Mollys Story

Mollys Story A very sweet and short story. Nothing will separate Molly from her girl.From the time she met CJ when she was a puppy, Molly knew it was her duty to take care of her Neglected by her mother Gloria, CJ is going through some rough times Molly does her best to show CJ love by curling up beside her in bed, protecting her from bad people, and staying quiet when she needs to No one will keep these two apart.VvTrigger warning for emotional child abuse, abandonment, running away, cancer and other distressing situations.Molly s story is a sweet one to be sure, but it definitely has its darker moments I wasn t expecting those Sweet, attentive, loving, wanting attention all the time, and a bit niave, Molly was such a sweetheart Her want to protect CJ was so pure CJ s compulsion to have a dog was so relatable Sometimes you just can t resist the pull of a puppies eyes.Definitely written for a young audience, W Bruce Cameron still manages to make readers of all ages tear up He also tackles some really emotionally tough topics Reading from Molly s point of view feels so innocent One objection I had to the narrative was the over use a certain term Adorable black and white drawings just add a very special layer.Although written in the Dogs Purpose universe, Molly s Story can definitely be read as a stand alone A tale of unconditional love and determination, Molly s Story will warm your heart. I loved reading this book It was one of the best books I have ever read Another great thing about this book is that there is than one book about different dogs In the story, a girl named CJ wants to adopt a dog and she knows she is not allowed to get a dog, because CJ s mom doesn t allow dogs in the house CJ does end up getting the dog and her name is Molly CJ has to try to hide Molly in the house so her mom does not see her It doesn t turn out well when CJ has to go to school and leave Molly at home with her mom CJ s mom does end up finding out that there is a dog in their house, and she threatens to kick Molly out of the house Towards the end of the story, CJ does end up being able to keep Molly and CJ s mom gets used to having a dog and enjoys having one That was my favorite part of the story I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about dogs, and there are also other books about dogs and their journeys through different challenges. I loved the two other W Bruce Cameron books I ve read, A Dog s Life and A Dog s Purpose so I was excited to sit down and get to know the life of another one of his dogs I guess I was expecting something along the lines of the other two, and while this one would be a book I d recommend for my nine year old granddaughter, it was a disappointment to me I didn t realize it was written for smaller children I read it in an afternoon It was just way too predictable for my taste It was sweet, but maybe too sweet I think my grandkids will love it though. The book I read was Molly s Story by Bruce Cameron This book is about a dog, Molly, who s girl is CJ, Clarity June CJ and her friend Trent go to pick up two little puppys But when CJ goes home she has to hide Molly since CJ s mom does not approve of dogs The setting of the story is in CJ s house and a couple other places The point of view is from Molly, who is the main character as well as CJ There is really no mood in this story, just Molly observing CJ s moods The central conflict in this story is getting CJ s mom Gloria to let Molly stay in the house CJ and Molly try to go stay at CJ s friends houses at night, but when CJ and Molly start to run out of food they have to go back home But what will CJ s mom say when they go home I did not really think the author had a primary purpose, but just entertainment This book was entertaining because it tells a story from a dog s point of view, which I thought was cool I think one of the books strong point was how the author wrote from the point of view of a dog I have never read a book from a dog s point of view, and I could see some of the things Molly did that my dog does I think this book was really good The impression I got from this book is that my dog probably gets really bored at home, when we are not home I would recommend this book to 3rd graders and up because, this was a super easy read This book was also supper entertaining and easy to read. I JUST LOVE THIS BOOK YOU GUYS HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE ITS AMAZING. I enjoyed the previous two books from this author s A Dog s Purpose Puppy Tales series, but this one didn t do it for me The dog part was fine, but writing dialogue, especially from a female perspective is not the author s strong suit I found the C.J s mother to be so over the top behavior and dialogue wise that she was not the least bit believable A lot of the situations didn t make sense either, like when the mom s boyfriend, who had never even been heard of before, grabs C J s arm right after meeting her because he didn t like something she said, then yells that Molly is vicious because she defended C.J and wants them to gret rid of her He then storms off from the event that he took them to leaving them without a way home, but in the next paragraph the mom is driving them home Huh Also, and I know the author had nothing to do with this..but it bugs me that Molly is described as having straight black hair, but the dog on the cover has brown curly hair. Rating 4.5This book was amazing I was at my school bookfair when I stumbled upon this book The dog on the front cover, I assumed was Molly, looks almost alike to my Goldendoodle puppy Zeus, so I bought the book and read it 5 times that year, and whenever I get bored this is the book I search for If you like dogs and puppies, then this is your book This is definetly a kids book, I mean, who doesn t want to read through a dog s perspective Cameron has really outdone himself with this awesome Puppy Tale book brb crying over a children s book From W Bruce Cameron, The Author Of The New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Novel A Dog S Purpose, Now A Major Motion Picture Meet Molly A Very Special Dog With A Very Important Purpose An Irresistible Book For Young Middle Grade Readers Adapted From A Dog S Journey, The Sequel To The Bestselling A Dog S Purpose Now A Major Motion Picture Molly Knows That Her Purpose Is To Take Care Of Her Girl, CJ But It Won T Be Easy Neglected By Her Mother, Gloria, Who Won T Allow Her To Have A Dog, CJ Is Going Through Some Tough Times Molly S Job Is To Stay Hidden In CJ S Room, Cuddle Up To Her At Night, And Protect Her From Bad People And No Matter What Gloria Does To Separate Them, Nothing Will Keep Molly Away From The Girl That She LovesAdorable Black And White Illustrations By Richard Cowdrey Bring Molly And Her World To Life Also Includes A Discussion And Activity Guide That Will Help Promote Family And Classroom Discussions About Molly S Story And The Insights It Provides About Humankind S Best Friends

I ve always loved dogs, which puts me in a unique category along with what, maybe two or three billion people What s not to love about an animal who will sit in your living room all day long, waiting for you to get home, and even if you need to work late and then stop for a stress relieving beverage on your way home, when you unlock that front door, is absolutely overjoyed to see you How could yo

[Reading] ➿ Mollys Story  Author W. Bruce Cameron –
  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Mollys Story
  • W. Bruce Cameron
  • English
  • 12 September 2018
  • 9780765394934

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