The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed (Ultimate Kauai Guidebook)

The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed (Ultimate Kauai Guidebook)Here s the review I wrote in 2008, before I moved to Kauai Then I lived there for 8 years This book and it s subsequent editions remained a useful but conflicted tool I still found the author s tone smug and dismissive of local concerns about safety Many people die actually DIE at the places he recommends because he doesn t give adequate warnings So after using this book for years I still feel that it s useful, but I should caution anyone using it to check conditions first and use common sense I watched a woman s body be retrieved after a fall off of the falls on Kuamoo road The signs all say No Trespassing but the guidebook says Go Right Ahead That s not okay That was the most dramatic tourist safety fail I witnessed but the attitude of entitlement was unfailing Grandma tourists slipping down rough trails without adequate water, children tourists walking out over thin crusts of lava around blowholes Go ahead and use this book, justplease be smart And show a little humility to the locals Respect their No trespassing signs, and stay safe My old review Aaarghe, yes, this book is useful Yes, it s easy to use, well written, informative and clear The maps and illustrations, the sectioning, yes, yes, it s all great But the book s smugness with its insider status is endlessly annoying And the attitude of priveledge and entitlement drives me nuts I DESERVE to go tramping across No Trespassing signs I m a tourist I ve got money than these ignorant locals And besides, they re not taking advantage of all this great stuff It should be mine It IS mine My own, my precious One bit summed it up for me I guess we re victims of our own success, the authors smirk Nobody used to know about the unmarked treacherous path down to Queen s Bath But now, thanks to us, there s a parkinglot and signs down the highway And sure enough, the once secret spot was thronged with tourists, appreciating it to death So yes, I m glad that I too got to go see it in my short visit to the Garden Isle, and yes I know it s a double standard to wish that nobody else knew about it BUT I believe in working for your Hawaii secrets a little bit When I first moved to the Big Island, nobody would tell me anything about where they went to fish or swim or eat or hike Only after 2 years here have I finally gained people s trust where they re willing to tell me about the unmarked unpaved roads that go to the best and mostly empty beaches But I m not telling I used the 9th Edition for my last trip to Kauai Pretty sure this book and accompanying app provided my family with a much better traveling experience than if we had just done the usual tourist stuff The Finest Guidebook Ever Written For Kaua I Now You Can Plan Your Best Vacation Ever This All New Tenth Edition Is A Candid, Humorous Guide To Everything There Is To See And Do On The Island Best Selling Author And Longtime Hawai I Resident, Andrew Doughty, Unlocks The Secrets Of An Island So Lush And Diverse That Many Visitors Never Realize All That It Has To Offer Explore With Him As He Reveals Breathtaking Trails, Secluded Beaches, Pristine Reefs, Delicious Places To Dine, Relaxing Resorts, Exciting Waterfalls, Colorful Canyons And So Much Every Restaurant, Activity Provider, Business And Resort Is Reviewed Personally And Anonymously This Book And A Rental Car Are All You Need To Discover What Makes Kaua I So Exciting The Most Up To Date And Accurate Information Available Anyplace With Up To The Minute Changes Posted To Our Website Frank, Brutally Honest Reviews Of Restaurants, Hotels And Activities Show You Which Companies Really Are The Best And Which To Avoid No Advertisements Driving Tours Let You Structure Your Trip Your Way, Point Out Sights Not To Be Missed Along The Way And Are Complemented By Over Spectacular Color Photographs Specially Created Maps In An Easy To Follow Format With Mile Markers So You Ll Always Know Where You Are On The Island Clear, Concise Directions To Those Hard To Find Places Such As Deserted Beaches, Tropical Jungles, Hidden Waterfalls, Rugged Scenic Coastlines, Water Filled Lava Pools And Scores Of Other Hidden Gems Listed Nowhere Else Exclusive Chapter On Kaua I S Beaches With Detailed Descriptions Including Ocean Safety Unique Adventures Chapter And Over Pages Of Exciting Activities From ATVs To Ziplines Fascinating Sections On Hawai I S History, Culture, Language And Legends Companion Website With Links To Every Business, Events Calendar, Over Resort Reviews Complete With Aerial Photos So You Ll Know If Oceanfront Really Means Oceanfront The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook Covers It All From The Mile High Summit Of Mt Wai Ale Ale, To The Sparkling Underwater Reefs This Is The Best Investment You Can Make For Your Kaua I Visit Whether You Are A First Time Visitor, Or A Longtime Kama Aina, You Will Find Out About Kaua I From This Book Than From Any Other Source Discover The Island Of Your Dreams With The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook The best guidebook we found for Kauai ditto for Maui and Maui Revealed The Ultimate Guidebook The author lives on Kauai so brings a nice local perspective, includes some great tips, is super comprehensive, and brings some down to earth touches and humor to his suggestions and reviews Highly recommended to anyone wishing to go a little beyond the typical tourist sites and make the best of the not to miss ones everyone will be doing. If you re headed to Kauai, this is probably the only book you ll need to help guide your tourism Great coverage of the island, it s history and customs, and things to do during your visit Several excellent maps are included, as well as some illustrative photos I really appreciate that it s a fully independently written guidebook, and it shows in the honesty of their reviews.Why only four stars then My own opinion of places didn t always line up with theirs, and many of the reviews were opinion based, making it harder sometimes to make a decision about a place or activity I was also a bit baffled with how the dining options were presented why are there sections about Italian restaurants, but nothing about sushi or saimin or pok I can get Italian anywhere. I ve read a few guidebooks now on Hawaii and so far this line of books is my favorite It tells you everything there is to do and see, where to stay and where to eat And it tells you honestly It s like hearing from a good friend who lives on the island what you should do and how to do it The author lives there and moved there from the mainland It s a pretty great read You really don t need to have any other knowledge of the island before reading this book but I think it s helpful to have some general knowledge of the island and what sorts of things there is to do there. Great guide book straight up and honest Very detailed too, written by people that live there Definitely the best guide book I ve had in awhile I hear the rest of the Revealed books for the other islands are just as good. Hands down, by far, this is the best guide book I ve read yet It s oddly up to date, and they constantly update with new versions with updated information The information is actually true I would absolutely buy trust any guidebook by this author. If you haven t been to Kauai, you need to buy this book and go If you have been to Kauai and did not have this book, you need to buy it and go again. There s no denying that this book is popular, but it just didn t work for me I found that many of the recommendations gems were overblown, like this tunnel hike that wasn t even the best hike in the area I also found that the book focused too much on tours, like helicopters and sailboats, and other things that cost The author s restaurant recommendations weren t always trustworthy either, in my opinion, as he slammed a couple places we thought were pretty good.Most of all, the Ultimate doesn t stand up as a book, i.e., something to read The author could really use an editor to cut out about one third of the puff and get down to actual content The humor for me missed the mark and and the graphic design is garish No problem in including this book among a few you get for Kauai, but I wouldn t want it as my only one I guess I m in the minority here, but the Ultimate for me is a movie that rakes in the dough at the box office, but fails to deliver an experience as a story.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed (Ultimate Kauai Guidebook) book, this is one of the most wanted Andrew Doughty author readers around the world.

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