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Be the One AbuseBullyingWarDrug AddictionMental IllnessViolenceNone Of These Should Be Realities For Anyone, Much Less A Young Person But For Some It Is The Only Reality They Have Ever Known In These Dark Circumstances, Six Teens Needed Someone To Be The One For Them The Hero To Help Them Back Into The Light For Tania, Mason, Pappy, Michaela, Ryan, And Tyton, That Hero Was Themselves Through Stirring Interviews And His Award Winning Storytelling, Byron Pitts Brings The Struggles And Triumphs Of These Everyday Heroes To Teens Just Like Them, Encouraging All Of Us To Be The Source Of Inspiration In Our Own Lives And To Appreciate The Lives Of Others Around Us

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Be the One book, this is one of the most wanted Byron Pitts author readers around the world.

[Ebook] ➦ Be the One  ➥ Byron Pitts –
  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • Be the One
  • Byron Pitts
  • English
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9781442483828

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    Be the One is an outstanding book about six teenagers that fight for a good life The author of this book is a journalist that has met these people and heard their stories in person Some of these stories can be a little heavy but they still show true leadership in life These kids have experienced bullying, war, violence, and other actions Some of these stories are sad and depressing but most of this book is inspiration for young readers who read this book Be the One is an unforgettable book but at the same time it can be violent Some of the stories people can relate, like bullying One of the boys gets bullied and works hard and becomes strong enough to take on the bullies and have pride for themselves Bullying is something lots of kids go through and his story is absolutely something that kids should look up to There are some stories about teenagers and some are about children I mainly enjoyed the stories about younger kids because I could somehow relate to them and understand how hard things were for them I did recommend reading this book because it will teach you how lucky you are to be alive today It will also teach you to be strong and to keep trying Children especially read Be the One because it can show them things that they might need in the future Be the One is a book that everyone should read and everyone should learn from.

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    Be the one is a very inspiring book, if makes you feel you can achieve so many things just like these kids in the book that were their own hero I feel that this book taught me a lot and helped me understand how a lot of kids are not as fortunate as we are This book took place in 6 different kid s lives Each section was about each kid and their life story The whole tone of this book is kind of sad because these kids grew up with such a horrific childhood This book inspires me to not judge people by their cover A lot of people may seem selfish or shy on the outside but really on the inside they just feel they don t have a place to fit in You should get to now someone before you go judging them They probably had a harder childhood than you In the end of this book it inspired me to be my own hero, stick up for yourself and don t let where you came from bring you down I thought this book was really good because it is inspiring kids all over to be their own hero The author really shined the main idea through in all the stories of the 6 kids This is such a powerful book and I hope a lot of people can learn from this book One thing I really liked about the book was how it gave so many examples 6 different stories about 6 different people and their childhoods I think it was really smart to include all the stories so you could get different point of views Overall I feel this book has taught me a lot This book is very motivating to make a change and be a hero I recommend this book to everyone, even older people because no matter how old you are you can always learn something new This stories could inspire even an 100 year old and teach them so many things.

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    Pitts, Byron Be the One, 119 pages Simon and Schuster, 2017 18 Content Language G Mature Content PG 13 Violence R ABC News Correspondent Byron Pitts tells the story of six teens who have overcome hardships in their lives He tells about the hardships of each of the teens which includes rape, being bullied, caring for mentally ill parents, living in war torn countries, and the death of loved ones As each youth tries to persevere, Pitts asks each teen Where do you go when the world hurts too much They find hope and peace through art, their families or in other small ways The book has an introduction that explains why Pitts wrote this book, then six different chapters on each of the teens At the end there is an author s note where he expresses his desire for youth to keep trying There is also a list of helplines that youth can use The teens stories felt rushed I didn t feel like I was able to get to know the individuals, so their hardships seemed to be what stood our than the hope that they found It s a very sad read, but teens need to learn what other kids are going through so they can be empathetic and not bully others That said, the violence includes a child who watches his uncle being tortured and it s very graphic and gruesome The rapes also happen to very little kids and although it s not detailed it s upsetting HS OPTIONAL Reviewer, C Peterson.https 2018

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    Be the One is essentially based off six interviews profiles by ABC News Correspondent Byron Pitts I picked up an ARC advance reader s copy of this book at ALA Midwinter in January, and it s been my on and off purse book for awhile I finally committed and finished it this weekend Be the One is good for that because it s six separate stories of a child who overcomes This is the kind of book that makes you sad and mad that he world is what it is, but also proud that the world is what it is because all six of these children overcome It s a short inspirational read that reminds you that your own life is not so bad, and it really gave me hope for the younger generation and their power to overcome I will be donating my copy in hopes that it inspires someone else to overcome any and all obstacles that are put in his or her way.This review is also on Book Nerds Across America

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    The writing isn t all that good I was disapointed because he came across as an excellent speaker Maybe he isn t used to writing for teens The result is that though the situations might be a bit adult, they re oversimplified beyond journalism into homogeny and the language is middle grade than teen The personalities of the teens in question seem secondary to the narrative for him, giving all the stories a type of terrible similarity despite the disparity of situations.Rather than general teen nonfiction, this might suit better in the Christian Inspiration sections, given his emphasis on prayer and Christianity It didn t feel like journalism, like proselytizing There are brave children and teens the world over, and not all of them are Christian.

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    I bought this book for my preteen and decided to read it myself as well I enjoyed the short stories of various youngsters overcoming major obstacles and tragedies in this book I wish the stories delved a bit deeper and allowed us to invest with each individual I do think this would be a good book for teens and preteens to read, especially as the problems of those that age seem so much bigger than they may be in reality and these stories may help give important perspective Plus, it is a very short read, which teens with short attention spans should enjoy.

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    This is a disturbing book and one about overcoming insurmountable odds Pitts writes the stories of six teens from around the world who have survived unspeakable hardships and have gone on to make something of their lives and not wallow in self pity I wanted to wallow is self pity for them I think this would be a good book for that teen who is dealing with family, health, or other major issues because it shows that others have faced that and worse and have not given up This is a high school or older book.

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    This book was hard to read It s short and each chapter is about a different teen who has had to overcome hardship in their young life I guess it I didn t like it because the front cover said it s a story of hope, but really the whole book concentrated on the awful parts of the teens life It just missed the mark for me Also reviewed on kissthebook blog

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    Interesting and inspiring, but something about the writing didn t move me I can t quite put my finger on it except that the simplicity of the writing doesn t match the gravity of some of these teen s life struggles Perhaps I m being overly critical I m guessing teens would really like it.

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    I absolutely loved this book These stories are so inspirational and I ate this book up It was so easy to read and I flew through it Whether you are going through hardship or not, I think everyone should read this book I am speechless after reading this book Everyone should read this.

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