Renaud (Knights of Normandy Book 1)

Renaud (Knights of Normandy Book 1) The Year Of Our Lord Five Years After The Norman Invasion Of England, Most Saxons Have Learned To Abide By The Conquerors Rules, But Not All Pretty Saxon Girl, Cynwise Golderon, Detests The Arrogant Normans And Cannot Understand Why Her Elder Sister Wishes To Marry One Not Only That, But She Will Have To Live Alongside The Newly Married Couple In Their Stone Castle For Safety When She Encounters Sir Renaud De Clairvoy, The Groom S Brother, She Takes Pleasure In Riling Him, But It Only Ends Up With Her Over His Lap, Receiving A Sound Spanking By Order Of The King, Sir Renaud Takes Cynwise As His Bride, Seeking To Further Their Hold On England By Joining Saxon With Norman She Detests His Norman Heritage But Cannot Deny Her Attraction To Her Strong, Handsome Husband Renaud Thought To Marry A Fellow Norman And A Woman Less Spirited Than The Feisty Saxon Wench He Has Been Given He Must Tame Her Rebellious Nature, And The Best Way He Knows How Is With A Sound Spanking She Must Learn To Obey Him Or Accept The Consequences Will She Continue To Defy Him

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  • Renaud (Knights of Normandy Book 1)
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    Maryse had done it again I had a wonderful time reading this story great adventure to be had This is a great start to the serieslooking forward to the mating game between strong knights of old and equally sassy wives as they come together in a battle of wills I was given this stoy for a honest review.

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    I SUPPOSE I DO HATH A PENCHANT FOR GETTING INTO TROUBLEThe story is the beginning of a series where the Normans have conquered England, and King William rules the land When King William comes to the castle of Gerard de Clairvoy right after his marriage to Elfredia Golderon, he decides that Gerard s brother, Renaud, should marry, and the bride will be Efrieda s sister, Cynwise The plot is full of angst that has two people, Renaud and Cynwise, forced into a marriage by the King They neither wanted this but have no choice, if the King says you ll marry, then you will marry These two have a way of getting on each other s nerves, and it adds to the humor of the story What doesn t kill you, will make you stronger and maybe closer and in love Cynwise does all kinds of things to aggravate her husband, and not all are accidents The story does not end with a cliffhanger The de Clairvoy brothers are called into service by the King, and the next book will pick up from there.

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    I really enjoyed the time period of this book, before electricity, cell phones, etc The main characters are Renaud, a Norman and Cynwise, a Saxon, who are forced to marry, decreed by the Norman King Renaud had to resort to spanking his wife from the get go, as she is quite rebellious True love blossoms, it s a fun book to read I received this arc free for an honest review.

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    I enjoyed this book about Norman knights married to noble Saxon sisters As befitting eleventh century England the language wasn t what I m used to and the dialogue reminded me of Shakespeare I found the mix of modern narration and old English dialogue a bit awkward, but the story was worth reading The plot centers around the bitter Cynwise, who is forced to marry the dominant knight, Renaud, a few weeks after her older sister Elfreda happily married Renaud s older brother Sir Gerard Renaud accepts the marriage forced upon him, but won t put up with his wife s disrespect Cynwise purposely provokes him, even though she ends up sorry every time Cynwise develops affection for her husband in spite of herself but she continues to get herself in trouble often The playful banter between Renaud and Cynwise, as well as the brothers, was amusing and I grew to like all of them Meanwhile there are battles and social events as well as several other characters scattered throughout the plot to keep things moving and interesting This book has historical context, humor, romance, erotic scenes, danger, and suspense I highly recommend it for those who won t be bothered by the language.

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    I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.This story was a great story with a naughty heroine who can t seem to help but get into trouble and hero who s always willing and able to correct her for naughty behaviour I wouldn t necessary call this an erotic book so if you re looking for erotic spankings then I suggest you look elsewhere But there are plenty of spankings here as the heroine gets into quite a bit of trouble while dealing with her jealousies regarding another woman and her efforts to untangle herself from a former would be lover and other general mischief I rather liked reading about the reasons she dreamt up in order to earn herself a spanking However, I felt that, on the whole, the book was a bit short I wish there was of pretty much everything, mischief, romance, depth to the story, etc On a side note, the author uses some older styled language, like thee, thy, hath, etc in order to help place the reader in the time period As a bit of history nerd, I know it s not accurate language for the time period and was a bit hard to get past at first but in the end I felt it helped transport me back in time.

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    The story begins with 2 sisters that have been left due to their parents death by pox The oldest sister is Elfreda Golderon of noble Saxon birth and she is marrying Sir Gerard de Clairvoy a Norman Cynwise Golderon her sister is to stay with Elfreda after she marries Sir Gerard de Clairvoy Gerard s brother is Sir Renaud de Clairvoy Renaud and Cynwise do not get along well at all King William decrees that Renaud and Cynwise are to be married immediately Cynwise doesn t want to leave with her husband and he helps her see the error of her ways Cynwise is always in trouble and than a handfull for Renaud He mandates Norman rule and cynwise does not like the rules but he tries very hard to change the error of her ways I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    This new series was really enjoyable for a short read I have always loved this time period I have to admit I was feeling pretty bad for Cynwise at the beginning of the novel She is a Saxon lady and she already has to put up with the Normans that have invaded her land Now, against her will, she finds King William insisting that she be wed to a Norman knight named Renaud What is worse is that he has already spanked her for what he considers poor behavior She soon finds herself falling in love with her Norman Knight and yes he is often taking her to task But that is because Cynwise is a rather mischievous girl She is always disobeying her husband or purposely doing something that will get her into trouble with him She kinda like to play pranks I was very amused and I really enjoyed the book I really look forward to reading future books in this series.

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    Great start to this author s new series This book is a little short for my taste but it was an excellent way to be introduced to the characters that are going to be central to this series I did enjoy the main couple in this book Cynwise and Renaud, as they are fun, interesting and full of life I love that Cynwise continues to be feisty throughout the book even once she realizes that her butt will pay a price for her feistiness Renaud is a strong steady fellow that stays consistent throughout this book as he shows Cynwise his love I pulled for this couple as I was reading this book and cannot wait to continue their story throughout the series Please note, I received this book from the publisher in exchange for this my honest review.

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    This was certainly a unique read The author couples modern prose with old english syntax to give the reader an immersive yet relatable experience I found it easier to translate than Shakespeare, but a little difficult to read as quickly as I wanted to The plot itself is gripping You want Cynwise to get away with her pranks and best her challengers, but its equally thrilling when she is caught and faces consequence The relationship between Cynwise and her husband is sweet, and romantic But I love that his dominant guidance discipline doesn t diminish the gumption in her character You can t help but smile at her antics Marriage would certainly never be boring with Cynwise.

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    I enjoyed this sweet short story The Norman conquest of England in the early 11th century is the setting for the story of Renaud and Cynwise as they prove that there really is a fine line between love and hate His brother has married her sister and they are commanded by William the Conqueror to marry She continues to provoke him even after earning a spanking for her insults and he continues to take her in hand as they fight through treachery and battles to find their HEA I was provided an ARC copy by the publisher for an honest review.

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