Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones Stepping Stones Is A New Work Of Fiction By Connor Davidson Five Thousand Years Have Passed Since The Human Race Fell Into Anarchy Following Recovery From That Brutal Time Came A Period Of Unending Stagnation Once Again, Wooden Ships Sail The Oceans And Beasts Of Burden Travel The Roads Hints Of A Magnificent Past, Found Within The Ruins Of Ancient Cities, Drive Nations Toward The Seemingly Impossible Goal Of Rebuilding What Was Lost Professor Paul Leysmith Strives To Understand The Mystery Surrounding The Fall Of The Greatest Of Past Civilizations And The Many Failed Attempts At Recovery He Leads His Students, Samantha Hardy And Wendy Shaw, To A City Discovered Beneath The Frozen Soil At The Edge Of An Ice Shelf Covering Much Of The Northern Hemisphere What They Find Captures The Attention Of Distant Powers And Threatens To Trigger Conflict Across Much Of The Civilized World Another Of His Students, Andy Perez, Travels To The African Continent Where He And His Guide, Chideria Ajami, Stumble Upon A Long Hidden Secret Forced To Flee Across A Crumbling Land, They Learn To Rely Upon One Another As The True Nature Of The Approaching Catastrophe Threatens To Overwhelm ThemAdmiral Mal Frieschen Was Preparing For Retirement When He Is Asked To Lead Georgia S Fleet Defending The Desolate Region Of New England North Of That Nation S Border What Should Have Been A Simple And Unpopular Task Rapidly Descends Into A Struggle For Survival Against Nations That Desperately Need The Treasure Discovered Inland Stepping Stones Presents A Greatly Altered Landscape, Both Geographically And Politically It Leads Its Characters Across This Background, Drawing Them Toward An Inescapable Conclusion, And Finally Answering The Questions That Have Haunted The People Of Their Era Since They Climbed Above A Chaotic Past Available In Hardcover And X Paperback

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[PDF / Epub] ☉ Stepping Stones Author Unknown –
  • Stepping Stones
  • Unknown
  • 10 May 2019

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