Summer Switch (Freaky Friday)

Summer Switch (Freaky Friday)In The Andrews Family, Wishing You Were Someone Else Can Have Serious Consequences Twelve Year Old Benjamin Ape Face Andrews Must Learn This The Hard Way When, About To Board A Bus For A Dreaded Sports Summer Camp, He Wishes He Could Change Places With His High Flying Executive Father He Doesn T Know It, But At That Very Moment, His Dad Wishes He Were The One Going To Summer Camp Instead Of Ape Face In An Instant, Ape Face Finds Himself In His Dad S Shoes Literally But Can A Twelve Year Old Handle A Business Meeting With A Boss Nicknammed The Killer Cream Puff Can His Dad Survive Summer Camp And Will They Ever Be Themselves Again

Mary Rodgers was an accomplished author, screenwriter and composer Her first book Freaky Friday won several prizes, and was cited on the ALA Notable Book list She composed many musicals, and had also amassed credits in television and radio She had served as Chairman of the Board of the Julliard School and on the Board of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

[Reading] ➸ Summer Switch (Freaky Friday) By Mary Rodgers –
  • Hardcover
  • 185 pages
  • Summer Switch (Freaky Friday)
  • Mary Rodgers
  • English
  • 21 October 2018
  • 9780060250591

10 thoughts on “Summer Switch (Freaky Friday)

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    A follow up to the original Freaky Friday this time with the son and father switcheroo, but doesn t hold up as well as the original source material.

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    This book caught my eye because of the amazing Edward Gorey artwork on the cover When I picked it up I had no idea that 1 Freaky Friday was based on a book and 2 that book was part of a series.I m amazed that this book was at one time considered appropriate for children, not just because of the frank portrayal of homophobia If you ever need a reason to support political correctness, look at how this book from 1982 reflects a society where it s normal for camp counselors to vitriolically call their campers faggots but because it makes constant use of esoteric vernacular, subtle descriptions, and ten dollar words To add to that, many of the references in this book are terrifically dated I think the average 5th grader will get the gist of the book but much of the truly clever elements will go over their head I think the reason this book isn t considered young adult is because at the time of its publication the concept as we know it wasn t established in mainstream literature.Anyway, it s worth a read for the unique and lively writing style that the author uses The story is good but really not the selling point, for me at least.

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    After discovering the much recent Freaky Monday which itself has no connection story wise to the three earlier books , I decided to go back to the others The original Freaky Friday and it s initial film adaptation remain childhood favorites and the second book, A Billion For Boris, was good fun This one was not While the premise can work, and I certainly like the idea of stretching it into a few days rather than a singular one, it didn t have the same spirit Neither character attempts to explain to the mom or daughter what has happened doing so would save the book from its most painfully bad parts and might have spurred the story into new directions as the once flipped Mom Daughter try to cover for and aid the currently flopped Dad Son.

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    I don t like this one as much as the first two in the series I think maybe Annabelle is just a interesting character than Ape Face is Plus this one jumps back and forth between him and their father s perspective, so that takes some getting used to I m not really a fan of duel perspective books Still, once I got into it, the story s pretty entertaining I d like to see if they ve made a movie out of this one too, because that would probably be pretty cute.

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    I really want to read this book since it is somewhat similar to Freaky Friday except its with males now.

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    i read it for school, had a few funny parts

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    Predictable, over used plot Basically this is the male version of Freaky Friday.

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    Now you can see what would happen to the other side of the Andrews family when father and son switch.

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