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Wicked BondNOW LIVE US Barnes Noble 4.5 StarsI feel like I ve been waiting for Bridger s book for forever He s been that character since book one that you just can t get your mind off of because he s so mysterious The second we were introduced to him I was already coming up with theories in my mind on how his book would be and then trying to calm myself down from getting too excited about it I didn t want to have my hopes way up only to have them crash down.I should have known, though, that Bridger would have the absolute best book in this series and that there was no way I could be disappointed This book sucked me in from the very first page and I couldn t believe how captivated I became I knew this book would bring the sexiness, that was no surprise What did shock me, was the sweetness that was in this story Bridger s pain broke my heart, and then seeing him so caring with Maggie shattered it in a completely different way It was amazing how different he was once he opened up and let himself feel than is past hurts I wanted nothing than to just hold him close and make everything okay for me Maggie was his game changer, the one that had Bridger seeing life differently and thinking of bigger things I loved her for him and they made the perfect couple in my opinion Where he was rough, she was soft and when he was quiet she was there to pull him out of his shell The way their differences were written made this story enthralling and I m actually sorry I devoured it as fast as I did because I never wanted to see it end It s really sad to see this series go because I ve loved the journey Sawyer Bennett brought us on with these characters, but it had the perfect finish If you re looking for a sexy series with a lot of heart, then this is the one for you ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 5 soaring Dove stars Since I met Bridger Payne in Wicked Fall the first book in The Wicked Horse series I have been on tender hooks waiting for HIS story and I had a feeling Ms Bennett was going to make us wait until the final book in the series and she did not disappoint.With each book we have gotten insight into Bridger the mysterious quiet at times scary owner of The Wicked Horse and The Silo Bridger is the go to guy when his friends want to have some kinky fun with their ladies and he is always there for anyone who is in trouble or needs help, that s how Maggie comes into his life she needs a safe haven and she is left in his care.When Maggie is dumped at Bridger s home she is unconscious and a bloody mess after being tortured Bridger takes care of her making sure she gets all the care and rest she needs while she recuperates When Maggie tells Bridger what her life has been like, why she ran and is now in hiding he is determined he is going to protect Maggie and her family.Maggie makes Bridger feel things he thought he could never feel or could never do and this scares him This being Bridger of course the sex is sizzling and tender at the same time Maggie is the perfect match for Bridger these two are my favourite couple from The Wicked Horse series.Bridger s childhood broke my heart with everything he went through thank god he found Woolf and Adrian I would never have thought that Bridger would turn into such a teddy bear he just needed the right woman to enter his life and that was Maggie.WOW the epilogue made me cry I found it so emotional I found this to be very emotional, very sexy and the suspense had me gripped Wicked Bond is a perfect conclusion to The Wicked Horse series, I am sad that another series has come to an end.ARC provided by Season Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review and it was my pleasure for Bridger I this MAN 4.5 Enigmatic StarsReview Vanilla Spice BooksI think everybody who started this series and loved it was intrigued by the character who would have an appearance in every single book The enigmatic, wise beyond years Bridger, the owner of The Silo, who had a roughness about him yet offered kindness in the most unexpected moments I was intrigued by his demons from the start, you never learned what they were, only saw the way they worked him Until now When an aquaintance drops an injured, beat up woman at his place everything in Bridger says no way, Jos But never being one to refuse innocent people a helping hand he agrees to letting her stay under his protection.Maggie is the victim of the jealousy of an old lady She gave birth to a daughter whose father is the president of a one percenter MC Not wanting to expose her child to the life of an outlaw motorcycle club and being the property of her father she escaped one day and hid her daughter When she was captured again she was tortured by Zeke, the president and his old lady Kayla When she awakes from almost being killed by Kayla the first person she sees is Bridger He offers her his protection and gives her a place where she can feel safe As it always is when you live with somebody in close space you get to know them Bridger, true to his trade, is a very sexual person so it doesn t take long until both of them give in to their desire for each other Soon, Maggie finds herself wishing for than the physical but will she be able to tear down the walls Bridger has erected around his heart How can you fight demons you don t know From the start we know that Bridger was abused by his stepmother as a teenager The things she did to him were horrible and that leaves scars on the soul of a decent man and it s a testament to the strength of our hero that he has stayed an inherently decent man Neverthelesslove is for idiots and trust is for foolsIt was fascinating to get a good view into the aloof Bridger, seeing him doing mundane things like make toast and failing for Maggie He is the person who gets things done, and if he needs to use sex with a man for it he ll do just that Enjoy it, however, he does not It s all the same to him, woman, man, sex is only a way for him to blank out for a moment and escape his darknessI could probably engage in a focused chess match as I was ploughing someone, able to stealthily checkmate my opponent while getting my rocks offThat darkness and how it impedes him and his emotional life is heartbreaking The way he tortures himself over not being able to give Maggie what he wants had me hurting for him He sometimes is callous with her when his walls start to crumbleI m a shameful, heartless fuck, no doubt, but I m also selfish as I mentionedOn the other hand it was lovely to see him finding out that he was actually good with kids When he was with Belle, our heroine s daughter, it was lovely and adorable Bridger is a fascinating and bottomless pit of contradictions and I love that while he doesn t lose his edge he becomes a better and softer version of himself I have to say I did Maggie wrong in the beginning I thought she d be a needy and weak heroine but it didn t last long and soon she showed a strong backbone There is a lot of kindness in that woman but also resilience and pride and when the time for grovelling comes she gives Bridger a run for his money She also has a traumatizing past yet never let it break her Her strength is fortified by her little girl We get to see most of the past main characters and of course Woolf, Bridger s best friend, has a lot of page time It was lovely to reconnect with him and remember why I loved him so much in his own book He gives it to his best friend straight, filterless, when Bridger makes a mess of thingsbut don t make me do your dirty work for you Man the fuck up, BridgerI had an inkling that this installment would be the most emotional in the series and it really was I hope we ll meet some of the characters of this series in other books as we have with others They have grown on me and I am sad to let them go Maggie was an endearing heroine and loved how she was with Bridger Bridger was everything I hoped for Sawyer Bennett did Bridger s story justice. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Bridger Payne..you are officially my favorite Wicked Horse character It is a bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to the Wicked Horse Series but Sawyer Bennett has truly worked her sex, love, magic ways as we bid adieu to the Silo and Wicked Horse cast with one unforgettable book Bridger he makes me think of sex in a completely different way Not as a tool or even a burden, but in a way that makes me think it can be sensual, decadent , and mutually satisfying A foreign concept for sure, but I still fantasize about it anyway There is a saying, save the best for last and that s what Sawyer Bennett did Wicked Bond was a sexy suspenseful read that was layered with a multifaceted of raw emotions This book was gritty It was intoxicating It was wicked It was erotic But most importantly, it was consuming If you are familiar with the previous books of this series, then you are all aware that the series centers mostly on sex, kink, and sexual exploration Yes, Wicked Bond has sizzling erotic scenes but it was on the soft and tame side compared to the previous books Bridger Payne has always been the character that I was so curious about ever since we were introduced to his character in the first book I wanted to know who really is Bridger Payne and why Sawyer saved him for last Bridger Payne is a complex and enigmatic character He doesn t say much and yet you are drawn to his raw brooding personality His domineering and sexual presence demands our attention and boy oh boy did he have my full attention.After a night working at the Silo, Bridger comes home to relax and forget his past but is interrupted when an acquaintance drops off a brutally battered young woman at his doorstep.When Eric informs Bridger that this woman needs to be kept hidden and her life is in danger, Bridger agrees to take her in since he knows what it is like to be helpless and desperate for help She swallows down the head of my cock and the mouthful of cum She swallows my fucking soul When Maggie Waylon awakes from her injuries, she is surprise to see that her wounds, scars, and broken ribs have been patched up It is then she informs Bridger on what truly happened to her and why she is fearful for her safety As Maggie recuperates in Bridger s home, she can t help but fall for Bridger His kindness and attention was something that Maggie never had experienced For the first time in her life, she craved a man s touch And she wanted Bridger Payne As she tried so hard not to fall for him, she couldn t and the same could be said for Bridger as well Bending down, I place my mouth on hers, giving her a kiss that says how much I love the feel of her under me around me I tell her from the depths of the kiss that she is amazing, gorgeous, and sexy, and she is rocking my world right this moment Maggie was like a forbidden fruit Her presence tempted him and sooner or later, he had to take a bite One taste was all it took for Bridger Payne to get addicted He knew once he crossed that line with Maggie it would be dangerous and deadly for his heart Maggie is well aware that Bridger has a past and his demons continues to plague and haunt him As she tries to break through his walls, will her love be enough to save him Will Bridger be able to open up to Maggie and let her in Can two damaged individuals find that bond that connects them Or will Bridger sever that wicked bondThe sexual tension, chemistry, and raw emotions made the story of Maggie and Bridger a compelling and addictive read I loved that Sawyer Bennett saved Bridger s story last His story was a wild ride of emotions, grit, love, and sex Sawyer Bennett is practically synonymous with romance that has a bite Her books are never ordinary love stories but instead they are stories that pushes readers tethering to the edge emotionally and physically but has a profound way of reining readers back in And Sawyer did that with Bridger as she slowly exposed layers of his past and demons Readers got to see the true Bridger Payne Bridger may be the owner of a sex club but that s not all that defines him And so in this sexy, gritty, and profoundly touching book, Sawyer Bennett will hold you hostage with her sinful prose on one last wild ride So are you ready to saddle up and venture off to the Silo with Bridger Payne Sawyer Bennett 5 starsI read the first book then jumped right on to the 5th book yes, i ll get to book 2,3 and 4 at some point but i was so intrigued by Bridger Payne from the get go What made this damaged, broken man treat sex so casually With no emotions, no passion and boy do we find out I expected this book to be a book i may put down at some point as Bridger is SUPER dirty and will most definitely have scenes with other women men it still did but colour me surprised I FREAKING LOVED him even He is so darn sweet and my heart melted so many times with the way he treated Maggie Although mainly a dirty read as the author proclaims herself this book was written so well and i might even go as far to say written with so much CLASS I LOVED how Maggie was his complete opposite in every way, yet they shared the same passion and i m glad this beautifully broken man truly met his match If you are into this series, i highly recommend this book It was an AMAZING read ARC provided by the publisher for an honest review WHAT A BOOK I LUVD IT I ve been dyin for this book since Wicked Fall the first book of this series when I got my first bit of Bridger he as alway been a quiet man but there has alway been something about him that had me wanting he would do anything for his friends an as throughout out this series an I just knew that this book was goin to b the best out of them al an Bridger is my favourite out of al these hot men an I m so gutted this series is finished there is a book that I ve not luvd Bridger Paine s life as had a lot of ups an downs an he went through a really horrible time when his Dad passed away an was left with his step mum but fast forward those horrible time an now he is the owner of The Wicked Horse an The Silo he wouldn t b where he is without Wolff his best friend an he would b lost without Bridger they make a great team but life as just gone a lil crazy for Bridger after Maggie bein put in his care she as been put through a lot an she is still in trouble an this is why Maggie was put in his care cause he will protect her no matter what an when Maggie finally opened up to him he wanted to protect her even Both Maggie an Bridger r quite similar but Bridger is a really dominant man an is into some very kinky stuff an when his feelings for Maggie start getting stronger he doesn t know how to deal with it he is use to taking what he wants when he wants it he doesn t do relationship he s never wanted to an he actually doesn t think he could after what happened to him but Maggie wants Bridger an she will make him see that they r so made for each other I was dyin for them to get together but Bridger past alway makes this hard an my heart breaks for both of them with out this book I was a lil shocked when I started reading this book I didn t think that Bridger would so so soft an gentle cause like I said he is quite a dominant character but I luvd getting to really know him in this book an see a different side to him I found I got so into this story both characters r just great an there stories really grabbed my heart an I didnt want them to hurt any they have been through enough It s a brilliant book an I would highly recommend this book it s the best in the series I couldnt get enough an iffy haven t read The Wicked Horse series do xxx ,,The final book in the Wicked Horse series is here.And I would be really sad about that, if it weren t for Bridger Bridger s story is the story we ve been waiting for since this series started He s had some very sick stuff happening to him when he was young and it still dictates his life today.He can only be okay when he has control about all things.He used to love his job in his sex club But all that stupid kink has been getting on his nerves for a while now.Just when he s thinking about some changes, Maggie is dropped in his lap Or rather on his couch.A suposedly undercover ATF agent got her out of the clutches of a biker gang, where she was tortured They wanted to know the whereabouts of someone very important to them, but Maggie would hide that person with her last breath.And now it s on Bridger to hide Maggie from the bad guys.Wouldn t be all that hard if he weren t so horribly attracted to her.He doesn t do attracted He doesn t do serious What the hell is he supposed to do with Maggie and the person she s hiding His life is complicated enough as it is WHAT WiLL HAPPEN TO BRIDGER MAGGIE WiLL THE TWO OF THEM GET THEiR HEA I m not telling you that of course Ugh, finally Bridger s book I kind of had the secret hope he would end up falling for a boy and a girl and they would all live happily ever after But Bridger is not gay or bi He just doesn t have anything against doing stuff with guys if it suits him in that moment.But now that Maggie lives with him he s horribly in lust and also horribly confused.I loved those two together.The way Maggie instinctually trusts Bridger.They re so adorable together.I really enjoyed this last book in the series WICKED RIDE was a wickedly beautiful erotic Romance Suspense, hot sex, a very adorable amazing hero heroine..what does a great story need Run to your nearest to buy yourselves some Bridger 4.5 Stars ARC provided by author Bridger Payne is a man deeply damaged by his past He s complex, mysterious, an enigma to those around him He lives in Jackson, Wyoming owns a bar called The Wicked Horse a sex club that s attached called The Silo He needs the outlet the sex club provides him He was conditioned at an early age to relate pleasure to pain He makes fantasies happen offers his services to anyone at the club needing his expertise Women everywhere want him, but no one can have him This sexy, gorgeous man is untouchable He s comfortable with who he is, but likes his world full of order He likes to be in total control doesn t believe in love or happily ever afters He has issues with trust often comes across as intimidating and withdrawn Bridger lives in a cabin on the Double J property He s a bit of a loner keeps to himself His whole life is turned upside down when a friend brings an unconscious woman to his home asks him to hide her care for her She s in danger and doesn t have any other options He knows what it s like to feel helpless be in a horrible situation, so he can relate to this woman Her name is Maggie Waylon she s an innocent woman who got caught up in something bad.Bridger begins to have feelings that scare him as he cares for Maggie gets to know her better He s never felt a connection to a woman He s messed up in the head when it comes to intimacy, doesn t know how to handle how he s feeling He doesn t like the unknown I m not sure what makes this different from any other woman I ve been with, but for the first time, I get a pure thrill from the simple intimacy of kissing He feels a strong bond with Maggie they are extremely attracted to one another He knows what it feels like to feel unprotected, alone, completely at someone else s mercy He just wants to help her heal make her feel safe The time they spend together the closer they get soon Maggie begins seeing a softer side to Bridger He s kind has such a big heart, but he still tries to keep it locked up tight Maggie is quickly falling hard for her hero Can Bridger be with her or will his demons from his past own him forever I have been waiting for Bridger s story since I first started this series He was the main one I wanted He s damaged but such a beautiful person with such a huge heart Anytime anyone needed help he was there I m so glad I finally got his story, that he found someone who could open his heart help heal all his broken pieces Loved this book so much Bridger Payne Is An Enigma That No One Can Figure Out Wise Beyond His Years, Eerily Intuitive And Sexy As Hell, Every Woman In The Silo Wants Him None Can Have Him Not The Real Man, Anyway He Might Wield The Lash For You If You Ask Prettily, But He Ll Get No Gratification From It He Ll Definitely Make You Scream, But He Won T Think Twice About You When He Walks Away Bridger Carries The Darkest Of Secrets He S Filled With Too Much Pain He S Utterly Untouchable Until She Came Along Definitely worth the wait Finally we get Bridger Payne s story And if it is the last book in this wickedly hot series, it ended with the series hottest, most interesting character the one who jumped off the pages in the first book Wicked Fall and kept cropping up in each successive book usually to give some sage advice and or to participate in a sexcapade Bridger Bridger the owner of the sex club called The Silo meets his match in Maggie, a woman in trouble who is practically dumped on his doorstep Maggie s been abused tortured is like it and is hiding her most precious possession from a scuzzy biker dude Zeke who she regretfully had a relationship with Maggie hasn t always made the best choices in life, but recently she s had a real reason to pull herself up by her bootstraps and turn her life around But how is she going to escape the clutches of the head of Mayhem s Mission With Bridger s help and protection, of course Maggie To make a long story short, Maggie and Bridger end up falling for each other, but Bridger s horrific past stands in their way While Maggie definitely has some baggage, Bridger has triple the baggage and doesn t even think he deserves happiness His ideas about sex and intimacy are all messed up due to some heartbreaking physical and sexual abuse as a young teen by a person who he should ve been able to trust Reading about this just about broke my heart, and explained so much about why Bridger needed the control he had at The Silo But while Maggie trusted Bridger enough to explain about her less than stellar past, Bridger had a hard time opening up all the way to Maggie He was ashamed, and wondered if Maggie could understand about what he felt he needed to deal with his emotional demons.I loved the patience that Maggie showed with Bridger Granted, she didn t have much in her life and it was no hardship taking the little bit that Bridger was capable of giving, but it must ve been frustrating waiting for him to get his act together Luckily he had a good friend and confidant Father Adrian that he turned to when his relationship was on the brink.I loved Bridger s big heart Yep, he had problems in his own life that he needed to resolve, but as in previous books, he was always there to help others I m glad that his friends came through for him when he needed it.Of course the sex sceneswe re talking Bridger here No need to go into detail here, but ohwhen he was finally able to get past his hang ups Whew Where s my fan Now is this the end of the series I don t know There is another character Ted a fantasy maker at The Wicked Horse who might rate a story He seems like a good guy and is interesting enough But if SB ends with Bridger, I ll be satisfied This was one hot, very kinky series, but as always with Sawyer Bennett, you get some darn good writing and plenty of detailed characterization So it s not all one sexcapade after another plenty of good story here.5 smokin stars

Since the release of her debut contemporary romance novel, Off Sides, in January 2013, Sawyer Bennett has released multiple books, many of which have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.A reformed trial lawyer from North Carolina, Sawyer uses real life experience to create relatable, sexy stories that appeal to a wide array of readers From new adult

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