Prophecy of the Flame

Prophecy of the FlameIn A Blinding Flash Of Light, Five Nondescript Strangers Are Yanked From This World And Thrust Into A Land Of Sorcery Transformed Into The Characters They Were Pretending To Be Archmage Reba, Jamison The Healer, Jerik The Dwarf, Charles The Prince Charming, And Allinon The Druid Elf Blend Twentieth Century Technology With The Supernatural Powers Of This New WorldThis Band Of Wannabe Heroes Soon Discovers That Having The Powers You Have Always Dreamed Of, Does Not Make Life A Dream Come True The Crusaders Of The Light Struggle To Form A Cohesive Band As They Fight To Liberate The Kingdom Of Cuthburan From The Evil Horde Threatening HumanityBattle Is Also Waged Within Reba, An Ordinary Housewife Who Has Become The Most Powerful Mage On The Planet, As She Struggles To Remain True To Her Wedding Vows Drawn Against Her Will To The Arms Of Prince Alexandros, Reba Must Choose Between The Prophesied Marriage To A Handsome Prince In A Magical World Or Returning To The Husband She Left Behind Prophecy of the Flame is an action filled story that starts with the innocence of role playing However, Archmage Reba and her team find themselves whisked through space, and into a place unknown to the world they once knew Forced to leave her husband behind, Reba finds she quickly becomes the talk of the town Whispers of prophecy follow her every move as she now possess the powers her role playing normal human counterpart once dreamed up The same also goes for her new found team that journeyed with her.The Kingdom is under attack from demonic forces, and the group quickly learns that they were brought to this plane of existence by the King s Archmage They needed help, quickly, or else all of mankind would fall to the evil knocking at their door Will the team lead by Archmage Reba be able to thwart the invasion and restore peace Does the Prophecy of the Flame hold true, or will it be the demise of the kingdom You know you ll have to read the story to find out I love stories such as this The author Lynn Hardy did a wondrous job at recreating the role playing theme as well as a fantastic fantasy world I found myself smiling as I turned each page as well as to many of the earthly references that we take for granted The largest reference in particular occurs when Reba conjures herself a real toilet Or perhaps the singing of one of my favorite childhood songs.The poetry that is used for the spells is also a hoot I really do wish magic was as simple Her characters were well developed, and the plot is as solid as stone There is much turmoil in the book besides the actual demonic invasion, and I felt it was wonderfully portrayed For many women, this book will not only give you the satisfaction of a good story, but I think we can all find a relation to Archmage Reba This of course is not to state the book is only for women, no, men too will find a deep love for this story It really offers a little something for everyone, and I for certain will be reading the sequel as soon as possible My Opinion Very enjoyable role playing adventure I enjoyed the characters of the book and liked how I was emerged in the role playing atmosphere I myself play an MMO online and was able to keep up with the story Lynn starts off with the action right away From the hotel that starts a group of strangers playing a game to them getting thrown into this epic journey We meet Archmage Reba and her team that gets disoriented and is thrown into a world of danger and they learn that they were chosen for this world to fulfill a prophecy The rest is here Finish Review Whew Where should I start How about why did I select this book to read I like my fantasy reads I read the blurb and it seemed to have good promise for a nice epic fantasy This my first book by Author Lynn Hardy I had no idea what to expect For me, that tends to add a little something to a book though Let me say I am very happy with my decision to read this one Prophecy of the Flame, is the starting book to a series The book opens by introducing us to people about to participate in a Role Playing Game, a LIVE version sort, at a fancy hotel resort The main character is Rebecca, a roughly 30 yr old married woman The stay at the hotel is a gift from her spouse Rebecca, usually a video gamer, has chosen to play the part of a Mage in the Role Play For the Game she goes by the title Archmage Reba She meets her team mates and the characters they have selected to be A druid elf, a dwarf, a healer, and a paladin Some have prior Role Play experience and some do not The start to the RPG is called, and all is going well The team makes it through the first round and plans to get to know each other better Only in a flash, everything changes Archmage Reba and her team find themselves in a whole NEW kind of game They must learn all they can about the new rules, while still maintaining the Roles they have chosen Part of what they learn is the Prophecy of the Flame, which the locals believe is talking about Reba I found this story to have a very good flow I truly FELT that I was a part of the adventure I love that the author made Reba a mature female This made her a character that I could relate to I found Reba s emotions to be very accurate I really felt like I understood her, what she was all about I can not say that I agree with all her choices, but I could understand them The supporting characters are just as realistic in mannerism and personality I had no trouble picturing the conversations as they happened.The author s use of imagery is quite good Surroundings came to mind easily Descriptions were not overdone, I felt it was all touched on just right The author has a good imagination, and a sense of humor that I enjoyed in some of the characters There were a few edit errors, but not many Not enough to distract from the reading, I hardly put the book down I read 50% of it straight through I am very much looking forward to the continuing story in book 2 I had to give a review of this book because it was so unusual for me to find something I liked this well outside my normal comfort zone When a family member recommended this book, I wasn t sure it was a good fit I don t read a lot of this type of thing But I do enjoy science fiction movies so I thought I d give it a try.The first part of chapter one made me think that perhaps I had made the wrong decision It was fast moving and slightly confusing, kind of like the start of a lot of science fiction movies There were people playing a game, then they where changed into different people But by the end of the chapter I had to see what was going to happen next It really sucked me in.I came to realize that the slight confusion in the first chapter is part of what made the book so REAL The story is from Reba s, the main character point of view in the now sense So it was like I got to ride on her shoulder, or maybe live through her in this world I never imagined could exist There are few stories that I have read that have captured my attention so completely I can t wait to read Book Two.

Led by a series of dreams and encouraged by friends, Lynn Hardy began the journey to become an author She stored her work in a computer file labeled second job Writing began as a passion she could not contain and has become much than she ever expected Lynn has attended many science fiction conventions and has had the privilege of serving on panels about writing Renaissance fairs are ano

[PDF / Epub] ★ Prophecy of the Flame Author Lynn Hardy –
  • ebook
  • 400 pages
  • Prophecy of the Flame
  • Lynn Hardy
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9781419690617

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