Egenmäktigt förfarande: en roman om kärlek

Egenmäktigt förfarande: en roman om kärlek ,

Lena Andersson born 18 April 1970 in Stockholm is a Swedish author and journalist She won the August Prize in 2013 for the novel

[PDF / Epub] ★ Egenmäktigt förfarande: en roman om kärlek By Lena Andersson –
  • Paperback
  • 210 pages
  • Egenmäktigt förfarande: en roman om kärlek
  • Lena Andersson
  • Georgian
  • 15 October 2019

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    Egenm ktigt f rfarande en roman om k rlek Wilful Disregard, Lena AnderssonWilful Disregard A Novel About Love is the sixth novel by Swedish author Lena Andersson, published in 2013 2017 1394 172 9789642132980 21

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    PROCEDURA NON AUTORIZZATAEster una poetessa e filosofa, Hugo un artista visuale sperimentale Questo un romanzo che parla d innamoramento, e di a non corrisposto, di a respinto, di a sconfitto, di a unilaterale, pi che essere un romanzo d a, come ben chiariscono le parole della Andersson Lo iato spaventoso fra pensiero e parola, volont ed espressione, realt e irrealt , insieme con quanto cresce in questi spazi vuoti, ci di cui tratta questo racconto.Persone sotto la pioggia alla fermata del bus, una delle immagini preferite di Hugo RaskMi ha ricordato molto un conte philosophique settecentesco Ma, al contrario di quelli, queste pagine sono palpitanti, la filosofia non nasconde l emozione, e non seppellisce il sentimento, piuttosto li rende entrambi, sentimento ed emozione, pi veri, pi seri, pi spietati.Lei troppo intransigente, e troppo disponibile, e si prefigge di decifrare la realt e trovare nel linguaggio l illustrazione pi veritiera della stessa.Lui narciso, vanesio e pieno di s , superficiale, parla per frasi fatte, un po trombone E da lettore maschio, m parso forse un po clich senza nulla togliere alla bont e profondit del romanzo, trovare un esemplare maschile meno stereotipo avrebbe giovato.Fran ois Truffaut e Isabelle Adjani sul set di L histoire d Ad le H, 1975L attesa.Lei gi innamorata, lui no Nessuno dei due era interessato a lei ma entrambi erano interessati a lui.L illusione Non erano n amici n amanti Si interrogarono a vicenda su che cosa avrebbero fatto quel giorno, come si fa quando non si sta insieme anche se si va a letto insieme, vale a dire quando uno dei partner ha deciso come stanno le cose ma senza dirlo, poich tanto risulter chiaro comunque.La speranza Non capiva La cosa peggiore era proprio non capire in mezzo a che cosa fosse finita, e che cosa si pretendesse da lei Nessuna sofferenza eguaglia quella di non capire.La delusione Ci che per lei era stato fondamentale, per Hugo era stato solo un passatempo.La sconfitta L unica arma di chi ama smettere di amare Per quanto appiccicoso e soffocante sia stato vissuto l a dal destinatario, perderlo fa male, anche quando il destinatario in questione non l ha mai desiderato l equilibrio del potere che viene spostato dalla nuova indifferenza, generando la paura di apparire ridicolo e banale agli occhi dell ex innamorato.La sottomissione volontaria l anno che Ester spreca a inseguire qualcuno che non la vuole.Ma il titolo originale, procedura non autorizzata, indica qualcos altro procedura non autorizzata svignarsela da quella cosa singolare che viene a crearsi tra due persone che sono diventate intime non per niente, lei gli dice, sei entrato dentro di me, non solo fisicamente, come puoi uscirne come se niente sia cambiato Si tratta di una norma comportamentale per prevenire la sofferenza che deriva dalla mancanza di chiarezza e di parit Dal contatto con un altro essere umano nasce una responsabilit , e pi il contatto profondo e nudo, pi il dovere si amplia Il senso indurre la gente a non cominciare del tutto a frequentarsi, nel caso in cui uno dei due sa di non volere un futuro con l altro Hugo colpevole di una procedura non autorizzata perch in nome di presunta gentilezza continua a non dire no e quindi, il reato nella forma, non nel contenuto, nella sostanza, perch lecito essere respinti, ma non si deve essere presi in giro.Andersson mischia ragione ed emozione in modo complesso Racconta una storia nota come se fosse nuova e, soprattutto, molto attuale non esiste un diritto a essere amati o un obbligo di amare nulla protegge i pi deboli dall essere giocattoli nelle mani dei pi forti chi abbandona non prova sofferenza, non ha bisogno di parlare, chi abbandona ha finito.Un libro che si lascia e si riprende senza mai perdere il filo, scritto in modo semplice, anche divertente, ma intenso e profondo Lena Andersson a Pi libri pi liberi , Roma 10 dicembre 2016http review 6195

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    2013 .

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    4 astute, cerebral, aloof stars The Book that I wish More of You would Read Award of 2018 This novel by Lena Andersson won two Swedish literary prizes in 2013 and reading it I can understand why I must also note that the translation by Sarah Death is absolutely superb In her heated state, Ester was unable to see that utterances could be as light as ash and just as burnt out They were scattered lazily, fell, came drifting down Words were not enduring monuments to intentions and truths They were sounds to fill silences with Ester is a philosopher and poet She enjoys running, reading and thinking She is an intellectual, a woman of mind, with high ethical values who enjoys her solitude, her work and limited interaction with her live in male partner Until she meets Hugo Rask, a visual artist, her intellectual equal, older, self centred, a libertarian She falls madly for him, seduces him, loses him and for the next two years goes on a journey of angst, pining, suffering and philosophical musings This is a book where the reader is distant from emotion but very close to thought in all its forms whether it be rationales, arguments, recriminations, accusations to flights of fancy, overvalued ideas and verging on delusions A woman is just a woman no matter her intellect, place in life or political leanings The desired object is unattainable in the form of a narcissistic older man that she first idolizes, then adores, then desires, then consumes, then admonishes, then denigrates then puts on the pedestal again She stayed a bit longer but did not philosophize It was a Wednesday with a whitish haze of the sort that found its way under your collar A day full of forebodings Something was seriously wrong, she knew Not with their encounter so much as in their different views of its gravity and significance Nothing had been said about how things would carry on and nothing about their entry into each other s lives of the muteness that had followed it Nothing about anything An excellent little treatise on female obsession and desire

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    This has won a prestigious award in Sweden And just like that, I know that I can never trust those awards Ever Again The only reason I made it past the 5% mark was that I wanted to write an angry review, and I can t do that with less than 5% read So I read on, and by 50% I was both less angry and actually getting used to the incredibly annoying, pretentious and outdated language And then I finished it When I start to count the amounts of ty old fashioned because in a modern book, it s pretty bad I don t really mind ty, but if you can t use it in such a way that it passes or less unnoticed, use something from the last century at least like the perfectly fine f r , which is not given a Bible quote as its primary example use Don t use it 12 times in a 200 page book Sometimes the fancy style works Det var b rjan av februari och takdroppet hade nyss b rjat ifr gas tta sin framtid som istapp. V ninnek ren sa Var r din stolthet Hon svarade Jag har ingen stolthet f r stolthet h nger ihop med skam och heder, och jag r skaml s och saknar begrepp om allt som andra finner rorikt.V ninnek ren sa Det r det som r din stolthet, att visa upp hur fri du r fr n s dant som fj ttrar mer konforma sj lar Djupast d r inne r du en snobbig aristokrat.90% of the time, it doesn t, making this a rather infuriating read Fingrarna som sl t om tyget och r relsen med vilken han flyttade plagget var det mest sensuella hon bevittnat i fr ga om att r ra vid ett ting Seriously, what editor read this and thought yeah, nice and allowed it to be printed AND let those 12 ty s live Also, the author uses the word indifferent As a Swedish word It makes me think of one of those aaagh, damn what s the word in Swedish again Oh nevermind, I ll just use the English one that happen to everyone I know Authors, however, should know their words Likgiltig, likn jd are perfect words.If there are people who speak like the characters in this book currently living in Sweden, I would last 3 minutes in their company Despite the linguistic torture this put me through, I did want to find out what happened between these extremely annoying ARTISTIC PEOPLE I really hoped they would both end up miserable Ester is perhaps one of the most infuriating people I ve had the pleasure of being stuck with in a book She does seem to have some insight though, she understands that what she s doing is pointless, she offers up all the arguments you as the reader want to scream at her, but concludes anyway, I won t give up , and she continues her moronic quest Even though Douchebag Artist is a horrible person, I was kind of rooting for him, because Psycho Ester was ever so slightly worse Oh, and I never felt the attraction I could never understand why Ester would fall so madly in love with this person, and that, I think, is an important thing to convey in a book like this For people who like obsession as a theme, try Annie Ernaux instead She actually pulls it off It s a shame, because Ester s political and philosophical views are interesting When she crushes the other snobbish members of the cultural elite urgh with actual arguments, she was OK to listen to It was like she was lecturing, and for that purpose her language is passable But when all her conversations read like a scientific article Major failure.Or was this an ironic piece of provocative art Did I misunderstand the entire thing Or is it cross over something, transposing the rigidity of academia into the world of literature or something equally pretentious I need a real Swedish book now.

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    I hate it when the books I pick to escape the heavy burden of other books turn out to be equally painful And yet, I don t I rarely read books in one go any, but today, I made an exception and even sacrificed some vital minutes of sunshine in January It started out as a lazy way out of confronting either G nter Grass retelling of the history of the Hitler dog years or Al Gore s bleak vision of the future, but it soon earned a life of its own.In each human heart, there is a potential for apocalypse What makes us fall for other people, long for them with our bodies and our souls, even if they show all signs of ignoring us or just playing with our feelings to feed their own egos Why do we let love or passion consume us even when it is clearly, obviously, stupidly destructive Why do we choose pain when we can have comfort The protagonist of this unsentimental, even at times intellectual account of a breaking heart tries to explain that She falls head over heels in love with an artist, and leaves her safe relationship without a thought, only to be slowly but steadily crushed by the passion that absorbs her whole being And she knows it, only she can t stop it from happening.He never responds to her thoughts, and she always responds to his Why She realises it is because neither of them is interested in her, and both in him The description of complete surrender to the urge to send a text message, and the following agony of not getting an answer, is as truthful as it is frustrating And while she is suffering, she is blind to the suffering she is causing her former partner, who lives in his own bubble of loss.Whoever cares less has power, she concludes And power is unevenly distributed One person can be powerless in one relationship, and superior in another.Knowing this is interesting, but not helpful when the ocean of emotions drowns you And worst of all is hope It keeps you go on and on, trying Only, there is no such thing as success in love There either is love, or not You can t gain it You can t force it You have no duty or right to love To be or not to be loved That is the question And she continued asking long after she knew the answer.

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