Wolf Hunger (SWAT, #7)

Wolf Hunger (SWAT, #7) She S All The Wolf He Ll Ever NeedWhen SWAT Officer Max Lowry Meets Lana Mason, He Falls Fast And Hard He S Positive She S The One And Max S Favorite Part Lana S A Wolf Shifter Too, So They Can Skip The Awkward Reveal And Head Straight To The Happily Ever After There S Just One Problem Lana Doesn T Know That She S A Werewolf To Make Matters Worse, Hunters With Intent To Kill Have Tracked Lana To Dallas Max Has To Figure Out How To Keep Lana Safe, Show Her Who And What She Really Is And Just How Much She Means To HimSWAT Series Hungry Like The Wolf Book Wolf Trouble Book In The Company Of Wolves Book To Love A Wolf Book Wolf Unleashed Book Wolf Hunt Book Wolf Hunger Book

Paige Tyler is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, romantic suspense and paranormal romance She and her very own military hero also known as her husband live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby also known as their dog Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kic

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 313 pages
  • Wolf Hunger (SWAT, #7)
  • Paige Tyler
  • English
  • 19 April 2017
  • 9781492642374

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    So, are you going to follow my advice since I actually have experience dealing with a woman who turned out to be The One in my life Or do you go with Brooks approach Keep in mind that he tackles moving cars for fun. So here s the thing Had I just read this outright instead of backtracking to play catch up on this series, I might have enjoyed this than I did Or at least enjoyed it for what it was But after six similarly formulaic romances that basically dole out the same situations, scenarios, sex and sad dialogue. I m over it Max knew a few of the currently unattached guys in the Pack were scared the same genetic mutation that had turned them into werewolves in the first place was now mating them up with women its choosing simply to make the Pack stronger for what everyone assumed was a coming war with the hunters.The struggle I have with Tyler s SWAT series is that some of the story is actually interesting in the sense that the world has been building gradually and we get pieces, clues, fleshed out components in each book outside of the couple y drama and there are some throwaway lines that sneak up on me and make me laugh but the romance just falls really flat It ends up feeling forced and at times awkward and literally some of the same exchanges happen almost word for word in every book both between the pack and between the hero of the moment and his The One Don t even get me started on the standard cookout wrap scene and how every heroine remarks how much eyecandy there is but the hottest one is my man, definitely, for sure, but I can still drool over the rest and acknowledge how hunky they all are It s not a direct quote but it might as well be He actually said she s out of my league and that I need to back off I felt like I was in some kind of frigging Taylor Swift music video. There s definitely a market for the guaranteed happily ever after, sexy, thriller, rather uncomplicated even with the supernatural element read that Tyler offers here A market I m totally supportive of and one I take advantage of often But some of the reactions, or lack thereof, the fact that some things just get glossed over, the increasing lack of emotional resonance to what would otherwise be heavy or poignant moments. it makes it all even harder to swallow At least for me So while the over arcing event that she s plotting out is interesting to see as it begins to unravel, even if some of the bad guys we ve seen so far have been super lame, it s definitely overrun by the paint by numbers scenes and interchangeable heroines How are your anger management classes going Not bad I can look at you right now without giving in to the overwhelming urge to kick you ass, so I guess they must be working Of course, I said I was going to one seven and then done this series but of course there s a character I m super interested in who has had some new and traumatic event happen to him in the background of this book. and I kinda want to know what happens So maybe come book eight I ll take a glance at the summary and see if Zane gets his moment If not, though, I won t be waiting around to continue.1.75 you think IA will as understanding with my screw ups as you are if I tell them my relationship status is complicated stars I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review.

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    Across a crowded room, Max scents something intoxicating and discovers a lovely lady at the end of the trail How is it she s a werewolf like him, but doesn t seem to know it Between the hunters, a domestic violence case, and figuring out how to break the furry news to Lana, Max s story was one fantastic action and passion filled ride.Wolf Hunger is book 7 in the SWAT series about the fabulous SWAT team alpha werewolves who work to fight crime, keep ahead of the merciless werewolf hunters, and find their The Ones They are best enjoyed in order particularly because of the ongoing build of the SWAT werewolf world, the development of friendships and the hunter arc, but also because why miss even one of these caliente hot werewolf cops Max was an appealing guy from the beginning He had a tough past and a new chance to turn his life around which he took and made good I loved his every day joe personality who works hard, but doesn t fight against what is truly good for him He had a refreshing attitude about finding that perfect female out there in that he wasn t a commitophobe nor a denial expert He s tender hearted, passionate, and just an all around nice guy who happens to have a to die for body and a fierce set of fangs and claws he employs when necessary.Lana was also a fabulous character She s sweet, but steady She s new to everything Max throws at her, but her balk is sensible under the circumstances She is honest and honest with herself most of all whew, you do not know how refreshing I find that She loves and respects her parents, but stands on her own principles Just like she sees what a good thing Max is and doesn t make it difficult.The conflict in this story came from the outside of the romance Max and Lana discover that the hunters are hot on her trail even before she even knows what she is It got intense and exciting And oh my, we gets some big revelations and further twists with that storyline And man, I got a choked up moment when the ruthlessness of the hunters really hits the SWAT guys and their big werewolf family hard.All in all, Wolf Hunger left me salivating for SWAT stories The series isn t just good, but seems to get stronger if possible I would point romantic suspense and paranormal romance lovers at these books.My thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    They are up against a threat that is deadly, the hunters They are the werewolves of the DPD Swat team and the new wolves who find them everyday.Max is a man with a horrible past and a member of that team Losing his family and getting shot was the fanatic traumatic event that caused his change.Lana is his boss s daughter And she is the one that will bring Max to his knees She also is a werewolf, with a huge side of complicated.While this book has some really funny parts it also has some very difficult parts to read about It is an emotional rollercoaster of feelings and bad guys.I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    And yet another Paige Tyler book that has hit the heart strings and reached my favourite shelf Max and Lana have an epic story, one that doesn t deter from how they feel, one that doesn t avoid how quick things move on, one that is just an overall fabulous read Max brought me to tears on one or two occasions, what a guy wolf and what a background story I absolutely love him and Lana is perfect for him.I love the way the SWAT books are taking a ride down a path that I am scared to follow, The Hunters are not something that I want to face, them or their weapons but this is going to be unavoidable now that we know there is a leak in the DPD.I love the way Paige Tyler writes her books, easy to read, easy to fall into the world but very hard to pull away from A truly gifted author.Bring on the next episode

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    Reviewed for herding cats burning soup. Hunger was all kinds of werewolfy deliciousness It sure was The Gist Max Well he s found The One The one woman meant to be his mate Problem is Max is a werewolf And he s fallen for Lanawho has no clue she s actually a werewolf, too Hell of a thing, right Not to mention the fact that there s a group hunting her Yeah, Max has his hands full that s for sure Love hit these two hard and fast Once you find The Onethat s it You re done and it s over Nekkid shenanigans ensue and, well, everything else, too I kinda like how the guys are they re all woo got me a woman lol Max and Lana were easy to like Kind, thoughtful, dedicated to what they do and the people around them It was easy to fall in and root for them.And, woo The sexy moments Yeah, they re nice But there are also incredibly sweet and intimate moments as they spend time together, too They just clicked and it was lovely Now, the action Lordy Yes There s a lot going that they have to contend with SWAT cases Max and his team are called on not to mention the issue of Hunters tracking and killing werewolves and having Lana in their sights It could be hard to watch and was very emotional as a case dredges up trauma from Max s past.Lots of action with the Hunters and one of Max s work cases that s similar to his life growing up Hard to watch and emotional on both counts as they deal with all the chaos around them All in allamazing paranormal romance Paige is on fire with this series Amazing heroes and heroines, heart stopping suspense and romances that ll make a girl sigh PS I d say at this point it s best to read in order They really do build on one another as far as the background storyline goes.

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    Adventurous, actiony goodness I liked it much than I assumed I would the plot was exciting, the characters were familiar in the best way and the steam level was off the charts Recommend

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    3.5 stars A charming, sweet male werewolf, a smart female werewolf with integrity, humor, steamy sex, and solid world building added up to fast paced and enjoyable story.I love the world building in this series With each book we get detail and depth to the world We learn, along with the SWAT team, about the different types of wolves and the hunters who are killing the wolves Because of the world building, and the relationships, the books are best read in order You could follow events in the book but would probably be confused.Max is the youngest of the SWAT wolves and his backstory was particularly sad But he s moved on, for the most part, and enjoying his life He s a compassionate man, who enjoys flirting, dancing, and hanging out with his teammates packmates And, having seen six of his teammates find their One, their true mate, he s open to the possibility of meeting his.And meet his One, he does But there are complications Lana doesn t know that she s a werewolf, and she is the daughter of the deputy chief of police, in charge of the Tactical Division which includes the SWAT team Lana and Max are immediately attracted to each other but Lana s dad doesn t want them seeing each other Lana, 23 and a recent college grad, ignores her father s wishes She and Max spend a lot of time together but things quickly get crazy and complicated, thanks to the hunters, Max s work in SWAT, and Lana s father.The action was fast and there was a lot of it There were some heartbreaking moments and I need to read the next book to find out what happens with one of the SWAT members I was caught up in the story, enjoying Max and Lana s flirting, the different mysteries which merged into one, and the drama of a family that Max is trying to help.Some favorite quotes A vegetarian werewolf Now, that was epically funny Unless it was true, in which case it was a little strange.He seemed interested in eating her up like a Snickers Yay for Snickers

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    The first showdown between the Hunters and the Wolf Pack is finally here and its just the beginning of what is sure to be one heck of a war between the two Our hero is one of the younger members of the SWAT team Max Lowry Max s transformation came after a tragic ending to domestic violence Max being new to his wolf powers still doesn t have complete control over them and his quick to anger over seeing any child abused His first meeting with his one was interesting as he recognized her scent right away as his woman and a fellow wolf shifter but she had no idea she was a shifter Lana Mason has just returned to Dallas after graduating from college Her father is Deputy Chief Hal Mason who isn t to happy that when his daughter starts going out with one of his SWAT officers Lots Beta and Omega have showed in Dallas seeking protection with Gage and the Wolf Pack from the Hunters What they don t realize is they are already there and they want Lana Lots of surprises when it comes to the Hunters The war is just beginning The Wolf Pack is going to have to bring their A game to defeat them.

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    Even though I haven t read all books from the series, I had no problem following up the story It works as a stand alone inside a series

    Plot It s a really interesting plot I love a good shifter book and in the midst of so many out there, Ms Tyler has brought something unique into her own story Wolf Hunger is a fast paced tale, cohesive written with not many typo mistakes even in the ARC The book kept me guessing until the end and I have finished it wanting to go back and read the entire series Characters I really like both main characters and I am looking forward to knowing about several secondary characters as well Even though this is a paranormal romance, all characters were easy to connect, relate and understand I would definitely like to hang out with some of them Heat This book is a bit sexy The hot scenes are very well described and they are all relevant to the plot Freshness Like I have mentioned above, Ms Tyler has given her own little spin into a shifter story It s creative and not the same that is out there Cover I like the cover, but I think the text should have been a bit smaller By looking at it I know the story will have a sexy alpha cop or military protagonist But I ve missed something telling me that it was a shifter story I know the title says it all, but I love when the cover art tells a story on its own Heat I know not all books are the same, but being a shifter lover I ve missed their bonding ritual Addictiveness I ve really enjoyed the story and I m really interested in the series, but it was not a could never put down type of book I m really intrigue by this series It has most elements of a good shifter world and it also has a little twist, some different spice that made it distinctive from all other out there It is a world that I want to explore and understand I wanted to comprehend better the reason behind the antagonist group s actions I m still uncertain if it hasn t been well explained yet, or if I didn t grasp the concept well because I haven t read the entire series

    You MAY read this because you have been faithful to this series you SHOULD read this because you like the author s writing style you MUST read this if you are looking for a bit different from the rest shifter s tale

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    When I first began Paige Tyler s SWAT series some time ago, I did not expect it to take several turns which just didn t resonate enough with me from book 3 onwards as SWAT members one after another, fell for their one and only mate in a blazing fashion that pretty much meant instalove, instalust and an insta HEA all rolled in one With Wolf Hunger though, the series seemed to regain lost ground and the story was pretty much a savagely entertaining ride throughout I ve always wanted Max s story and Tyler definitely delivered, especially after the listless reads from the previous books in this series that meandered a couple of times around the been there, done that patch of grass, with a mythos that got less and less convincing as it wore on But for this one, I jumped straight into Max s and Lana s story, only to get gut punched by his tragic history, before getting reeled in by the thoroughly engrossing journey of Max finding his One who didn t know she was a werewolf just as the werewolf hunters closed in on them There was some instalove involved still the attraction between Max and Lana is written as iron clad, set in stone and pretty much unshakeable from the beginning but because both are generally likeable characters who don t lurch into TSTL territory Coupled with the fact that the instalove was also quite well balanced by the suspense, I didn t find it too hard to get invested in this pairing hook, line and sinker.Above all, Tyler s expansion of her werewolf universe certainly gave Wolf Hunter nuance and depth while melding a little humour with a ton of paranormal suspense I liked that the introduction of the hunters showed the SWAT team s vulnerability that they do have enemies that can develop effective weapons against them and I m already hoping that Tyler works along this line for the next few books to come ARC by Netgalley

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