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On Thin IceLOVED IT Review to come This review was originally posted on Star Crossed Reviews I received this book for free for a Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Thank you to Aven not only for a copy of this book but also for allowing me to be a part of her beta team and for letting me run this tour.Aven has been planning Matt and Holly s story for such a long time that before I even started reading this book I felt like I already knew them We have met both characters before in the earlier books in the season but their story doesn t really start until this book.Matt is one of the youngest hockey players in the league He never got a chance to grow up before he hit the big time so he as unwillingly become a role model On the outside Matt looks like party guy who spends every evening with a different girl but deep down Matt is just scared He s scared to let anyone in because he has been hurt in the past by the two people who are supposed to love you than anything in the world.Holly is a bookworm who dreams of nothing than being an author She knows that this is going to be a long, tough road but she also has the determination to make it Holly seems like the compete opposite of Matt She s an introvert, she hates parties and loves nothing than to curl up with a good book in her Ravenclaw t shirt, her yoga pants and her striped socks.Aven s writing will have you hooked from the first paragraph and as you would expect if you have read any of her other books some very funny scenes that will give you tears of laughter.I have been a fan of Aven s writing since her first book and she gets better with each story Every time I think that she has just written her best book yet she tops it with another Keep your eyes peeled for Sugar and Ice which is out at the end of the month. Holly Johansson Knows Some Things In Her Life Are Certain After College Graduation It S A Long Road To Become A Full Time Author She Ll Need To Work To Pay Her Bills And Dallas Demons Superstar Matt Rhinelander Will Never Return Her FeelingsHolly Knows Her Unrequited Crush On The Partying Hockey Player Is Ridiculous There S No Way Matt Would Be Attracted To A Woman Who Prefers Nights In Watching TV Or Reading Books When He S Known For His Frequent Bar Hops And Fast Lifestyle Obviously He Would Never See Her As Anything Other Than His Teammate S Little SisterYet Holly Is Drawn To The Other Side Of Matt The Man She Knows Has Always Been Thoughtful And Easy To Talk To Whenever She S Been Alone With Him It Is This Matt That Fueled The Crush Holly Has On Him And She Knows It Will Always Be Just That A Secret CrushOr Will It Because When Matt Helps Holly Through A Crisis, Her Heart Begins To Believe That There Might Be Feelings On His Part, Too After A Night Of Hard Partying Puts Matt In Jeopardy With The Dallas Demons, Can Holly Be The One To Save Him And When Matt Admits He Sees Her As Than Nate Johansson S Sister, Will It Put Both Of Them On Thin Ice I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review On Thin Ice is the latest instalment in Aven Ellis s Dallas Demons series Aspiring author Holly Johansson Nate s sister has had feelings Matt Rhinelander Nate s teammate for a long time Feelings that she has always believed were one side, until one New Years Eve when everything changes As with the previous books it the series I really enjoyed it It was a sweet romance story that was pretty much drama free Holly and Matt are cute together I liked Holly she was an endearing character her list at the start of each chapter were fun Matt is a loveable rogue who had been through a lot, and I did feel for him at times Actually, I felt for them both at times, due to Nate s attitude I have always liked Nate, but in this one not so much I know he meant well and wanted to protect his little sister, but I did feel it was a little condescending at times On Thin Ice was a heartwarming read with a delightful ending With Holly and Matt s story, Aven has captured all those feelings you get when you re with that special person who truly sees the real you The person who s your first love, true love, forever love and has your heart If you like lighter books that are fun, entertaining, have a little bit of hotness and leave you feeling good and with a smile on your face then one click an Aven Ellis book today Looking forward to the next book in the series. Another winner in the Dallas Demons series from Aven Ellis I read this in one sitting I fell completely in love with Matt Rheinlander and socially anxious Holly was my kindred sister Full review to follow. This was an amazing book it will make you have all the feels and you will definitely fall in love with these two and you won t come back from it until you finish the book funny, sweet, hockey parts, it was a whole package of awesomeness totally worth the read Holly knows that finishing and publishing her debut novel are two priorities in her life She is sister to Nate, the famous hockey player Holly loves Nate but being celebrity s sister isn t always pleasant for her Dealing with her problem at one party she stays alone with Mat, the man in whom she is crashed Holly knows that Mat is than he shows the world he is She knows him like a kind and thoughtful man, not partying hockey player who dating different woman anytime he goes in public Those women who Mat dates are models or look like models and Holly knows that she never will be his girlfriend I love this story about Holly and Mat because I love Aven Ellis calm tone and enthusiastic storytelling Aven is the author who creates new and fresh characters Her love stories are recognizable and engaging I like how the things go with Holly and Mat, how they behaving when they are alone The characters are wonderful starting with friend s zone and great sweet romance growing slowly between them Holly is a smart girl, book lover, her modesty is reminded me how I am like her, and Mat is irresistible and under his undercover version is something different and sweet I like how the story between them goes and makes me read till the end, but when the end comes I stand with sigh still holding my phone in my hands wanting.I recommend this book to everyone who likes well written romantic story which hooks you up till the end This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book so much Aven has once again written a book that I can t put down The characters are charming and quirky The storyline is wonderful And I swear my ereader is broken because I can t possibly be done with this book yet Not even hockey games with hot I look forward to reading in the series.Note, I received an advanced copy of this book because Aven knows I will appear at her door and read over her shoulder if I had to wait too long Love you Aven One of the things I most look forward to, when starting a new book by Aven Ellis, is the knowledge that I will almost certainly end up with a book boyfriend from the story, as she writes the most loveable male characters With On Thin Ice, I think it was a new record for me, I was in love with Matt Rhinelander before the end of chapter 3 Matt is another of the Dallas Demons ice hockey players, and fans of the series will have seen him mentioned a bit in previous books If you are new to the Dallas Demons, then rest assured this is definitely a standalone story For fans though, all your favourite Demons and their girlfriends are present in this story, some in a bigger way than others Matt is just adorable, he manages to put Holly at her ease in an awkward situation, and seems to not mind any of her slight geekier behaviours They are as different as chalk and cheese, but yet put them in a room together and they seem to bring out the best in each other Holly is a quiet sort, happiest when working on her fantasy novel, and can t believe it when she is being encouraged to spend a bit time with Matt, her long term crush, even if the circumstances and reasoning behind it are less than honest This is after they spend a lot of time together on New Years Eve and the relationship between them begins to change right from the beginning I have spent a joyous couple of hours reading On The Ice, its a simply wonderful romance that you know what the overall outcome will most likely be, and as a result you can just relax and read the lovely journey that is discovering just how these two people with get to their HEA Filled with witty banter, a love of socks, a sugar kitty, a social anxiety disorder, a love of planners, very easy to read writing and a romance between two people that is a joy to read about, On The Ice is another winning Dallas Demons book from Aven Ellis. On Thin Ice Dallas Demons 4 by Aven Ellis Aven Ellis talleys a win with ON THIN ICE, the fourth book in the Dallas Demons series Aspiring author, Holly Johansson, has had a crush on her brother s teammate, Matt Rhinelander, since she met him years ago She is convinced that he is her complete opposite and not interested in her, until he rescues her at a party This contemporary sports romance is suitable for new adult and adult audiences I loved Aven Ellis ON THIN ICE I could not put this book down.Holly is a sweet character She recently graduated from Northwestern University and needs to find a job to support herself while allowing her time to fulfill her dream to become a fantasy writer She is from Minnestota but currently staying with her brother, Nate, in Dallas She has a secret that she has kept from everyone but confides in Matt Matt is a good guy, However, has gotten himself in some trouble by partying too much and is in risk of being traded He has his own issues and secrets that he discloses to Holly My heart went out to Matt and what he went through The two develop a relationship but keep it hidden to avoid a conflict with Holly s brother The couple have many obstacles and challenges they face throughout the story The plot had a lot of depth and was interesting ON THIN ICE is a believable and heartfelt story I enjoyed Holly s Game Plan list I love how Matt adds to her lists I also, appreciated how Holly s novel correlated to her life although I admit, I found her story a bit chessy I love the lunches with CiCi That woman is a force to be reckoned with Holly s sock collection and Matt s reaction to it were amusing I like that Holly and Reese Brannon befriended each other I would love to hear her story with JP Rochat I thought Matt s nickname for Holly was sweet ON THIN ICE had a great ending I enjoy Aven Ellis writing style Her work is distinctive and fun I love her Chicago on Ice series This is actually the first book in the Dallas Demons series that I have read I will definitely continue to follow this series, and I want to back track and read the previous books, especially THE DIFINITION OF ICING, Nate s and Kenley s story I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

Aven began her publishing career in 2013 with her debut release, Connectivity She currently writes hockey and baseball romances and is launching a royal romance series this year.Her books are designed to make readers laugh out loud and fall in love Happily ever after endings and good boy heroes are guaranteed.Aven lives in the Dallas area with her family She is a huge fan of both the Dallas Sta

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