Needing the Memories

Needing the Memories Happy Ever After Doesn T End At The Epilogue The Epilogue Is Really Only The Beginning For Us, It S Meant Sharing Every High, Every Low, And Loving Each Other Even When We Come Out The Other Side Still Standing He S Everything I Ve Always Wanted My Best Friend My Lover My Husband My Demon And I M His Angel Our Life Hasn T Always Been Perfect, But To Me As Long As I Get To Wake Up To Angel In My Arms Every Morning And Get To Tuck Our Girls Into Bed At The End Of Each Day I Ll Be The Happiest Man In The World Nothing Can Come Between Us, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart Only I Have One Regret One That Is Still A Black Void In My Head Every Year It S The Same The Regret The Self Loathing For The Man I Was Back Then The Anger That I D Taken Something From The Woman Who Has Given Herself To Me So Freely And Being Unable To Remember A Single Second Of It This Year It S Worse For Me It S Slowly Driving Me Crazy Maybe It S Time To Hit Rewind And Give Us Both A Do Over For That Night Maybe What I Really Need Is A Memory To Replace That Empty Blackness That Is Trying To Swallow Me Whole PLUS Bonus The Rocker Series Companion In The Back writerchic27Terri Anne Browning is a USA TODAY bestselling author Being dyslexic, she never thought a career in writing would be possible, yet she has been on bestselling lists multiple times since 2013 Reese A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie published book The Rocker Who Holds Me changed the tables and kicked off The Rocker series featuring the sinfully delicious members of Demon s Wings The Rocker Series is now complete with 12 books and the occasional novella Other books by Terri Anne include the Angel s Halo MC Series, as well as The Lucy Harris Novella Series, The Vitucci Mafiosos Series, and The Tainted Knights Rocker Series Terri Anne lives in Virginia with her husband, their three demons err, children and a hyper Frenchie named Grunt.

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  • Needing the Memories
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  • 24 April 2017

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    This is super short and I already knew that so that wasn t my problem Honestly, I thought it was going to take another turn But that s on me My assumptions My rate wasn t based on this either I really thought after 14 years the past would be on the past and this book would be actually about him remembering or at least remembering little things No about recreating a memory But that was I expected and the book was romantic Hero did a very romantic thing It would be a 3 1 2 , 4 stars if it wasn t the natural birth at the end Another cliche scene that I really don t like All the pain and screaming and suffering and name calling and curses I find very ridiculous and unexpected I know a lot of women including me who had given birth Natural, c section, with anesthesia and without Actually my sister in law had the most natural one cause when she was being taken to the hospital, the baby was crowning already No time for anesthesia and she wasn t acting bitchy Anyway, I know there are different women and different cases, and I respect choices But always writing the same delivery over and over and over is tiresome and annoying It becomes a big cliche Just my opinion.

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    Review by Lisa KaneLana and Drake Stevenson have a beautiful life together They have four adorable girls Drake s Army of Angels and they have overcome numerous obstacles in their fourteen years together But every year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas Drake finds himself returning to a dark place He has never forgotten or forgiven himself for the first time he and Lana had sex He was a drunken mess who couldn t even remember that night Each year his guilt becomes a little stronger and he fights to keep from drowning his feelings in a bottle He has been sober all this time, but he knows if he doesn t do something to erase that memory, he may not be able to win the battle come next year.With each year that passed these feelings got worse and worse I knew that if I didn t do something this year, that the next one I d lose the battle I would lose it all Drake enlists the help of his family to make a new memory with Lana One that they can both look on and think of with love, not shame Lana has since forgiven Drake, but it s Drake that needs to do this Expect some hot, steamy scenes when these two are involved Last night, we had set the sheets on fire Needing the Memories may be about Drake and Lana, but there s plenty of scenes with our favorite Demons and their families Harris and Lucy are planning their wedding and there s too much meddling from their families Shane and Harper are busy raising their two kids the kids they never thought they would be able to have Whenever this group is involved, you know there s bound to be lots of laughs and sex I m hoping we haven t seen the last of them I d be happy if the next generation gets to tell us their stories All I am is yours There s no way in hell I d survive even one minute without you by my side.

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    This is a 5 star novella of Drake Lana who were the couple featured in book three The Rocker That Needs Me While you technically don t have to read that book first you would have a much deeper appreciation of their love story if you read it prior to this one Drake is feeling all kinds of strange with his and Lana s anniversary coming up soon and is hoping to change things up this year Drake hates how things happened years ago and wants than anything to give Lana the best of everything even if he has to rewrite their past He is well on his way to doing that this year and enlists the help of a few family members with making that happen too.We get to see just about all the Demons and how their families have grown Including what will hopefully be a book about Harris Lucy s wedding

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    In the grand scheme of TAB s The Rocker Series, there have been a large number of books and an even larger number of characters I have happily read every one of the books and can honestly say that most of the time I can keep the majority of the characters straight in my head As for favorites. that is tough If anyone comes close to Shane Stevenson it would definitely have to be his brother Drake The big, bad scary Demon of the group he is really anything but. especially when it comes to his Angel, Lana and their girls Needing the Memories is the follow up to Drake and Lana s original story The Rocker Who Needs Me Book 3 and is a perfect continuation of the drama that is their life Now with 4 little girls of their own and the rest of the rocker family, Drake and his Angel barely have time to breathe, much less make time for each other A special anniversary is coming up no spoilers and its weighing heavily on Drake s mind If you ve read Drake s original story you will understand and know the daily battles that he faces They are back and getting stronger He knows he has got to fix the problem, do something before he snaps and throws it all away Ohhhh the feels with this one Once I got wind TAB was writing this book, I sat on pins and needles waiting and waiting I absolutely LOVED Drake and Lana in the original story read it a million times and was so looking forward to Needing the Memories And I was definitely NOT disappointed It was just perfect A novella length follow up into the lives of not only Drake and Lana, but many of the other rockers as well The characters all stayed true to the original series, the flow of the story was well paced and the editing was great It was brilliant I can only hope that TAB continues to write in this series and the follow ups to go along with them.5 WickedGoodStars

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    I will never tire of this series These characters The love The madness that is everything that comes from a wonderful group of rockers known as Demon s Wings And with each story I fell in love with these men and their feisty women.Drake Stevenson has always been a fan favorite and I will admit, I have a soft spot for the formerly troubled rocker With Lana, he found his true Angel, the one woman who would ultimately save him And now we get just a little bit of this couple, who are now the proud parents of 4 gorgeous girls Drake wants to recreate a night that he sadly does not remember and it haunts him as the anniversary of that day rears it s ugly head year after year As he takes his Angel on a whirlwind adventure, in the end it s the sheer devotion to one another, the knowledge that neither will ever leave the other s side that matters most Not a night Drake couldn t remember He has his Angel, and his family, both his own and his rocker brothers and sisters and he is one lucky man and he knows it.A novella that is the perfect holiday gift to one of the series biggest fansI will always welcome this crew back no matter what.5 stars

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    Awww this is a very sweet novella Drake wants a do over because he thinks he made a mistake back when the first time he met Lana.So he plans everything to create new memories with Lana.I love this story so much And the epilogue OMG I just don t want The Rocker Series to ever end I want to know about the newest Stevenson baby And oh I love the The Rocker Series Companion Guide in the back of the book as well It makes me know about the characters even deeper And the family tree chart Also makes it easier to understand all the characters in the series.

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    I totally loved the additional novella on Lana and Drake and a catchup on the whole crew absolutely adored this series..sorry to see it end.

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    After enjoying certain books I have to admit that I sometimes think about what the characters might be doing long after they reach their HEA With this new release from The Rocker series readers get to once again dig into the relationship between Drake and Lana and see their happiness a bit marred by a past incident that has left Drake struggling the last few years With this little slice of life, set amidst a backdrop of the holidays, readers get a heartwarming and realistic look at married life tempered with the ongoing pain of addiction in stressful situations As all the members of Demon s Wings, and their families, come together there s lots of joy and laughs along with a love that s been put to the test but ready to be solidified for all time.At the start of this story Drake and Lana seem to have the perfect marriage, content with their daughters and the craziness of living a quiet life outside the spotlight Holidays are always emotional but this time of year is especially dark for Drake as it brings to mind an especially hurtful act he unwittingly committed against Lana that he longs to make amends for He also wants to right his perceived wrong as it s jeopardizing his sobriety While Lana holds no anger over the past, her love for him has her following him on a heartwarming do over to make happier memories Their journey to re do the past is sweet, sexy, and solidifies their bond as an unexpected outcome from it changed their lives irrevocably while putting a smile on my face.This was a quick read full of heart and sentimentality It depicted the realities of married life, the constant interruptions during steamy interludes, along with the general chaos of kids and their activities Drake and Lana made time for each other though, made their foundation strong, and it makes them a formidable couple meant to be together forever Though this story can be read on its own, fans of the previous books in this series will find themselves especially enad as it touches on all the couples It s a meaningful read for all those having traveled with these characters to get to this point On a whole this was a perfect holiday read that reminds you of the power of love and family and that miracles do happen

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    Spunky N Sassy Rating 5.0 Tracy s Review Drake Stevenson had a huge regret when it came to his wife Lana, though they had 4 beautiful little angels and had been married for years He fought a battle with the demon inside him that threatened to destroy their life together He had to find a way to replace one night he couldn t remember and would forever regret If he couldn t do this one thing than he wasn t sure he wouldn t revert back to the man he hated being.Lana thought everything in her life was perfect but recently she had noticed Drake had pulled away and he seemed to have a shadow hanging over him She couldn t understand why he wasn t happy, was it something she had done Was he not as happy with their lives as she was Had he changed his mind and now wanted something or someone else They had survived so much to be together could everything fall apart now She was afraid of the answer but she was determined to find out what he was hiding from her.Wow This book I devoured as soon as I received it What an amazing read Terri Anne Browning stays true to her Rockers with a story that goes into Drake s pain and darkness, while showing that Lana can still be so vulnerable when it comes to the Demon she loves This book just shows how evolved these two characters have become since we first met and fell in love with them If possible I think I fell in love with Drake than I ever had before The complexity of this man and the layers of his feelings shine through I loved this story and my only regret was when it was over I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for anyone who believes in second chances and love.

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    Although Jesse is and always will be my favourite, I have a major soft spot for Drake My heart went out for him during his inner struggles over the past I adore his protectiveness over Lucy I love his relationship with Lana, they re perfect for one another and although they have had their tough times, they are unbreakable I chuckled when Lana went all mama bear on the snotty teacher Needing the memories is a sweet novella based around Lana and Drake at thanksgiving time Although thanksgiving is supposed to be a happy time and a time to be thankful, Drake can t help but be stuck in the past and what he did to Lana at that time of year fourteen years ago He still can t forgive himself for the hurt he put Lana through Needing the memories is the perfect ending epilogue to Lana and Drake s story Drake will always struggle with keeping to his sobriety but this year is especially tough, fourteen years ago he broke Lana s heart in the worst way He doesn t understand how Lana forgave him and still loves him but for the sake of his heart, head and sobriety drake decides to plan a do over determined to replace the bad memories with good ones Lana knew that her husband was acting differently and looked like he had stuff on his mind, she just didn t know why When Drake asks her for a do over and explains why, Lana will do anything to help Drake move on from what happened in the past, if making new memories help then she s all for it After all, she forgave him years ago and loves him with all of her heart, she will do anything to make his struggles disappear.

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