Sweetness Celebrate The Sweet Spirit And Taste Of Southern Hospitality With Christy Jordan, The Voice Of Southern Cooking For A New Generation Sweetness Is A Memory Made In Our Grandmother S Kitchen Sweetness Is Nights On The Porch, Listening To The Old Stories Sweetness Is Welcoming Guests With An Open Heart And Food Sustaining Those Same Guests With Peach Buttermilk Pie Greeting The Kids And Their Friends After School With Chocolate Chip Dream Bars Sitting In The Shade With Neighbors And Cooling Down With Blushing Apple Juleps Pour Some For The Little Ones, Too There S No Alcohol Or Ending Dinner On The High Note Of A Chocolate Chess Pie, Because You Always Need A Little Something Sweet To Finish It Off, Whether A Meal Or A Day In Sweetness, Christy Jordan Shares Recipes For Sweet Things To Eat And Drink Recipes That Are Deeply Delicious, Rich With Tradition, Often Reaching Through Generations, And Designed With Today S Hectic Schedules In Mind Because Life Is Just Better When You Add A Little Sweetness I received an advance review copy of this book courtesy of Netgalley and Workman Publishing Company.I love cookbooks, and being from the south myself I m especially fond of cookbooks featuring southern recipes It s the type of food I m most familiar with it s what I was raised on, and what I ve fed my own family through the years.When I first saw the title of this particular cookbook, I was immediately reminded of my Great Grandmother Grandma Margie always had homemade sweets ready and waiting in case any of her grandkids and great grandkids stopped by to visit for a while Grandma always came outside to greet us the same way with joy on her face, and her arms opened wide, saying C mere so I can hug your neck Once we went inside the house, my eyes were inevitably drawn to the dining room, excited because I knew what I would see Two long tables, filled with every sweet treat a child could ever want, made by Grandma herself The love she put into making those cookies, brownies, fudges, and candies made them even sweeter to me, and I will forever cherish memories of those visits.It s appropriate to share this beloved memory in my review, because in addition to the many yummy recipes, Jordan has sprinkled in several sweet memories of her own, along with the encouragement to appreciate the sweetness in life Sometimes, we get so busy living life that we don t always remember to stop and smell the roses to take a moment to be grateful for what we have in this life, and the loved ones we share it with each day There is always something sweet to cherish, and I was reminded of many cherished memories of my own as I read hers.As far as the recipes themselves, there were extremely few that I didn t want to try out myself They all sound SO good, and if the photos of the finished treats don t make your mouth water, nothing will There are also many tips for example, simple ways to decorate a cake that are quite useful to know.This would be a fantastic addition to anyone s cookbook library, and with Christmas right around the corner, it s a great time to try your hand at making some of these luscious sweets This book is all about dessert yum It still has some of the layout issues of her last book, although not as bad We re always happy with her recipes Originally published on my blog, In the Stacks you have a natural sweet tooth or just occasionally need something sweet to satisfy a craving, we all have a place in our homes well, in our stomachs for a little sweetness.Christy Jordan s new cookbook Sweetness has plenty of recipes that would help fill that place in an instant.From cakes to cookies to milkshakes and beyond, you re bound to find something you re itching to make As I was going through the recipes, I found myself so excited at all the possibilities of what I could make Everything looks and sounds so delicious.But when I came to one particular recipe, I knew I couldn t pass it up Funnel Cake You know, that delicious doughey concoction they serve at amusement parks and special events How could I pass up an opportunity or, excuse to make this in my very own home.Funnel Cake p.208 To my pleasant surprise, Funnel Cake is incredibly easy to make It involves a few ingredients, all of which are common and can easily be found at your local grocery store or, if you bake with any regularity, probably just in your pantry.It took a bit of trial and error to get the cooking time just right neither under nor over cooked but by the end I was pretty darn good if I say so myself.You can put whatever you want on top, but I used whipped cream and fresh strawberries, which made for an absolutely scrumptious treat, let me tell you When I posted the above picture on my Facebook, there were calls for me to host a Funnel Cake party.While I was very happy with how that recipe turned out, I should also mention that I tried another recipe that didn t go quite so well I made S Mores Muffins, which sounded great chocolate and marshmallows, what could go wrong But unfortunately, I found them very bland and won t be making them again.All in all, this is a really cool cookbook There s a huge variety of desserts and tasty treats to choose from, and most seem to be pretty straightforward I definitely recommend picking this one up if you re looking for some sweet Southern recipes I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I haven t had a cookbook move me to tears before, until now Christy Jordan to not only put together a book that is drool worthy because it s so good, but one that moves your heart as well I miss my Grandmother very much, among other people Jordan s book is full of memories of family While they aren t my memories, they are able to easily cause nostalgia and memories of my own to come to the surface very quickly She s correct about why we cook some of the things we cook The recipes are awesome I did know some of them, others I can t wait to try Cakes, pies, and pastries are what I m good at in the kitchen So very many recipes in this book are just waiting to be made, and to create memories with This book is well worth reading, and not just for the recipes My copy came from Net Galley I was not required to leave a review, I do so of my own free volition My thoughts and opinions are my own I will be buying this book, and hopefully copies as gifts I highly recommend it. Oh my goodnesswhere do I begin This book is aptly titled as it practically oozes with Southern sweetness It is filled with good old fashioned recipes that I remember enjoying as a child but have forgotten many of them I cannot wait to revisit and remake these recipes as I was quite the little baker in my childhood and enjoyed being in the kitchen with my mother and grandmothers The recipes are not complicated and the ingredients should be easily found in any grocery The author provides great tips and shares many memories of her childhood that trigger many memories of my own And the pictures, well they just brought a smile to my face as many of the recipes were photographed in vintage bakeware, serving dishes and placed on vintage tablecloths I think I may have gotten a little younger while reading this book I highly recommend this book for anyone who is nostalgic for older, forgotten recipes and memories of years gone by It would also make a great gift My thanks to the publisher, author and NetGalley for providing a digital copy of this book for review. Jordan s stories about her Alabama kin are always heart warming, and these recipes read like a southerner s family reunion menu You always know what you are getting with Christy Jordan I followed her Southern Plate blog before she published her first cookbook and wished I had someone like her when I found myself exiled from the Carolinas in the eighties I could have cooked my way out of homesickness Genuine to a fault, these recipes, despite a few repetitive ones, are superior to those in her other books. Perfect cookbook for anyone looking to start their own holiday traditions or someone that participates in bake sales or potlucks Wonderful gift for a new bride Clear concise recipes with beautiful pictures in each category I ve tried a few and added them to my holiday list Great present for the new or busy cook I received an advance copyit s a definite buy. One of the best baking cookbooks I ve read and believe me I ve read many I really enjoyed all the family stories she shared about each recipe If you re a peanut butter cookie fan definitely give her recipe a try, you will not be disappointed So delicious Book with the wait I pre ordered this book and was excited to see it on my tablet tonight I love reading the recipes, tips and family stories It was definitely worth the wait to receive this cookbook I can t wait to try some of the wonderful sounding recipes

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sweetness book, this is one of the most wanted Christy Jordan author readers around the world.

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