Torn Thread

Torn ThreadIt Is June , In Bendin, Poland Twelve Year Old Eva Has Been Hiding In An Attic With Her Papa As Nazi S Ravage What Was Once Her Safe, Comfortable Town Now The Store Windows Are Boarded Up And Nazi Signs Warn Against Buying Goods From Jewish Merchants Three Weeks Ago, Her Sister Rachael Was Snatched From The Street By German Soldiers And Forced To Work In A Nazi Labor Camp In Czechoslovakia Tonight, To Save Eva From Certain Death In Auschwitz, Papa Tells Her He Is Sending Her, Voluntarily, To The Labor Camp Where Her Sister Is Imprisoned There The Girls Must Live Out The War Years As Prisoners, Making Clothing And Blankets For The Nazis How The Girls Find The Strength And Courage To Keep Going Under These Extraordinary Circumstances Makes For A Moving And Unforgettable Story

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Torn Thread book, this is one of the most wanted Anne Isaacs author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
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  • Torn Thread
  • Anne Isaacs
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  • 09 July 2019
  • 9780590603638

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    Torn Thread By Anne Isaacs tells the story of Eva, a young Jewish girl from Bedzin, Poland In the beginning, 12 year old Eva is living in a Jewish ghetto with her father and her older sister Rachel When Rachel is taken by Nazi soldiers, her father uses the connections from his job to find out that she has been sent to a labor camp in Parschnitz, Czechoslovakia He asks for Eva to be sent there as well, because then he ll know that she s safe with her sister, and she ll be less likely to be killed if the Nazis need her to work She soon finds that she s certainly no safer in the camp than in the ghetto Here, she has to combat hunger, long work days, sickness, and lack of basic care She also has her sister Rachel s health to worry about Rachel had always been sickly, and the poor conditions were making it even worse for her Somehow, Eva finds the strength to keep her faith and struggle through her life in the camp I found this book very interesting People usually learn about the Holocaust on a large scale, since so many people were killed When they do hear personal accounts, it s usually about the worst camps, like Auschwitz This book gives a lot of insight about the lives of young Jewish girls in a labor camp, where they were kept alive, but just barely It tells the true story of people living on the brink of life and death, and how some people persevered, while others gave in, willingly or otherwise I rated this book a 4 out of 5 It seems like it would be a depressing read, but it really makes you appreciate all the basic things in life, like food, medicine, and kindness, that these girls were being deprived of I was sort of wondering throughout the book whether this was a true story or not My favorite part of the book was the epilogue, where it explains that Eva got married and moved to Canada, and that Eva s son, Smuel is married to the author of this book 184 The fact that it s a true story about the author s mother in law just made the book seem a lot real to me I always picture the Holocaust as a long gone part of history, but the story of its survivors is still not over yet for some.

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    This book is based on what happened to two Polish sisters during the Holocaust Eva, 12, is the youngest of the sisters and joins her sickly sister Rachel at a camp after her father s request to Rachel was captured during a raid by the Nazis while in a Jewish ghetto and taken to the Nazi labor camp Eva s father has some influence with the Nazis and finds out Rachel is safe and decides Eva will be safer there than in the ghetto The sisters work in a textile mill with dangerous machines, mostly unsympathetic guards, and horrible working conditions They go through unspeakable hardships that will move readers to tears It moved me to tears anyways The story is full of heart ache, bravery, and simply survival in an unlikely place This would be a great book for any teen or adult to read while studying World War II or just to have a book to read The writer connects Eva, the main character, to the reader as well as the other characters An obvious way to promote this would be to include it in a World War II display or just a display of war stories Tremendous courage and growth occurs in both of the sisters lives as they are always trying to stay alive for just one hour, their father s advice Voya codes5Q, 4P, M,J,S

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    This book is so amazing and sad I really liked it It s horrible what hittler sent out to do I hope that this would nenver happen, ever People say that when your young life your life to the fullist,play have fun and enjoy your self because when your older you can t because you have to work and have many responsibilities to take on But in this book it wasnt like that 12 year old Eva and her sister Rachel had to work in a nazi labor camp It s horrible what they had to do there They weren t even feed well I really like this book.

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    The book was about a girl named Eva and her older sister named Rachel At the begining of the book, Eva and her sister live with their father in a Jewish ghetto in Poland during World War II where they struggle to survive , living in a small attic with small rations Rachel has weak lungs and a weak immune system which affects her for the worst through the entire book One day, as Rachel is walking to their Aunt and Uncle s house, she is taken by the Nazi s in a raid and sent to a labor camp A few days later, Eva s father arranges for her to go to the same camp that her sister is being held at and she is soon re united with her sister As the weeks and months pass at the camp Rachel goes through sickness after sickness, and Eva somehow makes good relations with the camp leader Frau Hawlik Eventually the Russians close in on the town The Nazis evacuate, shut the water and all food to the camp and things at the camp become desperate Eventually the Russains restore things back to normal, but Eva and her sister find out that her father died.

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    Torn Thread was an excellent book Because of its detail and description, readers were able to comprehend what was occurring during the second World War and the scars it left on many peoples lives Torn Thread is about a young girl, Eva, and her fight at a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia to save not only herself, but her sick and slowly dying sister, Rachel On top of that, she must walk until she collapses due to orders from the Nazis and produce uniforms for the German army Further, the food rations are low and Eva needs to find a way for both her and her sister to maintain their health and live to see their Papa after their liberation Personally, I would recommend this book to people who can handle emotion evoking scenes and those who may be interested in learning about the Holocaust Overall, Torn Thread was an exceptional book and I would totally recommend you read it.

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    Torn Thread by Anna Isaacs, is a book that takes place in a work camp located in Czechoslovakia The two main characters, Eva and her little sister Rachel, must find a way to stay alive for one hour as her father told Eva to do All the characters in the book are believable because they are based off of real people that really existed The setting and plot may not be authentic, but the author makes the reader believe that it is This first person narration has a wonderful design and style The reader gets to see what it was like for Jews in a work camp during WWII Torn Thread has themes of love, friendship, and survival that hooks the reader till the very end I would recommend this book to an older audience, but overall is a fantastic book.

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    Very sad, but based on author s mother in law s real life holocaust experience Hard to determine how much was fact and how much was fiction, but certainly a troubling time It seemed to end just a bit abruptly I would have been interested in details on what happened to the characters in the months after the war ended.

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    This book was way better than I thought it was going to be It was full of suspense and I wanted to keep on reading everyday This story was about a family and one girl, Rachel, was taken by nazi s and forced to a camp Then Eva her sister went to the camp to help her stay alive, and after many rough challenges they managed to be liberated I liked this book and would recommend you read it.

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    I think I got this book months ago because it was mentioned in another holocaust book I read It is shelved as juvenile fiction at my library, but no way would I want a juvenile grandchild of mine to read it The vocabulary level may be middle school but the subject matter is adult It is about the terrible treatment of women and young Jewish girls sent to a German labor camp in Czechoslavakia to spin thread on dangerous machinery to make blankets and uniforms for the German army The description of a death march that passed the Parschnitz barracks during the night as the Russian army was closing in on Germany in the spring of 1945 was particularly harrowing.

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    If I were to save my family from a fire, the next thing I would grab is this book and someone named Eva, another book I fell in love with this book, and was tempted to steal it from the library along with someone named Eva Love Love love this book It is just so sad and heartbreak, the last couple of chapters were nail biting, when we didn t know if Rachel was going to live.I can t Just read this book.

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