A Small Revolution

A Small Revolution In This Powerful, Page Turning Debut, Jimin Han Deftly Shows That Revolutions Whether Big Or Small, In The World Or Of The Heart Can Have An Impact That Lasts Through Time And Spans The OceansOn A Beautiful Pennsylvania Fall Morning, A Gunman Holds College Freshman Yoona Lee And Three Of Her Classmates Hostage In The Claustrophobic Confines Of Their Dorm Room The Desperate Man With His Finger On The Trigger Yoona S Onetime Friend, Lloyd Kang Is Unraveling After A Mysterious Accident In Korea Killed His Closest Friend, Jaesung, Who Was Also The Love Of Yoona S LifeAs The Tense Standoff Unfolds, Yoona Is Forced To Revisit Her Past, From Growing Up In An Abusive Household To The Upheaval In Her Ancestral Homeland To Unwittingly Falling In Love She Must Also Confront The Truth About What Happened To Jaesung On That Tragic Day, Even As Her Own Fate Hangs In The BalanceThrough Scenes Of Political Upheaval And Protests In South Korea, Spirited Conversations In Cramped Dumpling Houses, And The Quiet Moments That Happen When Two People Fall In Love, A Small Revolution Is A Moving Narrative Brimming With Longing, Love, Fear, And Ultimately Hope

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 209 pages
  • A Small Revolution
  • Jimin Han
  • English
  • 12 May 2019

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    I read an advanced copy To say it s haunting would be an understatement I haven t been able to stop thinking about the characters The only negative about this book is that I couldn t put it down I stayed up all night reading and was useless the next day Yes, this for me, is the Breaking Bad of books You can t stop until you get to the end and then you re so sad that it s over.Word of advice to readers Don t start reading at night unless you can sleep in the next day I want

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    This books opens with a tense situation, four college women are being held hostage by Lloyd Kang As the story unfolds, it goes back and forth between the hostage situation and the previous summer in South Korea where Yoona one of the hostages meets Lloyd and Jaesung.The story touches on a lot of powerful subjects political activism, domestic violence, gun violence, abortion, mental illness, young love, and stalking.Yoona s romance with Jaesung is sweet and a little unsettling Jaesung and Lloyd are friends who very much want to get involved in the political protests in South Korea, Yoona is reluctant and scared The book takes place in the mid 80 s, so when Yoona gets word that Jaesung has been killed in an accident, she wants information But how does that happen in the 80 s There s no internet, no YouTube, even international phone calls were complicated not to mention expensive So Yoona is left with microfiche in the library, and Lloyd s theories first person accounts.The book isn t very long, and as and gets revealed the tension really ratchets up I m glad I had a nice rainy afternoon that I could spend reading, I didn t want to put it down The characters in this book will stay with me for awhile.

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    Not necessarily bad but still pretty far from good I proudly DNF d..

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    The small revolutions make the way for the big ones The year is 1985 Yoona Lee, a Korean American, is a freshman at Weston College in Pennsylvania One fall morning her life is forever changed when a boy, Lloyd Kang, whom she met the summer prior on a trip to Korea, storms into her dorm room, holding her and three of her classmates hostage, claiming the boy Yoona fell in love with that summer, Jaesung, is in fact alive and being held by the North Korean leader As the standoff with Lloyd and the police ensues over a five hour period, Yoona revisits her life in an abusive household, the events in Korea, her growing romance with Jaesung, and her days with Lloyd leading up to the hostage situation.This was originally my Prime Kindle Pick for May 2017, but I was enjoying the profound narrative and was so enthralled by the thriller aspect that I felt compelled to support the author by purchasing a hard copy.Although a very short book, its 104 chapters take us back and forth in time with such ease I never felt confused or felt the need to return to previous chapters as if I were missing something.The thriller element kept the story fast paced and absorbing With Lloyd s dialogue written in only capital letters, the reader gets a sense of his intensity and seriousness while he tries to convince Yoona that everything she thought she knew was a lie And, as the story in the dorm room unfolds, Yoona begins to realize that Lloyd, also, may not be the young man she has come to know and trust Everyone has something, right We all have than we show the world I can t say there was any one thing in particular that kept this book from receiving a perfect star rating from me I do wish it had been longer or that it didn t end quite so abruptly It was as if the characters suddenly had an epiphany for action and then it was just over When I realized it was written in second person point of view, I was concerned but, Han made it work beautifully.I feel like this is a must read for fans of political conspiracy, historical fiction, romance elements and gripping characters to which you can relate While set in 1985 and specifically related to the events of the protests happening in South Korea at the time, it is most certainly relevant and could take the shape of current world events I ll find you Your words How certain you sounded We make such promises as if we know the future And we count on them as if words have power.

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    This is an amazingly urgent novel for one that spends so much time in the past I wouldn t have thought it could keep me on the edge of my seat like that, going between the immediate moment and elucidating like that, but it really does I couldn t stop reading, even if I d wanted to.

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    This was another Kindle First Book I thought it would be interesting, but to be honest, I found it repetitive and slow moving Every time I picked it up, I got sleepy So today, I am at about 68% and decided to give it up No, I haven t finished.

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    2.5 stars rounded down.As the blurb for this book indicates On a beautiful Pennsylvania fall morning, a gunman holds college freshman Yoona Lee and three of her classmates hostage in the claustrophobic confines of their dorm room The desperate man with his finger on the trigger Yoona s onetime friend, Lloyd Kang is unraveling after a mysterious accident in Korea killed his closest friend, Jaesung, who was also the love of Yoona s life.That clearly summarizes the entire plot for this novel In a somewhat convoluted style, we get the pieces of the puzzle as Yoona speaks to Jaesung in her mind while the ordeal proceeds In this narrative, she lays out all the events that lead up to the hostage situation and reveal the character of both Lloyd and Yoona, herself The beginning of the novel is very slow, and I considered bailing several times, but the second half moves quickly and carries weight In the end, It was neither a good nor a bad book.While it was apparent to me from the beginning that Lloyd was a pretty volatile creature, I failed to understand why Yoona did not make the connection Perhaps benefit of the doubt at first meeting, but really hard to explain how long she goes before she makes the commitment to his not being a very reliable source of information Even during the hostage situation itself, she shows signs of naivety that are astounding.Toward the end I did begin to feel the pressure of the situation on all the girls So, after a fairly detached and unemotional read, there was some emotional connection I think Jimin Han has talent as a writer and if you put this into the perspective of being a debut effort, it is quite well done This book was furnished to me by the author in return for a fair review.

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    Go read this book.I really don t know what to say that won t give something away.It s short and intense I read it in 3 hours.And now I need a serious palate cleanser, or this will linger with me for a week.Read this book

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    Esta novela comienza como las revoluciones, aparentemente de golpe pero conforme avanza a uno le queda claro que todo la historia, la revoluci n, el conflicto de los personajes ha comenzado mucho antes Yoona y sus amigas son tomadas en su campus universitario como rehenes por Lloyd, quien exige ver a Reagan y a los l deres de Corea del Sur y Corea del Norte a cambio de la libertad de las chicas Pero la seguridad de las chicas no depende de los l deres sino de la perturbada mente de Lloyd El secuestro es, sin embargo, el marco de otra historia m s Porque, mucho antes del secuestro, Yoona hab a sido enviada por sus padres a un intercambio que la pondr en contacto con sus ra ces coreanas, y es ah donde se ve envuelta en una historia de amor y un movimiento social en ciernes Volver al hogar, a Estados Unidos, no significa escapar a lo ocurrido sino, m s bien, enfrentarlo A Small Revolution es una novela de suspenso que narra una historia que hemos escuchado ya, pero tal vez no descubierto del todo.

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    A Small Revolution is about a college freshman, Yoona, who is being held hostage in her dorm room by her friend, Lloyd, whom she met in South Korea the previous summer Lloyd is convinced that their friend, Jaesung, who died in a car crash in Seoul, is still alive but being held prisoner by North Korea As the hostage situation unfolds, Yoona reflects back on the summer, her time with Lloyd and Jaesung, and the events leading up to the present.Frankly, I did not enjoy this novel The narrative style was difficult for me Yoona narrates the story in first person, but it s presented as a conversation between herself and Jaesung I think Han did this to make the story seem intimate, but it had the opposite effect for me I felt like Jaesung was nothing than a plot device and I never felt a connection to his character or understood why he was interested in Yoona The novel would have benefited from time spent on Yoona, Lloyd, and Jaesung s time in South Korea as it is, that part felt rushed whereas the second half of the novel seemed to drag The dialogue is also clunky at times, mainly when Lloyd is talking.There are some things that this novel does well Han is particularly good at capturing tense moments but in general, A Small Revolution was not an enjoyable read.

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