The Bowie Bride (The Mackintoshes and McLarens #2)

The Bowie Bride (The Mackintoshes and McLarens #2) Alec Bowie Never Wanted A Wife He Never Wanted A Hearth And Home And He Most Assuredly Never Wanted To Be Chief Of His Clan But Much To His Vexation, He Finds Himself In Possession Of All Three His Desire For Peace And To Protect His Clan Are Stronger Than His Desire To Remain Free And Untethered He Agrees To The Marriage In The Hopes His Wife Will Bed Him Only Long Enough Get With Child Then Leave Him The Bloody Hell Alone Leona MacDowall Or Leona Odd Eyes , Leona The Witch, Or Leona The Devil S Spawn Depending On To Whom You Speak Is All Too Happy To Volunteer To Marry The Bowie Chief Though The Clan Bowie S Reputation As Murderers And Thieves Precedes Them, She Believes Life With Alec Palatable Than Living The Rest Of Her Life Untouched, Unmarried, And Under The Hateful Rule Of Her Spiteful Father But Nothing Turns Out The Way They Expect Alec Doesn T Know If He Can Keep To His Original Plan Of Leaving His Wife Alone After He Gets Her With Child Leona Is Beginning To Suspect She Might Not Get The Happy Home She S Always Wanted And Worst Of All, Someone S Set On Murdering Leona And Might Just Succeed Before Anyone S Dreams Can Come True On Facebook

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  • The Bowie Bride (The Mackintoshes and McLarens #2)
  • Suzan Tisdale
  • 08 October 2019

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    4 StarsReading The Bowie Bride reminds me of the old Julie Garwood books, like the sweet historical romance where the heroine warms the warrior hero s feet The Bowie s Bride was sweet with maybe a bit too much self awareness yet still an affective highland romantic getaway It can be read as a stand alone I ve yet to read Ian s Rose.

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    Gosh, I love Ms Tisdale s writing style She can tell a Scottish tale like no other While this specific story doesn t stand out in any unique way, it is still a pure joy to escape to

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    This was a great read I love when a book is able to take me back to a different time A time when things seem so much simpler than today Susan wrote a story that will touch readers hearts with the love shown between the characters A wonderful read.I volunteered to read review this book because I love historical romance.

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    I love suzan Tisdale s books She knows just how to draw you into a bad ok and keep you turning the pages to see where the story goes She writes great complex characters and very witty dialogue The secondary characters are loveable as the main characters Alec Bowie wants nothing but peace for his clan and he s convinced that he needs to marry to form an alliance with the Mackintoshesmand McLarens Leona Macdowall thought to be a witch with strange eyes volunteers to wed the Bowie Never thinking it happen but always dreamed of marriage and children of her own sees this as her only hope They strike up a bargain of trust and mutual respect but never a love match They begin their life together but bargains are hard to stand behind when you start to have feelings for each other There are twists and turns that I did not see happening You will laugh and cry and at times want to smack Alec Bowie for being so bullheaded The only thing that I found fault with the book was it was a bit slow in the middle but once passed that I could not put it down I can t wait to read the next book.

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    Five starsSuzan Tisdale is one of my favorite author s and does not disappoint with this book It is well plotted with lots of twists and turns The story is intriguing and kept me turning the pages well past my bedtime Suzan s characters are so well developed that even the secondary characters take root in your heart causing you to cry when misfortune comes their way The only problem with this author is she writes too slowly I WANT THE NEXT BOOK NOW

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    Stubborn hearts If you re as much a fan of Suzan Tisdale as I am, you have to read this one If you ve not read anything by Suzan, you have to read this one In other words, you can t miss reading this one One stubborn Scot from a clan known only as reivers and thieves to a woman whose different colored eyes has her unloved and abused by her father and known as a witch to their clan, this journey includes murder, lies and a villain you didn t see coming and the coming together of two hearts that badly need each other Do not miss this one

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    Suzan Tisdale doesn t disappoint The author has the unique ability to transport you to Scotland s wild Highlands and make you never want to leave Alec, Leona, and all the support characters weave their way into your heart and refuse to let go From the moment the story begins until the very end, you are swept away The villainous element to this story is extremely well done and will have you turning pages to find out who has it in for the lovely Leona I would definitely recommend this book

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    I truly loved The Bowie Bride Alec Bowie and Leona MacDowall s story is exceptional This is not only a love story because there is intrigue and suspense as well I was thankful for that because it kept me at the edge of my seat while cheering the hero and heroine on.Alec, never wanted a wife at all His past has brought him to that decision He never wanted to be Clan Chief and now he is He finds himself agreeing to an alliance marriage with the Mackintosh MacLaren Clan Any woman at this point will do for Alec, the key will be who will want to willing be a Bowie His clan has had a terrible reputation All he needs is to wed her, bed her and obtain an heirthen he can be left alone.Leona MacDowall has been the woman her clan has always talked about up until she became the Laird s wife s friend and it was discovered she was also her cousin Prior to that she was called Odd Eyes and some gossipped she was a witch and a bit strange in the head As she listens to her Laird s request for a lass to voluntarily wed The Bowieshe makes a decision that hopefully will change her life for possibly a wee bit better than the one she has had She remembers Alec, he kept his word in helping her before.These two have difficult past Pasts that have made them the way they are This is a new journey for both of themthat is hard enough, but add evil that lurks around and you are in for one heck of a ride.There was humor, suspense, intrigue and love I look forward to reading Brogan s Promise soon.Great job Ms Tisdale

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    Suzan you must have really enjoyed writing this book it is Brilliant, you had me in tears a laughing I loved Gylys and Kyth I liked the way you built Leona and Alex s relationship I loved the way you had them up and down liked the bit of sex in there, then you dropped us like a hot cake very clever you really bought on the tears but didn t let me down with the ending Loved the book.

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    WonderfulSuzan never fails in storytelling This book draws you in and you never want to stop reading It was great

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