Sidetracked Home Executives(TM): From Pigpen to Paradise

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    I discovered there s actually a name for people like me People who lose track of time, or have no concept of time to begin with People with good intentions and great enthusiasm but little follow through People who chronically procrastinate, can be extremely organized in some ways but suck at housekeeping, and are never on time.I used to think that name was loser Or lazy bum , or complete failure as a mother Now I know better I am a SHE, a Sidetracked Home Executive.I found this book on the Staff Picks shelf at the library When I saw the subtitle From Pigpen to Paradise, I had to give it a second look Not that I live in a pigpen Let s just say, when I tell the kids to pick up the floor, they ask me who s coming over I hate clutter, and yet I live amid it constantly Lest this reflect poorly on my mother, let me say that she is an excellent housekeeper, and she taught me well, and it s not her fault the Cleaning Gene passed me over As I read this book, I nodded vigorously at several sections In some ways I m extremely organized I was a secretary for years, and I loved the job I loved the order My desk was extremely neat, my work always got done, I spell checked my own documents without the aid of the computer because it misses stuff if it s spelled wrong, but makes another legitimate word, then it flies under the radar I m organized, darn it And while I often lack motivation or self discipline in certain areas, I will spend hours working at things I really enjoy and care about You can t be a music major without self discipline I have always always always kept a balanced checkbook, to the penny I m disciplined So what s my problem I read the following paragraph, and the light dawned with such brilliance that I wanted to kiss the authors A Sidetracked Home Executive S.H.E is a special kind of person A S.H.E can never be one of the born organized people, but a S.H.E can learn much from her organized friends A S.H.E must realize her self discipline is not missing it is just dormant What she does lack is direction She suffers from what we call the IGAD disease I ve Got All Day She has very little awareness of time, and neither had we When I read that to my husband, he just laughed and said, and you re just coming to this realization now Hey, I always knew I was like that, I just didn t know why Or what I could do about it Because, as the authors of this book point out, the people who try to teach others how to be organized are, themselves, organized Born organized They have no concept of why we can t just do what they say, any than we have a concept of how they just do things But these ladies are self proclaimed reformed slobs They get it They understand that some of us are housework challenged, and they have a way to help us through it.I m not saying their system is a cure all After all, you still have to implement it But at least it s a system, spelled out for the slow among us It involves a LOT of 3x5 cards and dividers and color coding, and it all sounds very complicated and very dated That s because the book was first published in 1977 But the latest edition was published in 2001, and contains instructions on using the computer to stay organized I wondered why they even bothered to keep the old card file system in the book when they updated it, but the I read, the I felt that I was one of those people who might benefit from the cards I have clearly embraced the computer for many things, but even though I ve tried keeping a calendar and to do list on it, I always go back to my wall calendar and notepad They just seem to work better for me They re right where I need them to be, they don t have to be booted up or scrolled through A card file would have a similar effect It would be right where I needed it, and the physical act of writing in it would cement it in my mind The mass of the cards would give me a concrete idea of what I need to accomplish It would be a physically effective tool than random data in a computer Plus, I get sidetracked by the computer All The Time I turn it on to do the bills, and two hours later I m still reading blogs and playing Pathwords on Facebook, and haven t even logged into the bank website yet A card file, well away from any electronics, would solve that problem, too.So I think I might try it Just on a small scale It can t hurt, right All I have to lose is a box of 3x5 cards and a couple of hours.

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    I am, apparently, the epitome of a Sidetracked Home Executive I was going through an old box of books that should have been donated eons ago when I came across this book and spent the next hour reading it instead of taking said box of books to be donated This book is laughably out of date and somewhat complicated in its card system But the I read the I recognized a bit of myself I am easily distracted only it is not by soaps it is by the internet I am just going to pop on the computer to look up one thing Oh, but while I am here I will just pop onto facebook and goodreads, and oh, it has been a few days since I wrote a blog post or read my friends blogs I should do that And then before I know it I ve lead myself down several rabbit trails, it is 4 in the afternoon, my house is a mess and I need to start dinnerSo, I guess I am a S.H.E But I don t know about the card system Just too out of date and cumbersome.

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    After being a reader of the Flylady Flylady and hearing how this book changed her life and helped her out, I was amused several years later to find this book, well worn and 1982 print among my mother s stack of books to get rid of I decided it was worth the read.This book outlines a filing card organizational system ah the days before computers to help the prepetually distracted keep on top of their housework and chores It details ideas for how to categorize your chores things that should be done daily, weekly, every two weeks, every month, every six months, every year , how to stay on top of monumental tasks, and how to get your family for those who have families involved in keeping the house clean.The book also stresses the importance of enjoying life and keeping some time and space sacred for you.I appreciated the balance struck in this book, and the knowledge that the authors were not Born Organized people, but instead were Sidetracked Home Executives, who were finally fed up with what their lives had become Not only were these women able to clean up their act, but did so in a positive manner, striving to eliminate self criticism and negativity as well.

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    This is a useful book if You enjoy adding to your repertoire of a variety of organizational systems If you enjoy setting up a variety of systems of organization If you have a passion for index cards If you have gotten off track in keeping up your home and you need a boost If you want an excuse to go to the office supply store instead of straightening your home This book has helped me twice, both times to recover from housework burnout and get back to my cottage keeping roots.Once the reset happens, I find myself going back to paper and pen Mainly because I end up complex ifying the system to the point of insanity.So I leave the index cards waiting for my next round of homemaker challenge or panic, as the case may be But hey, isn t that what organizational systems are all about Using them to our advantage to meet the need of the moment http 2016

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    I picked up this book awhile ago because I m neatness challenged I read it through and was very entertained by these two local girls make good, but didn t really do anything with the information About two months ago I realized that I was not willing to live with all of the clutter any, so I started with this book I haven t implemented the card system that they show in the book, but have used their method of decluttering Fully 1 2 of everything in my house is 100% unnecessary, and has taken a trip to the goodwill or recycling I can clean in half the time, and things stay neat, not just neat until an hour later when a pile of papers tips over, or I have to root through a drawer or closet searching for a misplaced item Really, truly neat Thanks Pam and Peggy

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    This is a good book, and inspired Sink Reflections, which is, in my opinion, a better book for those struggling I ve found this a useful book and keep it on my bookshelf because it talks about habits If you get into this method which is a good one for stay at home Mom s I recommend getting the Home Routines app or the Motivated Moms app for your mobile device to track everything They recommend using Index cards in their system and it just isn t practical or necessary any and I did use the index cards and also converted them to flip cards If you get into routines, this will help you understand how and why this type of cleaning approach is helpful If you re someone like me who reads book after book on home organizing and productivity it is a must read but if you are desperate and need help now, I d go with Sink Reflections first.

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    I read my mother in law s copy of this book long ago and was intrigued by the elaborate index card system they describe for staying on top of the housework Although I never got around to actually implementing it then, now with a growing family, meals to be made, dog to be walked and still two full time jobs, it s time to establish a System Plus, I LOVE systems This updated version is great too They discuss upgrading to a computer system over index cards and clarify the potential pitfalls with doing so minesweeper Their software suggestion is a bit dated but principles still apply.

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    I really like this book The authors were very entertaining and I could relate to them well We ll see how their system works out for me I m starting it in March Overall it had really good suggestions and ideas of how to declutter and organize your life I especailly liked that it was written by someone who has been in my place and knows how I feel, rather then someone who is born organized.

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    Good system for housework challenged

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    Funniest self help book ever just reading their story is a hoot Some great ideas, but even better laughs

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