Fields of Asphodel

Fields of Asphodel After A Life Of Misdemeanors, Lee Had Hoped That Death Would Bring An End To Things Instead, He Awakens Into A Very Bad Place Full Of Cold Weather, Strange Tortures, And Some Of History S Most Hapless People His One Consolation An Opportunity To Chase Down His Beloved Wife Who Had Preceded Him In Death A Few Years Before He Had Contrived His OwnEquipped With His Walking Cane, A Book Of Matches, A Pair Of Pretty Good Shoes, And A Tourist Brochure, He Makes Slow Progress Through A Landscape That Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To The America That He Thought He Had Left BehindPerdue Has Been Compared To Writers From Faulkner To Beckett, And In Fields Of Asphodel We Are Reintroduced To One Of Our True Literary Talents And To Leland Pefley, A Truly Powerful Fictional Creation It s a good thing I find snooty literature funny, because this book is nothing but pretentious Lee is an absolute ass self involved, deluded by his own sense of worth, and demanding Everything and everyone is beneath him, he feels He s such an absolute jerk that I find him hilarious he knows he s being an ass, but just doesn t care I guarantee that a lot of people would start this novel and absolutely hate it The thing is, I find disgruntled old men funny, and I also understand and share Lee s exasperation with the decline of literature in America, though not to his extent frankly, as long as people read, I m happy, even if it is Twilight I guess I have to believe that to avoid being a hypocrite, because along with serious literature, I also read Star Wars novels and old 70s sci fi I enjoyed this book because, like Lee, I love ancient Greek mythology I also love wastelands and allegory I have strange passions Asphodel, the realm of the underworld for indifferent souls, seems to be cunningly paired with America in this novel whether it s related to society or business or government I didn t love this book to pieces, but I did get some enjoyment out of it Responsibility had always rested with amazing lightness upon his own particular shoulders indeed, as one who cared nothing for people, he felt no weight at all If this sentence makes you laugh, you ll like this book. As always, Tito Perdue does not disappoint Along with Tom Wolfe, the best living writer in the US.

Tito Perdue was born in 1938 in Chile, South America where his father, an Alabama native, was employed as an electrical engineer with the Braden Copper Company Returning to the United States in 1941, his family settled in Anniston, Alabama, remaining there until his father s employer relocated to St Louis in 1955 In 1956 Tito graduated from Indian Springs School, a private academy located south

[PDF] ✓ Fields of Asphodel By Tito Perdue –
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Fields of Asphodel
  • Tito Perdue
  • English
  • 01 November 2018
  • 9781585678716

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