A Thousand Dreams Within Me Softly Burn

A Thousand Dreams Within Me Softly Burn A Thousand Dreams Within Me Softly Burn by Sahil Sood, an LGBT Fiction Speaking about homosexual is still seen as awkward in our society but author didn t mind those and given what is required for story.An different out rage story which points out Siddharth a gay person who loves Akshay when Akshay leaves how he leads his life How he overtakes the hurdles is the story As the part of story author portraits how Siddharth thirty five year old writer get his inspiration from Gautam a twenty two year old young writer Also, Siddharth helping Phil to make him realize time and life what I liked most and inspirational one.The way of narration is good and gripping The language is very simple and lucid The characterization is also very simple which makes to understand story easily The plot which makes story identical but still the emotions of Siddharth had been expressed well The blurb could have been kept clear about genre.I believe the title is appropriate and perfect for the story Soul searching and fading up the loneliness what the title replicates.Overall, A Thousand Dreams Within Me Softly Burn is good and light read which makes you to understand love and getting it up in other way My rating 3.5 5 Siddharth, A Middle Aged School Teacher, Struggling With An Unfinished Manuscript, Leads A Solitary Existence In A Remote Village In Shimla Gautam, A Twenty Two Year Old Writer, Burning With A Desperate Longing For Romance, Finds Solace In Siddharth S Old Essay On Thumri And Spends Years In Search Of Him Phil, A Young Jewish Traveller From Missouri, Beset By A Difficult Alliance With His Christian Girlfriend In The Face Of Orthodoxy, Travels Around The World And Meets Siddharth At A Cafe In Manali The Answer To Their Longings Resides In Siddharth S Letters And Manuscript The Silent Witnesses Of The Fate Of Two Men And Their Love For Each Other A Thousand Dreams Within Me Softly Burn Explores The Depths Of Love And The Power Of Writing That Helps The Human Soul Triumph Over Loneliness, Alienation, And Shame I was pleasantly surprised by this book, because I expected this to be another mushy romance Liked the story and the narration that effortlessly moves from sophisticated takes on relationships to light hearted romance Worth a read. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I have really mixed feelings about this book I had a few issues with it the grammar wasn t the greatest, the plot was hard to follow and it was difficult to follow the characters Also, the way that the characters spoke felt very wooden They didn t sound real, as in how people normally speak That being said, I thought that the portrayal of the main relationship was really good, especially for an LGBT relationship It wasn t perfect and it wasn t easy, as relationships are often portrayed as. The book begins emphatically with a letter and then an essay This essay is the most beautiful amalgamation on relationships, books and movies, I have ever read It was as if the essence of some of my favorite books could come out so clearly in just a few of its paragraphs and sometimes only a single line For a voracious reader it is a treat.Read on my link text A deep and thoughtful work of literary fiction I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This story is a testament of love for the written word, and art in general The writing of the protagonist, Siddharth regarding classical literature was well thought out and interesting to read The formating of the story the way it was organized and presented was unique and I think it added to the book overall I enjoyed the storyline as it highlighted the author s commentary on classic novels while searching for the meaning of self and human connection The personal letters included were actually poetic Further, they built on where you were in the story and gave insight into the mind of the protagonist I have to admit there was one letter in particular that was difficult for me to read because of its content I won t spoil anything for you, but I will say, it is toward the end of the novel Also, I appreciated the inclusion of the character Phil because he lent another layer of thought and emotion to the tale.I found this book to be thought provoking Not only did it make you evaluate literature and art, but it gave a unique perspective from the mind of a homosexual India man I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy stories containing writing styles that flourish with poetic imagery, LGBT romances, or soulful self discovery Ratings 3.5 Stars A Thousand Dreams Within Me Softly Burn is the first novel by Sahil Sood, a dear friend who gave me the privilege to read the pre release version The book has a very unique structure It includes essays, letters, and chapters all woven together beautifully into a warm blanket There are not many books about homosexual relationships in India It s the subject we try best to avoid and feel uncomfortable to talk about And when we do talk at all, we try to psychoanalyze, rather normalize it The book deals with it in a frank, sympathetic, and intimate style that is hard to find in contemporary Indian writing and is likely to win over many prejudiced mindsets For me, the highlight of the book is the well thought out essay, Saaransh A Voyage Through Literature and Cinema , which talks about the search for self identity and understanding human relationships through reading and viewing artistic representations themes which find their way into the chapters that follow The writing is nuanced, and the stories of main characters are elegantly written, as they struggle to find the answers to their longings It s a passionate love letter to literature and cinema, and life in general. Sahil Sood s A Thousand Dreams Within Me Softly Burn is undeniably one of the best novels I ve read in a while It is a deceptively simple tale, which is written in the most exquisite way possible Through Siddharth s article Saaransh A Voyage Through Literature and Cinema we follow his journey of self discovery which is beautifully written over the passage of time in his life As the letters and chapters unravel, it speaks to us and holds many timeless truths about love and human relationships It is the sort of novel where a reader will find new depths in each rereading. Joyous, resonant, affirming, yet slightly unsettling, having awareness of the accuracy of events lol Sahil will kill me The placement of baring letters between the chapters addressed to the protagonist s love interest, drive the subplot forward effectively There book also makes some compelling arguments, the one about recognising loneliness as a condition , not an enforced discipline punishment How surrender, conviction and willingness to give up resistance, from time to time can prove effective in sustaining love, when the initial thrill and excitement deteriorates I was left wanting A good motivational book A good treat for all those who want a book to touch their souls and inspire them There re some twists and turns involved Human emotions are difficult to predict, very few books deals with homosexuality Writing is contemporary, presentation style is also good Not a bad book but too much information has been given in the book in every sections of the book.

Sahil Sood was born in Ludhiana, Punjab, India He is a Chartered Accountant by profession He discovered his love of reading and writing at a young age, getting published in academic journals and newspapers A Thousand Dreams Within Me Softly Burn is his debut novel He can be reached at sahilsood042 gmail.com.

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  • Paperback
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  • A Thousand Dreams Within Me Softly Burn
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  • 13 July 2019
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