Point of Return

Point of Return DeceitDestructionDeathOlivia Masters Grew Up Familiar With All Of Them The Daughter Of The President Of The Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club, Olivia Always Knew She Wanted Nothing To Do With Any Of It Her Plans Were Made To Leave The Town She Grew Up In As Soon As She And Her Boyfriend, Daemon Knight, Turned EighteenBut Then Olivia Was Shot Her Mother Killed In Front Of Her Fleeing Became Her RealityForced To Return To Her Hometown Of Jasper Bay Five Years Later, Events Beyond Olivia S Control Put Her Directly Back Into The Life She Swore She D Never Return ToHer Dad Wants Her Back In The Family Daemon Wants Her In His BedBut Just As Olivia Begins To Accept Her Destiny, History Finds A Way To Repeat ItselfThis Time, Will Olivia Be Strong Enough To Fight For The Family She Once Turned Her Back On Or Will She Once Again Flee From The Only Life That Has Ever Felt Like Home

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 323 pages
  • Point of Return
  • Stacey Lynn
  • English
  • 14 October 2017

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    DNF 30%This book Hold onlemme warm up my fingers There were so many anti Val friendly moments in this book And just when I thought I was able to swallow oneanother one just kept on a rollin in Problem 1The h is knocked up With a baby that IS NOT the H s baby Not my favorite scenario, but I ll go with it Problem 2The H is banging a chick that he used to help the h babysit Let me repeat that for those of you just joining us.The H is banging a chick he used to help the h BABYSIT.Hmmmmm, I m becoming slightly lesscommitted Problem 3After the H and h and have met up again AND KISSED both of them go off and have sex with other people AND we have to read detailed scenes of the H and h having sex with other people.Problem 4 aka THE FINAL STRAWThe h walks in on the H getting s ked off by aforementioned girl they used to babysit.And the worst part After the h chases the chick away, the H gets all huggie affectionate with her and SHE ALLOWS IT I m sorry.His dick is still wet from some other chick s saliva I can t commit to this book boyfriend Not My Bag.Moving on

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    Book Point of Return Nordic Lords MC 1 Author Stacey LynnPublication Date April 22, 2014Type No Cliffhanger SeriesGenre Romance, New AdultRating 3.75 out of 5 StarsBook provided by Author Release Blitz in exchange for an honest review.I didn t know what to expect when I first picked up this book The last few MC books I have read had been such a disappointment to me and I was gearing myself towards another DNF book Thank goodness I was mistaken in that assumption I liked these characters and found myself really gunning for Daemon in his quest to win Olivia back.At first I was on the fence with Olivia s character and her relationship of using another guy just to cure her loneliness I felt she was shallow and instantly kept flip flopping back to hating her and then dealing with her I think it was around the time that she made the decision to finally grow up and make some responsible decisions that I started to come around When tragedy confronts her, this is the point where I really feel for this character and she begins to develop in my mind.This is about the same time I start to really like Daemon and his love for Olivia really shines through I love how he stands up for her and puts her desires before his own.So in a wrap.I did enjoy this MC by Ms Lynn and can t wait to read the rest of the series

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    Motorcycle Clubs, are they a world onto themselves Are they above the laws that rule the rest of us or, like so many groups who deal with illegal businesses, are the codes of honor that bind them to be both admired and reviled I ll be the first to say, there are those bad boys whose alpha pheromones just ooze from their pores and they are hot, sexy and a fantasy for those who like a knuckle dragging caveman.Point of Return by Stacey Lynn has it all, conflict, anti heroes galore, women who don t mind being the sex toys of the burly bikers and let s not forget the turf wars, the drugs, the murders and the undying loyalty to the brothers Which puts people like Olivia, daughter of the club president into the category of second place and the night her mother was murdered and she was shot, she knew she could not handle, so she ran, far away Now she is back, in trouble and avoiding the club is impossible, especially when the boy who stole her heart is now a man, whose innocence was lost the day he became an NC member.Told from the point of view of both Olivia and Daemon, only through Daemon s most inner thoughts do we see a man I love, a man who sees right and wrong through different eyes and most definitely an anti hero We get see Olivia s evolution from a woman striving to be strong and independent to one falling back into the unique world of bikers as she and Daemon make mistake after mistake failing to communicate what they feel except through sex Their chemistry is real, but their lifestyle is not one I could reconcile with.Definitely filled with intrigue, feuds, wars, death and all the sex you could want, I just couldn t quite let go of reality enough to say, wow, that was HOT Stacey Lynn is a powerful writer, she is NOT afraid to lay it all out there and say, here it is, in all of its creative glory I admire that, and I did like so many elements of the plot, some of the characters are fantastic, but it s hard to love a group that places so little value on life or considers another their property.Series Nordic Lords MC Book 1Publication Date April 21, 2014Publisher Stacey LynnGenre NA Romantic SuspensePrint Length 323 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    2.5 starsMC Marathon So.plot.One MC has a hate on for the H s MC and somehow the cops are playing both sides But then it s really the Italian Mob Except then it s not Then it s a villainous betrayal The cast It s basically 3 girls and 3 guys that grow up in the MC life and then shit gets ugly and they re all separated thinking the worst about each other Now they re all dribbling back into each other s lives and even really bad shit has happened to everybody while they were apart and OW OM abound.Enjoy SG Ladies,The Deets H h kiss and in their own POV Headspace they tell us how they still have deep feelings for each other H OW immediate fade to black sex scene with a barely legal girl h OM graphic and she hates doing it even tho she came twice because she feels like she s betraying Hquite the 180 of what was going on in the H s mind when he went to fuck his OW Aren t these two precious H OW BJ from the same barely legal girl as before, the H h babysat her as 12 and 13 year oldsclassy Did I mention the h walks in mid blow None of it would have bothered me if the H h hadn t kissed and told us repeatedly in their POV Headspace how much they wanted cared about the other.However the H h don t even get it on until 91% There re together after 40% but they just can t seem to find that pesky bed.Bonus drama The h is pregnant with the OMs baby He s also a cop And she loses the baby before 12 weeks Cheers

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    I really liked it, am on to the next.

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    I was gifted this book for an honest review I will try not to spoil anything.First of all I would like to say Oh Nordic Lords this book is awesome and I am sure the next in the series will be just as awesome This isn t your typical biker book but it also isn t you typical romance It is by far the best one that I have read so far and I LOVE it It has sex, guns, mayhem, murder, gun fights, death, tragedy and all sorts of other things that make for an excellent read The prologue of this book sets the tone for what we are in for right from the beginning It isn t going to be sunshine and daisies It s going to be blood, bullet wounds and bad ass bikersand some pretty steamy sex I love that this storyline just grew right from the beginning and just kept getting bigger right to the end Nothing was rushed and every situation was well written even the ones you wished wouldn t have happened You could feel the chemistry between Daemon and Liv front the very first time Liv lays eyes on Daemon outside the clinic This book has so many things going on but none of it is confusing or too farfetched to make for a believable read All of the, let me call them side situations, that are introduced in this book have me ready to read the next ones in the series ASAP Like Jules and JadenWhat will happen with that Faith and RykerHow bad ass is he I would even like to see if Finn finds himself a lady whether he gets his own book or he is just added as a side situation I will be happy Heck I am happy now I was consumed by this book as soon as I started the prologue and I just couldn t wait to see it all play out I like that this book has plenty of action I like that this book doesn t focus solely on the romance aspect of the story I like that it is told in dual POVI mean what is better than reading from a hot male perspective, right I like that Liv finally accepted her role in life and stopped fighting who she really was and where she belonged I like that all the big bad bikers rallied around and proved to be the right family for both Daemon and Liv I also like that they are still big bad bikers with their rough ways This book is very believable as a biker book and at no time was I ready to call bull hit This is a great read and I recommend grabbing it as soon as it goes on sale It will be 99 pennies the first week and it is set to release Tuesday April 22 Happy Reading

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    MY RATING Point of Return Nordic Lords MC, 1 by Stacey Lynn Complimentary copy provided by the author Stacey Lynn in exchange for an honest review A gripping story of Deceit, Love lost, Love rekindled, Destruction, Vengeance and Death The family that she hated and wanted to escape, was the only one I had who would make sure our enemies would pay for what they did to her and me This book really surprised me, once I picked it up I was so absorbed in the story that I struggled to put it down, so much drama, angst, you name it this book delivered it, the only thing I found lacking which is why I m only rating it 4 stars is the raging hot biker sex..Other than that this would be getting slapped with a 5 star review Not gonna fuck you tonight, Liv She moaned against my skin and the vibrations went right to my dick Gonna make it good for you though And when you re ready for me..For all of me..To be on my bike, and in my bed, and livin in my house permanently..Then I m gonna make love to you.It might be hard fuckin or sweet and slow lovin , but however I give it to you, you re gonna take it He had been my FIRST kiss, my FIRST boyfriend, and my FIRST love, I wanted him to be my FOREVER Finally Five years of wanting and I finally had her in my arms again It was heavem.Until I felt the sting on my tongue from her teeth What the , I groaned pushing back from her, wiping my lips with the back of my hand A small drop of blood showed on my hand You just fucking bit me And yes I know I m using Jax on my review but come on who no better than him would suit Daemon Knight Definitely hanging out for book 2

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    5 Crown StarsThis is Book 1 in the Nordic Lords MC series Oh I am such a sucker for MC stories With the popularity this genre has due to the success of authors such as Madeline Sheehan and of course the juggernaut that is Sons Of Anarchy authors seem to be making the transition over to the gritty and raw world of Biker romance Some are okay, other s not so much Let me say, this for me was up with the best.This is Olivia Masters and Daemon Knight s story Both of them grew up in the Biker world and were determined to leave it together as soon as they were old enough The daughter of the President, Olivia leaves Jasper Bay following a incident that leaves her shot and her mother dead Daemon stays and becomes VP of the club.5 years later and Olivia has returned to Jasper Bay but wants nothing to do with the Nordic Lords, in fact she starts a relationship with Travis a local deputy and is resolute in her decision to make her own path in life However life has a habit of surprising you and she soon finds herself in Daemon s path and in turn her father Bull s and the club.I really don t want to say about the story than that as it twists and turns and throws up a lot of surprises throughout Olivia is a great character Unlike a lot of female characters in this genre she is strong and knows her own mind What she does know is that she still loves Daemon but cannot and will not involve herself in that lifestyle any Daemon is a typical alpha biker He deeply loves Olivia and believes they are destined to be together, but his loyalty to the club is unwavering and this conflicts with his feelings towards Olivia They share a real chemistry and you will honestly want them to sort out their shit from pretty early on in the book There are a whole load of various characters in this book and the author does a really good job of incorporating the whole back story which is pivotal in the storyline as well as setting them up for future books The baddies are bad and there is violence, blood, guns and a good amount of steam without it being over the top my perfect MC book I loved the ending, it left you ready for book 2 but without a cliffy that leaves you frustrated This is a well thought out story with great characters and everything you expect from this genre I look forward to book 2 and have a feeling it may well be about a certain other Knight.

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    Point of Return delivers readers with an ultra sexy story of love, loss, fate, choices, and redemption.Olivia Masters.An MC Princess who does not want the crown or anything to do with the Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club for that matter Not even Daemon Knight, the boy who broke her heart and who will do anything to get her back in his life.But running away from everything you know and a tragic past, Olivia is about to be thrown head first to confront her demons as well as HIM again How will it all turn out Will Olivia come to accept what destiny has to offer her or will she turn her back on it And with external forces and betrayal posing to be a deadly threat, will they all make it alive Or reach the point of no return Read and you will find out My thoughts To be honest, I actually had no expectations when I first embarked on this read Granted, I am a self professed MC lover, but I was highly skeptical about a relatively new author taking a swing at the MC world HoweverAs my first Stacy Lynn read, I m happy to say that I actually really enjoyed this book a lot minus any mention of the name Missy Her involvement was disturbing really Point of Return definitely weaves solid ground to instill enough plot and characters to carry on this series as we can tell that this is just the beginning I really hope that Ryker and Faith s love story comes into highlight and that Olivia and Daemon are still heavily kept in the mix as well as Jaden and Jules past is revealed Gosh, I am so on board with this series I already can t wait for A great, great start Stacy I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review for the blog tour Thank you

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    Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good book Olivia Masters is the daughter of President of the Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club, she grew up in the club But then Olivia was shot Her mother killed in front of her she leaves her hometown and her boyfriend Daemon Knight only to return five years later When Olivia needed Daemon the most, he wasn t there for her and she realized that she had to leave on her own now she has returned and he wants her in his bed I liked both of these character s Daemon will do anything to get her to stay Olivia was strong and capable and had been raised to be tough The book had a lot of things going on in it and when Olivia is in danger she turns to the club This was my first time reading this author s work this book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

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