The Masterminds (Masterful #2)

The Masterminds (Masterful #2) Every Character Is True To Life, Each With Their Own Outlook, Desires, Needs And Drawbacks, And Olivia Wildenstein Is Masterful At Weaving The Web That Holds All Of This Together Highly Recommended Review From Readers FavoriteFrom Prisons And Reality TV To Mansions And Safe Houses, THE MASTERMINDS Revisits THE MASTERPIECERS And Closes The Twins Story It Is A Tale Of Imperfect Love And Imperfect PeopleThe Only Downside To Joshua Cooper S Investigation Of A Mob Runner Is Not Being Able To Discuss It With His Two Best Friends, Nineteen Year Old Twins, Aster And Ivy Redd However, When Ivy Sells One Of Her Quilts To The Mob Runner, And Aster Hits Him With Her Car In A Motel Parking Lot, They Become Entangled In His Investigation The FBI Even Believes The Twins Could Knowingly Be Involved With The Mob Joshua Will Do Everything He Can To Disprove Their Suspicion And Nail The True CriminalBrook Jackson Is A Judge On The Masterpiecers S Art Competition That Is His Official Job His Unofficial Job Is Running Questionable Errands Against Easy Cash But A Ripped Quilt And The Girl Who Sewed It Will Make Brook S Life And Heart Spiral Out Of Control Accused Of Money Laundering, Brook Becomes The Fall Guy After Three Weeks Of Imprisonment, He Cuts A Deal With Joshua His Freedom For The Real Felons And A Meeting With Ivy Although Eager To Clear His Name, Brook Wants To Win Ivy S Forgiveness And If She S Willing To Give It To Him Her Love Masterminds By Olivia Wildenstein is a natural read The only downside to Joshua cooper s investigation of a mob runner is not being able to discuss it with his two best friend s nineteen year old twins, aster and ivy redd Absolutely fantastic series Loved it Full of twists and plots Great story and great characters Highly recommended 5 Thanks to tbc and the author for the arc. 4.5 StarsARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley Josh Cooper is involved in an investigation that tests his moral lines, he wishes he could share it with the twins, Ivy and Astrid, but the worry of him chasing a known mobster would only be on top of their already full plates He s determined to catch the bad guy, even so when the mobster s death starts to tie back to the twins and the reality TV show one of them is participating in He ll do anything to disprove the crime, breaking every rule he swore he d follow when he became an officer of the law Brook Jackson is a judge on The Masterpiecers, a reality TV show dedicated to the competitive art world and the school he is an alumnae of While he shines like wealth his family is slowly falling to ruins and he d do anything to save them from the shame of poverty, even so far as to commit crimes for his friends that have connections to the mob But the crimes are painting the beautiful Ivy Redd into a poor light and are causing harsh issues for her sister behind bars He s willing to take the fall to save Ivy and her sister, but they may all fall when his friends turn on him too We are getting somewhere, but it s not anywhere I want to get to if the twins are truly, knowingly involved.The Masterminds is the second book in The Mastersful series by Olivia Wildenstein While book one was told from the POV of the twin sisters, Ivy and Astrid, The Masterminds is told from the alternating POVs of two important men in their lives Josh has been in the girl s lives forever, he s than a friend, he s family, and he s a cop determined to prove the media wrong about them Brook should be little than a judge on The Masterpiecers reality TV competition, but he only has eyes for Ivy and his knowledge of certain crimes is shocking Like the previous novel, Olivia Wildenstein knows how to shock readers with twists and turns Every character s tie to another character or event surprised me and mixed in with the mystery is dedication, obsession, and romance Her mouth curves with a smile that takes my breath away If only that smile was for me At least, it s not for my brother.I was wary of reading the same story from The Masterpiecers again with a new POV especially after reading the very revealing summary, but it was so good entertaining and gripping even so than the previous novel was It felt like a different book, because the perspectives were so drastically different It also gives the reader a perspective on motive, an angle readers don t think of when they side with only one half of the story The situations were filled with action, with a different type of fear, and a different reason to push for the innocence of the sisters It makes the reader question the crimes and to reevaluate everything one took from the previous novel I found The Masterminds to be a gripping novel with a plot that was so much than just a repeat of the series previous release, The Masterpiecers The story is compelling and the suspense will keep readers turning the page waiting to find out what could happen next I am a huge fan of The Masterful series and I absolutely recommend it to readers looking for a tale filled with deceit, mystery, and even romance. What an amazing series After reading Masterkey in the Murder and Mayhem boxed set, I was so enthralled by the first book, that I purchased the second, then found the third on Kindle Unlimited This one took me through the ringer they all did An emotional rollercoaster that will leave you breathless with anticipation It s action packed, full of suspense, and it pulls at your heart strings.The characters are well fleshed out The series is simply fantastic I was hooked from book one Highly recommended, five star must read Definitely going on my to read again list I can t wait for the release of book 4 The Masterminds is a Masterful read 5 STARS all the way Before I tell you what I loved I want to thank Olivia Wildenstein for my advanced copy I loved THE MASTERPIECERS was amazing and so well crafted that I couldn t wait to see what came next As in THE MASTERPIECERS this book is split into two POVs we get into the minds of Josh who I loved in the first book and Brook who I wanted to know about so this was a perfect combination Brook Jackson is one of the Judges for THE MASTERPIECERS, in my opinion he is a broken man looking for his missing piece The way this story is constructed you are able to go through Ivy s experience on the show through the eyes of Brook who is torn between wanting to get to know the perfection that is Ivy and not repeating history and upsetting his brother Chase yet again Brook becomes the fall guy for money laundering plot that is the center of this story You as a reader aren t sure if you want to hug him or yell at him by the end of the story Then you have to add to the equation Joshua Cooper The cop the, the best friend and the good guy to Brook s bad guy I loved the bits and pieces of Josh s life that show the way he interacts with everyone in his life He is a sneaky cop that works his way back on the case against Brook I love his creativity his smart ass personality it makes the story so much fun to read All and all Ms Wildenstein makes you fall in love with her characters Makes you want to keep reading and most of all makes you smile because there s enough romance in the story to make you cheer and smile So if you are looking for a book to blow YOUR MIND this is the book for YOU. I can t decide whether I hated or loved this Definitely not in a bad way though The ending left me torn but the story was just so intriguing Once again we are walked through the events of the first book but only this time it s through Josh s and Brook s POV Even though personally, I m not a fan of multiple POVs.It was refreshing to be in Brook s mind and be able to know what he was thinking throughout the show His interaction with Ivy and what he thought of her during those interactions It was heartbreaking frankly It was sad But it was also lovely I was rooting for him the entire time Heck I was rooting for him back when I was reading Ivy and Aster s POV in the first book This book does shine light on some of the mysteries of the first book and helps delve deeper into the same connected story However, it s not until the last few chapters that we get a glimpse as to what happens after the events of the first book I came in thinking this was going to be a direct sequel but it was of the events from the first book but from Josh s and Brook s POV And then the last few chapters were the sequel aspect of the story Josh Oh Josh Talk about heartbreak It was so fun to see just how much Josh cared about the twins Everything that he did revolved around them and he always put them ahead of anyone else including himself He was constantly putting himself into dangerous situations in order to protect the twins as best he could He put them ahead of his love life view spoiler which is fine by me because secretly I ve been rooting for him to get back together with Aster hide spoiler really captivating read started it Friday morning and didn t want to put it down I haven t read the first in the series yet but this book works very well as a stand alone novel so would recommend it to everyone whether you have read the first book or not it took me a couple of chapters to get into it as each chapter is written from a different person s perspective but once I got over that the many twists and turns kept me interested in all the main characters all the way through and I wanted to know what would happen to them as I was reading I would definitely recommend it to everyone and will be reading the first book in the series next. A tale of imperfect people and imperfect love. Joshua Cooper has been in the middle of a investigation of a mob runner that is coming dangerously close to two of his best friends, Ivy and Astor Redd The two girls are twins who have both in their own ways become involved in Joshua s investigation, Ivy had sold a quilt to the mob runner, and Aster hits him with her car in a motel parking lot Meanwhile, Brook Jackson is a judge on the Masterpiecers s art competition that Ivy was accepted as a contestant Brook has done his share of questionable activities but now he wants to prove himself to Ivy and clear his name so he cuts a deal with Joshua Now it s Joshua s job to prove the real thieves and help the twins The Masterminds is the second book in the Masterful series by Olivia Wildenstein This book starts off before the events in the first book, then through what was going on and then expands past the end of that story all while switching the POVs that the story is told from the twins in the first book to Joshua and Brooke in this installment I d recently read another series that did something similar to this one and with each of these series I have had my moments of doubt when I think why reread things I had already read But again the author has proven me wrong in thinking I m going to get the same story when it truth this felt a lot like reading a completely different book with the change of angle and story focus Great job making something new and compelling while refreshing the story from before and continuing it onward with this installment Overall, this was a great series whether reading both books or just one or the other of them, both stories had their own feel and took on a life of their own after switching characters which I was very impressed with and again had the pages turning reading to see what would happen in the end I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.For reviews please visit I received a copy of The Masterminds from the author, Olivia Wildenstein All opinions expressed are my own.I really don t know how I feel about this On one hand, I love the story see my previous review but on the other, I don t think this second volume was capitalized upon enough.1 The characters This is the part that I really enjoy We spend an extensive amount of time with each of the main characters there are three notable ones in their POV s and their characters are developed nicely The mystery element of the story really lends itself to a sort of psychoanalysis that the author engages in enthusiastically I loved the investigation of each character s motivations and how they interplayed with each other.2 The plot This is the bit I have an issue with The first two thirds of the book is basically a retelling of what happened in the whole of the first book, but with a different perspective this time, on the other side of the mystery Brook and Josh vs Ivy Honestly, I don t think it was really necessary to devote that much page time to it It felt repetitive and I found myself becoming increasingly impatient with the pace I enjoyed seeing the other side of the story, but it expanded to take up most of the book which I don t think was necessary However, the last third was a very enjoyable addition to the plot and while I found the ending to be a bit of a whirlwind, it was a good wrap up to the events introduced in the first book.3 The romance Again, this is something I m not too sure about because of the repetition of events Basically, the new information concerning the main relationship a love triangle that s kinda sorta not a love triangle between Chase, Brook, and Ivy is just that Brook massively in love with Ivy which you could already surmise by the events in the first book Personally, this installment felt mostly like it was catering to fans who wanted to see a new perspective on the events Which is great, but I think it s a good job for a novella In any case, the romance ended nicely and I didn t mind the love triangle too much which is kind of saying a lot for me.The Final Verdict While this installment is a bit repetitive and slightly unnecessary , I did thoroughly enjoy the continued character insights.3 stars

USA TODAY bestselling author Olivia Wildenstein grew up in New York City, the daughter of a French father with a great sense of humor, and a Swedish mother whom she speaks to at least three times a day She chose Brown University to complete her undergraduate studies and earned a bachelor s in comparative literature After designing jewelry for a few years, Wildenstein traded in her tools for a la

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