Thistle Soup: A Ladleful of Scottish Life

Thistle Soup: A Ladleful of Scottish Life Loved it Loved it Loved it Have 2 hardbacks, one Peter kindly signed. East Lothian Is The Garden Of Scotland And The Setting For This Delightfully Idiosyncratic Story Of Country Life Here Unfold The Ups And Downs Of Four Generations Of One Farming Family From The Northern Orkney Isles, Who Move To The Little Farm Of Cuddy Neuk In The South Of Scotland Just Before The Outbreak Of The Second World War A Young Peter, The Peedie Wee Boy Who Sets His Heart On Filling His Somewhat Eccentric Grandfather S Straw Lined Wellies, Grows Up To Run The Family Farm And Become A Farmer Father To His Own Sons, Putting His Ability To See The Funny Side Of Things To Good Use As Adversities Crop Up With Intriguing Reality Along An Unpredictably Tortuous Path Through Life Often Hilarious, Always Heartfelt And At Times Sad, This Is A Book That Will Appeal, Not Only To Those Who Are Interested In The Scotland Of Today, But Also To People Who Recall, Or Have Been Told About, Rural Ways That Are Gone Forever It was a slow starter, but it finished well. It took me weeks to finish this bookat least twoand felt like months I had hoped this would be something like Molly Weir s Shoes Were For Sunday , but I was disappointed I kept having to put it down and read something else and then try again to see if it was as slow and unengaging as I had thought It was I see now that Mr Kerr has a whole string of memoirs or whatever you care to call them, but I won t be reading any , particularly if they re all as scrappy and diffuse as this one There is no mention of thistle soup in the book, not that that s here or there, but still it gives you an indication of the quality of Kerr s writing It takes about half the book for him to age from three to five, not that he goes into much detail he s too busy going off at tangents every few pages and skipping back and forth Then in the last third or so, he suddenly picks up speed and races through his youth and early married life oh, yeah, his wife suddenly appears shazam as the girl he s always loved, though not a single word have we heard about her until then until the death of his grandfather creates a bit of mayhem Not much mayhem though, because all his weak attempts to infuse the narrative with a bit of tension come to nothing repeatedly, as his washy prose saps the most serious life changing events of any impact Kerr, like Janus, spends all his time facing both directions at once, idealising the old fashioned farms with heavy horses and foreshadowing progress and its supposed horrors in the clunkiest possible way I was frankly disgusted at the way he describes the death of his small son as the price exacted by Fate, Destiny or whatever for his relative prosperity. Peter s story of growing up on the family farm in rural Scotland and his experiences through the years This is a very funny and emotional ride that brought the setting home to me and really engaged me in the characters Very touching, well crafted and highly enjoyable This was the first of Kerr s books I ve read, but I look forward to reading his others.Also want to say that I really appreciated the bits of local dialect and sensory descriptions which lent me the vague feeling that I d been there as I could feel it so well in my head I haven t been to Scotland or even on that side of the Atlantic But I thank Mr Kerr for making me feel as if I had.

Peter Kerr, the award winning Scottish author of the Snowball Oranges pentad of humorous Mallorcan travelogues, is a former jazz musician, record producer and farmer He has also written a range of fiction titles, including the Bob Burns Investigates trilogy of humour spiked mysteries and Song of the Eight Winds , a historical novel set in 13th century Spain Thistle Soup is a set in Scotla

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Thistle Soup: A Ladleful of Scottish Life
  • Peter Kerr
  • English
  • 28 July 2019
  • 9780957306226

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