Zayn I adore him even This is not a proper autobiography or a memoir.It was of pictures and thoughts of the moment kind of book Nothing much was mentioned regarding his life.It just talked about his new songs and album.A disappointing read. The only reason I want to read this is so I can see what he says about leaving one direction and his relationships with the guys afterwards Onedirectioner and proud over here. 5 5 stars.Look, I was never a big fan of One Direction In fact, I could never care enough to listen to any of their songs aside the ones I heard on the radio every now and then, and those couldn t convince me to give them a proper chance I knew who they were, but that s pretty much where it ended Thus, I did not know much about Zayn to begin with, not even as he released his first solo album But I love his music and ever since Mind of Mine s release, I have been listening to it on a daily basis no exaggeration here By now, I adore his music to the point where I can easily consider his debut album one of my all time favourites, and trust me, I have a lot of favourites But for some reason, I never considered Zayn to be what fandom Twitter would refer to as stan worthy This book changed that.I received Zayn s autobiography as a birthday gift from my friend we haven t been friends for long so at the time, I suppose she didn t know a lot about me and my likes aside from the fact I listen to Mind of Mine on a daily basis, which is probably the reason she got the book for me Since my friend is a die hard directioner and I, on the other hand, knew absolutely nothing about the band and the story of why Zayn left, I simply joined her in being mad at him for leaving for anti 1D reasons, as she believed.Well, I now know better.I cannot believe it took me this long to appreciate Zayn not only as an artist, but also as a person This book gave me an entirely new insight on the hows and whys and his side of the story, which is also the reason I will now shove this book into abovementioned friend s hands so she will read it and see the reasons he left were not anti 1D , but rather a process of self growth and care Oddly, I found myself relating to Zayn s inspirations, his aspirations and struggles than I ever thought I would and than I ever did with any other artist, coming from a Taylor Swift fan of almost eight years I also loved how brutally honest this book was, especially when it comes to the aspect of mental illnesses Trust me, it felt like a huge weight was being lifted off my shoulders when I read about Zayn s struggling with both anxiety and eating disorders, because I can personally relate to both and I was so relieved to see that things like this also happen to people so many look up to Illnesses like these are often undermined in today s society and sometimes even seen as something to aspire to, and it really hurts to see people viewing something that has made my life hell and that I still sometimes struggle with as something desirable, which is why it s so important for people especially people with such a huge audience to reach out to to speak up about mental health But also, this book was inspiring in every aspect, from the accompanying photography to the process of the album s creation being explained It reminded me why I love art in any forms so much and why I want to pursue it as a career in the future despite so many others discouraging me I m usually not the type to read non fiction because I used to think that it simply lacks the inspiration and motivation I find in novels, but well, this one here has changed my opinion I don t doubt that this is one of the books I can always resort to if I m looking for some inspiration or just some encouraging words whenever I need them, and I m convinced that this wasn t my last time reading it. Meh. One Direction changed the course of my life I m a mixed race, Muslim musician from Bradford And by a stroke of fate or luck, or whatever name you want to label it, I was blessed to spend five years in a band that had a hundred number one records, 100 million album sale, and gigs playing to around 10 million fans My name is Zayn Malik and this is my story You probably know Zayn Malik as the one who left One Direction But he is now a full time solo artist And everyone that knows me well knows I absolutely adore him always has, probably always will He is an amazing songwriter, singer and human being.In this book, he talks about so many different things, starting straightaway with the reasons he decided to leave the band He talks about how his life was with the band and how it is now He talks also a lot about music He gives us all those little stories behind each song of his amazing and so unique album But he also talks about his family, fashion, religion, health and also anxiety He goes into details and gives us the reasons he couldn t perform at Wembley, and I think that it was so important to write about this subject.It is a beautiful and well made book the photos are stunning and the writing is really good Probably only his fans read or will read this book, but I think anyone who actually enjoy music could actually like this book he talks about his love for music a lot, how he came up with certain lyrics or melody, how he came to write with Maley in a forest or in his own backyard for example.He is a good and genuine human being He is also a great inspiration, and obviously an amazing artist In this book, he is real and true to himself And I adore him, I don t know what to add to this I adore Zayn Malik.He did great things and will keep doing good things in the future I m being me now, and I make no apologies for that. Please contact me if you were one of the lucky ones to have a signed copy by preordering Zayn s autobiography from Waterstones website Question from It s not about records bought and tickets sold For me it s about doing something which I can look back on and say that was worth my time to doAlthough I know most of One Direction songsusually because I am listening them during my running sessionsI wouldn t consider myself as a One Direction fan since I know really a little about them Fun fact I don t know names those guys or even that Zayn left the band When I found out that Zayn went his own way and he wrote a book I felt gossips and dirt in the air and with that I picked up his autobiography Well, if you want to read this book from the same reason as I did, you will be disappointed Zayn writes in his autobiography about the time after he left One Direction how he found his producers, how he writes his songs and records them, what s behind lyrics of every song on his album, about anxiety before his performances etc Plus there is like million photos of him.I didn t like Zayn while he was a member of One Direction I always found him as a self centred, cocky womanizer but my opinion was based only on photos, videoclips and gossips Now I read his book and I still think that. Unless you ve been living under a rock, you ll probably know who Zayn is or at least have heard of him once or twice Normal British teenager turned pop star overnight, becoming one of the five members of a massive boyband, touring all over the world, selling hundreds of millions of albums, topping charts, and then suddenly leaving, seemingly out of nowhere When he left the band in March 2015, Zayn broke a ton of hearts not mine I d actually never even liked One Direction, but I thought he was both very attractive and the only talented one among the five Many thought that they d never get to hear him sing, but a year later, Zayn was 1 in 78 countries with his bestselling debut album He s now designing a fashion line with Donnatella Versace and Guiseppe Zannotti, is a producer for a TV show, and is also a bestselling author.In Zayn, he tells his side of the story Zayn s often talked about how the media and his former management have projected an image on him that he doesn t deserve And it s true Zayn became known, out of nowhere, as the bad boy of the group, the mysterious, private, brooding brown kid who was so different to his bubbly bandmates Sure, from the exterior, the stereotype can be applied Covered in tattoos with an unkempt beard and a sharp buzzcut, Zayn walks around in heavy boots, leather jackets, cigarette dangling from his mouth But his book provides a very different side to him Strip back the layer that s been presented to you, and a charming young boy comes to the forefront.What have I learned about Zayn after reading this book That he loves his mother than anything in the world, and constantly talks about her He loves to read and write every lyric he pens down means something to him He likes to eat samosas, and can cook He calls himself a feminist and thinks the world would be a hell of a better place if we had women in positions of power He loves boxing, he loves cartoons and superheroes and he s literally just like any other young adult boy on the streets, except that he has millions of fans whom he acknowledges and thanks on every other page This book isn t just an autobiography it s a clarification, and it s a well formulated, honest defense written by someone who has been labelled and trashed for years and years, for no good reason.A thing that drew me in about Zayn was that he doesn t talk about other people Not once does he trash or defame anyone not his ex, not his bandmates, not even his management He keeps it classy, talking about his issues with fame, the part he played in everything He presents a candid look into his experiences with mental health and opens up about his anxiety, his ADHD and eating disorders He had every reason to talk about his failed engagement and his broken friendships with the other members of One Direction, but he does not This book is about him, and he makes sure that it s never about anyone else It s about his life, his world, his past and what he hopes his future will be It s about his struggles with his faith, his Pakistani English mixed race, about his experiences with bigotry and racism in the past It s about him.This book is not just an autobiography it s a high production, piece of art Full of glossy, often full page photos and hand written notes, scans of his lyrics and doodles, Zayn is the perfect addition to any fan s or non fan s collection It s a perfect coffee table book, written with sincerity and class And though you may not care about him now, you ll find him charming and endearing once you ve finished reading. The First And Only Official Book From ZAYN Global Superstar ZAYN Shares A Photographic Journey Of His Life Since Leaving One DirectionYN Opens Up With This Collection Of Thoughts, Inspiration, And Never Before Seen Personal Photographs After Five Years Of Massive Success With One Direction, ZAYN Launched His Career As A Solo Artist With Mind Of Mine, Becoming One Of The Most Successful Artists In The World Now, For The First Time Ever, ZAYN Is Going To Tell And Show All In This Intimate And Raw Scrapbook Of His Life Never Before Released Photos Give Readers Insight To ZAYN, No Holds Barred Gorgeously Designed With Hundreds Of Full Color Photographs And Zayn S Notes, Drawings, Song Lyrics, And Personal Stories, The Book Captures Zayn S Most Private Moments And His Candid Feelings On Fame, Success, Music, And Life The Next Chapter Of ZAYN S Evolution Into Global Superstar, Told By The Artist Who Is Living It

Zain Javadd Zayn Malik, born 12 January 1993 in St Luke s Hospital, is from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England Born to British Pakistani father Yaser and an English mother, Tricia Malik n e Brannan , he has one older sister Doniya, and two younger sisters Waliyha and Safaa On auditioning for The X Factor, Malik said I was looking for an experience He cites urban music as his main musical i

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  • 05 November 2017
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