Chaleur du sang

Chaleur du sang From The Celebrated Author Of The International Bestseller Suite Fran Aise, A Newly Discovered Novel, A Story Of Passion And Long Kept Secrets, Set Against The Background Of A Rural French Village In The Years Before World War IIWritten In , Fire In The Blood Only Now Assembled In Its Entirety Teems With The Intertwined Lives Of An Insular French Village In The Years Before The War, When Peace Was Less Important As A Political State Than As A Coveted Personal Condition The Untroubled Pinnacle Of Happiness At The Center Of The Novel Is Silvio, Who Has Returned To This Small Town After Years Away As His Narration Unfolds, We Are Given An Intimate Picture Of The Loves And Infidelities, The Scandals, The Youthful Ardor And Regrets Of Age That Tie Silvio To The Long Guarded Secrets Of The Past

Ir ne N mirovsky born February 11, 1903, Kiev, died August 17, 1942, Auschwitz, German Occupied Poland was a Jewish novelist and biographer born in the Ukraine, who lived and worked in France.

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  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Chaleur du sang
  • Irène Némirovsky
  • English
  • 02 January 2018
  • 9780307388001

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    Who knew that rural France around the time of WW II was such a hotbed of marital infidelity Pun intended Perhaps it s due to so many families marrying off daughters to old farmers, old enough to be their fathers, who own land and therefore wealth Yet one woman in the story who is unfaithful has a young husband The story is one of young women surreptitiously having young men on the side and the young men sneaking through woods at night for their rendezvous A young husband has likely been murdered hard to know for sure since he fell off a bridge at night and drowned If murdered, was it by another young rival for his wife Was his wife in on it Was it the husband of someone he was fooling around with And we have a surprise at the end about the paternity of one of the main characters Who would have thought The author writes about the peculiar character of the peasants small farmers, really It s true the people around here have a kind of genius for living in the most difficult way possible The farmers are male of course, hardened, suspicious, jealous, penny pinching, uncommunicative No wonder their young wives run around on them The women have their own issues Cecile Coudray, who saved Helene s honor and maybe even her life when she was in dire straits, was never able to forgive her for being happy It s only human A preface calls the village a predatory community of extreme cunning We have great writing Here s Nemirovsky s take on a wedding the groom in pain because his shoes are too tight and, from every nook and cranny of the surrounding countryside, the family, friends and neighbors people sometimes not seen in years, but who suddenly turn up, like corks bobbing to the surface, each one awakening the memory of quarrels that started back in the mists of time, past loves, former grudges, engagements broken then forgotten, inheritances, law suits Supposedly the village setting and the hotel are the same ones the author used in Suite Fran aise The village is where she lived when she escaped from Paris during the German occupation and the hotel was where she did much of her writing Nemirovsky was desperately writing to support her family while hoping that her family s adopted Catholicism would save them from Nazi prosecution for her Jewish heritage It didn t both she and her husband died in concentration camps.Readers of Suite Francaise may know the story of that novel being smuggled out of France in a suitcase by her two daughters just before the author was imprisoned Apparently about 40 pages of this novel, Fire in the Blood, were in the package with Suite and it wasn t until 2007 that two biographers found the remainder of the novel in her archived papers in a French museum These had been given to an editor It s a good read short only 129 pages The book is translated from the French and it has several introductory pieces including the preface to the first French edition photo from

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    OGGI PI DI IERI E MOLTO MENO DI DOMANILa grande narrativa europea, la grande letteratura francese Io ho percepito e annusato Proust, Flaubert, perfino SimenonSe non che, Ir ne N mirovsky francese non , viene da uno dei paesi pi martoriati della storia.Issy l v queHo letto un grande libro, a a prima vista, piacere intenso distillato nell arco di 24 ore e un breve viaggio Una delle ultime cose scritte dalla N mirovsky che mor ad Auschwitz con il marito nel 1942.Dovrei anche dire, la grande provincia francese, che su di me sicuramente esercita una malia N mirovsky scapp da Parigi occupata dai nazisti per rifugiarsi a Issy l v que casa enorme, ma gelida nella mia grande casa gelida spirano ovunque correnti d aria cariche dell odore aspro e fruttato della stagione , vivono delle uova che danno le galline e dei pochi soldi che il marito ottiene vendendo agli amici le rape e i cavoli che coltiva Ir ne scrive con grafia sempre pi piccola per risparmiare carta.Il quieto stagno, che certo lago non , l acqua non cos trasparente, tanto meno innocente Basta lanciare un sassolino e il mulinello diventa gorgo se non addirittura maelstr m Ciascuno se ne sta in casa propria, non si fida del vicino, ripone il grano,conta i soldi e non si cura del resto.Michelle Williams e Matthias Schoenaerts in Suite francese di Saul Dibb, 2014.Vite incrociate per sole 140 veloci pagine, che sembra di conoscere da sempre e che sempre si porteranno dietro, che mai si vorrebbe abbandonare.Ma, sono loro ad andarsene, loro ad abbandonarmi Volevo solo che se ne andasse, come se fossi in attesa di qualcuno In effetti, aspettavo la mia giovinezza.Ancora Michelle Williams e Matthias Schoenaerts in Suite francese Nel cast anche Kristin Scott Thomas, Lambert Wilson, Ruth Wilson, Sam Riley, Margot Robbie.

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    3.5 5A contemplative novella exploring the contradictions between the fiery ardor of youth and the cold complacency of old age, against the backdrop of a close knit rural community in the French countryside The writing lacks polish but it is good enough to warrant further delving into Ir ne N mirovsky s oeuvre.

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    About ten years ago I took a course in French Women Writers in translation Ir ne N mirovsky wasn t included, but we read a lot of Colette, de Beauvoir, Duras, and Yourcenar.There s a particular tone of writing they all have in common maybe it s a fundamental to the way women write in French, or maybe it s fundamental to the experience of being a French woman although Yourcenar immigrated to eastern Canada I don t know But this fit in beautifully with what I read and loved before.I m splitting a difference with four stars N mirovsky had finished a draft of this novel at the time of her arrest and execution at Auschwitz The characterization is lovely, the language is exquisite, the story itself complete and achingly beautiful if spare But I can imagine her adding a little As it stands, there isn t a single excess word Every detail is vital, which is why it took me days to read such a slim volume I had to stop and consider, and let every word sink in I m glad I did, because all the characters feel vivid and real to me, but I m not quite content with the build to the ending s final turn.I haven t read Suite Fran aise yet, but now I m very much looking forward to it.

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    Fire in the Blood shows us the intense passion of youth, as well as the regrets and contentment experienced in later life The narrator, Silvio, had spent years traveling the world and having a series of exotic lovers Now, he just wants a quiet life in a small Burgundy farming village The novella revolves around several marriages, including the nuptials of Jean Dorin and Colette, the daughter of Silvio s cousin and her husband.Although the families are very private on the surface, the villagers really know everybody else s business Youthful fire in the blood has led to clandestine meetings in the woods, passionate affairs, infidelity, questionable paternity, and a terrible crime How is this fire lit within us It devours everything and then, in a few years, a few months, a few hours even, it burns itself out Then you see how much damage has been done The book includes the preface to the French edition with information about the author and the hidden original manuscript Author Irene Nemirovsky based the setting on Issy l Eveque, the French village where she wrote much of this novella in the early 1940s It has a wonderful sense of place, and a group of rural characters that really come to life The novella has a sad history since it was hidden with Suite Francaise at the time when Nemirovsky was arrested and sent to Auschwitz in 1942 It was not published until 2007 after the missing manuscript was found It is remarkably well written, especially since it was published with very little editing.

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    Me, Myself Irene Non sto parlando semplicemente delle esigenze della carne.E pi complicato di cos.La carne ci vuol poco a soddisfarla.E il cuore ad essere insaziabile,il cuore che ha bisogno di amare,di disperarsi,di ardere di un fuoco qualunqueEcco ci che volevamo bruciare,lasciarci consumare,divorare i nostri giorni come le fiamme divorano la forestaChaleur du sang A me sembrato ,Ir ne, non si sia mai arrivati ma neanche vicino all ebollizione c qualcosa che non proprio nelle mie corde ,ma temo sia un problema mio, il libro buono 3 4 stelle

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    I serendipitously and to my pleasant surprise found this hard cover in a second hand bookshop a shop where you least expect to find works of such authors I could not resist reading this immediately.What a find indeed.Irene Nemirovsky is all and that I have read about in the reviews and in her books The Courilof Affair was a revelation The storylines and the personalisation make you feel like you are with the characters as the events are playing out In foreword I read that Irene left behind handwritten manuscripts in a suitcase which were later found and then converted into this book by her daughter Denise Epstein.The book itself is just 150 pages and the story has all elements in it of love, murder, jealousy, folks going away for a long time leaving unwanted children behind with someone.I would prefer not to share the storyline as you need to read it to enjoy it.the book itself is can be finished in one sitting I did so on a flight I liked this because Irene brings to life thoughts and emotions that almost all of us endure or feel in similar situations and how we are likely to respond to them And some excellent insights When old people get together there is something unflappable about them you can sense they ve tasted the heavy, bitter,spicy food of life, extracted its poisons, and will now spend ten or fifteen years in a state of perfect equilibrium and enviable morality They have renounced the vain attempts of youth to adapt the world to their desires.In a few years they will once again be troubled by anxiety but this time it will be a fear of death.But between the ages of forty and sixty they enjoy a precarious sense of tranquility.Many such which make the book a quick read Highly recommended from an increasingly in awe fan of the author.

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    Bello, molto cupo, cupissimo Gli avvenimenti accadono prevalentemente di sera, al tramonto o in piena notte nella stagione autunnale e invernale, nella regione boscosa del Morvan tutto contribuisce a presagire l evolversi di un qualcosa di tragico che deve accadere, nonostante l apparente calore dgli interni domestici che avvolgono e confortano calde e affettuose relazioni familiari Lentamente, sotto la crosta di rapporti umani e familiari che sembrano improntati all affetto, alla fedelt , alla tenerezza e sotto l incalzare degli eventi, emerge una realt fatta di finzione, di accomodamento, di egoismo, di complicit , di omert L omert , la finzione, la rispettabilit si respirano palpabili nell aria di questa provincia francese, gi dalle prime pagine E un tribunale senza appello quello di Irene Nemirovsky, che indaga e condanna tutti i personaggi per ipocrisia, persino l io narrante, il rustico e asociale Sylvestre, che ha spento anche lui il calore del sangue sotto una coltre di convenzioni familiari, il calore della passione giovanile irresponsabile, totalizzante, viva.

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    La tesi da cui prende spunto la Nemirovsky per imbastire la trama apparentemente semplice di questo breve romanzo altrettanto semplice, in superficie il calore del sangue una febbre che infiamma e brucia l anima, dura poco, come l alta marea che arriva, distrugge i castelli e i giochi sulla sabbia e poi scompare all improvviso come arrivata A vent anni qualcuno fa irruzione nelle nostre vite S , uno sconosciuto, esuberante e alato, radioso, che ci accende il sangue, ci devasta la vita e se ne va Il romanzo inizia nella placida campagna francese dalla vita scandita dai lavori dell agricoltura, e sembra avviato a un tranquillo sviluppo di una trama fatta di affetti familiari, di solido a coniugale, di giovani avviati a creare felicemente una nuova famiglia, nell alveo dei valori profondi trasmessi di generazione in generazione Uno sfondo un po stucchevole, se non fosse che si percepisce un sottofondo torbido, di non detto, di segreti ben custoditi non solo in famiglia ma tra tutti coloro che vivono in quella terra diffidente e schiva In un crescendo di emozioni pian piano vengono a galla passioni inaspettate, sentimenti mai sopiti, fuochi sotterranei che consumano ed hanno consumato gli animi dei personaggi del soffocante ed ipocrita ambiente della provincia francese Tutti nascondono, sotto una maschera di perbenismo, uno scheletro nell armadio che lentamente viene alla luce, a dimostrazione che non esistono anime semplici Una piccola perla di una grande scrittrice, verso la quale non riesco a sentire un attrazione completa, c qualcosa che non mi convince in pieno, non capisco se sia l eccessiva dolcezza dei toni che a volte infastidisce o cosa altro Voglio leggere altro per riuscire a capire meglio Quel che so che preferisco il modo asciutto ed essenziale di Simenon di rimestare nel torbido.

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    Lo sapevo, lo sapevo che nella N mirovsky c era qualcosa di veramente valido, ne avevo avuto evidente indizio con Il Malinteso , con Il ballo , meno in Due , ma ne Il calore del sangue trovo che abbia raggiunto un grande risultato Mi ha ricordato Le braci di M rai, forse per quella bellissima dimostrazione di tolleranza verso le azioni altrui quando dettate dal calore del sangue della giovinezza, anche le meno nobili, tolleranza non come frutto dell indifferenza, ma di un lungo lavoro di analisi che porta spesso a capire che le colpe degli altri possono essere anche le proprie, che gli errori sono sempre gli stessi e si scontano sempre, pubblicamente o privatamente La N mirovsky nei testi sopra citati che non tratta della lotta per la sopravvivenza dell uomo, si occupa di cose pi superficiali o superflue , si occupa dell a e delle pulsioni umane verso il pieno soddisfacimento, e di come spesso questo non tenga conto dell ordine costituito e delle convenzioni sociali E mi sembra proprio un ironia della sorte lei, tollerante e psicologa, stata reclusa e ammazzata in un campo di concentramento, antitesi dell accettazione dell altro E queste poche righe vogliono essere un piccolo omaggio personale ad una donna che molto avrebbe potuto ancora scrivere e di pi maturo.

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