of Time , and obscure works such as The Diary of Alonzo Typer.The Shards, a collection of clay tablets inscribed with bizarre hieroglyphics written in an unknown, prehuman language, are housed in the museum of Beloin College, a small university near Weston, Wisconsin Though they seem innocuous, the Shards hide great power that has ensorcelled the minds of many beings throughout the eons.The search for omniscience is a major theme in stories surrounding the Eltdown Shards The protagonists are driven by an overwhelming desire to obtain all knowledge in the universe They obsess over the tablets, using the incantations contained in those forgotten heiroglyphics to summon beings such as The Warder of Knowledge, the ice demon Avaloth, and the ape god Ouran Atun As you can imagine, these encounters usually do not end well for the mortal summoners Mind transference is another theme in many of the Shards stories There is a strong connection with the Yithians of Lovecraft s Shadow Out of Time , who came to Earth in the distant past by transferring their minds across the universe into the bodies of the strange, cone like beings of the Triassic Mental voyaging also crops up in The Challenge From Beyond , a round robin story co written by Lovecraft and his Pulp era peers A Merrit, C.L Moore, Robert E Howard and Frank Belknap Long In this tale a man discovers a strange crystalline cube that turns out to be a mind teleporting device sent by a race of centipede people from the distant planet of Yekaub who may, or may not be related to the original bodies of the Yithians.Several of the stories written by Franklyn Searight feature his character Alan Hasrad, a journalist and descendant of Lovecraft s Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred Hasrad s stories tend to be frustratingly anticlimactic He investigates some strange thing related to the Shards, obtains information he needs and, well, that s it The story Seized by the Warder does have an odd twist ending, at least, though it doesn t actually add much to the rest of the story While Those Dreadful Eltdown Shards don t add much to the Lovecraft mythos beyond giving some background to a text briefly mentioned in The Shadow Out of Time , it is interesting to see the Searights own world taking form There is potential here for an intriguing mythology, it just needs wider expansion and deeper delving.

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